Thursday, February 18, 2016


Dear One,
    My promise of a wonderful inheritance for My children is not limited to when they get to heaven to live with Me.  That benefit is wonderful, but it is only part of My promise.  I promised that while you are in the earth that I will give to you My Holy Spirit, who is the dispenser of My promises to you.  Jesus even said that you will ask what you will and it will be done to you. (John 15:7)  So your life in the world will also be blessed when you are led by My Spirit and pray in My Spirit. (Romans 8: 14 and 26-27)
    The gold, silver, rubies and sapphires that are treasured in the earth are of very little value when compared to My gifts to My children of being born and baptized by My Spirit, knowing My unconditional love, wisdom, knowledge, insight, spiritual truths, solutions to problems, freedom from fear and confusion, peace with all people, plus a sound and stable mind.  In My heavenly dimension those gifts have more value than the precious stones and metals in the earth all piled together. Because they are of such value to Me and My family, they are valuable in the earth to My children. 
    When you are in the middle of a troubling family situation, your desire for peace and tranquility in your family is more valuable to you than the biggest diamond in the world.
    When you are in the middle of a financial problem, your desire for guidance from Me for finding a solution which will lead you out of the problem is more valuable to you than pearls in the ocean. 
     When you are sick, diseased, with an infirmity or injured, My healing abilities and power are more valuable to you than the biggest ruby in any valued piece of jewelry in any museum.
     When your children are burdened with a problem which seems to have no solution, My insight and wisdom will find the perfect strategy to solve the problem  and it is more valuable than heaps and heaps of silver piled high in the earth.
     Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical problems can never be solved with precious jewels or metals.  They can only be solved by Me because I created the world and I know how to solve every problem that comes your way.  My Instruction Book says that there is nothing that can come against you that is not common to people, meaning that many, many other people have experienced the same tribulations and overcome them with My help and guidance.  (I Corinthians 10:13)
     That promise is a guarantee that there is a solution to your problems and that when you are in unity with My Spirit I will see that the strategy that is necessary to solve the problem will be implemented.  Sometimes I instruct you on what to do and sometimes I impress you to keep praying in the Spirit so that I can instruct My angels on how to bring peace to you and your problems. Every solution is tailor made for that particular problem.  That is why you should not stop praying in the Spirit for any problem until the answer comes.
      Many people who are depressed and hopeless would sell all they have just to have the burdens lifted from their minds.  The price has already been paid for their peace of mind.  It was the sacrifice of Jesus. (Romans 4:8)  He paid the ultimate price on the cross for your peace of mind so that you can always depend upon Me to be your mode of freedom from problems.  Your problems are not unique.  I have solved the same problems for other people more times than there are numbers.
     My wisdom and knowledge are more brilliant in the spiritual dimension than the brilliance of all precious stones stacked together because My wisdom and knowledge created the world and they are the answers to all human problems. When you became My child, all of My wisdom and knowledge became part of your inheritance because of the blessings of being My child.  So when you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit everything that I have becomes yours when you are portraying My image in the world.
     Remember that everything that sparkles in the earth is not gold.  Things that might sound like My wisdom often come from the wolves that manipulate you using your human mind.  My Spirit speaks to you His words of wisdom and knowledge from the inside of you, from My Spirit inside of your spirit which is My dwelling place in the earth.
    You have a treasure in earthen vessels and He is My Holy Spirit.  Ask Him for wisdom when it is needed.  (James 1:5-9)
     Jesus said to seek My kingdom and My righteousness and everything will be added to you. (Matthew 6:33)
     Your Father of Great Spiritual Wealth    

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