Monday, February 22, 2016


Dear One,
    I have all of the wisdom necessary to instruct you how to allow Me to bear your burdens, to rid you of all problems that feel like heavy weighs on your mind and on your back.  One of the nuggets of gold is My instructions to you to forgive everyone who offends you, injures you, gossips about you, ignores you or snubs you. 
    The lessons that I taught which are written in My Instruction Book through Jesus and other people about forgiveness are many because to hold a grudge against someone is the heaviest burden a person can carry because it occupies your mind completely and becomes your god.  Instead of your mind being occupied by Me and My good news, the conflicted event is paramount in your mind and the burden is all you can think about.  You think about what you should have said to put the person in his or her place.  You think about what you will say in defense of yourself the next time you see the person, reliving the event over and over and over in your thoughts.  It is a huge burden.  (Matthew 11:28-30)  
    I said that whatever a person thinks about all the time becomes his or her motivation for living, so the oppositional event continues to do its destruction in his or her life.  That replaying of a hurt over and over in your mind is the devil's work, not mine.  The replaying of any hurtful event is a temptation by the devil to keep you in bondage to the burdens that he wants you to experience because he wants you to be motivated by unforgiving thoughts, binding you to the hurtful event so that you will be tortured over and over again. 
     My cure for the burden of carrying a hurtful event in your mind is to let it go, release it from your mind.  That is what forgiveness is, releasing from your thoughts all hurtful events so that you will be free of them.  It might take releasing them hundreds of times from your mind until they stop torturing you with the memories.  It will definitely take your making the choice to forgive the person, releasing the person from any vengeful thoughts by a decision to forgive the person for hurting you or opposing you. 
     When I said that I cannot forgive you if you do not forgive others, I didn't mean that I don't desire to relieve you of the burden of having vengeful thoughts. (Matthew 6:14-15)  My mercy and forgiverness are always active and alive and in operation.  The sacrifice of Jesus when He died for the sins of the world is always in effect, blotting out all offenses.
     The true insight is that I cannot come into your mind and make the choice for you to release someone from their offenses against you.  I gave you free will to make that choice yourself.  So My admonition to forgive others means that as long as you hold a grudge you are inviting the burdens to torment your mind.  But, when you make the choice to forgive a person, you not only release the person but you also release yourself from the burden of having a tormented, vengeful mind which curses your thoughts, your attitudes and your body because of the burden which you have chosen to bear instead of releasing it. 
     I always forgive you of your sins, iniquities, transgressions and mistakes.  Jesus paid for them.  He also paid for the hurtful offenses toward you that people do, so those are forgiven in My mind.  But as long as you hold them in your thoughts, you have chosen that particular burden to continue to plague you.  When you refuse to forgive someone, the devil has accomplished his temptations in your life and you bear his burden in your thoughts.  The results are a tormented mind, toxic attitudes, and sickness in your body.
     I said if you live in Me and My words live in you that you will have peace.  (John 15:7) Let My gold nugget of forgiving others as I forgive you become your gift of great wealth.  When you forgive people, your burdens are lifted from you.  When you forgive people you allow Me to avenge you and heal you because you have taken My valuable advice. You become whole and healed, happy in every area of your life.  You have given to Me the hurt and you have allowed Me to heal you because you have chosen to follow My advice.
     My words spoken through Jesus and the new covenant prophets are nuggets of gold which enhance your life on earth.  Take My advice and live the abundant life that I promised. (John 10-10)
     Your Forgiving, Loving Father

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