Monday, February 8, 2016


Dear One,
     We talked about your relationship with Me, as a close Father/child, one-on-one communion which is very easy to establish when I live inside of you, with you as a dwelling place of My Holy Spirit in the earth.  There is no closer relationship than to live together in a dwelling place, protected from the evil influences in the world.  We can have constant two way fellowship with each other, with you asking for wisdom and insight and My providing them.  The results are your being conformed into My image because you are transformed by My Spirit, your tutor and counselor, as you become more and more intimately acquainted with My true nature and personality.  In our fellowship, you give Me your problems and I give you My solutions.  It's a true gift exchange.
    There are also more helpful results of our relationship which will benefit not only you but others in the world.  It is through our relationship that I meet the needs of My children with gifts of My Holy Spirit which meet the spiritual needs of My children.  In meeting the spiritual needs of My children, the material needs are also met.  I identified those gifts through the teachings of Paul.  He was not called to be a follower of Mine while I was in the earth, but I called Him when I appeared to Him personally from heaven.  I revealed to him the works of ministry that I wanted him to do, just like I ministered to the needs of people through Jesus. (I Corinthians 12:1-11)
     My ministry gifts meet the needs of people.  If they are sick or infirmed, they need healing.  I provide My gifts of healing through My children who know Me and who know My desire to heal others and make them whole. 
     I give to My spiritual children the gift of miracles in which I change material elements by the power of My Holy Spirit.  Miracles are performed through My children who are willing to be a conduit of my power.
     Some beneficial gifts delivered to people which help them understand are My gifts of wisdom and knowledge.  Those are the insights which fully explain to people what is behind all problems, that being the devil and his demons.  I give to My children the insight that I have from My vantage point of being in the spiritual dimension around them with birds' eye views of what needs to be done.  I often show which of your attitudes need to be adjusted, what it will take to entice your enemies to be at peace with you, and what it will take to allow My angels to work for you in solving your problems.  My wisdom and knowledge contain all of the solutions to all of the problems of My children.  They are gifts of My Spirit and they are always available to My children who will take the time to seek Me and seek the wisdom and knowledge of My kingdom.  I promised that every good thing will be added to you when you seek Me and My words of wisdom and knowledge. (Matthew 6:32-33) All solutions to all problems are found in My gifts of wisdom and knowledge.
     There are other spiritual gifts which are beneficial to My children which are spiritual gifts of prophesy.  A prophet is one who speaks for Me, giving insight, wisdom and knowledge which break the yokes of bondage to troubling habits, plus bondage to sins, iniquities and transgressions that beset My children to which they have been blinded, and I also give cautions on the works of the devil that are in his plans to destroy you in some way.  My prophesies will alert you to  approaching dangers so that you can stop them with My insights and destroy the evil works before they grab hold of your life.  Those prophesies often come in dreams and visions.  They are alerts to approaching dangers.  I said that My children would dream dreams and see visions when My Spirit comes upon them.  I am your Good Father and I alert My children who seek Me on approaching dangers so that the solutions can be accessed from My Spirit. ( Joel 2:28-30)
    A valuable gift from My Spirit is the gift of speaking in unfamiliar tongues of men and spiritual tongues of angels and the ability to interpret those tongues. (Acts 2:1-4; I Corinthians13:1 )  Those gifts are given in order to bypass the human mind which is limited in My understanding.  In those gifts of ministry, they give wisdom and insight to those who are struggling with a problem to which they cannot hear My solutions because of the blockage from the evil one who blinds the spiritual eyes and deafens the spiritual ears of my children. I provide the insights to them through unknown tongues and interpretation of those tongues from themselves or other people. 
    There is also My gift  of tongues in prayer which allows Me to deliver the solutions to your problems easily and efficiently to My angelic hosts.  Those prayers in tongues are delivered in your prayer closet in our alone time together, just like Jesus did, often when He prayed all night.  In those prayer times, My Holy Spirit set up the entire schedule for meeting the needs of people who came to Him the next day.  Praying in the Holy Spirit builds up My power in My children and builds up My kingdom in the earth. (Jude 20)
     Sometimes My children reject an important ministry gift of My Holy Spirit, much to their own destruction.  It is called the gift of discerning of spirits where My Spirit discerns the difference between the words of good spirits operating in your mind and words of bad spirits operating in your mind.  My Spirit will also discern the words of wolves which are being preached and taught which are contrary to My personality and character.  My Spirit will discern for everyone who yields to Him the difference between false prophets and true prophets.  I said they are known by their fruit.  (Matthew 7:15-20)  Yet My children, because of fear, will often yield to prophets of doom, hell fire and damnation instead of only yielding to those who speak for Me who speak words of good news, hope and faith.  The ministry of My Holy Spirit's discerning of spirits will cause you to keep the good news and reject the bad news.   Discerning of spirits will alert you to the traps of the devil.  Jesus discerned the temptations of the devil and He rejected every one of the temptations. (Matthew 4:1-12)
     My spiritual ministry gifts are given for the good of everyone and they are given as My Holy Spirit wills, to meet the needs of people. (I Corinthians 12:7; I Corinthians 12:11)   They are called My "power gifts" because they are given by My Spirit.  They always bring good results if they are from My Spirit and not from your flesh.  The flesh has no power to help anyone except bring glory to the speaker which puffs up the human ego and causes separation from Me.
     Your relationship with Me and your communion with Me will produce the solutions to every one of your problems, whether through healing, works of miracles, wisdom, knowledge, spiritual prayers, spiritual tongues and interpretations, prophesies and discerning of spirits.  They are all given to you to meet your needs and the needs of others. 
     A good father always meets the needs of his children.  I am the only truly Good Father and I give My spiritual works to My children to meet their needs and solve their problems.  Those solutions always come from one-on-one communion with Me where we exchange the words of Life.
     Your Generous Gift Giving Father 

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