Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Dear One,
    When a person is baptized with My Holy Spirit, that baptism is a baptism of love because I am Love. That is why a person feels comfort and peace in the presence of My Spirit, because He is the Comforter, as described by Jesus.  Jesus reassured His followers that it was expedient that He leave them and come back to heaven with Me because if He didn't leave the earth the Comforter would not be able to come to them to live in them. (John 14:15-17) We sent the Comforter to live inside of those people who invite Me to be their ever present help.  He reveals the depth, width, height and breadth of My love to My children, reprogramming their minds with the fullness of My love.
     Fear vanishes in the fullness of My love for you.  When you know the fullness of My love there is no room for fear because fear is the ultimate robber who is sent from hell to rob My children of peace, joy and love.  Fear is a spirit and when My Holy Spirit reveals My love to you, fear shrinks into nothing because it knows that My love conquers all fear.  (I Timothy 1:7) 
     Seek the complete revelation of My love for you.  When you allow My Spirit to reveal the fullness of My love for you, all fear, all strife, all jealousy, all envy, all bitterness, all vengeance and all anger are snuffed out because nothing evil can exist in the knowledge of the completeness of love. (I John 4:16-21)
     Seeking the fullness of My love has many rewards besides having the knowledge of being perpetually prized and comforted.  I said that when you have the full revelation of My love that because of the power that is at work in you, that I will be able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than you dare think or ask.  The experiential knowledge of My love is so powerful that all unbelief and doubt fade away and faith is multiplied in you to the extent that you will have faith for the most unbelievable things and they will become manifested in your life because you know Me intimately. I said that whatever you ask will be granted to you.  When you are filled with My love, you only ask for what I have already promised, which is the fruit of the abundant life. (John 15:7-14)
     Seek a revelation of My love just like you sought My kingdom because love is the atmosphere of My kingdom.  Love is My righteousness.  Love is the air that your spirit breathes in My kingdom.  Love is the water of the rivers of living waters that flow from your innermost being,  Love is the glue that joins us together in unity with one purpose and one desire, which is to love others as I love you.  Love always wins, Love forgives a multitude of sins and Love endures forever.(I Corinthians 13:4-13)
     Seek a revelation of My Love from My Holy Spirit and you will be baptized in Love. 
     Your Father of Love 

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