Sunday, February 28, 2010


Dear One,

Seek to uncover the good in everybody.
Seek to uncover the good in every situation.
Seek to uncover the good in every circumstance.
Seeking good will enhance the spiritual atmosphere around you and will hasten the entrance of good things into your life.
Giving credence to good things will enhance the power of My angels around you while they strive to bring beneficial things into your life in answer to your prayers. Good thoughts and good images will attract good things to you. It's a spiritual principle, good attracts good; evil attracts evil.
The way to see good in all people is to put the negatives of the outer man and the actions in the outer negative situations out of your mind, then seeking to see the positive things about the person, the situation and the circumstances. My Spirit in you desires to uncover the positive things about a person or a situation or a circumstance. He wants you to see the gold in every man rather than the negative traits.
Men are crippled by generational baggage that they have inherited. Those things are cursing their thoughts, words and actions until they cannot act any other way other than negatively.
Because of the baggage they don't know any other way to act.
Take all of those negative things away from them and you will only see the pure good person that I see.
Seeking the good in all people, appreciating it, calling attention to it, all of that will result in thoughts, attitudes, words and actions of compassion and forgiveness and mercy from you, which will return a hundred fold.
Seek the gold in others and you will find the gold in them and then good seeds will grow good plants in your life.
That's part of seeking My kingdom, to seek the good in others, thus covering the bad things with My love. Then My glory can shine all around.

Love, God
Matthew 6:33; Matthew 7:7; Luke 11:9-11; Colossians 3:1

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Dear One,
Once you have prayed, petitioned, trusted Me, and you have applied patience to the situation, then you must rest so that you can appreciate the small blessings for what they are, pieces of the puzzle which will eventually fit together for the final unveiling of the answer to prayers.
The pieces of the puzzle very often do not look like they will fit, or they don't apppear to form the image of the finished picture properly. However, eventually you will see the notches fit perfectly and the picture form creatively.
Appreciate each piece of the puzzle, part of the finished product, even if it doesn't look like it is.
Very often you think each piece has to look like the perfect finished product, but each piece is only that, a piece, not the whole picture.
Don't discard any piece because it looks like it doesn't fit immediately. It may eventually be the ideal piece to facilitate the rest of the pieces fitting together properly.
Also it might fit another puzzle if it doesn't fit the current one for which you are praying.
Continue to sing, "How sweet it is to be loved by You," because that spreads the sweetness around and you will see sweetness grow in every situation to aid in My ability to make each piece of the puzzle fit exactly right and the answers to your prayers will emerge with great fanfare, surprising even you.
Love, God
Romans 4:11; John 11:22; Hebrews 11:1; Hebrews 12: 1 &2

Friday, February 26, 2010


Dear One,
I will perfect that which concerns you.
One of My revealed names is the Restorer.
I love to restore everything to the perfect state that it was in the beginning before evil entered into your world and cursed everything that concerns you. I will restore and revive and redeem it all if you will let Me.
I have a deep seated reason for My determination to restore everything that concerns you. That reason is because I love you and all of My children and I want all of you to benefit from being My children. I want you free from the curses. I want you to revel in My blessings.
Remember that I have a reputation to uphold in the heavens, that being that I am the Loving Father of all creation. I want My reputation of being Love to be proclaimed by all of My children. When you allow Me to perfect everything that concerns you, then I am proclaimed as the Restorer.
Speak My name of Restorer to all men.
Love, God
Ruth 4:15; Isaiah 58:11 & 12; Psalm 51:12-15

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Dear One,
Bad emotions can kill you. Your doctors will tell you that.
Good emotions can heal you. Your doctors will tell you that.
Bad emotions can cause you to kill people, either by word or deed.
Good emotions can cause you to bring life to people, both by word and deed.
Bad emotions are often called the fruit of the flesh.
Good emotions are often called the fruit of the Spirit.
Bad emotions start with negative, vindictive, judgmental, condemning thoughts.
Good emotions start with positive, loving, merciful, forgiving thoughts.
Bad thoughts develop into bad attitudes and actions
Good thoughts develop into good attitudes and actions.
Always reject bad thoughts like you reject bad actions, by saying no to them. They come from hell.
Always welcome good thoughts like you welcome creative ideas, by receiving them. They come from the Spirit within you.
You have the choice between blessings and curses by choosing your thoughts, thus producing either bad or good actions.
You have the choice between bad and good attitudes by choosing your thoughts. Then your actions will be either beneficial or detrimental to both you and others all because of your choice.
Did you not think that your thoughts carry so much power?
Well, they do. They determine the course of your life.
Set a beneficial, loving course by choosing to only accept loving thoughts.
Love, God
Galatians 5:13-22; Philippians 4:8 & 9

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dear One,
My words will always be loving words because I am love like no person has fully know while in the earth. So My words can only be loving words because they proceed from My mouth. My character is love, so My words are love.
You are My child and My words are in you, also. You must speak My words of love in relation to everyone, even those who oppose you and those who hate you and those who try to engage you in strife, jealousy and dissension. It is your responsibility to refuse to fall for those temptations to participate in strife but instead to speak My words of love to them. Love words will cover the negative actions and smother them with My love. Then the person will say, "It is blessed to be loved by you," and you will say, "It is blessed to be loved by you." Then that unity will produce My kingdom in the earth rather than what was previously produced, which was the kingdom of darkness.
Darkness can cover the earth when you engage in its strife filled words and attitudes.
My love can cover the earth when you engage in speaking My loving words to everyone you meet.
Love, God
James 3;5-12; James 1:17; Romans 5:5; II Timothy 1:7

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Dear One,

You should realize that your body is sensitive to outer environmental changes. Your body reacts to every atmospheric extreme because pressure is involved.
Your mind is sensitive to all changes also because there are pressures involved in those changes.
Sometimes you just need to simply yield to the changes and let your body and mind recuperate from the trauma of change. Give yourself time to adjust, then you will be back to full force again in no time.
Treasure your body and your mind. Be flexible rather than rigid. Go with the flow in other words. It's too exhausting to go against the flow. You can float down the river of life and be rested, or you can try to swim upstream and die from exhaustion like the salmon. Floating with the changes or fighting the changes, it's always your choice.

Love, God
Job 20:28 & 29; Jeremiah 31:12 & 13; John 7:38 & 39; Acts 6:14

Monday, February 22, 2010


Dear One,
Religious people want to change the world and other people so they can be happy.
My true children want to do what I asked of them, change themselves.
Changing your own negative and self serving thoughts, attitudes, speech, actions, reactions, intellectual philosophies and religious doctrines will make you happy. Change those negative beliefs and actions into positive, loving, merciful, kind, nonjudgmental, peaceful and joyful ones and you will be happy. Then you will change the world one person at a time.
People will want the happiness that you have and you will tell them the Good News, that wars and arguments and division and strife and resentment and judgment and opposition and division are not the way to peace and happiness in their lives and in the world. You will tell them that I am the Good News. Because I love all men ,I want them to know the true way to have love and peace, and that is to have a one on one relationship with Me.
When people know that a relationship with Me brings love, peace, joy and everything they desire, then they will abandon the agents of darkness who bring curses into their lives through negativity which affects their thoughts, attitudes and actions.
I told you to come to Me when you are heaven laden. I never told you to go to doctrines that separate and divide. Religious doctrines and political philosophies for which you erroneously fight and battle will always fail you.
I will never fail you. Come to Me and I will show you true happiness and it will start with changing you.
Love, God
Matthew 11:28 & 29; Galatians 5:16-25

Friday, February 19, 2010


Dear One,

When you have raised the confidence and restored the ego of a person who has been wounded in spirit, you have fulfilled My ministry to that person. I asked you to heal the broken hearted and to let the captives go free There are many who are captives of fear and condemnation and guilt.
Taking those burdens off of people is what I do and what I desire that you do. When you open the door into their lives with love, you have let them free. Freedom is their most prized possession.

Love, God
Isaiah 61:1; Matthew 10:8

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Dear One,
When a burden has been removed from your mind and given to Me, the Burden Bearer, you can declare that it has been removed when it tries to enter into your mind.
Refuse to see it as existent because you don't want to give power to it. It is lifeless and nonexistent unless you give life to it again.
Your prayers will perfect the things in life that the burden spoiled, so continua to pray and make the path straight for freedom for all who are involved.
Declare the work of the heavenly hosts in your behalf. That's what I do, I take burdens from your back and your mind, solve them for you, and then perfect those things which were negatively affected by the burden. Good Fathers do that for their children. I am your Good Father.
Love, God
Matthew 11:28-30;

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Dear One,
Every word that proceeds from your mouth in intercessory prayer is powerful. Every word will accomplish what I send it forth to do. Not one of My words spoken by the Holy Spirit is null and void. The power in every word is unimaginable to you. It is unimaginable because there is no power in the earth that is comparable.
If you could see the spiritual activity from your mouth when you speak My words from the Holy Spirit, you would in some instances see electricity. In some instances you would see fire. In some instances you would see dynamite. In some instances you would see explosions. In some instances you would see balm for healing. In some instances you would see soothing, velvety peace. Whatever is the need is what I send forth. Sometimes they are words that destroy evil working in a person's life. Sometimes they are instructions for building a person's stable foundation. Sometimes they are words that cover a person with love. Sometimes they are fire which destroy the demons of conflict and strife.
Keep up My work by continuing to unite heaven and earth with My words. By doing that you change men and their lives, you change your country and your world. After all, that is what I do, I change lives for the best result, more than you can ever imagine.
Love, God
Jeremiah 1: 9-12; Ephesians 6:10-17; Ephesians 3:20
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Dear One,
Intercessory prayer is standing in the gap.
Intercession is bringing a person or a situation for whom you are praying to heaven and bringing heaven to the person or situation. You are doing the most supernatural accomplishment that a man can ever do, uniting heaven and earth. That is why Jesus said to wait for power on high, because Holy Spirit power is the most all encompassing power available anywhere.
When you intercede you are uniting earthly things to spiritual powers, two units which have never been joined together, and you are the vessel that is doing it. You are the agent that is uniting a non powerful entity (men) with the All Powerful Holy Spirit, and everything and everyone involved will never be the same again.
You are moving mountains of burdens and casting them into the abyss. You are taking blinders off of eyes. You are sending healing and forgiveness and mercy and joy and love and life to everyone when you intercede. You are fulfilling what Jesus prayed, and My kingdom comes to earth to do My work and My will is done in every situation for which you intercede.
Think on these truths when you allow My Holy Spirit to intercede by praying My Words and My language.
You have spiritual dynamite flowing from in your mouth when you pray. Visualize it doing its work to tear down evil strongholds and build up My family on earth.
Love, God
Ephesians 1:16-23; Acts 1:4; I Corinthians 14:18
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Monday, February 15, 2010


Dear One,
When things happen to disturb your peace, you know you are in the same boat as millions of other people. All of those upsetting matters are common to men. Remember, I have already made a way of escape and your prayers will bring the way out into your life.
I hear your concern and your grief, and I want you to know that I am the rescuer of all men who turn to Me for guidance and help. The way out is always My concern, not yours. Turn it over to me and watch My salvation.
Love, God
I Corinthians 10:13;

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Dear One,
Soak in beauty today.
Soak in music.
Soak in love.
Soak in peaceful places.
Soak in miracle stories and images.
Soak in everything that I have provided to enrich your life . Then the worries and cares and fretting will have no room to enter your mind because your mind is already filled with My gifts to you.
Fill your mind to overflowing with My miracles that I have performed for you. Then be thankful for them. Yes, there will be no room left for negative, nagging thoughts because your mind is fixed on My goodness and kindness.
Fill your mind with me and be thankful. Everything will fall into place.
Love, God
Philippians 4:8; Isiah 26:3; II Corinthians 13:11
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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Dear One,
My children don't like to hear that things take time, but they do.
People have to be changed before situations can be changed.
Give Me a chance to work in your time oriented world but consider that the time spent will be worth it when you see the culmination of answers to your prayers.
While you are waiting for changes in situations and changes in circumstances, spend time changing yourself into My image of love, peace, joy, goodness kindness, mercy, patience and faith. Then, in time, they will help produce the answers to your prayers. You will be changed and the situations and circumstances will be changed.
Love, God
II Peter 1:3-11; Galatians 5:22
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Friday, February 12, 2010


Dear One,
Taking time to be holy means to become like Me, your Heavenly Father, loving everyone with unconditional love.
Taking time to be holy means to become like Me, your Heavenly Father, full of joy no matter what the circumstances are.
Taking time to be holy means to become like Me, your Heavenly Father, spreading peace in all unsettling situations.
Taking time to be holy means to become like Me, extending mercy to all men, always remembering that they don't know what they are doing when they oppose you or confront you or hurt you.
Taking time to be holy means to become like Me by operating in my characteristics of goodness and kindness at all times.
Taking time to be holy means to become like Me, patient with everyone and patient while waiting for prayers to be answered.
Taking time to be holy means to operate in unshaken faith when other people are falling apart emotionally.
Holiness is simply bearing the facets of My personality in your body, which are the fruit of My Spirit.
Holiness is refusing evil in thought, word and deed.
Holiness is knowing that you are My earthly abode and then becoming a good steward of your body and mind, keeping them healthy and unencumbered by negative thoughts.
Holiness is letting My words transform you spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.
I live in you. Let Me display My personality through you.
Love, God
I Corinthians 3;16; Galatians 5:13-22 from

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Dear One,
All of My promises are for you. They are personally designed for you. They become resident in your life when you walk in love and peace.
Make it your aim every morning when you wake that you will walk in peace and minister love to everyone. You can meditate on My love for you when you wake, knowing My love and also treasuring My love for you. Then you can bless everyone with whom you know that you will come in contact that day. When you bless them you are sending your love to them and My love to them. If you bless them, it will not be an effort to love them in reality when y9u meet them.
I said, "My peace I give to you." So My peace is available for you to think upon and bring from your spirit into your mind. My peace is freedom from worry and strife and contention. I asked you to keep peace with all men, even if it requires turning the other cheek.
Peace is an outgrowth of love.
Fill your entire being with My love by meditating on the breadth, height, width and length of My love for you. Passing it on to others will be easy when you know how much I love you.
Remember that love covers a multitude of sins, trespasses and iniquities. You owe love to others.
Love, God
I Peter 4:8; Psalm 143: 5; Matthew 5:44; John 14:2; Romans 13:8
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Dear One,
You should train your mind to believe this: Everything I have is yours.
You should train your mind to believe this: You're part of Me.
You should train your mind to believe this: Everything I have is your destiny.
You should train your mind to believe this: I'm part of you.
You are My child, so it is all true. You are My creation, taken from My loins. My Life is in you, so everything I have is yours.
You have love, peace, joy, goodness, mercy, kindness, patience and faith. You have health and wealth and tranquility. The guarantee of everything I have for you is inside of you in the person of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the author and finisher of your faith, and the Holy Spirit is the facilitator of every promise I have made to My children. You have everything necessary for life and happiness. You should utilize My gifts and My character and My guidance to bring them into existence. The Rivers of Living Waters are flowing to you. Open your gates.
Love, God
II Peter 1: 3-11

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Dear One,
Once you have given someone to Me for My protection and My guidance and My working spiritual activities in a person's life, don't reclaim him by worrying about him. Only see him as perfected and redeemed and successful and happy as a result of My power at work.
All prayers of everyone relate to needs of their family members or to needs of the person praying, so you are joined by others in your prayers.
When you release someone to Me, keep your hands off of the person with negative thoughts in your mind so that I can continue to perform miracles as a result of your prayers. The person is mine unless you take the person back into your thoughts by worrying. See My miracles in your mind before you see them in reality and then speak, "So be it!"
See the person for whom you are praying as surrounded by my angels day and night who are constantly ministering My love and guidance to him.
Love, God
Mark 11:23; Matthew 6:25-31; II Corinthians 1:20

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Dear One,
All changes bring new adventures, new blood, new people, new experiences, new relationships, new life.
Learn to appreciate all changes and you will always have a zest for life and adventure.
Every new person with whom you come into contact adds a new dimension to your life and your life becomes more and more enjoyable. You share the same blood, cleansed by the same Big Brother power, so you are blood brothers and sisters. Appreciate the changes. Changes enlarge the place of your tents. as a wise man once said.
Love God
John 10:10; II Peter 1:3

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Dear One,
Freedom from worries was promised to all My children. take it as one the benefits of being My child.
Cast disappointment and depression into hell. That's where they belong, not in your life
Walk in My love. Consider the lilies of the field and the roses and the begonias and the daffodils and the fact that they never toil or spin out of control from worry. Consider the birds of the air, if they were depressed and worried and fretful they would plunge to the earth. I feed them and they expect the food to always be there.
Everything is always yours, every answer to prayers. Expect them to come just like the birds expect to be fed and the lilies expect to have sun and rain. Appreciate the blessings and cherish what you already have.
You can,"Put your hands in the hands of the one who stilled the waters." You can abide with Me because I already abide in you. I said if you will abide with Me and My words abide in you, you can ask what you will and it will be done for you. I never said maybe it will be done. I said it will be done.
The birds have confidence in Me. The lilies have confidence in Me. Oh, that My children would have confidence in Me. Then they would see all of their prayers answered.
Love, God
Matthew 6:28;-31; John 15:7-12

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Dear One,
You are patient with a small child who is just learning to walk or crawl. you don't judge the child for falling down or doing something uncoordinated.
You must give the same grace to people who don't have the same spiritual knowledge and revelation that you have. They may have gems of wisdom and nuggets of revelation that you don't have. You need each other.
Appreciate the wisdom and revelation that you have gained, but you should also appreciate the wisdom and revelation that other people have. They have blinders removed from their eyes in areas that you don't, and you have blinders removed that they don't.
Appreciate and bless every person where he is now in his spiritual growth, not where you want him to be.
If someone is slow in his spiritual growth, you must not judge him and condemn him, just like you wouldn't judge and condemn a person who is slow in his mental or physical growth.
Treat everyone as if all of you were perfected and dwelling with Me, full of knowledge and wisdom and revelation. You're all equal in revelation in my eyes.
Love, God
Ephesians 3:15-20; James 1:5-8; John 14:25

Monday, February 1, 2010


Dear One,
It is written that My kingdom is not meat and drink, but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit That means that members of My family have mental peace, emotional joy and righteous living as a result of having My Spirit live within them.
So what is righteous living? It is loving the unlovable as well as the lovable, to do good to the ones who persecute you, to be merciful rather than judgmental, to return good when people do evil things to you, to forgive offenses against you so that you do not carry the burden of them. Righteousness mean monitoring your thoughts and keeping your mind free from judgment and condemnation, and it means to bring peace and love to every situation. Those activities are characteristics of members of My family.
When My life is established within you, you have peace beyond understanding, joy unspeakable and you have conflict free living. Now, that is truly the abundant life.
It is available to you with the presence of My Holy Spirit within you. Listen to His promptings and He will guide you into righteousness, peace and joy. His power gives you the ability to incorporate My characteristics into your life so that you will live the abundant life.
Love, God
Matthew 5; Galatians 5:22-25; Romans 14: 17