Thursday, February 11, 2010


Dear One,
All of My promises are for you. They are personally designed for you. They become resident in your life when you walk in love and peace.
Make it your aim every morning when you wake that you will walk in peace and minister love to everyone. You can meditate on My love for you when you wake, knowing My love and also treasuring My love for you. Then you can bless everyone with whom you know that you will come in contact that day. When you bless them you are sending your love to them and My love to them. If you bless them, it will not be an effort to love them in reality when y9u meet them.
I said, "My peace I give to you." So My peace is available for you to think upon and bring from your spirit into your mind. My peace is freedom from worry and strife and contention. I asked you to keep peace with all men, even if it requires turning the other cheek.
Peace is an outgrowth of love.
Fill your entire being with My love by meditating on the breadth, height, width and length of My love for you. Passing it on to others will be easy when you know how much I love you.
Remember that love covers a multitude of sins, trespasses and iniquities. You owe love to others.
Love, God
I Peter 4:8; Psalm 143: 5; Matthew 5:44; John 14:2; Romans 13:8
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