Thursday, July 31, 2014


Dear One, Think about religious laws and the reason for them. My Holy Spirit wrote in My Family History and Instruction Book that I gave the Ten Commandments and other spiritual laws to point out sin, which are the works of the devil, so that My children could try to avoid those things. If they didn't avoid idol worship, adultery, coveting, honoring their parents, killing, lying, stealing, taking My name in vain and refusing to take one day of rest and give their workers a day or rest, then the results would be that they would become more susceptible to the works of evil than they already were. I wanted them to have guidelines, which every Father gives to his children, on how to live a good life. The problem is that the devil used the laws that I gave to My children to condemn and make them feel guilty if they broke any of My laws or to cause them to make other people feel guilty and condemned if they broke them. Those laws were never given to declare anyone righteous or sinful. They were to alert My children on how to avoid evil. The religious laws were only given by Me for written guidance for the flesh of people until My Holy Spirit came into their lives to give them the power over the works of evil. Then the religious laws were no longer the guidance for My children because I said that My Holy Spirit would guide you, tutor you, encourage you and be your giver of truth. I said that My Holy Spirit has power over the works of the devil and that He has the power to destroy the works of the devil through you just like He did through Jesus when He walked the earth. So when My Spirit comes into a person, He might lead you not to do things that maybe the religious laws require. Jesus healed on the day of rest, which religious laws condemned. He said that the laws are not greater than the needs of My people. Paul said it perfectly when he said that the laws were a tutor for the flesh until the Tutor, Himself, who is My Holy Spirit, came into the lives of My children to be their personal Tutor. The people who do not have My Tutor inside of them still need religious laws in order to avoid sin. which is the work of the devil. I am not equipped to condemn you, make you feel guilty, kill you or rob from you. Those destructive actions are the works of the devil. I am not out to rob you of the abundant life. I am the giver of Life, the Lover of the souls of all of My children. Jesus said it clearly when He said, "The thief comes to rob, kill and destroy. I come that you might have Life and have it more abundantly." Your Brother Jesus died so that you might have My Life inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit. My Spirit is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, and He dwells inside of your spirit if you have invited Him. He wants to reveal My image to you, My personality to you, so that you will be able to emulate the same character traits in your flesh and be known as My child. Then the abundant life will flow through you and to you. Your Loving Father John 10:10; Romans 7:4-13; Romans 8;1-16; Galatians 4:1-7; Ephesians 3:14-20.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Dear One, Forgiveness has more spiritual, emotional and physical benefits than you can even imagine. As long as an injurious incident is not dealt with emotionally and spiritually by forgiving the person as an act of your will, you are giving the evil spirits who instigated the incident permission to continue with their curses in your life and in the lives of the people you have failed to forgive. You have heard the theory of binding and loosing. One true spiritual activity behind binding and loosing happens with forgiveness and unforgiveness. When you forgive a person as an act of our will and keep forgiving until your attitudes has changed toward the person, then you have loosed yourself from the actions of the evil spirits who were the authors of the strife. If you refuse to forgive the person, you bind yourself to the activity of the evil spirits who caused the incident and you will be cursed in every area of your life because you have bound yourself to the person and the evil spirits. Every memory of the injurious incident will sow more seeds into the garden of evil which will grow more and more damaging plants of which you will eat their fruit. Jesus told you that I cannot forgive your trespasses unless you forgive other people heir trespasses. He was saying that I can't loose (release) you from the curses of the evil one unless you release yourself by forgiving the person who injured you. I forgive you but I can't release you from the curses if you continue to bind yourself to the person and the evil situation. You are the one in control of your mind and you are the only one who can release the injurious matter from your mind, refusing to play the incident over and over and projecting attitudes of strife every time. Remember that where there is strife there is every evil work, so the attitudes of strife will call into your life other evil spirits to increase the curses. Evil spirits are proud of their work. They lie in wait, eager to increase the destruction and corruption in your life and the lives of others, all caused by out of control human emotions. When you forgive a person, you exercise your love authority and your release yourself from curses. Remember the antidote for harmful attitudes caused by unforgiveness, it is to do good to those who spitefully use you, to return good for evil, to turn the other cheek when struck on one cheek. In doing those actions which come from My kingdom, you destroy the works of evil which had control of the situation. You bring My kingdom into the matter. Jesus said if He cast out a demon from someone, then My kingdom came upon them. So if you refuse to act in anger and revenge, then evil is cast out of the situation and My kingdom comes upon both parties. You heard in movies during an altercation between armies, "Stop them at the pass." In other words, stop the enemy when they come into the area. It's the same thing spiritually, you must stop the enemy at the first passageway, when he first enters the situation by a person doing wrong to you. The way to stop the evil is to overcome the evil with good actions. "I am so sorry," and, "I apologize," are perfect starting places when bad situations arise. Even if you did not cause the situation, asking for forgiveness from a person takes the abundance of evil steam out of the person and the situation. The air is cleared of strife and you will both will be at peace, free from curses. My kingdom enters the live of both parties. Learn My ways and teach your children My ways which are to always return good for evil done to you. I said if you will do those things, you will be called My child. Then the world will know My personality because they have seen My image in you. Your Loving Father Matthew 5:38-48; Romans 12:19-21; Luke 11:20; Matthew 6:12-15; Matthew 16:13-19; Matthew 5:9; James 3:13-18.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Dear One, Forgiveness is one of the most powerful spiritual exercises in which My children can engage. It is necessary in order to be completely free. You have seen, yourself, the emotional benefits to yourself when you forgave someone, releasing the person from any guilt or repercussions from an offense done against you. We have talked about the physiological fact that when you forgive someone, you release yourself from the hormonal surges in your body that come from the fight or flight syndrome which I put in the body of humans which supplies energy under dire situation to either fight a threatening animal or flee from a dangerous situation. When you refuse to forgive, you relive a situation over and over in your mind, experiencing the same hormonal surges which were meant to protect you from damage and injury. Since you are neither fighting a wild animal nor running from one, the energy merely stays in your body and puts it on overload, damaging tissues that were meant to be energized for either fighting or fleeing. Over time, your body and mind suffer from your refusal to forgive the person or persons. Forgiving the person and the situation, refusing to replay it in your mind, is a way to restore your body to its normal hormonal outpouring. There are other benefits to forgiving others, remembering that to forgive is to give forward, releasing an incident or situation from your storehouse of memories and giving them to Me. Then you are free of the burden which was caused by someone else. You are free again to enjoy a body that is efficient hormonally but you are also free mentally from the emotional torture of reliving injurious situations which become obsessive. I want My children free from mental tortures which curse them emotionally and physically. Remember that forgiveness begins with an act of your will, not your emotions. You don't have to feel forgiving. You need merely to decide to forgive and then release the person and the incident from our mind every time it appears on the screen of your mind. The feeling of forgiveness will come later. I forgive you immediately. Do likewise to others and you will be free to enjoy the abundant life that I give you and the forgiveness that the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus accomplished for you. Jesus said that if you do not forgive others that I will not forgive you. What He was saying is that you are the caretaker of your mind and you, and only you, can release the memory of situations that need to be forgiven. I cannot come into your mind and erase them as long as you desire to hold on to them. So He was saying that I cannot erase something from your mind if you insist on holding to it. He said it more explicitly when He said that whoever sins you retain are retained and whoever sins you forgive are forgiven. If they are retained in your mind, I cannot release them from your mind because you are the caretaker of your mind. Remember that forgiving is an act of your will, a decision to release the person and the incident from your mind so that you can be free and the other person can be free. Doing good to those who injure you and use you is an activity that will completely free you, also giving you the emotional freedom that did not come from the action of the will of deciding to forgive. It has worked for you in the past and it will continue to work its freedom. My ways are opposite from yours but they are 100% effective and yours aren't. Take My loving advice and forgive those people who hurt you or embarrass you or make a fool of you. It doesn't matter that the person doesn't deserve your forgiveness. That doesn't enter into the picture. It is by My grace that you were forgiven, not by your deserving to be forgiven. Give Me the burden by releasing anyone from your memory who has injured you. I want you totally free, body, mind and spirit. Your Loving and Forgiving Father Matthew 6:12; Matthew 5:43-48; Matthew 18:21-35; Romans 12:21; Ephesians 2:8-9;John 20;21-24.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Dear One, Whatever negative is in your family heritage is what the devil will use to tempt you to do evil so that you will sow those seeds into his garden and he will be able to increase the curses that have been in your family for years. Whatever of My family personality traits are in your family for years, I will draw those to the surface and influence you to act out of those traits so that you will sow those good seeds into My garden and reap the produce in your life and the lives of your family. To My children who are born of My Spirit, I will increase My fruits of love in their lives and you will have an abundance of blessings. Psychologists have argued for years about whether it is heritage or experience that causes people to act in the manner in which they act. It is both. Everyone has good and bad traits in their heritage. Everybody has good and bad experiences in their background. What psychologists don't know is that it is the devil who uses familiar bad traits from families with which to tempt My children because the trait is already in their programming. If anger ruled your childhood, then it will be easier for the devil to temp you to do angry acts because you are familiar with that action and reaction. It is familiar garbage. That is why I cautioned My children not to return evil for evil done to them, but instead to turn the other cheek. When My children turn the other cheek, they are denying not only the devil's temptations but they are denying their family programming that cursed their family for years. The action of turning the other cheek, praying for the one who struck them and doing good to that person, will defeat the devil and his temptations both in the present and in the past family anger episodes. They will no longer have control over you. Every time My children turn the other cheek it is another battle lost by the devil and another win for My family. Not only does your spiritual enemy tempt you in your thought life, but he tempts you in your daily relationships. If anger is a weakness in your earthly family, he will send someone to inflame you, injuring you in some way, because he knows that your family programming is to react in anger. When you refuse to react in anger, the devil has to shrink away in defeat. I am your Father, I am always enticing you to act and react from My family characteristics which are inside of your spirit. I entice you to return good for evil done to you and to pray for those who spitefully use you. You are My image in the earth when you do that because My personality is always peaceful and loving. When you fall for the trick of the evil one to act or react in his characteristics, then he multiplies the evil in the situation and more and more people are affected, your family and your friends. I said whatever you give will be returned to you pressed down and running over will men give to you. It's the same thing with evil deeds, whatever evil deeds you do will be returned to you pressed down and running over. I don't do it. The devil does it because he is the father of evil. My desire is that My children become My image in the earth, dispensing My love, peace, joy and mercy to everyone. When My children give those fruit of My Spirit, then those traits will be returned to them pressed down and running over will people give to My children. Blessings will flow. I said that some of My children had believed wolves in sheep's clothing and they had made disciples more evil than themselves by teaching others to judge people instead of being merciful, to be in strife with others instead of being peaceful, to be exclusive instead of inclusive, to return evil for evil, to love war instead of peace, I said that they return to their own vomit just like a dog. Always weigh your actions on the scale of love. If love is not the motivation in all things, reject them because they are not of Me. Your Loving Father Mark 6:37-42; II Corinthians 6:6-10; Matthew 5:38-48; Matthew 7:13-20; II Peter 1:20-22; I Corinthians 13:4-7; I Corinthians 4:1-7.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Dear One, One of the benefits that you have as a result of being spiritually born again of My Holy Spirit and becoming My child is the personality characteristic of self control. What happens is that your weak will that is resident in your human mind becomes powerful with the added ability of My Holy Spirit and His power. Instead of being a slave to earthly passions, you become the master of them when you listen to My Spirit and operate in His power. Earthly passions are at the core of all criminal act, all family squabbles, all governmental rebellion, all murders, all disagreements, all neighborly fights and all addictions. The way to gain mastery over them begins with your thoughts. Remember that your thoughts lead to attitudes and then the attitudes lead to actions which involve speaking and physical acts, so if you begin to be the master of your thoughts, you will be able to master your attitudes, our speech and your actions. It all begins with thoughts because the father of evil tempts you in your thoughts. Forcing you to do his bidding cannot happen without tempting you in your thoughts toward anger, envy, jealousy, strife, lust, bitterness, judging, idolatry, evil speaking, drunkenness, impurity, immorality, licentiousness and other temptations from hell. Very few people can conquer and master those temptations without the authoritative power of My Holy Spirit.
That is the reason that I gave you My life source which is My Holy Spirit, so that you will have power over your enemy, the devil, and not be deceived into thinking that his ways are beneficial to you. They are not beneficial. They are death. That is what I said to Adam and that is what My Spirit says to My children today. You have Herculean power to refuse the evil thoughts which become bad attitudes and then evil acts which will destroy you and your family. Your thought life is not private. It is influenced by the devil and it is also influenced by Me. That is the tree of knowing good and evil. I give My children the self control to refuse the evil thoughts and instead accept My good thoughts. When tempted, you must first cast down the evil thoughts and then My good thoughts will invade your mind. I said through Paul that you must cast down all imaginations and every thought that exhalts itself against My will in your life. You must first know Me and My will before My Spirit can discern the origin of each thought. When you have a judging thought about someone, you must first know that I said not to judge anyone or you will be judged by the same demonic spirits which tempt you to judge. When you have a thought to strike back at someone who strikes you, you must first know that I said to turn the other cheek or you will be returning evil for evil. The result of returning evil for evil will result in full blown war between you and the person who struck you, and one of you will be killed or badly injured. It you had returned good for evil done to you, you would have avoided the destructive activity which would have had damaging effects. Thoughts are where the battle begins, but if you use My authority against the devil's temptations, all effects of evil will be avoided. Tell every evil thought that it is a liar and then speak what I said about the matter to the instigator of the evil thought. If you keep evil thoughts, warming them with more of your attention, you will eventually have damaging attitudes which will produce uncontrolled evil actions by you either in word of deed. Curses will come into the matter and you will wonder what happened to your peaceful life. Appreciate My Holy Spirit's authoritative power to infuse you with His power to defeat evil at the preliminary stage, giving you self control over your thoughts. If you can fully operate with My Spirit at that level you won't develop damaging attitudes, speech and actions which will curse you and your family. With the aid of My Holy Spirit you have Herculean power over the father of temptations and evil. It all starts with exercising My power over negative thoughts. Self control is a fruit of My Spirit who lives inside of you. Walk in My Spirit of love and you will have self control over all evil temptations. Your Loving Father Acts 1: 8; Ephesians 1:16-23; Romans 8:11-17; II Corinthians 10:5; Philippians 4:8.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Dear One, Your sign says, "All of the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds you plant today." That is true of your flower gardens, your vegetable gardens and your garden of life. It is a spiritual law that you cannot plant turnip seeds and reap carrots. It's impossible because there is no carrot life within the turnip seeds. There's only turnip life. if you want carrots, you have to plant seeds that have carrot life within them.

Every farmer and every gardener knows that principle or reproduction law. When I taught about seed planting and harvest, I used familiar principles so My children could understand. I wanted them to know that you reap what you sow, that what you do to others determines what they do to you. Every word that I spoke through Jesus and the apostles are for the protection of My children, to protect them from inheriting the produce from the garden of evil which produces curses. It is the devil's garden, his kingdom of evil. My garden of life and blessings, often called My kingdom, only produces unconditional love, blessings, the peace that passes understanding, goodness, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, prosperity, faith and graciousness. I said through My Holy Spirit that you should not be deceived, that what you sow you will also reap, if you sow to the garden of evil you will reap curses and if you sow to the garden of life and blessings, you will reap life and blessings. There are seeds from the garden of evil that you don't recognize as bringing curses to you. Some things they include are bitterness, unforgiveness, judging others, cruel and intimidating speaking, turning your back on the poor, the widows and the orphans, pride, fostering division rather than unity, and strife in every form, family strife, religious strife, political strife, national strife and worldly strife. There are no forgetful evil spirits who overlook the seeds that you sow in the garden of evil. They have perfect memories. In fact, they have a memory book in which is stored the thoughts, attitudes and actions which contained negative, evil seeds you sewed in the past. You thought they were nonproductive seeds but they were not. They will produce plants which produce more seeds unless you uproot the plants and replace them with blessings seeds. I do not return evil to you for evil that you do. The devil and his demons do that. I told My children at the beginning ,after Adam let the devil into the earth, that they must constantly choose good over evil, blessings over curses. Somehow My children forget that spiritual law, even though Jesus was emphatic about it. He alerted you to always sow good seeds so that you will obtain blessings from My garden of life. He also alerted you to the fact that if you sow evil seeds into the garden of evil you will obtain curses from that garden. That is why He taught you to turn the other cheek to anyone who strikes you, so that you do not sow evil seeds into the devil's garden of evil and reap the fruit of those plants sometime in the future. There is an antidote for the return of evil upon you because of the evil seeds that you have sown and that is forgiveness. Jesus said that you are forgiven if you forgive the person who did evil to you. When you forgive another person, My angels pull up the plants that you sowed and burn them . But, If you refuse to forgive, then you bind yourself to the person who did evil to you and you will reap the curses from his evil plants and your evil plants also. Jesus tried to keep you from growing evil plants by teaching you about forgiveness. He tried to teach you about going to a person who has something against you and asking for forgiveness so that the evil plants which were products of your evil seeds can be snatched up and thrown on the fire to be burned. It has been said of Me that I keep a record of all of your sins. That lie was taught by satan. That record book of evil deeds is kept by satan so that he can make you pay for all of your misdeeds which you do in response to his temptations. He tempts you to do his evil deeds and then he curses you for doing them. That is the kind of father he is. The good seeds you sow in My garden of life, often called My kingdom, will always grow blessings because there are no evil plants in My garden, only blessing plants which produce all good things for My children. Now that you are intimately acquainted with Me as your Loving Father, you know that I do not keep records of any evil deeds of My children. Where would I keep them? Evil is not allowed in My kingdom, not even the remembrance of evil. Jesus took care of that when He bought forgiveness for all sins by His sacrifice. I threw the devil out of My kingdom for planning evil works. I do not allow him or the remembrance of his works in My house. I said if you sow to the spirit you will inherit life and blessings. I also said if you sow to the flesh, with evil deeds which the devil prompted, that you will inherit corruption. You have the warning of Jesus and you have the confirmation from every other writer in My Instruction Book. I have a Book of Life. Your spiritual enemy has a book of evil actions and curses which he never destroys. His demons do not have dementia. They will repay evil for evil now or in the future unless forgiveness is invoked by you for your misdeeds as well as the misdeeds of others against you. When forgiveness is in operation, My heavenly eraser obliterates all the offenses in the minds of others. You are white as snow in their eyes, just like you are in my eyes because of Jesus. Then the windows of heaven are opened and the rivers of blessings flow to you. If you plant destructive seeds you will inherit corruption If you plant loving seeds you will inherit life and blessings. Your Loving Father Matthew 6:12; Matthew 5:38-48; Matthew 7: 1-2; Galatians 6:7-9; Romans 14:17.
painting from:    This one is called.  "Gods Garden of Happiness"  

Friday, July 25, 2014


Dear One, I inspired John to write in My Family History and Instruction Book to you that I so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that I even gave up My only-begotten and unique Son so that whomever believes in, clings to, trusts in and relies on Him shall not perish or come to destruction or be lost at the designs of the evil one but instead will have My eternal, everlasting, powerful life within them, which will enable them to defeat the evil in the world. I inspired John to continue to write that I did not send My Son into the world in order to judge, reject, condemn or pass sentence upon the world but that the world might be saved from the works of evil and be made safe and sound from evil through Him. I inspired Paul to write that the whole creation moans in travail and waits expectantly for My children to realize their true Sonship and know the mission that My Holy Spirit has in the earth, which is the redemption of the whole creation and its release from the evil one.

  Because of My life that is present within you in the person of My Holy Spirit, making you My child, you can accept the challenge to do the very things that Jesus was sent to do, which is to be My child in the earth, spreading My love, My joy, My peace, My goodness, My kindness, My patience, My faith, My self control and My mercy for all people. My design is that My children will become My image in the earth, exemplifying My character and personality by My power within them which will bring others to being saved from the evil one. Very often, My children do the opposite. After receiving My powerful Life within them, they become consumed with themselves again at the behest of the devil, and return to their former lives of sowing evil seeds in the earth rather than working with me to sow good seeds which will redeem people and all of My creation from the effects of evil. I warned My children through Paul that they had been bewitched when they choose to obey sin again and cooperate again in cursing the earth. Often My children retreat from the teachings of Jesus and follow the passions of their enemy who works through their emotions. They sow discord instead of peace, they sow hatred for others instead of love, they sow division instead of unity, they sow pride in their own beliefs instead of humility and tolerance for others. They judge, reject, condemn and pass sentence on others, just like their former father, the devil. It should not be so. My Holy Spirit within you is always inspiring you to love others and to sow My love seeds in the earth. My Holy Spirit is constantly inspiring you to speak love words into the earth. He even said He was grieved by foul, polluted, divisive, evil, judgmental, unwholesome and worthless talk. He taught that My children should only speak what is good and beneficial to the edification of others, and to only speak words that bring grace to the hearer. I spoke those words to My children in whom My Holy Spirit lives who have been commissioned, just like their brother Jesus, to restore people and the earth with My love. It should be so. Your Loving Father John 3:16-17 (Amplified version) Romans 8:19-22 (Amplified version) Ephesians 4:29-32 (Amplified version); Galatians 3:1-5 (Amplified version) ; James 3:8-18 (Amplified version)

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Dear One, David said that I inhabit the praises of My people. He was saying that I am only a whisper away from you in another dimension that is only a breath away. He was saying that your praises for Me act as the communication device for you, giving you an awareness that I am your Father, eager to answer your prayers and make My presence known in your life. You are always in My sight and in My mind, your needs are always apparent to Me. Jesus said that I know your needs before you even ask.

 Your praises to Me are your act of restoring the communication between us, your reconnecting of yourself to Me. Then I am alive to you again, even though I was always conscious of you and your needs. Only when you are conscious of My presence is the connection complete. Praise does that because praise is an acknowledgment of your being conscious of the fact that I am your answer to all of your needs, wants and desires.. Praises are your way of knowing that you have summoned Me, even though I am always with you. If you are in a room of a house and you want to summons someone in another room, you call the name of the person. That person makes his or her presence known by answering you. It's the same thing with praises. When you praise Me, even though I am already conscious of you, your praises are your way of knowing that you have switched from doing things your way to asking Me to do things My way in your life, which is always the perfect way. Praises are your way of calling upon Me. Praises to Me are also a way of acknowledging that I have the ability, the brilliance and the knowledge to perfect what concerns you. Praising Me and calling upon Me are your way of proclaiming that I am willing as well as able to help you. Praising Me is your way of asking Me to be active in your dimension, knowing that I will answer your summons and make My presence known to you, even though I have always been with you. Your own mind needs to know that you have reconnected to me, so praises do that. Your praises are your way of voicing appreciation and gratitude to Me, acknowledging Me as the answer to all of your needs in the past and asking Me to continue to be your answer to all things now and in the future. My Holy Spirit wrote that whoever calls on My name will be saved. That is the same thing as saying that I inhabit the praises of My people. When a person is in danger or in a precarious position in life, if he or she will call upon Me, I will manifest My presence and save them. Calling upon Me will give me an invitation and permission to save you, snatching you out of the clutches of the evil one. Praises do the same thing, extend an invitation to me to manifest My power in your behalf. My presence is manifested when you call upon Me and also when you praise Me. I am easily summoned because I am your Father, your Savior and your Protector. Your Loving Father Psalm 18:4; Psalm 22:3; Psalm 55:16; Psalm 146:1-3; Acts 2:46-47; Hebrews 2:12-13; Hebrews 13:15-16; I Timothy 2:3-4.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Dear One, My angels are given to My children as part of their inheritance. The angels are part of My kingdom which comes upon people when they become My children with My life inside of them. They are not to be worshipped, like the writer of the Instruction Book of Hebrews warned when he was led by My Spirit to write My wisdom and insights. My Holy Spirit taught through the Hebrews book that angel are spiritual servants, ministering spirits sent to aid those who are inheritors My salvation.

 You know that there are angels who carry messages and there are angels who war against the demons who torment My children. Those are seraphim and there are cherubim. Remember, My children do not worship their servants. My children appreciate the ministry of the angels in their lives, but they don't worship them. Jesus was ministered to by My angels after He resisted the temptations of the devil, but He didn't worship them. He enjoyed the peace that came from their presence which was sent by Me to minister to Him after that battle was won. When Ezekiel saw into My heaven and observed the activities of the angels in relation to My children, He saw the angels use the fire within them to burn out the demonic spiritual dross that occasionally surrounds My children. He heard My Spirit instruct the angels with specific instructions on how to minister to My children, using the fire in the midst of them to destroy the works of the devil. The ministering angels who take messages to My children are the ones who whisper wisdom in the ears of My children, giving them spiritual insight, wisdom and knowledge to them. My Holy Spirit is the General in charge of the angelic hosts. He instructs them with My will in the matters which concern My children. John the Baptist said that he only baptized with water but Jesus would baptize them with My Holy Spirit and fire. The angels, with fire in their beings, accompany My Spirit everyplace He goes and they go everyplace He sends them. They are the fire of which John spoke. My Holy Spirit wrote through Paul that you should pray for your enemies and do good to them because that is heaping coals of fire upon their heads. That is a good thing because you are authorizing My angels to surround your enemies with their fire which burns out the demonic influences from the person who wronged you. The results will be that your enemies will change their angry attitude toward you and begin to like you and even love you, if you have shown love to them. You have often wondered how I do everything that I do. I am not human. I am a Spirit, but I have angelic hosts who do My bidding in the lives of My children, working to bring the abundant life into their existence. Did you notice that I am often called the Lord of Hosts? That is talking about My being the lord over the angels, or general over the angels, since they are My servants, ministering spirits who I send to aid My children. I have often told you that the more you know about the spiritual dimension around you, the more faith you will have. Having revelation of the gifts of the servants which i give to My children is paramount to having faith that I will move mountains for you, moving out of your life the demonic principalities and powers which torment you and your family. The tongues of fire that landed upon My children in Jerusalem when they waited for what I had promised, the promise that they would be baptized by My Spirit and fire, those tongues of fire were My ministering spirits which I had created for My children to be their servants. Every place My Spirit goes, My angels go to help Him do My will in matters which concern my children. Ezekiel saw into My heavens in a vision and wrote it down so My children could have an understanding of My works in the earth by My angles. Again I tell you, you must not worship the angels, but you should have a clear revelation of their works in My works of power. I said that you would receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. The angels are part of My mighty power. Wherever My Spirit goes, the angles go to perform My works. I said that I would not leave you comfortless. I didn't. I sent My Holy Spirit and His angels to minister to you and for you. I provide everything you need, including servants and ministering spirits to do My work in the earth. My Holy Spirit instructs the angels. That is what your spiritual language is for, to allow Me to speak to the angels in a spiritual language the precise instructions and solutions to problems that you have. My will is spoken every time you allow Me to pray in My spiritual words, and then the angels go and do what My Spirit instructed them to do. It all works by love. Paul said that even if you speak in the tongues of men and of angels, that you must have love for the instructions of My Holy Spirit to be effective. Unconditional love is the atmosphere in which My angelic hosts do their best work in perfecting the lives of My children. I tell you again, pray in the spirit and walk in love and everything will work together for your good. Your Loving Father Matthew 3:11-12; Matthew 4:10-11; Acts 1:1-8; Acts:2;1-4; Ezekiel 10; Hebrews 1:3:12; Hebrews 1:13-14; Romans 12:20-21; I Corinthians 13:1.Romans 8.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Dear One, In the beginning Adam walked and talked with Me, gaining guidance from Me on how to care for his earth that I gave to him. I warned him not to listen to the temptations of the devil because if he did it would cut off his ability to hear from Me for guidance and it would give the devil permission to take his life through the temptations. Adam did not take my advice but, instead, started listening to both of us, the devil at times, and Me at times.

 That is called the knowledge of good and evil which I warned Adam would be the result of letting the devil into the earth that I created for men. When the line of uninterrupted guidance from me was compromised, it became necessary for Me to give laws and rules which would identify the works of the devil so that the people would not fall for all of his toxic temptations. So I gave beneficial guidance through what is called the commandments. Paul was right later when he said that the laws were given to identify evil so that My children would sidestep the evil and stay in communication with Me. As you know, then the devil used the commandments as measuring sticks on which to judge My children and even use them to judge others. So what I meant to be My insights of written guidance became vehicles for the devil to bring more of his judgment and condemnation into the world. That diabolical work of the devil to use My words meant for My children to be protection from him, he turned them into temptations for My children to judge themselves, creating guilt and condemnation, and to also judge other people., which comes from the power of pride. My plan from the beginning, in case Adam did fall for the temptations, was to send My son Jesus into the world to be the substitution for My children who do fall for temptations, which include all of humanity. Jesus became the vehicle through whom I restored direct communication and guidance to My children. He showed people that they can know Me and receive My guidance directly from Me. He sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to be received into the spirits of My children to create a new creature, sin free, with the same guidance that Adam had from Me at the beginning, one on one. In other words, I would come to live in My children as their true Father, a Father who is ever present to give My loving guidance to anyone who asks for it. When you have clear guidance from Me, you are free from the laws which the devil used to condemn My children. You are free because you have direct guidance and you don't need the laws that were polluted by satan and used against My children. Small children need rules which will protect them from getting into trouble when the parent is not around to guide them and protect them. When you have My Holy Spirit in your body, mind and spirit to guide you and tutor you, you don't need the elementary tenets of religious laws to guide you. Remember that Jesus healed on the Sabbath and was condemned for not keep the commandments. Jesus said that the mercy necessary to heal people on the Sabbath is much better than making sacrifices after a person has disobeyed the religious laws. So My Holy Spirit, who lives inside of your spirit, is the true guide, the tutor, the protector of My children. He will show you through the discerning of spirits which activities are going to bless you and which are going to curse you. My Spirit is the Lord of your life now, the true spiritual link between us. Through that link comes all wisdom, all knowledge, all truth, all guidance, all discernment, all My love for you, all of My mercy for you, all of My goodness toward you. My Holy Spirit is the spiritual manifestation of My life force inside of you. Jesus called Him My Promise. If you listen to satan as well as to Me, which is the tree of knowing good and evil, you will have a few blessing and lots of curses. Listen to Me and you will have all blessings and all peace in your life. Come to Me all who are heavy laden with the burden of religious laws and I will give you rest, Your Loving Father Genesis 2:15-17; John 1:1; John 20:21-23; Romans 5:18-21; Romans 8:1-6; Romans 7:21-25; Acts 1:4-8;
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Monday, July 21, 2014


Dear One, There is a constant battle for your mind between good and evil. It's not a day by day or week by week or month by month occasion when the thoughts of evil will come to plant seeds in your mind which are intended to grow into plants which will produce their fruit of evil. It's a minute by minute battle. Evil thoughts are planted there by evil spirits which place into your mind thoughts of depression, defeat, anger, sadness, lust, inferiority, judging, holding grudges, hatred, division, depression, domination, jealousy, envy, rage and many other temptations which, if accepted by you in seed form, will grow into attitudes and actions which will rob you of the abundant life that I have for you. They are intended to kill you or destroy you. Your strengths or weaknesses necessary to either accept or reject them depends on your background, your family curses and your experiences.
You will more easily reject them if your background has been stable, loving, encouraging, and with spiritual wisdom. Evil temptations which lead to destruction will more easily be rejected if they are unfamiliar to you and are contrary to your mental programming You will more easily accept negative thoughts if your background has been unstable, volatile, lacking in hope, and with any form of abuse. Accepting evil temptations leading to damaging emotions and actions will be easily followed if they are familiar to you, practiced by your family and your peers. If they familiar and acceptable to you, you might have trouble rejecting them. If you are planting a vegetable garden and a bird drops a seed from weeds, it is much easier to eradicate the potential weed if you snatch the seed and dispose of it immediately instead of waiting until nature has watered it and it becomes a plant which will take over your well tended garden. If left in the garden, the seed will become a plant which produces flowers which made seeds for more weeds to grow which will smother the good plants which were meant to feed you and your family. It's exactly the same way in your garden of life, one negative, divisive, destructive thought seed is easier to cast out than if left alone o grows into an attitude plant which produces like seeds which are shared with people and they also become negative, divisive and destructive, increasing the curses in your garden of life. It is harder to pluck those plants out of your life if you have poisoned your family and friends. The roots of those plants have the possibility of reaching into the hearts of everyone involved, robbing all of you of My gifts of love, peace, joy, goodness and kindness and mercy. Only accept thoughts that are pure, virtuous, true, honest, just, merciful, lovely and of a good report. Only speak those things that are full of grace and are edifying to the hearer. I said that when you do those things that My peace will be with you. Be merciful to the people who have not had good backgrounds with solid foundations of love. That is why I am merciful to them. I know that lives that are rooted in insecurities and demonic practices know no other way to act. That is why I sent My mercy to earth through Jesus, to heal the sick and broken hearted, to set the captives free and to break every yoke of oppression. You must have an understanding and forgiving heart toward them or you will judge them for not having the equipment that you have to refuse evil. If you have problems with a log in your eye of judging them, how can you be concerned about the speck that is in the eyes of others? Love always overcomes. See everyone from My eyes, in need of My salvation and renovation work. All My children have areas in need of renovation Refuse evil thoughts including the evil thoughts of judgment. Your battle is never with flesh and blood. It's with the father of evil thoughts and temptations. Let's win that battle together. I am love. Your Loving Father Matthew 7:1-2; Matthew 8:16-17; Matthew 10:7-8; Galatians 5:17-25; Philippians 4:6-9; Ephesians 6:12-18
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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Dear One, Pouring something into a vessel until it is full and overflowing is when the vessel is over filled. That is the way that I want you to be, filled to overflowing with My Holy Spirit. When you were born again, you were filled with My Holy Spirit, you were a good example of what Jesus said when He said that you must be born of My Spirit. But still, He told the disciples even after they were born of My Spirit that they must wait until they were baptized with My Holy Spirit. That is when My Holy Spirit permeates not only your spirit but your mind and your body. Then your whole being is filled with My fullness. I need and want your whole being to be so filled with My love that it overflows to others automatically. When you know how much I love you and when you know that My love is constantly being poured into you by My Spirit, then it will overflow automatically outward toward others. That will not be laborious for you. It will be the river of living waters that flow from your innermost being, like Jesus said. You will be so filled with My love that it cannot be contained but must overflow to others. You will become a vessel of overflowing love. I also want you to be a vessel of faith, the faith that comes by hearing My personal words to you. When you have the faith that comes from My personal words to you, then you will distribute faith to others with assurance because you know Me and trust Me. You won't merely tell people to have faith, you will overflow with faith by telling them what I have done for you and they will begin to believe that I will do the same thing for them. I want you to also be a vessel of wisdom, not the wisdom that the world gives that you read in a book or a magazine or heard from some earthly source. I want you to overflow with the gifts of wisdom so that you will keep quiet until My wisdom flows into your mind, then out of your mouth and you will know that it is right off the press, as you always say. Earthly wisdom puts small bandages on problems. My wisdom heals the person and the problem. I want you filled with My joy so that it flows to others, not the kind of happiness that is dependent upon earthly circumstances, but I want you to be filled with My joy so that when bad circumstances are overwhelming you are still joyful, proclaiming, "I know Him in whom I have believed, and I am PERSUADED that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him." The strength of your joy, even in dire conditions, will flow in you and through you so that others will have hope and joy in the situation. I want you so filled with the gifts of My Holy Spirit that you are ready, in season and out of season, to share them with others by being so filled to overflowing with My Holy Spirit that He never stops flowing through you but instead increases the flow when problems arise. You don't realize that problems are sent from the evil one so that you will put your faith in the problem, which stops the flow of My Spirit, instead of continuing in love, faith, joy and My other attributes. The ways to thwart the works of evil are to consider them mere stones in the road which you can walk around and overcome by My power that is in you. When you give undue attention to the problem, you stop My flow of power to you and through you. Instead of getting into fear, proclaim like David did, "In God have I put My trust. I will not be afraid what man can do to me. God is my light and my salvation. Of whom, then, should I fear?" Walking in My love means refusing to stop the realization of the flow of love from Me to you. My love never stops flowing, but undue attention to problems can dam up the flow so that you forget the power of My love and you forget the power of My Spirit to perfect everything that concerns you. My rivers of living waters are endless. There is no end. Let their flow through you be endless. Your Loving Father John 7:38-39; John 20:22-23; Acts1: 1-5; Romans 8;39;Psalm 56:11; Psalm 27:1; Ephesians 3:14-20; Isaiah 59:1-2; Galatians 5:16; Psalm 138;8. II Timothy 1:12.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Dear One, Be cautious when My children combine an established religion with politics. It creates a monster. The Jews did it and they failed as a country, Germany did it and destroyed millions of Jews because they rejected Jesus.
When religion and politics combine, the resulting attitude is "us" versus "them," which is the work of division and conflict. Politics always divides and religion always divides. There are religious denominations. In an equation the denominator is the number which divides into the numerator. It's the same thing with religion, it divides. Jesus came into the earth to unite people with Me. When My children are united with Me, there are no denominations, no denominators. I am the central being of unity. It's like the spokes on a wheel. The spokes are not unified at any place, but each spoke is attached to the outer rim and the center. When spokes break and come into contact with other spokes, the wheel becomes unbalanced and is unable to perform its appointed purpose. The secret for My children is that they become united with Me and in doing that they work together with My other children who are in unity with Me. That way, there is no interference from the evil one to influence My children. Jesus asked Me that those who would follow Him would become one just as He and I are One. You are One with Jesus when you are One with Me. You are one with others when you are One with Me. When you are unified with Me, I am your central focus. Then My Holy Spirit is your tutor in spiritual matters. You are still in unity with My other children who are also in unity with Me. You will notice in religion that the churches or denominations themselves can become the central focus in the lives of the members instead of Me being the unifier. Keeping the religion going and growing becomes the main focus. The same thing is true with politics. The party becomes the main focus, winning the elections and becoming in control of the nation through a political party. So politics becomes a religion in itself with the elected officials as the supposed saviors. When earthly saviors fail you, when religion and politics are combined you just get another person to be your savior and go on endeavoring to get power though another human source. In religion you go to another church or denomination or find another human savior to follow. So it's divide and conquer all over again. I am waiting in the wings the entire time for My children who have been deceived by earthly religions and political parties. They have never saved anyone. They only divide and cause conflict. I am the only Being who is the perfect Savior and the perfect unifier. I don't endeavor to make a perfect religion or a perfect denomination or a perfect political party. I am your perfect Father, your provider, your protector, your source of wisdom, your source of knowledge, your deliverer, your guide, your standard in all things, your healer, your peace, your righteousness and your teacher. When your focus is on Me, you can meet with any denomination or religion and still keep our focus on Me, appreciating the differences because you know that My Spirit will do His work of discerning of spirits and teach you. Be cautious of people who combine religion and politics. The motive behind it is to gain power over people by creating an "us" versus "them" society, rejecting the people who believe differently. The narrow way that leads to the abundant life is to be in unity with Me and then you will be in unity with all people, not just a few select ones.who have culled the poor, the diseased, the demon possessed and the politically diverse people from their midst. The narrow way will lead you to be in unity with Me, the One who saves the poor, the diseased, the demon possessed and the depressed people of the world, of which you once were. Seek My kingdom, not a kingdom of the world, and everything good will be added to you. Your Loving Father Matthew 8:33-34; Matthew 5:20; Matthew 6:13; Matthew 7:13-14; Matthew 12:25; John 3:16-17; John 12:32; Luke 17:20-21; Luke 25:33-46; Romans 14:17-19. .

Friday, July 18, 2014


Dear One, Have you ever wondered what is the basis of the appeal to judge others? What is the mind-set behind judging others? If you will think about it a minute and muse with me about it, My Holy Spirit will reveal it to you. Jesus promised that My Spirit would reveal to you righteousness, which is My nature, and He will reveal to you sin, which is the nature of satan. He also said that My Spirit will reveal to you judgment between the two. In other words, My Spirit will give you the gift of discerning of spirits, the insight to judge whether something is from Me or from the devil. You have to remember that until the coming of My Holy Spirit, people thought that I was the originator of both good and evil.

 They were deceived by the originator of evil, the devil, into believing that I caused good and I also caused evil. Jesus said that when My Holy Spirit came into the world that He would reveal to My children the originator of good, which is Me, and the originator of evil, which is the devil, and how to judge or discern or judge the difference between the two. Judging of spirits is a good kind of judging. The negative kind of judging that Jesus talked against so vehemently is not the kind of judging that is actually discerning between good spirits and evil spirits. The kind of judging He talked about was the kind of judging that the devil instigates in your mind in which you judge others as being valued less than yourself in your estimation. So what is the primary spirit behind the demonic spirit of judging? It's power over others. The person who judges others by their outward person is exerting power over the person, deeming that person as being less in value as far as dressing, physical attributes, social graces, religious preferences, etc. It makes the person who judges feel superior, above, better than, having more value, and being more acceptable than people who are different from themselves, their social friends, their religious friends, their educated friends and their families. Judging others lowers others to an inferior position in value. It gives the judging person power over the people they judge, which is demonic. Jesus was pointing out to you the dangers of judging, that it is a demonic mental process that immediately devalues others. He said that you will be judged by the same measure you judge others because you have joined with the devil. I revealed that evil thought process through Jesus when He said that if a person desires to be great in My kingdom that he should become a servant of people, not exerting power over them by judging their worth. Jesus demonstrated My desire for My children to become servants of people, not judges of them, when He washed the dirty feet of his disciples. I covered the same revelation of the demonic nature of judging in My Book when My Holy Spirit wrote through Paul that a person should not think more highly of himself or herself but should take the attitude of being a servant of people. So the damaging effects of judging are that when a person devalues another of My children, who are made in My image, they are judging Me, and that is what the devil wants to do is judge Me. If you sow judging seeds you will reap judgment from the devil and others. Sow love seeds and you will reap love from others in the world. You already have My unconditional love. Your Loving Father Matthew 7:1-2; Matthew 18:1-10; Matthew 20:25-28; Matthew 23:11; Matthew 25:40; John 8;15; John 16:7-11; Romans 12:2-8; Philippians 2:4-15; Galatians 5:13-15;

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Dear One, Avoiding conflict is the hardest thing that My Son Jesus asked you to do. But, still, Jesus emphasized many times that My children should avoid conflict at all costs. Those costs that come from returning evil for evil are outlined by Jesus in My Instruction Book which is called the Bible. The consequences, or costs, are not worth getting back at the person who injured you. Jesus said that if you do engage in conflict caused by the devil's temptation for you to return evil for evil done to you, that your accuser will turn you over to the judge, the judge will turn you over to the guard and you will be put in prison.
 He said that you will never get out until you have paid the last penny. He was not only talking about earthly courts, judges, guards and prisons. He was talking about spiritual ones. He was telling you that when you engage in conflict that the devil, who caused the conflict, will send his demons to judge you and take you to emotional prison where you cannot get out until you have paid the last price to the devil. I will rescue you if you call upon Me, but without Me and My rescuing power you will stay in emotional prison forever, reliving the evil event in your mind and allowing it to poison your body, soul and spirit every time you relive it in your mind. You will stay in the devil's emotional prison until you call upon Me to rescue you. I rescued Peter and Paul from earthly and emotional prisons and I will rescue everyone who calls upon Me. I said that everyone who calls upon My name will be saved. You tell your own children to stay away from people who tempt them to engage in criminal activity. You tell your children to just say, "No." I did the same thing to My children when Jesus taught on the spiritual criminal activity of returning evil for evil. I told you to turn the other cheek and to return good for the evil done to you. Turning the other cheek and returning good for evil done to you will sow seeds into My kingdom of good in the earth and will rob the devil of his evil designs. Instead of your life growing thorns and thistles, like the devil planned, it will grow blessings and love. My higher road, the higher way to handle things, is not the coward's way out. It's the victorious way out because you have contributed to enlarging My kingdom of love in the earth and you have thwarted the devil's plans to enlarge his works in your life and in the world. Your reward for sowing to My kingdom is to reap products from My kingdom which are love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience, self control and faith. Those are spiritual gifts from My family in heaven. The earthly gifts that come to you are prosperity for your body, soul and spirit. You reap gold merely because you have done the simple task of refusing to participate in evil. You have believed Jesus and followed His advice. You become like Abraham who believed Me and it was credited to him as righteousness. So when you return good for evil done to you in obedience to Jesus, you certainly are rewarded with the riches of righteousness because you have sown into My field of righteousness. Jesus wanted My children to have on earth what He has in heaven. He taught My children how to be enveloped by My kingdom when He told the people that when He, with My finger, cast out demons from a person that My kingdom comes upon that person. The same principle applies. When you refuse the temptation to return evil for evil done to you but instead return good, My angels come to minister My rewards to you. My instruction book says that you must not only believe that I am, but that you must believe that I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. When Jesus refused to yield to the temptations of the devil, My angels came to minister to Him. The same thing happens when you refuse the temptation to return evil for evil done to you, My angels come to minister the riches from My kingdom into your life. Again I say to you, Jesus knew what He was talking about and he knew the spiritual rewards that come as a result of your doing what He taught. He tried to entice you to sow only to the Spirit, not the flesh, so that you will receive the blessings from My kingdom of righteousness. Your Loving Father Matthew 4:8-11; Matthew 5:21-48; Galatians 6:8-10; Galatians 3:6-7; Colossians 3:23-25; Hebrews 11:6.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Dear One, I know how hard it is for you to keep peace with everyone. I know the temptations to be self protective. I know the urge to fight back and return an evil reaction for evil done to you. I also know My power and what My power can do for you, which is to provide you with the strength and the courage that you need to refuse to fuel more evil into your relationships, but instead to increase the power of love in the earth.

  Conflict always increases evil works in the world, whether between two individuals, a crowd, a family, an organization or a nation. Peace always increases My blessings in the earth, bringing My kingdom into the situation. I walked the earth with My Son Jesus and I know the temptations of the devil to engage you in conflict, disagreement and strife. I know that if he can get you to fall for his temptations and cause you to react to evil done to you in anger, jealousy, envy and selfish ambition, he can usher his kingdom into your life which will replace My kingdom of peace in your life. Your participation in conflict gives your permission to the devil and his demons to curse your life. Your participation in evil conflict takes away your permission from Me to bless your life. However, when you, by the power of My Spirit within you, refuse to join with the conflict, then My kingdom of peace will continue to bless you with My good treasures because you have chosen good over evil. . The choice that I gave you at the beginning of your walk with Me when I asked you if you wanted the familiar garbage in which you were wallowing or did you want My unfamiliar gold, you chose My gold. That choice continues throughout your life. You have the choice between good and evil, blessings and curses by what you allow in your life. If you allow the devil to trick you into becoming a participant in an evil situation, contributing to the evil and furthering it, then you have chosen to wallow in the old familiar garbage in his pigpen and you have rejected My advice to refuse to return evil for evil. My advice was to keep you surrounded by My kingdom of love and surrounded with My blessings. You never stop being tempted while in the earth, but I gave you the power to refuse the temptation to further the works of strife in your world. I gave you My power of the Holy Spirit to refuse evil and to judge it, sending it to hell. Remember that My angels ministered to Jesus after He refused the temptation of the devil. My angels minister to you, continuing to bless your life with My blessings when you refuse to join in with the temptation to return evil actions for evil done to you. Never forget that I understand your battle. Never forget that I forgive you when you do return evil for evil. Never forget that when you are wallowing in the garbage pit of evil by engaging in conflict that I am eagerly waiting for you to leave the garbage pit and return to Me to receive My blessings and My peace again. I never turn My back on you, even when you turn your back on Me and join in with evil. I would prefer that you refuse to participate with the devil in bringing his curses into your life, but My love never stops. I am waiting for you to return to My kingdom of love. Nothing can separate you from My love, but your participation with evil can separate you from My blessings because of your choice to return evil for evil done to you, thus your choosing curses. My love for you is forever. Choose it and live the abundant life. Your Loving Father Matthew 5:38-48; Matthew 7:17-20; Matthew 12:35-37; Romans 12;9-21; Matthew 4:10-11; Romans 8:38-39; Isaiah 59:1-2; I Corinthians 13:13,  
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Dear One, Behold, I make all things new! That is a genuine proclamation that is made from My mouth. What was previously old, rusty, dirty, perverted, grimy, filthy, insane, fearful, depressed and cursed, I will make new. I am in the restoration business. What was cursed will become blessed. What was destroyed, I will make into a creation of beauty. I create a new spirit within you, a new creature with Me as your Father, your counselor, your provider, your advocate, your tutor, your intercessor. All restoration projects begin with shoring up the foundation, the inner structure. So I begin My process by entering your spirit by My Holy Spirit and you are born of My Spirit with new motivations, new dreams, new visions, and a new emphasis.

        Then from the inside of you, My Holy Spirit begins to renovate My dwelling place by creating the mind of Christ in you so that you no longer will welcome into your mind the thoughts that come of the one who cursed you. Instead, I give you My thoughts, My attitudes, My words and My instructions which lead to good actions. I said that I make all things new, not just your spirit but also your character and your personality, until you are conformed to My image. All healing of the human body comes from the inside to the outside. Healing that begins on the outside without coming from the inside is called proud flesh and must be ripped off by a doctor so as to allow the poisons on the inside to drain and be treated so that healing comes from the inside. All effective renovation of a dwelling place starts from the inside and the finishing touches are then done on the outside. I said that I make all things new, not just your spirit but also your character and your personality, until you are conformed to My image. I make you new on the inside of you in your spirit when My Holy Spirit comes to live in you. I immediately begin my renovation process, building in you the same mind that was in Christ Jesus. I start with thoughts, attitudes and then actions, When you are perfected in My love, then your faith can do mighty works because faith never works without love. As you yield to the work of My Holy Spirit in you, I renovate your personality. Working on one area at a time, I work toward making you joyful, loving, kind, good, merciful, faithful, patient, peaceful and in control of your emotions. You will become My image in the world, just like at the beginning when Adam was My image with My authority in the world that I gave to Him. Some of My children delight in becoming My image. Others take their slow, easy time, often being consumed by My power that they have received. The valuable lesson that you must learn is that My power and My personality go hand in hand. The power of faith works by love. Faith without the working of My personality is dead because there is no authority in it, no evidence of My character is present. Remember that I said that if you prophesy, have all knowledge, have faith to move mountains but don't have love, you are nothing. I said that you might give away everything and even give your body to be burned, but if you don't have love you gain nothing. Those insights should convince you that the outside of you, your personality, needs to be renovated as part of the new creation. Then faith will work by love and your prayers will be answered speedily. Let My Holy Spirit complete My work of making you a complete new creation, spirit, mind and body. Your Loving Father Matthew 5:17-20; Matthew 23:25-28; Galatians 5:6; Galatians 5:16-25; Romans 7:24-25; Philippians 2:5-8; Philippians4:5-8; I Corinthians 13:2-9.
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Monday, July 14, 2014


Dear One, When people buy a house that has been neglected or trashed, the new buyers don't want to live in the house without making improvements. If the new owners have bought the house "as is" it is certainly understandable that often they, because of the dire conditions of the house, choose not to live in the house without making expensive and necessary improvements that make the house at least temporarily livable. You can understand, then, why I find that it is necessary to at least make a dramatic improvement when I move into a life, into the earthly temples of My Holy Spirit. I take people "as is," with all of their filth that came from having demons doing damage to their minds and bodies. Often the filth came from generational curses and often from experiences, No matter what the background, My Son Jesus paid the asking price for the lives of My children, coming into their lives with My Holy Spirit and setting up residence in their spirits, creating new people while also having the bodies of the people as my living domains in the earth. Then the real work begins. Renovation begins immediately on the previously filthy abode. I am not ashamed to live in a life that has not yet been completely renovated. I know how to perform all of the required methods of fixing every area of My earthly temple from top to bottom. What is of necessity then is a crew of workmen. In the lives of My children what is required is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, where not only does My Spirit reside in your spirit but also you allow Him to permeate your mind and your body in order to complete His work of renovating the whole person. Jesus told My children that My Spirit would do even greater works than He did because He came to live with Me.

       With the baptism of My Holy Spirit, the workforce begins his job of perfecting My children, cleaning out all of the dross and creating a whole new creature who has My attributes and My personality. He reveals truth, He provides for you, He reveals the height, depth, width and length of my love for you, He creates in you a new mind, the mind of Christ. He gives you power to refuse any demons who want to again take up residence in your body or mind. He perfects the initial work which Jesus did when He came to live in your spirit. As the new owner of the temple He gives His workmen, My Holy Spirit and His angels, free access to bring the house which was previously the den of robbers to a state of perfection, and the heavenly workmen completely create a new house, a temple that is cleansed and renovated which bears My life because it is the temple of My Holy Spirit. Sometimes My children only allow Me to live in their spirits without giving permission to My Spirit to do His renovation work of renewing the whole person. My work is only partially done when My children only allow Me to give them My life, having My Spirit only reside in their spirits. That is not the full gospel. The entire good news is that My Holy Spirit is the renovator of the whole person, body, soul and spirit. I want My children to glorify Me in their bodies as well as their spirits by becoming conformed to My image. Those who do will become peacemakers, lovers of all people, filled with the fruit of My Spirit of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience, self control and faith. Some unbelieving people reject Me because of the condition of My temples inside of My children which have not been allowed to be renovated by the transforming power of My Holy Spirit. No one rejects a completely renovated house with beautifully manicured lawns and gardens. People only reject houses that have been bought for a price but never renovated into beautiful residences. I told you that since you were bought with a price, the life of Jesus, that you should glorify Me in your body as well as your spirit. It's house cleaning time and My Holy Spirit has lots of Merry Maids to help Him do His job of renovation. Listen to Him and yield to His voice which asks for your cooperation in His renovation and redecorating processes. Your Loving Father John 7;37-39; John 20;21-23; Acts 1:1-8; Corinthians 6:15-20; I Peter 2:4-12; Romans 12:1-2; Galatians 5:13-26.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Dear One, Don't fall for the devil's temptation to have a parade for him, speaking about every detail of his harassment of you and the evil deeds that he did to you or your family or your friends. When asking others to pray for you or for someone for whom you are concerned, give the facts, the necessary ones, but don't belabor the conversation by telling all the nitty gritty details of the devil's horrible works.

 You are giving glory to him when you give detail after detail of his deeds. Just think how much more quickly the solution to the problem can come if you use the same amount of breath praying in the Spirit about the matter instead of glorifying the works of the devil in the matter. When you ask someone to pray for you or your family, instead of glorifying the evil works you should include in your request for prayer the scriptural promise relating to My will in the matter or speak confidence in Me to intervene in the matter. Those are valuable words spoken because you have given glory to Me and My ability to overcome the evil circumstance or troublesome situation. Read about the ministry of Jesus and how He didn't ask for a lengthy description of the details of the effects of the devil in the matters, He simply cast out the demons or healed the sick. He knew that the devil was behind all destructive situations and circumstances. He didn't ask for explanations which would glorify the works of evil. He merely cast out the demons, healed the sick, and then went on to the next person who needed His power to heal. When you constantly persist in talking about the works of evil in a matter, you glorify them, covering your part of the earth with glory for the devil, So when you ask for prayers, limit the description of the problem and speak My promise in the matter, speaking My willingness to heal, speaking about the power of My Holy Spirit and His ability to bring a solution to the matter. Use your breath to pray, not complain and persist in grumbling. You more you complain and grumble, the more unbelief enters into you and your prayer partners. Your mantra has always been, "I know Him in whom I have believed and I am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed to Him against that day." Speak that confidence instead of speaking the details of the evil works. Your Loving Father I Timothy 1:13-14; Romans 4:17-21; I Corinthians 10:10-11; II Corinthians 12:19-20; Philippians 2:13-16; Hebrews 10:35-36.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Dear One, I did not send Jesus into the earth to make your nation a world leader Jesus and I did not send the Holy Spirit into the world to make your nation a world leader. I did not send Jesus into the world to make your political party the leader of your country. Jesus and I did not send My Holy Spirit into the earth to make your political party the leader of your country. I sent Jesus into the world to destroy the works of the devil.

  I sent Him to pay the price for the sins of every individual person in the world. I am the Savior of individuals. I created people to have a relationship with Me. I did not create a country or a political party to have a relationship with Me. I did not create a country or a political party through which My Son entered the world. That is why it is said in My Instruction Book that Jesus did not come through the priestly lines of any country. He came through the line of Melchisedec, which had no beginning or end. He came directly from Me. We sent My Holy Spirit into the world to do the same works that Jesus did, to destroy the works of the devil in the world but also to restore each individual person who would receive Him to having a one-on-one relationship with Me. My purpose is to restore all of mankind to the same relationship with Me that Adam and I had in the beginning where My children are led by My Spirit, pray in My Spirit, walk in my Spirit and are only motivated by My Spirit. Through those benefits of being baptized in my Spirit, My children will have the abundant life that I promised. Through the ministry of Jesus and My Holy Spirit, every individual who receives My Spirit into his or her life will bring My kingdom to earth instead of My endeavoring to make earthly countries the world leaders. My kingdom in the lives of My children is what I desire, not making the nations of the earth as world leaders. Where My Spirit is, peace will reign, love will reign and mercy will reign. The Holy Spirit said through Paul that your citizenship is not of the world but it is of My kingdom, the family of heaven. Some of My children spend countless hours and days working for their political parties, perpetuating the divisive beliefs of all political parties. When you fully realize that your true country is My kingdom in the heavens, then you will know that My kingdom, which is inside of you, is of My primary concern. I want to build My kingdom inside of you with My personality and My character. I said that My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Your political party and your country cannot make that claim, yet you bind yourselves to their their narrow beliefs. I said through Jesus that you must take off the old clothes of rigid beliefs and put on the clothes of freedom. Render unto your government what is required, that being your taxes. Obey the laws of your land. But, do not put your trust in your country as your savior. It cannot be your savior because it is governed by men and women just like you. It will make mistakes. My Holy Spirit makes no mistakes in His leadings, His counseling, His advocate duties, His tutoring of you or His revealing of wisdom. I set up My earthly kingdom inside the bodies of My children. I said that your body is the temple of My Holy Spirit. His life inside of you is what makes you My child. Look only to Me through My Holy Spirit to be your protector, your savior, your advocate, your healer, your provider, your deliverer, your standard, your peace and your guide. My desire is that you become dependent upon Me, not your country, not your political party, not your church and not your denomination. My kingdom is inside of you if you have asked Me to live in you. I'm your Father. Your Loving Father Matthew 22:17-22; Matthew 22:37-40; John 10:10; John 16:12-15; John 17: 13-17; I Corinthians 3:16; I Corinthians 6:19-20; II Corinthians 3:17.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Dear One, Every time you pray in My Holy Spirit, I am constantly, perpetually, graciously and willingly praying My will in whatever matter you have asked Me to pray. Is it My will to heal? Yes. Is it My will that peace enters into strife filled situations? Yes. Is it My will that family unity be restored? Yes. Is it My will that love be infused into the minds of hateful people? Yes. Is it My will that prosperity come into the lives of the poor and financially strapped people? Yes. Is it My will that every person in the earth be filled with the knowledge of My Love? Yes. Rest assured that when you pray in My Spirit that I am cuing My Spirit to pray My complete, unadulterated, pure, glorious will in the matter. When the earthly attitude between you and the people for whom you pray is in agreement with My will that is prayed in the matter, then My will is done on earth as it is in heaven. Voila! Prayers are answered. Very often people who are praying in My Spirit are in opposition to someone involved in the situation for which they are praying, so the opposing spirits grab My instructions that are being prayed in the matter and they intercept the wonderful works that I have planned. That is why Jesus said that if someone has something against you when you stand praying that you should go to the person and make peace with that person and then resume your praying. It's not that My will is to refuse to answer the prayers, but the person praying is sending opposing attitudes and energy along with My prayers in the matter. When I said to ask and you will receive, I also said in the same instructions through Jesus that whatever you want others to do to you, you should do to them. In other words, My will in matters is often thwarted by the wills of the person praying because the person is not in unity with My prayers. When I told My children not to judge, I said through Jesus in the same exhortation that they should not give to dogs what is holy or throw their pearls before swine. I was telling them that when they judge others for whom they are praying that they are giving to evil spirits of judgment, whom they are entertaining in their minds, the holy prayers that they are praying. Similarly, when you are praying for someone but you are judging the person in your mind, you are throwing the pearls in the prayers to the swines of judgment. I said through James that if you ask for anything but are double minded that you obtain nothing. James taught extensively about evil words and attitudes and how they bind Me from working in your life. I don't judge you for harboring bad attitudes and judgments against others. I understand the temptations of the evil one to entice you to harbor judgmental thoughts. I want your prayers answered more than you do, so I want your attitudes to be in unity with My attitudes toward everyone involved, that attitude being love. In the atmosphere of love, the answers to all prayers are immediately manifested. You must let My Holy Spirit reveal to you the complete truth about the teachings of Jesus. He will expound on how things work spiritually and why it is necessary for you to keep your thoughts and attitudes pure when you are praying. Pure thoughts and attitudes that are resident in the mind of the person praying produce expedient answers to prayers. Heaven and earth must agree before a thing is established. I said where two are in agreement a thing is established. Your attitudes toward the pepole for whom you pray must be in agreement with My attitude of love before the answers to prayers are manifested. Remember that I am constantly, willingly, perpetually and graciously praying My will when you pray in My Spirit. Make sure that your thoughts and attitudes are in agreement with My attitudes of love, mercy and peace. Then when they are in ageement with Me, stand back and see My glory manifested. Your Loving Father Matthew 5:23-26; Matthew 7:1-12; Matthew 18:15-22; James 1:5-8; Isaiah 59:1-2; Ephesians 3:20.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Dear One, My Holy Spirit wrote through Paul to the Galatians that they should not be deceived into thinking that they could sow to the activities of the flesh, which is influenced by the temptations of the devil, and then reap good things from My kingdom. He told them that it's impossible because sowing to the flesh calls into action the activities of the devil but sowing to the Spirit calls into action the activities of My angels to bless you abundantly with every good thing. Sowing seeds to the flesh reap destruction but sowing seeds to the Spirit reap My blessings. Remembering that the temptations of the flesh always involve negative human emotions, if you obey the temptations of the devil to destroy yourself and others by thoughts,words or deeds, then you are exercising those emotional muscles and you will more easily fall for those temptations when they come again. However, if you refuse the temptations of the flesh and instead exercise the muscles of your spirit where My Holy Spirit resides inside of you, always acting and reacting from My love, then you will more easily think and act from the power of My Spirit and do My will in your life every time. The abundant life that I promised will flood into your life. A weight lifter finds that the muscles he exercises the most become the most prominent. My children will find that the same is true spiritually, the more you exercise the fleshly muscles which curse yourself and others, the more control you give to the devil. The more you exercise the muscles of My Spirit by yielding to His positive emotions, the more prominent those love muscles become and the less prominent the temptations of the flesh become. When your human emotions tell you that you deserve to be slothful, hateful, angry, spiteful, judgmental, filled with lust, greedy, selfish, destructive, gluttonous, depressed, divisive or vengeful, refuse those temptations and do the opposite. Instead of obeying those emotions, choose to become loving, peaceful, joyful, good, kind, patient, merciful, trustworthy and faithful to others. Every time you choose to sow to the Spirit instead of the flesh, you exercise your spiritual muscles and then My family will win the battle for your mind between good and evil every time. It will be easier to decide to become loving instead of destructive the next time you are tempted. To the people who are tempted to become slothful, don't give your body the choice to become lazy and nonproductive. Immediately put one foot on the floor and then put the other foot on the floor, putting actions behind your decision to become productive instead of slothful. You have won the war between the flesh and the Spirit when you choose to do the things that are beneficial to your life. Exercising your choice to do good is exercising your will, which is the part of your mind which chooses between good and evil, between blessings and curses. Choose My ways and live. It's my delight to give you My spiritual and My earthly wealth, but you must choose to inherit them by making the right choices. sowing to the Garden of Life. Build up your spiritual muscles by praying in the Holy Spirit. Your Loving Father Galatians 8:7-10; Galatians 5 13-23; Matthew 5:43-48;Isaiah 7:15.; Jude 20.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Dear One, Human emotions are unreliable attitudes upon which to make any good decisions. The reason for that is because human emotions are passions and attitudes which proceed from the human minds of My children where good and evil inputs are both present. The good inputs come from Me and the evil inputs are called temptations and they come from hell. The only reliable emotions and attitudes upon which you should make good decisions are those which proceed from your spirit where My Holy Spirit lives inside of you and where only My emotions of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, self control, patience and faith are present. Human emotions will entice you to decide to do evil to a person who does evil toward you, telling you that you deserve to retaliate in anger by returning an evil act toward the person who did an evil act toward you, whether in thought, word or deed. Those emotions which come from the flesh are fed by the devil and his demons who are intent upon enticing you to self destruct by returning evil for evil done to you. My emotions which proceed from My Holy Spirit are full of power, not human power but My spiritual power which will always turn the volatile situation into a peaceful situation. I bring peace to every situation. Remember that your Brother Jesus is called the Prince of Peace and also remember that peace on earth and good will to all people are the spiritual passions and attitudes to which He was espoused while He walked the earth. His teachings encourage all My children to do good to those people who hurt you, injure you, ridicule you, embarrass you and do all manner of evil to you. He knew the power of forgiveness as was demonstrated on the cross when He asked Me to forgive the people who crucified Him. Jesus understood that the passions and attitudes behind His killers were emotions and attitudes that were influenced by the devil and he knew that his killers were only yielding to the temptations of the devil. He knew that the real people, the spiritual beings, were only being manipulated by the evil one. So human emotions should not be relied upon as motivation for any thoughts, attitudes, speaking or actions by My children. Only My spiritual emotions, called the fruit of My Spirit, should be relied upon as motivation for your thoughts, attitudes, speaking and actions toward others. I will never motivate you to retaliate with anger toward another person. I will always motivate you to return love for hated done to you, to return peace for strive which is aimed toward you, to return joy for attitudes of depression, to return goodness and unkindness for domination heaped upon you, to be merciful to the people who are yielding to the devil's temptations because you have yielded to similar temptations in the past, to be patient with impatient people who do not yet know the truths that you know, and to be tolerant with the people who do not yet have the gift of faith that you have received from Me. Only when My children are able to exemplify My characteristics in the world will they be My witnesses of My true personality and My true character. Jesus said that the peacemakers are blessed because they are called My children. My children who are peacemakers in all situations are truly the ones who have been molded into My image because they have allowed My Spirit to infuse My peace into them, motivating them to bring peace into every circumstance and every situation. Jesus also said that the pure in heart will see Me in every situation. They see My works and they do them, just like Jesus did. He said He only said what He heard Me say and He only did what he saw Me do. In other words, the pure in heart will act and react just like I cue them to act and react in every situation because they see the needs of others instead of their faults. Let every motivation come from your spirit instead of your flesh and you will enjoy the abundant life that I promised. Your Loving Father Matthew 5:7-9; Matthew 5:38-48; John 5:18-20; Galatians 5:13-26.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Dear One, Have you ever wondered why I was so emphatic through Jesus that My children refrain from judging others? There was a spiritual and an earthly reason. One was to protect your spirit and one was to protect your mind and body. The spiritual reason that I told My children not to judge anyone is because judging comes from the bowels of hell, from the personality of the devil. The devil uses the commandments that I gave through Moses to the children of Israel to condemn and deem them unworthy of My love. The commandments were given to keep them from being deceived by the devil and therefore taking on his personality of destruction. Yes, they were given to keep them on a righteous path in life instead of on a path which leads to destruction. Your parenting advice to your children is always to keep them on the straight and narrow instead of going down a road which leads to destruction. That's what My commandments to My children have always been, cautious advice to keep My children from getting into areas of life which will curse their existence. The protection of your spirit from being polluted by the evil one is My primary concern. If you were to take on the judging personality of the devil, then his other personality traits will slowly take over such as hatred, guilt, condemnation, belittling, selfishness, slavery, demeaning, etc., through which you would be known as a child of the devil instead of known as one My children, full of love. You would be completely entrenched in the family of the devil and its destructive fruits. The protection of your mind and body from being polluted by the evil one is another of My concerns. I want every one of My children to be inheritors of My salvation, which is being saved from the works of the devil I want you and all of My children to be inheritors of all of My gifts and I want you to be examples of My personality of love in the earth so that you will attract love to you instead of attracting the judgment of the devil. I said I did not give you a spirit of fear, as Adam had when he hid from Me in the garden. The devil had already manifested his judging nature onto Adam when he caused Adam to fear Me because of the fear of perceived judgment. I said that I give to My children the spirits of power and a sound mind, not the spirit of fear. When you judge others, which begins with your disapproval of their clothes, their body shape, their actions, their sizes, their hair styles, their bodily decorations, their jewelry, their grammar, their religious practices, their nationalities, their politics, their cultures, you are beginning to leave the straight and narrow path that leads to righteousness and you begin to travel down the path that leads to destruction. Jesus told you that the road that leads to destruction is wide, meaning that the devil has more influence in the earth than I do because My children willingly participate in his personality traits. I also said that the gate is narrow that leads to the abundant life. It has not become narrow because of Me. It has become narrow because the evil one has blinded the eyes of My children so successfully and the devil has used religious demons to help him. The evil one has even convinced My children to judge others for their obedience or disobedience to the commandments given through Moses to the Israelites. They were never meant to be used as a vehicle to judge others. They were meant to keep My children from joining with the evil one. When you have judgmental thoughts about anyone, arrest those thoughts and send them to hell. Grace, forgiveness and loving thoughts come from Me. Think only on those thoughts. Be led by My Holy Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh where the devil works. Be led by My Spirit and you will always be on the narrow road of righteousness. That is why I said not to judge so that you will not be judged. The evil one wants to engage you in his judging attitudes so that he can also judge you by using his works of destruction. He hooks you by giving you judging thoughts. When you are led by My Holy Spirit, He will discern the spirit of judging when it tempts you to judge others. Then you can refuse the temptation to judge and instead send My blessings to the person you were tempted to judge. I have told every generation of people in the earth to choose whom they will serve, either good or evil. I still admonish My children to serve good or evil. My ways will guarantee good works in your lives. I always endeavor to keep you on the paths of righteousness that guarantee prosperity for your spirit, your soul and your body. Your Loving Father Matthew 7:1-14; John 10:10; Galatians 5:13-26; II Peter 1:3-11. .