Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Dear One, Energy is power and power is energy. The power to operate energy plants comes from the burning of some type of fuel, usually coal. Energy is created as a result of the burning of fuel. That energy can light homes, businesses and plants, warm and cool homes, provide energy to run the machinery to create products which enhance your life, and also run the machinery which enhance your recreational activities. Energy and power can be good but it can also be bad for humanity.

 A glitch in the energy created to light homes can cause fires which destroy homes, businesses and machinery rather than enhancing the lives of people. The wrong use of energy or power by humans can electrocute them, burning them to a crisp. That is caused by a human being's wrong use of energy which was originally given to enhance their lives. Instead it can destroy life. Apply the same principles to the keys to My kingdom of thoughts, attitudes, words and actions. I give you good thoughts which create attitudes which produce emotions or power to bless others, blessing them with My love, blessing them with My forgiveness, blessing them with My mercy, blessing them with My kindness and goodness, blessing them with My peace and calmness, blessing them with My grace and blessing them with My joy. There are often glitches from hell which enter into your mind causing you to think hatred instead of love, division instead of unity, enmity instead of peace, judgment instead of mercy, turmoil instead of peace and calmness. Those thoughts, if dwelt upon, will produce power or energy to kill rather than to bring life. They will curse others and yourself instead of blessing others which will result in your being blessed. In those instances of negative, injurious thoughts, the seeds of destruction take root and produce the energy to relay to another person his or her lack of value, beating the person down with an attitude of being worthless. That is why Jesus taught so forcefully about thoughts and attitudes. He said if a person has lust in his heart, or his thoughts, then he or she has already committed adultery. That should give you a picture of the power of thoughts. Jesus said that you have heard that you should not kill, but He said if you are angry with someone you are in danger of judgment. He was telling you about the power of your thoughts, that evil thoughts, when dwelt upon, can bring the judgment of hell upon you. Relate that same truth to the energy or power from the power plant which is used wrongly and injures people and yourself. I do not judge you because of bad thoughts, but the originator of the bad thoughts, the devil, will bring judgment upon you. That is why he tempts you, so that he can bring judgment upon you, the judgment of destruction. I only give good, healthy, clean, pure, truthful, honest, just, lovely, positive, virtuous thoughts. I told you in the Bible to think on those things. The rest of them, the negative thoughts, you must reject. I told you to resist the devil and he will flee from you. If you want to live a peaceful life, only entertain My thoughts and develop My attitudes which bless others, and speak only My words which bring grace to the hearer. Then you will live a peaceful life, full of love and joy. There is a constant battle for your mind. The evil one puts evil, strife filled thoughts into your mind. I put gracious, kind, loving thoughts into your mind. The choice is yours. I said that the devil's gate is wide that leads to destruction, but there is a narrow gate which leads to the abundant life and it is often hard. I didn't make it hard. Your enemy makes it hard. You often contribute to the hardness when you choose to embrace the thoughts and attitudes of your enemy. I gave you the power and ability to stand up to the evil one, rejecting his thoughts. That power and ability is My Holy Spirit. He has the energy and the power to defeat the works of the devil. If you will defeat the devil in the realm of temptations in thoughts, you will find that the way to My abundant life is easy. Choose life-giving thoughts and live the abundant life. Your Loving Father Matthew 5:27-30; Matthew 5:23-26; Matthew 7:1-2; Matthew 7:13-4; Philippians 4:8-9; James 1:12-21; James 3:5-18.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Dear One, Don't forget that attitudes are energy because attitudes produce emotions which either come from heaven or from hell. They either bless or they curse others, and in return you are either blessed or cursed. It's a matter of either sowing seeds into the garden of heaven or sowing seeds into the garden of hell. Your brother Jesus was explicit about this key to My kingdom.

 He said to have good attitudes of blessings toward those who curse you and to do good to those who spitefully use you. He said if you sow to the evil kingdom you will receive in return from the kingdom of evil. The devil returns your own plants from the seeds you sow in his garden. Jesus taught My children that they must sow seeds into My kingdom of love and they will receive good things in return because only good things can grow in My family. My seeds are emotions of love, joy, peace, mercy, goodness, kindness, patience and faithfulness. When you sow those seeds from My family, you will reap events in your life which are filled with love, joy, peace, mercy, goodness, kindness, patience and faithfulness. Corrupt plants cannot grow in My garden. Spiritual, mental, emotional and financially prosperous plants cannot grow in the garden of evil. They only grow in My garden. Isaiah knew this key and he taught it and wrote it so that you will know what might be blocking the answer to your prayers. The emotions that come from Me will not block your inheritance of having the abundant life. My emotions will speed their entrance into your life. The only things that can block the answers to your prayer are the things that you might think are rudimentary parts of life. They are very important because they are from evil beginnings. Isaiah said that people must check on their attitudes to see the circumstances of their fasts, that people put on sackcloth and ashes, that they temporarily humble themselves outwardly but not inwardly. They seem to seek Me daily and seem to delight in My ways outwardly. Yet their prayers are not answered. I told Isaiah said the fasts that I choose are to fast strife and debate and smiting with wickedness. I said to loose the bonds of wickedness in yourself, to undo the yoke of generational curses, to let the oppressed go free from their bonds and to break every yoke of bitterness. I said to feed the hungry, to cover the naked, to not hide yourself from your own flesh and blood in their time of need. I said to take away from yourself the yokes of oppression, to stop pointing your finger in scorn toward the oppressed and ungodly, and to take away from yourself every form of false, harsh, unjust and wicked speaking. I said that you should stop seeking your own ways instead of My ways and to stop speaking idle, negative, nonproductive words. I promised that when you do such things as those, which are to be led and walk in My love, that I will make you to ride on high places of the earth and make you to eat of My entire inheritance. Jesus told you to love others just as I love you. Fasting the negative attitudes and actions of which I told Isaiah to speak are acts of love because you are denying the temptations to sow evil seeds into the garden of evil. Instead, sow seeds into My garden and ride with Me on the high places of the earth rather than being smothered by the lower elements of your own enemy. My Instruction Book covers everything. It is My Book of Life. My Holy Spirit will bring to your mind the fasts that you need to fulfill in order to fully receive your blessings of love. I want you to have everything that I promised My children. Your seed sowing is important because you are My child and you must sow to My family in order to inherit My blessings. Your Loving Father Isaiah 58 and 59; John 13:34-35; II John 1:5; Luke 12:32; Psalm 34:18-19.
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Monday, April 28, 2014

PEST CONTROL - Dear One - April 18, 2014

Dear One, At the first sign of spring, when you neglect to put down ant killer around your house or neglect to spray an ant barrier, all of a sudden you see little ants invading your house, plus little and big ants appearing everywhere, in flower beds, climbing trees, occupying flower pots and so forth and so on.
 They can become an overwhelming problem quickly and you have to spend more time and more effort in getting rid of the pests when you neglect your duty before they appear. They seem to enjoy entering your kitchen, the place you find most distasteful. The same thing applies to roaches, if you do not put down roach traps in enclosed areas, powders which kill them, or spray preventive sprays, your domicile can quickly become infested with the pests which carry diseases. There is a spiritual principle, a key to My kingdom, which applies here also. That key is the coaching that My Holy Spirit did through Paul when He said to pray at all time in all places in the Holy Spirit. Rather than speaking negatively about someone or about your governing officials or about your family members or about your neighbors, if you will at all times speak My words in prayers by My Spirit, I will be spiritually spraying, spiritually spreading killing powders and spiritually implementing plans for defeating the demons who have already devised traps for you and your family. Most of the devil's plans were agreed to and set into motion by your own mouth, your own mind and your own attitudes by thinking thoughts of anger, hatred, enmity, strife, criticism, judgment, division, disgust, jealous and other negative thoughts. My Holy Spirit, while you are praying in My Spirit, can battle against your inheriting the negative actions caused by your agreement with the devil. However, when you are attentive to the promptings of My Holy Spirit to think, speak and do good to all people, then We do not have to spend so much time battling the devil, stopping all evil repercussions caused from the thoughts, attitudes and words that you, yourself, sowed into the kingdoms of heaven When you speak My words, think My thoughts and have My attitudes, then We can more quickly do the constructive building of solutions to family problems and implementing more blessings which will overtake you. You speak evil against your governing officials and then expect to live in peace. It is impossible because evil begets evil and good begets good. My admonition through Paul was that you should be led by My Spirit and pray in My Spirit nd then all things will work together for your good. Being led by My Spirit means that you think thoughts of love, have attitudes of love, speak words of love and perform actions of love. Praying in My Holy Spirit means that you pray in the prayer language of My Holy Spirit at all times, allowing Me to do the work of defeating the evil works which have been planned to come against you by the father of evil. Also, your prayers in My Holy Spirit will infuse the blessings of My kingdom into your life while you are on earth. Do not neglect the early prevention of evil works which are already planned against you. Jesus told the apostles to stay awake and pray. The apostles saw prison doors open after they prayed. Paul said to pray at all times in the Holy Spirit and he saw prison walls fall. Do not wait until things get bad, devastating you emotionally. Pray when things are good, praying to prevent your errors of agreeing with the enemy and praying to defeat the plans which have been devised against you. It's called prudent wisdom to pray in My Holy Spirit daily, spraying My preventive words into the heavens which will stop evil spirits before they hatch new evil plans. Pray until you are released by My Spirit to leave your prayer room, and then spread love to others. Your Loving Father Colossians 1:7-14; John 26:40-46; I Timothy 1:2-6; Acts 5:18-20; Acts 16:23-31l Romans 8:11-14; Romans 8:26-28; Ephesians 6:10-20.
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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Dear One, Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil. In doing that work He healed the sick, cast out demons, comforted the brokenhearted and gave sight to the blind. In comforting the brokenhearted, Jesus taught over and over again the mechanics on how to resist the works of the devil, who is the author of all evil. Jesus called the mechanics the keys to My Kingdom, which are the choices that you must make to resist the temptations to join with the devil in promoting his evil works in the earth. My Holy Spirit told you through Peter that the devil as a roaring lion walks about in the earth seeking whom he may devour. Jesus taught the keys to My kingdom in order to coach you how to avoid being devoured. It always involves resisting the temptations of the devil to do his evil actions and how to refuse to return his evil actions towards you from others. The devil's temptations come through thoughts. Those thoughts will always entice you to injure another person through words or actions. Injurious words spoken to others will accomplish the works of the evil one because you have made another person feel inferior, devalued, unworthy and pitiful. Thoughts of disgust and demeaning attitudes towards others have the same power as killing them, Jesus said, because you are killing their souls, their self worth. He said that when you are angry with another person that you open yourself up to be judged by the same evil deeds which will boomerang back upon you. That's why he said if you are praying and someone has something against you that you should go and make peace with the person and return to your prayers so that they can more easily be answered. Jesus taught and My Holy Spirit taught through My apostles that blessing thoughts and attitudes convey value and worth to other people. That's why He said to bless your enemies and to do good to those who do evil to you. He wanted you to realize that blessing others will always result in blessings returning to you because you have not cursed others in response to the temptations to think negatively and talk negatively about others. Jesus blessed those people who cursed Him and forgave the people who did evil actions toward Him. I am reaffirming over and over this key to My kingdom now because of the influx of negative, cursing rhetoric fostered by political conflict in your country. If you buy into it and do the same thing, you will inherit the works of the evil one who is the father of conflict. If you join with him in his strife, you inherit his curses and you will be cursed in every area of your life. I am trying to keep your from being cursed. Blessing others will convey to them a feeling of My value for them because you have valued them. Robbing others by conveying to them feelings of being inferior and devalued will baptize them in the opinion of the devil. You are devalued when you devalue others in response to the promptings of the devil. Robbers are arrested and taken to prison. When you rob another person of his value, you are not only robbing him, you are robbing yourself because someone will eventually do the same thing to you. Let all of your thoughts and attitudes and actions lift up others. You sing that My love lifted you, so you must lift others up by your love. Remember that Jesus said what you do to even the least of My children that you do to Him. You curse my creation when you curse others in response to the temptings of the father of curses. When you bless others, you bless yourself in response to My leading you to bless others. What goes around does come back around again to you. I want you to walk the earth surrounded by My blessings. They engulf you when you join with Me and bless others constantly. Your loving Father I John 3:8; I Peter 5:8; Matthew 5:21-26; Matthew 5;38-48; Matthew 7:1-2; James 3: 4-18; Ephesians 4:29-30.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Dear One, Let's look at some things that cause you problems, according to Jesus when He taught on the Beatitudes. He was teaching about attitudes which will cause you problems because they will be returned to you, pressed down and running over will people do the same things to you. Remember that thoughts become attitudes and attitudes become emotions which cause actions which are often contrary to My character. Let's look at an example. Let's say someone says something or does something that you view as wrong and you have thoughts of how wrong the person is in his thinking, assessing that person as a fool or an idiot. That thought becomes an attitude when you put emotion or energy behind it by more judgmental thoughts about what the person said. Your face shows disdain for the person and you return words which affirm that you think he or she is an idiot or a fool. In that instant you devalue that person because the intent of your attitude and your words is to crush the person, putting him or her in an inferior position with your supposed vast knowledge of the subject. You devalue the person merely because of his or her difference of opinion. Your attitude is that you are right and the other person is wrong. That reeks of judgment. Your injurious attitude and words drown the person in contempt because you deem the person as being unworthy of having his or her own opinion. If the person returns the evil attitude and words, then strife has entered the situation and with the strife comes every evil spirit. You are both convinced that you are right and you take the strife spirits, along with their demonic cohorts, along with you into your homes, your workplaces and your friendships, sharing with others your rightness and the wrongness of the other person. That produces more strife and judgment. That is the reason Jesus spoke about attitudes in His first teaching. That is why He said not to oppose anyone. That is why He said to forgive immediately. That is why He said to never return evil for evil, but to return good for evil. Jesus knew the interaction between the spiritual world and the earth, that the seeds sown by My children will inherit good fruit from Me if good is returned for evil, or they will inherit bad fruit from hell if evil is returned for evil. He said you will reap what you sow. He taught this key to My kingdom to protect you from inheriting evil in your life or the lives of your children because you have returned evil for evil. When you put a person into an inferior position in your thinking because of his having an opposing belief or opinion, you rob him of his free will which I gave to all My children. You devalue the person in your opinion rather than valuing him or her like I commanded that you do as a result of My love for both of you. You have acted and reacted with bad attitudes from the kingdom of hatred rather than My kingdom of love. You have carried out the devil's work in the earth rather than carrying out My work. You have had the experience many times when there were opposing beliefs between you and others when I said to you, "Drop the matter from your mind without reacting. I will prove you right if you are right and experiences will show you to be wrong if you are wrong." You were glad that you didn't react in defiance to the person when you were eventually proved to be wrong. You were in awe of Me when you were eventually proved to be right. That is what is meant when the Instruction Book says that vengeance is mine, meaning that it's My job to prove whether you are right or wrong in your assessment of things if you will not insist on your own way by putting down or devaluing another person by your attitudes. The principles of My kingdom, called the keys, are almost always diametrically opposite from the ways of the world which has adopted the ways of the devil. You acted and reacted in those ways many times and often revert to the old ways which is filled with curses. Jesus said to learn His ways, which are to never return evil for evil but to always return good for evil. I told you to feed your enemy when he is hungry, give him drink when he is thirsty and to pray for those who spitefully use you. I said that when you do those acts of kindness you are heaping coals of fire upon the head of your enemy. Those coals of fire are My cherubim angels who minister peaceable thoughts to your enemy, as seen by the prophet Ezekiel when he was given a peek into My heavens. Those peaceable thoughts will change the negative thoughts toward you by your enemy into good thoughts, bringing peace to the situation. This key fits many locks. It's right next to the Master Key of Love on the key chain of My Holy Spirit. My Spirit will alert you to this key; but you, yourself, must use it. When you do, you inherit a portion of your inheritance, which is peace with everyone. You will live in peace which My Son, the Prince of Peace, brings to every situation when you use the proper Keys. Your Loving Father Matthew 5: 21-26; Matthew 5:38-49; Matthew 7:1-6; Matthew 7;24-27; Romans 12:17-21; Ezekiel 10:2-5.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Dear One, It is an established psychological fact that a person who has a submissive, victim attitude will attract a person who has a domineering, bully attitude. The person with a domineering attitude or spirit will not be tempted to dominate someone with another domineering spirit because that person cannot be dominated. The domineering spirit will seek to dominate a person who has a submissive, victim attitude or spirit. That is why your psychologists will recommend that a person with a submissive, victim spirit receive martial arts training, so as to become self assured and help rid them of the victim spirit. A prime characteristic of a person who has a submissive, victim spirit is a "poor me" feeling of inferiority. That "poor me" spirit can come from domineering parents, from bullying friends or acquaintances and often from repeated failures because of lack of confidence. A person's basic foundation of being loved is torn apart by domineering people who leave behind a shattered ego. That poor in spirit person is the one whom Jesus referred to as being blessed by His ministry because My kingdom belongs to the poor in spirit. They are the brokenhearted people whom Jesus was sent to heal and offer to them My blessings. One of the problems with having a "poor me" spirit or attitude is that it attracts like spirits to it that will make the person more of a victim, feeling more inferior than ever. "Poor me" spirits invite more victim spirits to add to the "poor me" attitude. It attracts situations and circumstances which will convince the person that he or she is more of a victim than before. One of the promises to My children is that a person with a broken spirit that was caused by victimization will be healed of the submissive, victim, "poor me" spirit and be set upon the foundation rock of My love and My power, giving the person the knowledge of being loved, being valued and having strength. That person to whom My Holy Spirit has revealed My love and My power will no longer have the image of being a "poor me". He or she will experience that My love and My power give a solid and firm foundation of being the apple of My eye and the object of My love. The foundation in their ego will then be, "Of whom, then, should I be afraid?" When I am the Rock of a person's life, there is no occasion to be afraid of the demonic dominating spirits which might empower others. The blessed person who has received a firm foundation based upon My love for him or her will be able to proclaim, "My God is the light of My salvation. Of who, then, should I be afraid." I sent Jesus to earth to heal the brokenhearted people who have been wounded and injured spiritually and emotionally by others. I sent Him to minister My love and My valuation to the broken hearted. Your mission is the same, to give My unconditional love to the ones who have been rejected, stomped upon, devalued and emotionally assaulted by others. You can restore to them the knowledge of My love through your love, My validation of their value through your validation. Refuse to entertain a "poor me" attitude so that you will not attract more things which will make you a victim. Stand up and declare to a "poor me" thought that I am the Rock of your Salvation and you are My child, the heir of My goodness and kindness. Distribute to others the love and validation that they need to feel valued by Me. When you do, you have fed their souls the nutrients that it needs. I do it for you. You should do the same for others. Your Loving Father Psalm 34:18; Psalm 69:20: Psalm 109:16: Psalm147:3; Psalm 18:2-3; Psalm 18:46-47; Psalm 62:2; Psalm 62:6-7; Psalm 27:1; Psalm 56:11; Luke 4:18.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Dear One, Jealousy is a wicked demon. It causes you to not only wish for something that someone else possesses, but it will cause you to have bad attitudes toward the person. Jealousy will cause you to push the other person down beneath you in your estimation because you feel like that person does not deserve to have the possession more than you do. Jealousy will even cause some people to rob from, steal from and even kill people who posses what he or she lacks. Jealousy begins with thoughts, but it often becomes verbal, speaking criticism, scorn, gossip, maligning, sarcasm and envy. Since criticism is the same as judgment, it will cause you to sow seeds which will grow plants of judgment in your garden of life. Jesus said that if you judge you will be judged by others. Jealousy causes strife. I said where there is strife there is every evil work. James wrote in one of his chapters of the Instruction Book that there is fighting between people because of the demonic passions that are at war among people. He said that a person desires to have something that someone else has, that the person will covet it, and if he or she cannot get it on his or her own initiative, they rob, steal or kill to get it. It all starts with jealousy, envy and covetousness. James said that My children don't have what they desire because they don't ask Me. He also said that they ask but don't receive because they ask wrongly and they often only spend it on their passions. He said that I oppose the proud but I give grace to the humble. James cautioned My children to resist the devil when he tempts them to become jealous. He said the devil will flee from them when they resist his temptations. He cautioned My children to purify their heart of jealousy and to cleanse their hands of envy so as not to be double minded by asking Me for something but all the while entertaining the devil's thoughts of jealousy and strife. James said that it is simple, that if you humble yourself that I will exalt you and elevate you with My wisdom and truth so that when you ask Me for something I will give it to you. James knew that all good and perfect things come from me. James had a key to My kingdom. He said that living righteously by exemplifying My characteristics in the earth will cause you to inherit My entire kingdom. Jesus asked Me that My kingdom would come to earth just like it is in heaven. Jesus and James both said to never speak evil against anyone because when you do that you are judging the new law of liberty that Jesus gave you, which is to love others just like I love you. When you are jealous and speak evil of someone, you are saying that the admonition of Jesus was of no effect because you know better than Him and you know better than Me. So what James was teaching you is that when you want something, you need to ask Me, asking without having jealousy, envy, scorn or covetousness in your heart because those attitudes come from their father, the father of destruction. Double mindedness will not cause you to inherit My goodness. James took the truth that Jesus taught and allowed My Holy Spirit to explain and amplify it for him. He did what Jesus said you should do, let My Holy Spirit take the things that He said and reveal them to you, allowing you to become humble and of a pure heart so that your prayers will be answered. Jesus said if you will ask that you will receive. He and James gave you the instructions on asking with a pure heart, which My Spirit will create within you by giving you My wisdom. Peter said in one of his chapters in My Instruction Book, that I have given you everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness. They are all found in the truths which My Spirit will teach you. Yes, he said "everything" necessary for the abundant life and godliness. There is no reason to be jealous of what someone has. I gave My kingdom to you and I gave the keys to My Holy Spirit. He lives in you, so you have all the keys. You just need to listen to the tutor and He will tell you the steps necessary to access your inheritance. He's the advocate, the lawyer who dispenses the benefits of My kingdom. Listen to My Spirit and He WILL lead you into all truth. Your Loving Father James 4; James 1:5-20; II Peter 1:3-11; John 16:12-15; Matthew 7:8-12.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Dear One, There is a promise in My Instruction Book that all things will work together for your good when you are called according to My purpose. My purpose in the earth for My children is to spread My love. Jesus gave some examples of evidence that you are walking in My love. He said when you forgive everyone you are walking in My love so all things will work together for your good. Jesus said that when you are nonjudgmental and noncritical that all things will work together for your good because when you judge others you will be judged. Being judged by others does not work together for your good. He said to speak positive words which are good news to all who hear them when He said that you are justified by your words and you are condemned by your words. If you always speak words which bring grace to the hearer, all things will work together for your good because you are sowing seeds of love. Jesus said that He was meek and lowly in heart, meaning that He was humble. He said to be as He is in the world. So when you are meek and lowly in heart, always humble, then all things will work together for your good. When you are arrogant and proud, things will not work together for your good. He said that you are blessed when you seek My kingdom and My righteousness. All things will not work together for your good without your seeking Me and My righteousness because when you do find the keys to My kingdom you find the wisdom and knowledge to project My righteousness, which is My personality, in the world. I am love, so you are fulfilling My purpose when you are led to walk in My ways. All things will work together for your good and you will be blessed when you are merciful. Jesus said that merciful people obtain mercy. Mercy begets mercy but judgment and criticism beget judgment and criticism which do not work together for your good. All things work together for your good when you pray at all time in all occasions in the Holy Spirit, retreating into your prayer room where Jesus said that I hear in secret and will reward you openly. He said not to be like the hypocrites who pray in public to be heard by others. Those prayers produce nothing spiritually so they will not work together for your good. All of the things taught by Jesus and revealed by My Holy Spirit will work together for your good because they are all given to facilitate My purpose of spreading My love in the world. Jesus only commanded you to love others as He and I love you. All of the admonitions of Jesus are culminated in His command to love others as We love you. First you must know My love for you. Pray that My Spirit will reveal to you the height, depth, breadth and width of My love for you. Then you will automatically emote love from My love within you and all things will work together for your good. Your Loving Father Matthew 5:3-9; Matthew 6:5-6; Matthew 6:12-15; Matthew 7:1-5; Matthew 12:35-37; John 13: 34; Romans 8:28; Ephesians 3:14-20; Ephesians 4:29-30; Jude 20.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Dear One, There are keys which open doors, allowing you to enter certain structures which give protection from evil situations and violent weather extremes. The structures also give you peaceful sanctuary and comfort. There are keys which turn on powerful machinery and instruments which provide the energy to operate them, making your life easier. There are keys which open metal boxes and safety deposit boxes which contain valuable legal papers as well as family treasures. There are keys which open the locks leading to secured areas which are locked to keep marauders out who would seek to steal, rob and destroy the contents. There are invisible keys called psychological insights which allow people to keep peace with each other under trying circumstances and in troublesome situations.

There are invisible keys of wisdom and knowledge which give My children insight into the works of good and the works of evil. Those keys tell you how to judge or differentiate between the two and how to refuse the evil promptings. There are many, many different keys to My family operations, I said that I would give you all the keys necessary for you to access every one of the benefits of being My child. When Jesus left the earth and came back to live with Me, He sent My Holy Spirit into your life with every one of My keys on His keyring. He has them ready and waiting for you to ask for each one at the time of need which will unlock the strategies and the behaviors which will facilitate from earth the miraculous works that I am able and willing to do from heaven for you. Heaven and earth must work together in every instance. It's called binding and loosing whichever entity you desire to work for you. Jesus prayed that My kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven. Heaven and earth must be in agreement for My works to be effective. Where two agree a thing is established. You must be in agreement with My methods of love before My works can be done on earth. My children cannot curse others with emotional attitudes of anger, strife, jealousy and abuse and still expect My works of healing to come into their families. I am eager to heal the entire family but if My children are sowing the works of evil in their families, then My healing abilities are blocked by those evil works. I freely hand out the keys of My family strategies through My Holy Spirit to those who seek Me and My effective ways. They contain the proper keys to every situation. Every situation. I said every situation. Jesus taught them and My Holy Spirit tutors you on how to implement them. My keys open every door to the abundant life that I created for My children. There is a Master Key that fits every circumstance and every situation. It's the key of love. That Master Key opens every sanctuary door, every locked box, every spiritual vehicle of power, every secured area of refuge, every revelation of insight, wisdom and knowledge needed to live My kingdom life while in the earth. The Master Key is found in My Holy Spirit whom Jesus said would reveal to you all things. He has all the keys to My glorious family life. He will reveal My love to you. He will reveal My power to you. He will reveal My wisdom and knowledge for every circumstance, every situation and every problem to you. He will battle for you in the spiritual dimension against principalities and powers. He will teach you how to overcome every problem that is brought against you by the evil spirits who use people to hurt and injure you. He will teach you how to love them and to do good to them, which will smother the evil spirits and their works. I said love overcomes a multitude of sins which are instigated by evil spirits. My Holy Spirit has every key that you need. They are your keys because you are My child. Seeking Me through My Holy Spirit and seeking My righteousness through My Holy Spirit will result in My putting every key into your hand to unlock every door and power every spiritual instrument needed to make you prosperous in every area of your life. I have never withheld My keys. They belong to My children. I gave you the key of authority to the earth when I created it for you. Now you must come to Me to receive the keys that unlock every every treasure that is stored in it for you. It's My good pleasure to give you My kingdom. You must keep your mind stayed on me, constantly communing with Me so that you receive the keys that you need to perfect your life. Your Loving Father Matthew 16:19; Isaiah 59 1-2; John 13:34; Ephesians 3:14-20; Ephesians 1:16-22; Galatians 5:6; Galatians 5:13-25; Matthew 5:46-48.
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Monday, April 21, 2014


Dear One, Jesus was meek and lowly in heart, meaning He was humble. He was not arrogant and a know-it-all, although He had the wisdom and knowledge to be. He wasn't judgmental and critical. He said He judged no man. When Jesus said that He was meek and lowly in heart, He asked people to take His yoke upon them and learn of Him, and that if they did that they would find rest for their souls. You don't find rest for the ego in our souls when you are judged, criticized, put down arrogantly and dominated by a person who thinks he or she knows it all. You become insecure, threatened and devalued by those attitudes and actions. When you are truly yoked to Jesus and taught by My Holy Spirit, you become meek and lowly in heart. You become so meek that you only want to do, say and act like what you have experienced of My personality, which is to be loving and kind to everyone. To be meek is to be led by that inner voice of My Holy Spirit and then to take His advice in every circumstance and every situation. To be lowly in heart means that you do not think that you know more than others know and that I know about My ways. When you are lowly in heart, you do not think of yourself as being more wise, more powerful and more intelligent than Me, going off like a gun that is half cocked and primed to injure others. Some of My children use My Instruction Book like an instrument of abuse, always beating people over the head with it when, all the time, they are untutored by My Holy Spirit in real revelations.
When you are lowly in heart, you know me so intimately that you are constantly dependent upon My insight, My intelligence, My wisdom and My solutions for every problem. When you are lowly in heart, you do not go off in every direction trying to solve problems with limited human knowledge. That only puts bandages on the situations, never any total healing and deliverance from problems. When you are lowly in heart, you know that I am the creator, I am the problem solver, I am the provider of wisdom and I am your All In All. When you are lowly in heart, you do not spin and toil to come up with earthly solutions. You know that I am the only One who has the perfect insight and the perfect solutions, so you are willing to spend time alone with Me so that you can gain My wisdom. When you are meek and lowly in heart, you never demand anything of Me. You only lovingly appeal to Me in faith and then become filled with My gracious insights and My wisdom which will cure the problem. When you are meek and lowly in heart, you are filled with faith and you trust Me completely to speak My solutions in your spiritual prayer language. James said that if you lack wisdom that you should ask of Me, but that you should not be double minded, full of pride, arrogance, doubt and unbelief because a double minded person receives nothing. When you think you know it all, be cautious because pride goes before a fall. Pride is one of the transgressions which will separate you from Me, as Isaiah observed. Remember that I never separate Myself from you, only the evil spirits which attach themselves to you can come between us and set up a barrier between us. Become meek and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your troubled mind.. Complete rest for your soul is worth becoming meek and lowly in heart, just like your brother Jesus. Love, God Matthew 11:29-30; I Samuel 2:2-3; Jeremiah 48:29-30; Philippians 2:6-11; Isaiah 59:1-2; James 1:5-8; James 1:19-25: Philippians 4:6-8; I Peter 5:5-11; I Corinthians 8:1-3

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Dear One, For it was My Holy Spirit who jet propelled Jesus from the grave and hell back to the earth where He was observed by many people. And it was My Holy Spirit who jet propelled Jesus from the earth into My heaven after He appeared to multitudes of people. I say "jet propelled" so that you can in some way understand the power that is available in you. However, the Holy Spirit's power is infinitesimally greater than the power of jets. Yes, Jesus was crucified for you and He went to hell for you and He rose from the dead for you and He ascended into My heaven for you. He did it all for you. Jesus had told His followers that He would come to them again, that He would not leave them without comfort. He told them that He would send My Holy Spirit to them to live in them and to give them the supernatural power and the abundant life that He promised. My Holy Spirit defeated the devil in his own territory when Jesus rose from hell and death. Jesus restored My authority and power into the lives of My children who would choose to receive My Spirit, restoring the power and authority that was robbed from them in the Garden of Eden.
Jesus said on the cross that it was finished. He finished His earthly ministry. He meant that the separation between Me and My children that the devil had caused to all men in the Garden was over because Jesus was going to send My very own Holy Spirit into the lives of the people who would receive Him. Jesus said that He was sending into the earth the same Spirit who gave Jesus the power to heal, to cast out demons, to bind up the brokenhearted and to free those people who were in bondage to evil, He was sending the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. Jesus called My Holy Spirit the Promise of the Father, the One who would restore the one-on-one relationship between Me and My children. My Holy Spirit multiplies the works of Jesus in the earth by living inside of My children who will receive Him. My Spirit envelops My children in My love. He gives to My children My power and makes them spiritual supermen, with the ability to defeat evil in their own lives, the lives of their family members, and in the earth. My Spirit quickens or makes alive their mortal bodies with My power so that they can intimately know Me. The life, Crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus made Him the Super Hero of My children because of His life of sacrifice. The thrilling part of the ministry of Jesus is that He sent the same power into you that raised Him from the dead. He sent My Holy Spirit into those people who would receive Him. He gave to you the same power that He had, the same abilities that He had. You must give to My Holy Spirit the same honor that you give to Jesus Christ. We are One. We are the Same. The earthly ministry of Jesus never really stopped because He sent into the earth the power that was resident in Him. He sent to you My promise that I made from the beginning of the earth, that I would live in you and I would be your Father and you would be My child. Your brother Jesus is your Hero. He sent My Holy Spirit into your life, the same power that made Him your Super Hero. His ministry never stopped. He just gave it to you and the rest of My children who choose to receive the same Power that He had. He sent into you his Super Power. That Super Power is My Holy Spirit. Love, God John 14: 12-27; John 15:7-11; John 16:7-15; John 19:30; Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:1-4: acts 2:38-40; I Corinthians 12:4-11: Romans 8:10-14; I John 3:8.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Dear One, My Instruction Book says that all things will work together for good to those who love Me and who are called according to My purpose, the same purpose to which Jesus was called. My purpose, as elaborated in that book, is that My children would be conformed into My image, just like Jesus was, that you will be so filled with a revelation of My love for you and others that you will pass My love on to others and you will be known as ministers of My love in the earth. People will know Me by your love for them. So ministering unconditional love in the earth is My divine purpose for you. Another part of My purpose is that you will be a minister of My peace in the earth, always bringing My peace into every situation. I can give you My very own peace, the peace that passes human understanding, for it is a product of My Holy Spirit who lives inside of you. By keeping peace with everyone, religiously, politically and socially, you will known as My child.
So ministering the peace that passes human understanding every place you go, which is called putting onto your feet the gospel of peace, is a segment of My purpose in your life of being conformed to My image. Another important purpose is that you will become led by My Spirit in all matters, that you will be like Jesus when He said that he only said what He heard Me say and He only did what He saw Me do. That is being dependent upon My Holy Spirit to be your guide, your revelation of truth, your ever constant help, your standard of conduct. When My purpose was being revealed by Paul to the Romans, he elaborated further on My purpose when He said to pray in the Spirit, that the Holy Spirit knows all things about Me, knows all things about you, about your family, about your circumstances, and He will orchestrate the solutions to all problems, the perfect workable strategies which will perfect everything that concerns you. He said that if you will pray in the Spirit and if you are led by My Spirit that all things will work together for your good. When you are walking in My love, I will do exceedingly, abundantly above all you dare think or imagine, according to the power that is in you. That power is the power of the Holy Spirit, who pours forth My love to others without limit, because nothing can separate you from My love and nothing can separate others from My unconditional love that is shown through you. All things will work together for your good when your purpose is to be forgiving, nonjudgmental, loving, kind, good, merciful, faithful, joyful and patient because My Holy Spirit ministers those attributes to people in the world through you. My purpose is that you will be so conformed into My image that others will see your works of love and know that I am living in you. They will say, "Look, that person is the exact image of the Heavenly Father." They will want to know Me because you have represented Me as love in the earth. I am love. Make unconditional love your purpose. Love, God Romans 8:1-37; John 5:19-20; Ephesians 1:16-22; Ephesians 3:14-20; Ephesians 6:23.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Dear One, Make sure that you reject the tempting thoughts that originate in the spiritual pig pens. Pigs love to wallow in mud, in dirt, and they eat slop which is a combination of putrid foods that have been rejected by prosperous humans. Instead, make sure that you do accept the guidance thoughts that originate in My spiritual penthouse. My family loves to enjoy being baptized in My blessings, and they eat of the fruit of the vine of wisdom, knowledge, prosperity in marriage relationships, in family relationships, in finances, in peaceful mental stability, in social relationships, and in their occupations. However, pigpen thoughts come to rob you of your spiritual penthouse living. They come to entice you to constantly think thoughts of lust, thoughts of hatred, thoughts of anger, judging thoughts, grudging thoughts, unforgiving thoughts, domineering thoughts, killing thoughts, lying thoughts, envying thoughts, thoughts of stealing, jealous thoughts and thoughts of unbelief. If you do dwell on those thoughts, you will develop pigpen attitudes and actions which cause you to end up in the pigpen full-time. Pigpen attitudes and actions will cause you to attract circumstances and situations into your life which will cause you to end up in the pigpen, being satisfied to roll around in the bacterial laden mud and grime, which will cause you to become ill and bring eventual death.

 That's what the thoughts were meant to accomplish, which is to bring you to poverty and eventual death. Instead, the guidance which comes from My spiritual penthouse comes to elevate you and entice you to think thoughts of being loved and loving others, of seeking peace with all people, of doing good to all people, of being kind to everyone, of extending mercy to everyone, of being faithful to Me and others, of being long suffering and patient with others, of finding joy in every endeavor, all which are the behaviors of the residents of My penthouse spiritual living called heaven. Blessings overcome My children who keep their thoughts good, kind, pure, of a good report and who let their words always bring grace to the hearer. I told you in the letter that My Holy Spirit wrote to the Ephesians that there are benefits to My spiritual penthouse living and there are curses to spiritual pigpen living. In My penthouse you inherit blessings and life, but in the pigpen you inherit the devil's curses and death. You will constantly be tempted by the devil to return to the pigpen even after you have lived in My spiritual penthouse. The temptation to judge others, to lust and be unforgiving of others will bring you right back to the pigpen. After living in My spiritual penthouse, if you return to live in the pigpen you will become covered with sores and diseases caused by the environment and the putrid diet. My doors are always open for your return to My penthouse living which is filled with health, happiness and prosperity. When you repent and change your heart, My spiritual elevator will immediately open, I will be there to welcome you back; and you will be speedily transported to My penthouse. The elevator doors will open and you will again behold My love, My acceptance, My honor and My blessings. It's the Prodigal Son relationship. The secret is to refuse in the first place to buy into the pigpen thoughts, attitudes, words and actions. I desire that you stay in unity with me where you find My unconditional love and where you live in peace with everyone. Which do you prefer, pigpen living or penthouse living? Be alert to your thoughts. That's where the temptations come to return to pigpen thoughts which lead to pigpen living. My door is always open. Love, God Ephesians 1:16-22; Ephesians 2:1-10; Ephesians 3: 14-22; Galatians 3:1-5; Galatians 5:13-25.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Dear One, The gift of free will that I gave to My children, which is the right to make their own choices without condemnation from Me, has its good effects and its bad effects, depending upon the choices that are made. Good choices have their good rewards.
   It is My good pleasure to give you everything in My kingdom when you make the good choices as a result of being led by My Spirit. Good choices sow seeds into My kingdom (garden) of blessings and you receive blessings in return. Bad choices have their own bad consequences, and you don't get to choose those consequences. The father of lies and fear chooses the consequences for you when he tempts you to make the bad choices. Bad choices sow seeds into the kingdom (garden) of curses. You reap what you sow. The Good News is that I am the Savior from the lingering consequences of bad choices when you come to Me for My help. Jesus did not go to the cross for My children who always make good choices. He went to the cross for the people who, because of bad family programming, bad religious programming, bad political programming, lack of education and lack of moral guidance, make bad choices. He went to the cross and rose again, then sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by people who do not have the wisdom to make good choices. My Holy Spirit always leads to good choices and identifies the bad choices as being from the instigator of bad choices, the devil. The Good News is that My Holy Spirit can redeem you from the bad consequences of bad choices. He will reverse the curses and teach you the necessary guidance for you to refuse the bad choices when they come from hell to tempt you in an effort to curse you again and again. More Good News is that I am not the condemner of My children who make bad choices. The devil, the one who tempts you to make bad choices, does that. I am the Encourager who leads you to make choices which will benefit you by guiding you to sow good seeds into My garden of love by loving others as I love you. Jesus was the propitiation for your sins, the payment for your bad choices. He already paid the price, as required by the devil, for your bad choices, which are your sins. Now you are scott free from the consequences when you are led by My Spirit to refuse the same temptations that cost you your happiness in the past. When you choose to have My life inside of you, you change your citizenship from the family of curses to the family of love when you continue to be led by My Spirit. When you judge others for their bad choices, you have again joined yourself to the family of curses and you will receive curses from the devil's bag of curses. I will never lead you to judge and condemn others. I will only lead you to forgive others because you have been forgiven by Me. The only judgment to which you are called is the gift of discernment, judging which spirits ministering to you are from heaven and which ones are from hell, ; and you will discern the origin of the spirits operating in people who come against you. You will not judge the people. Forgiveness and mercy come from Me. Judgment and condemnation come from hell. You are My child. You must know the difference because you know Me. Love, God Deuteronomy 30; Psalm 34:14-18; Psalm 37:27-31; John 1:29; John 3:16-17; John 14:15-17; John 16:7-15; I John 3:8-10; John 17:1-2.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Dear One, Very often My children want to minister FOR Me instead of ministering My Love TO My other children. Very often My children who want to minister for Me use the written Word to judge and condemn others so that they come to Me in fear and condemnation. You will find that the people who come to Me in fear of going to hell will live in lifelong fear and never know My love because their foundation is fear instead of My love.
   The only perfect foundation is the revelation of My Love. The perfect way to minister FOR Me is to minister My Love to others so that they will be attracted to My love and receive My Life into their confused lives. Then they will proceed to receive the power of My Holy Spirit and use My power to defeat the devil who is the father of fear and condemnation. Serving My love to people is being a servant of all at My banquet of Life. Jesus said that anyone who desires to become great in My kingdom must first become a servant of all, humble, meek and lowly in heart like Jesus, eager to be led by My Spirit. The first ministry to which you are called when you are led by My Spirit is the ministry of love. When you are a servant of My love to others, they will want what you have. They will want My love to be manifested to them. When they become born of My Spirit they will no longer be fearful and condemned but they will know that they are loved with My unconditional love because My Holy Spirit will reveal My love to them. My Spirit is in charge of revealing My love to My children because He is the Spirit of Truth and He is the One who reveals My love. When you are led by My Holy Spirit, you become a minister of My love. When you are led by My Holy spirit, you are NOT a minister of Mac Truck religion which constantly runs over people with judgment and condemnation. When you are led by My Holy Spirit, you will dispense My love to people in every situation, under every circumstance and during every problem that is sent by the evil one to defeat you. When you are led by My Holy Spirit, you will not battle against flesh and blood, knowing that people are not your problem but the evil principalities and powers of the air are always the problem. When you are led by My Holy Spirit, you will know that love covers every sin and smothers the power of all sin. When you are led by My Holy Spirit, you will return good for evil done to you. When you are led by My Holy Spirit, you will pray for and do good to your enemies, knowing that you are sending angels to minister My love to your enemies, since angels are the coals of fire that are heaped upon their heads. When you are led by My Spirit, you are loving, kind, good, peaceful, merciful, patient, faithful and joyful. Serve My love everywhere you go. Others will want the same love and you will introduce them to me, the Father of Love. The greatest is love. Love, God John 3:16-17; Romans 5:5-9; Romans 8:14-17; Romans 8:38-39; Ephesians 3;14-20; Ephesians 6:10-11; Romans 12:19-21; Ezekiel 10:2-4; Matthew 10:44-45; James 1:17; II Timothy 1:7.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Dear One, In a war effort, the more you know about your enemy, the more effective you are in defeating it. The more a soldier knows about the efforts of the enemy forces to infiltrate his territory, the more information the soldier will have to be alert and recognize the enemy when he sneaks into the territory of the soldier. The more a soldier knows about the arsenal of his enemy, the more information the soldier has to search out his own effective arsenal in the event of an attack. The more soldiers know about their own arsenal, the more effective they are in defending themselves and defeating their enemies by using the arsenal that is easily accessed. If soldiers do not know the strategies of the enemy, if the soldiers do not know their own weak areas which allow infiltration of the enemy, and if soldiers do not know the effectiveness of their own arsenal in every battle, then those soldiers will be defeated easily and quickly. The spiritual enemies of my children are called demons and they know the weak areas of your personality and the weak areas of your own self protection.
 That is why I said that you must be wise as a serpent, meaning you must become spiritually minded by gaining wisdom from My Holy Spirit so that you will be able to recognize the areas of weakness of your personality that allow infiltration by the devil and his demons. The demons are spiritual beings so they know your spiritual weaknesses. Only My Holy Spirit can alert you to your areas of weakness. They will always have to do with thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions. In the instructions that I gave to be wise as a serpent I also said to be gentle as a dove. That part of the instructions relate to how you treat other people You must be as gentle as My Holy Spirit is in how you act and react to people. You must not use the war arsenal and strategies on people. The war arsenal is reserved for the devil and his demons. When I said that your battle is not with flesh and blood but with demonic principalities and powers of the air, the truth that I am now relating to you is the explanation of that insight. While you are battling with demons who use people against you, you must be gentle, peaceful, kind, generous and loving to the people. Your battle time is when you engage in intercessor prayers concerning any troubling matter. You must pray in the Spirit to defeat your spiritual enemies, but you must operate in love with the people the devil uses against you. My arsenal of doing good to those who persecute you and do every evil against you is My strategy for you to be gentle as a dove to all people, which will rob the enemy of his power. My arsenal of refusing to strike back when someone strikes you, will also rob the enemy of his power because you have not reacted in anger and multiplied the power of evil in the situation. My arsenal of forgiving everyone who does evil against you is arsenal which will keep your mind from persecuting the person who did evil to you. Reacting in anger will put you on the side of of your evil enemy. But, forgiving the person will identify you as being My child because I forgive every evil act done by people who yield to the temptations of the devil. Forgiving will release the event from your mind which will cause you to be released from the matter as far as the heavens are concerned. Your spiritual battles are only fought in your prayer closet, never with people. The strategies that I give to you and the arsenal that I give to you in relation to the people who are used by evil to hurt you are so simple and so effective because they were given to you by your brother Jesus who fought the same battles with the devil that you do. He never returned evil for the evil done to him. He always returned good for evil to the people. Then he fought battles in prayers when he separated himself from people and prayed, sometimes all night. You must know My strategies and My arsenal that I give to My children to defeat evil in their lives. You must know the strategies and the arsenal that your enemy uses against you to defeat you, using your own choices and your own human emotions. The work of My Holy Spirit in your life is to teach you the arsenal and strategies of My family of righteousness. The work of My Holy Spirit in your life is to teach you the evil arsenal and strategies that your spiritual enemy uses to defeat you. The work of My Holy Spirit is to give you the gift of discerning of spirits so that you will be able to distinguish between Me and My angels, who work for you, and the devil's demons, who work against you. Jesus taught you that the Holy Spirit would reveal to you righteousness, sin and judgment. Let My Holy Spirit teach you My strategies which come from the family of righteousness. Also let My Holy Spirit teach you the strategies of the family of sin so that you will not yield to the devil's temptations but will refuse them like Jesus did. Let My Holy Spirit teach you how to discern the difference and then to judge the evil spirits by sending them to hell. I sent you a private Tutor. Listen to Him and you will win every spiritual battle. Love always wins. Love, God John 16:7-15; Ephesian 6:10-18; I John 3:8-9; Romans 12:20-21; Matthew 10:13.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Dear One, My children perish for lack of knowledge. The knowledge that you need to gain are three fold; one being that you seek My kingdom and the knowledge of how My family works, the many ways in which I minister and demonstrate My love to My children. Another area of knowledge which you need to gain is how your enemy works, how the devil and all of his demonic forces tempt you to do their evil works. You need to know the power and arsenal that you have through the indwelling of My Holy Spirit to defeat him. The third area in which you need to gain knowledge is in the ability to discern the difference between the two, between My kingdom of righteousness and the devil's kingdom of sin. That knowledge is called judging between the two, judging if a certain thought or attitude is originating in My family or the family of evil. Before your brother Jesus was crucified, died, rose from the dead and came back to live with Me, He told you that My Holy Spirit would reveal to you sin, righteousness and judgment. Jesus said that My Spirit would reveal to you sin by identifying the author of sin as the devil and revealing that the devil (the ruler of this world) is already judged by Me. I pronounced My judgment on the devil at the beginning. When you join with him, you inherit My judgment upon him because you have become one with the evil kingdom.

        Jesus said that My Holy Spirit would reveal to you righteousness which comes from Me and My family, revealing to you My characteristics, My love for you, the fruit of My temperament, My patience with My children, My joy and good pleasure in giving you My kingdom, and My ability to work My righteousness into you by leading, guiding and tutoring you. Jesus said that My Spirit would reveal to you judgment, that being the truth that the devil is already judged and you must refrain from obeying his temptations because if you do obey him you will be judged by him because of the judgment that I placed upon him. I do not judge you, but if you join with the devil you will be part of the family of the father of lies and you will be judged by the same judgment that I placed upon him. My Holy Spirit will give you the gift of judgment, the ability to judge between My kingdom of righteous and the devil's kingdom of sin with its horrible consequences. He will point out the origin of your thoughts, attitudes and actions which will curse you. He will point out the origin of your thoughts, attitudes and actions which will bless you, the ones which come from Me and My family. He will give you discernment, the ability to discern the origin of your thoughts, attitudes and actions. My children revel in the earthly ministry of Jesus and that pleases Me. But He didn't stop there. When He rejoined Me in My heavenly home, We sent into My children, who would receive Him, the same Holy Spirit who gave Jesus the power to heal, the power speak My truth, the power to raise the dead, and the same power to defeat the works of the devil. We sent into your life and the lives of all of My children the same power to do the works of Jesus. It all starts with learning to discern between the works of the devil and the works of righteousness so that you will be recognized as My children also, flooding the earth with My love. When you can learn that, then you are ready to be called My child, working My peace and My righteousness in the earth. Jesus said the peacemakers are blessed and called My children. Don't perish for lack of knowledge. I gave you the Instruction Book, called the Bible, and I gave you the tutor, My own Holy Spirit. You have all that you need in order to become knowledgeable about Me and My kingdom of righteousness. You also have all that you need to become knowledgeable about your enemies in the kingdom of sin. You also have the gift of the discernment of My Holy Spirit in you to differentiate or judge between the two. Those things are what Jesus promised that My Spirit would do in you and for you. Remember that it is the same Spirit living in you that raised Jesus from the dead. You have the same Treasure in human vessels when My Spirit lives in you, the same Spirit that lived in Jesus. It is the power to love others and the power to defeat the works of the devil, first of all in your life and then to help others defeat the works of the devil in their own lives. Kingdom living is for now. Love, God John 15:7-15; John 14: 12-17; I John 3:7-9; Romans 8:11-17; I Corinthians 12:1-11; Romans 4:6-7;

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Dear One, When you can love everyone you meet unconditionally, you are a minister of My love in the earth. When you can forgive everyone unconditionally, you are a minister of My forgiveness in the earth. When you can give mercy to everyone you meet, regardless of their sins, iniquities or trespasses, then you are a minister of My mercy in the earth.
When you can only speak words that bring grace to the hearer, then you are a minister of My grace in the earth. My grace includes encouragement, validation, approval and acceptance, even in the midst of disobedience and wrong choices. When you can bless the ones who curse you, you are a minister of My blessings in the earth. When you can do good to those who spitefully use you, then you are a minister of My goodness in the earth. When you can give abundantly to the people who take from you, you are a minister of My freely giving My kingdom to people in the earth. When you can not react but have self control in the suffering caused by emotional outbursts from others, you are a minister of My peace in the earth. When you can be patient while waiting for the answers to prayers, you are a minister of My patience in the earth. When you can have joy in the midst of disappointment and depression, then you are a minister of My joy in the earth. Joy is strength, it is the spiritual nutrient of iron, giving you ascendancy over every work of evil. When you have experienced My goodness, My kindness, My mercy, My patience, My provisions, My joy, My peace, My abundance and My love, then you are My mouth, eyes, hands and legs in the earth. You are My USDS, United Spiritual Delivery Service. Sowing seeds in others from the abundance that you have already received will bless the people in the earth and result in your being flooded over and over again with blessings. It's what I do, is I bless. Make it your determined purpose to bless others with all that I've blessed you. Flood the earth with My blessings. Love, God Matthew 5:21-48; Matthew 6;12-14; Matthew 7:1-2; John 20:21-23; I Corinthians 13:4-7; Galatians 5:22-25.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Dear One, An intimate relationship with Me will produce a life that is loving in all earthly relationships, in your family relationships, in your professional relationships, in your friendships, in your relationships with strangers and in all endeavors. An intimate relationship with Me doesn't make a person religious. It makes a person loving, kind, good, patient and merciful. An intimate relationship with Me produces stability in all facets of your life, your emotions, your giving, your relationships with others, your finances, your management of stress, your instant forgiveness of others, your mercy toward the less fortunate, all as being led by My Holy Spirit.
An intimate relationship with Me makes your spirituality real and not superficial because you know and commune with Me at all times instead of communing only with the forms of religion which deny My power. An intimate relationship with Me results in an increase in your quoting Me instead of quoting other people who only know about me but have no intimate relationship with Me. I said that when you gather together that one person will have a hymn, a song, one a revelation, one a word of wisdom, one an insight, all a result of a time spent in communion with Me. An intimate relationship with Me will always produce faith because faith comes by hearing My personal words which I speak to all of My children. An intimate relationship with Me produces love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, faith and long suffering because you are My child, and in one on one communion with Me you will become more like Me with My attitudes and thoughts. When Jesus said to seek My kingdom He was talking about seeking a one on one relationship with Me, a relationship so intimate that My words transform your life and transform your existence in the earth. Then My kingdom is existent on the earth and My will is done on earth as it is in heaven. An intimate relationship with Me will produce the fruit of My Spirit which will be received and treasured by others. As My child, you will listen and heed My advice which will make you prosperous in all areas of your life. Children who have close relationships with loving and wise parents will always overcome all doubts, all instabilities, all temptations, all excesses, all rebellious thoughts, all lies and half truths. It's the same with Me and My children, the ones who have an intimate relationship with Me will be stable in all their endeavors, never being easily toppled or deceived when evil presents itself. To the pure in heart, all things are pure. Love, God Matthew 5:8-9; John 17:21; Ephesians 1:16-23; Ephesians 3:14-20; Colossians 3:16-17; Philippians 3:8-11; Titus 1:15-16; I Peter 1:22-25. Love, God
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Monday, April 7, 2014


Dear One, Planting in the right field will yield the abundant life. Planting in the field of righteousness from the Spirit of righteousness will yield spiritual, mental, emotional and physical prosperity. The teachings of Jesus relating to seed sowing and then reaping what you have sown are true forever. My children never stop planting either good seeds into the fields of righteousness or bad seeds in the field of destruction. For instance, Jesus cautioned you not to judge others or you will reap the plants of judgment for yourself from others.
That happens because you have planted seeds in the field of destruction. Also, He taught that you should forgive so that you will be forgiven by Me because you have sown seeds in the field of righteousness. He taught that what you give will be given back to you, pressed down and running over will men give to you. If you give love, peace, validation, acceptance, empathy, goodness and kindness, then you will receive back the same, pressed down and running over because you have sown into the fields of blessings. If you give anger, hatred, disgust, jealousy, strife, envy, bitterness and like attitudes, you will receive curses back because you have sown curses. Sow hatred and you will be hated. Sow anger and you will reap anger from others and probably death. Sow strife and every demon from hell will enter the situation. Your courts are full of the reality of that truth. My Holy Spirit taught through James to pray for others so that you will be healed. When praying for others you are sowing into My kingdom of righteousness and My Holy Spirit adds to your prayers the necessary prayers for you and your family. You have sown seeds of blessings when you pray for others and you will reap healing from the field of blessings. If you sow fear into the fields of destruction, then that fear will bring destruction onto you. The lesson to learn from Job is that what you fear comes upon you. Job feared that his children would sin and that fear brought destruction upon him in every area of his life. Fear produces destruction. Jesus taught that if you will seek My kingdom and My righteousness that everything you desire will be added to you. He said that if you seek earthly things that they will be lost to robbery or rotting because they will not endure. All of the teachings of Jesus and the teachings of the Holy Spirit through the apostles are to tutor you on the keys to My kingdom, one being what seeds to sow into the fields of blessings so that you will inherit the full inheritance that I have set apart for you in My family. When you sow into the fields of blessings you will receive blessings in return, Kind words will turn away wrath. Jesus taught that you are to bless those people who curse you. It's the same key. The return will be blessings because you have blessed them instead of returning curses for their curses. Love will cover over and smother out a multitude of sins from others toward you. That is an important key. When you are tempted to return evil for evil done to you, instead speak love to the person or do an act of love for the person and love will cause the evil to be reversed. It will change the attitude of the person from hatred to love for you. Positive, loving, encouraging words will always sow to My fields of righteousness and you will reap from My kingdom more than you can dare think or imagine because you have sown seeds from the power of love in you and the seeds have taken root in the fields of righteousness, which will multiply your blessings. You are responsible for the seeds that you sow. It's your choice. My angels and I are responsible for multiplying the seeds and returning to you what you sow into My fields of blessings. The devil and his demons are responsible tor multiplying the seeds and returning to you what you sow into his field of destruction, and they will do it. The curses might not appear instantly, but down the road they will return to curse you unless you reverse them by sowing love. It's so simple that many have missed it. You either act like My child or you act like the child of the evil one. It's always your choice. Sowing and reaping never stops. Love, God Matthew 6:14-15; Matthew 7:1-2; Matthew 5:21-48; II Corinthians 9:6-8; Galatians 6:7-10; Proverbs 10:12.
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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Dear One, Make sure that everything you say brings peace and grace to the hearer. That is the way to guarantee peace in your own life. When the things you say bring anger, depression or guilt to the hearer, you are not fulfilling the instructions that I gave through Jesus to love others just like I love you. Love will only speak words that leave the hearer with a good feeling of self worth, of being loved and whose existence is validated.
When you are in a situation where there is a threat of disagreement, if you will speak the truth in love it will be received and appreciated. If it is not received, then you should be gracious and do what Jesus said to do, knock the dust off of your feet and leave without furthering the disagreement. Forgive the person and don't speak about that situation to others. James said that a person who tames his tongue is a person who is spiritual. He said that a human being cannot tame his or her tongue, that only I can coach them by giving the revelation of the power of our words. James said that My children bless Me but they curse others. He said it should not be so. He said that the untamed tongue is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. He also said not to speak evil against anyone, but to only speak words that bring grace to the hearer. Jesus said that by your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned. That should convince you of the power of your words, knowing that if they bless others that you will be blessed, but if they condemn others that you will be condemned. With My words I created the earth and all that is in it. Your words do the same thing, they either create or they destroy. Tame your tongue. Let it be an extension of My Holy Spirit who lives in you. Love, God Ephesians 4:29-32; James 1; James 2: Matthew 12:37.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Dear One, The greatest pleasure that I have is enveloping you in My love. I absolutely delight in flooding you with My love. The next greatest pleasure I have is when you choose to receive My love. When you are infused with My love, it is similar to when a person receives a blood transfusion because Life comes into your spirit, soul and body when you open yourself up to My love. You come alive again when you become infused with My love. Your body functions perfectly and your mind is flushed of all impurities because your spirit has been totally renewed with My life and My love. Since I am Love and My love transforms everything I touch, your attitudes become My attitudes, your thoughts become My thoughts and your actions toward others become the same as My actions, unconditional love. My Holy Spirit wrote through Paul that I desire that you have a revelation of the depth, height, breadth and length of My love for you, that you would be deeply rooted and grounded in My love and as a result that you would be strengthened with might in the inner man, in your spirit. When you know Me intimately, you know Me as Love. When you intimately know Me, you refuse any lie that I am a judge, a condemner, an accuser, an impatient taskmaster. When you intimately know Me, you also know the truth that the devil is the judge, the condemner, the accuser and the impatient taskmaster, knowing it because My Spirit has revealed it to you. If you will read the Holy Spirit's challenge to you, He said that He wants you to let Christ live in your hearts so completely that you are firmly rooted and grounded in My love. He said as a result of being rooted and grounded in My love, which surpasses mere human knowledge, that you are strengthened by Christ in the inner man, and that I am able to do super abundantly more than you dare think or imagine according to the power of the Holy Spirit which is at work in you. So the foundation that you need in your life is the intimate knowledge of My love for you. When you know Me as Love, you have no doubt that you are my favorite child, the apple of My eye, the one upon whom I delight in sharing My kingdom. All of My children are My favorites because I am Love. Love is the Spiritual blood that I infuse into you which brings My life and love into you, My spiritual life which comes from the Holy Spirit. It is the same power of love for the world that I showed when My Holy Spirit came upon Mary and impregnated her with Jesus, whom I sent to save the world. My love does the same thing for you, saves you from the works of evil in the world. Seek to know the depth, the height, the breadth and the length of My love for you. When you are rooted and grounded in My love, you will know Me so intimately that faith will reach such heights in you that you will be able to believe that I will do super abundantly more than you dare think or imagine because My Holy Spirit will provide the power of My faith, and you will not be limited to human faith. When you are firmly rooted and grounded in my love, no one and nothing will be able to keep you from My love. Nothing can take My love away from you. Love, God Ephesians 3:14-20; Romans 8:35-39; Luke 1:20-25; James 1:17-18; Romans 5:5-11; I Corinthians 13:4-13; Galatians 5:6; John 3:16-17.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Dear One, Don't forget with whom your battle is against, and it's never other people. People are only the vehicle through which the evil promptings come. All evil comes come hell via demonic spirits. In My Instruction Book they are called principalities and powers of the air, meaning evil spiritual beings who tempt My children. All problems, yes, all problems that come into your life originate from the evil spirits who whisper temptations in the ears of people to bring conflict in the lives of others.

Those spirits will whisper accusations, suspicions, or anything that will bring conflict between people. If you yield to them and return the conflicting attitude, then every evil spirit can enter into the situation and curse everyone involved. My Instruction Book also says where there is strife there is every evil work, meaning that there are evil spirits who will send out the call for other evil spirits to bring more havoc into the situation, which will eventually result in full blown war in your family, your friendships, your acquaintances, or your country. That eventual outcome could have been avoided if you had turned the other cheek and blessed the person through whom the original conflict began. Jesus tried to explain this matter to you and My apostles amplified the truth in their teachings and writings. Jesus taught you what to do when conflict comes in your life. Then the apostles amplified that by teaching what is at the basis of conflict and confirmed what you should do when conflict is present: Bless those who curse you, do good to those who spitefully use you, do not return evil for evil, only return good for evil done to you. It couldn't be more clear. The apostle Paul explained what is behind all evil done to you and he said it is principalities and powers of the air. They tempted Jesus and they tempt My children every day of their lives. When you can do what Jesus said to do, you will be able to avoid all strife because you won't react to the strife which comes against you in an attempt to multiply the power of evil in your life. When you do not return evil for evil, then the evil works fail without accomplishing their goal, which was to rob you of all the blessings of My family. When you do what Jesus taught you to do, you will defeat evil by sowing good into the situation which will amplify love, and love smothers a multitude of evil actions. When you can do what Jesus taught you to do by keeping peace with all people, then you sow seeds into the garden of blessings. When you can do what Jesus taught you to do, you protect your inheritance that comes from being My child. When you can do what Jesus taught you to do, you prevent yourself from being robbed by the devil. When you can do what Jesus taught you to do, you will promote My kingdom in the earth just like it is in heaven. When you can do what Jesus taught you to do, you will overcome all evil just like Jesus did. When you can do what Jesus taught you to do, you will be acting as My child in the earth and all of My blessings will overtake you. People are not your problem, not people with different religious beliefs, not people with different political persuasions, not people who are consumed with anger, not people who appear to live to cause problems; not people who torment you and do every evil against you. You are battling against evil spiritual beings in the atmosphere around you. You have the arsenal to cause the evil beings to cease in their pursuits to get you involved in strife. The arsenal is blessing the people that they use against you, doing good to the people they use to hound you and torment you. You also have My prayer languages which will rob them of their power and command their exit from your life. Life is a war against good and evil. Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil. He gave you the arsenal to do the same thing. Use your arsenal daily. Bless the people who are being used to do evil against you, do good to them. Battle and defeat the evil spirits with My prayer language, praying at all times in the Spirit. Blessings will overtake you. Love, God I John 3:8; Matthew 5:21-26; Matthew 5:38:48; Matthew 6:10=12: Matthew 7:1-6; Romans 12: 19-21; I Peter 4:8-10; James 3:16; Ephesians 6:10-18.
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Thursday, April 3, 2014


Dear One, My children who have had good moral foundations through family solidarity, training in My love and My ways, the ones who intimately know Me should refrain from judging the people who do not have that same firm foundation. The people who have no moral foundation have no education in the knowledge of spiritual things so their moral foundations are shaky because that stability can only come from the knowledge of Me revealed by the Holy Spirit.
  You must be patient and loving toward people who make bad decisions because they have no basis upon which to build a good foundation which will give the power to make good decisions. If you were in the same situation of being poor in spirit, you would make the same bad decisions. I said that the poor in spirit are blessed because My kingdom belongs to them. There are enough temptations in the lives of My children as they seek My kingdom and refrain from following the temptations of the devil. So My children don't need to yield to the temptation to judge others, thus causing themselves to be judged by the same judgment that they sow. There is enough of a struggle in their lives of refusing to obey evil temptations to engage in strife, anger, contention and dissension. They don't need to join in with judging thoughts and attitudes because the result will be that they will be judged themselves because of having sown judgment seeds into the garden of destruction. Forgiveness and blessing others are the antidotes for the poison of judging others. Jesus did not speak My truth just to hear himself talking like is done by many of My children. Jesus taught forgiveness and blessing others with great emphasis because He was warning My children about the forces of evil which are so sneaky that they put judging and condemning thoughts into your mind and make you think that they are your thoughts. They aren't. We talked about stopping the onslaught of negative, judgmental, condemning thoughts the minute that they enter into your mind so that you don't think on them until they become damaging attitudes and actions, sucking you into the curses which will cause you to be judged and condemned by others. When Jesus said that He was lowly in heart, He was saying that His thoughts never elevated himself above anyone so that He would judge them as being inferior in dress, looks, ethnicity, morals and value. Jesus was so lowly in heart that He never thought of himself while in the flesh to be equal to Me. He said that there was no one good except Me. He kept his humility. You must aim toward the humility that Jesus exemplified while in the earth by never judging anyone as being inferior to yourself in any way. Judging them will lower the value of other people in your mind, but blessing and forgiving people raises them in your mind to the value that I put upon their lives. Bless others instead of cursing them by judging them. Blessing others will result in My blessings returning to you. Sow forgiveness for others into the garden of blessings. The soil is ready. Love, God Matthew 5:3; John 5:16-23; Matthew 5:12-15; Matthew 7:1-2; Matthew 11: 28-30; Philippians 2:5-11; Matthew 5:43-48.