Sunday, July 31, 2016


Dear One,
    My Son Jesus taught great truths relating to you and your life on earth, how to avoid evil, and He also taught that if evil things do come upon you that His teachings and admonitions will show you how to be victorious over every trial or tribulation brought by the devil.  His emphatic words to you are that you must not only hear them, but you should do them in order to be victorious. 
    What happens very often is that My children forget My instructions through Jesus and when someone opposes them, hurts them or persecutes them, they react like the old fleshly man used to react.  They return evil for evil in order to get vengeance over someone.  Though they know how I tutored them to act, they resurrect the old, vengeful man in them and forget My instructions.  That is why Jesus taught that you should follow My instructions.  His promise to you is that if you hear My words and do them, that when storms and floods come and winds beat upon your house, that if you react the way that Jesus taught you to react, your house that is on solid foundation of My instructions will not fall but it will withstand anything that comes against you.  (Matthew 7:24-25)  He cautioned the casual children of mine who only hear My words but do not do them, that when the rains, storms and floods come and the winds beat against their houses, that their houses will crumble and fall into the flooding waters.  Jesus said that the fall will be great.  (Matthew 7:26-27)
    Remember that our sessions on standards relate to My promise that when the devil comes in like a flood that I will raise a standard against him.  Jesus taught about all of the standards for you to use relating to the strategies of the devil, all of his plans for your destruction.  When you are convinced that Jesus knew every wise word of what He spoke, you will never return evil for evil, but you will always raise My standard up in you and return good for evil.  If you return evil for evil instead of raising My standard of doing good to someone who does evil to you, your house is on the way down the flooding currents. 
    Jesus spoke about My standard of turning the other cheek.  If you strike back when stricken instead of turning the other cheek, the fight is on and you will pay the full price of your house being on the way down in the waters of the flood.  If you mentally digest the words of the Pharisees and the Sadducees instead of refusing to listen to them as My standard admonishes you, you will begin to fear everything and end up speaking and acting like them and your mental, emotional and spiritual house will be floating down the flooding river because you have joined with the devil's family.  If you do not raise My standard and make peace with your accuser in a court battle or a neighborhood squabble, you are in danger of the judge taking all that you have and you are left with nothing as your house floats down the flooding waters.  
    When you intimately know Me, you know that My Son Jesus spoke wisdom, insight and truth.  You know that My ways are always successful and for your good.  You will not only know My ways of raising up My standards in you in stressful, toxic, destructive situations with people. but you will do what I told you because you trust Me to make you ride on angel wings instead of floating down the river of destruction.
    People who heard these admonitions from the mouth of Jesus were so astonished that they said He taught as someone who had authority.  (Matthew 7:28)  You must remember the houses floating down the flood waters the next time you are tempted by the devil to judge someone.  You must raise My standard of forgiveness and forgive the person, just like I do.  You do it because you honor and trust My authority.  (Matthew 7:1-2)
    Do you believe that My words are words of authority, and that I know what I am talking about?  If so, then you will take My advice, always raising My standards in you of love.  When you do, My angels are there with My rewards for you because you have been victorious over evil and you are identified as My child. (Hebrews 11:6)
    Your Father of Rewards             


Dear One,
    When Jesus spoke of Himself as the Light of the world, He was telling you that every word that He spoke to you would light the path around the traps in the earth set for you by the devil.  (John 9:5) Also, if you did happen to be sucked into one of the evil setups in the earth and be engaged in conflict that would lead to destruction, then Jesus' admonitions would lead you out of the conflict and into peace with others.  He was not only concerned about His light leading you to heaven, but He was concerned mainly about teaching you how to avoid the evil that came upon the earth when Adam allowed the devil to enter the earth.  That is why He said that not one dot of His admonitions would pass away, because each one is pertinent today in your world as it was when Jesus walked in the earth. His warnings, His teachings and His admonitions are still "fresh as the morning breeze" today. (Matthew 5:19-20)
    Jesus warned about practicing your piety before people and the dangers of it, that the praise of people would be your only reward, but praying alone and giving alms and tithes in secret would be rewarded in secret by Me.  He warned about swearing an oath because it would open you up to condemnation if you couldn't fulfill your oath, He warned about returning evil for evil done to you, that it multiplies the devil's work in a situation.  He warned about the words of the religious and political leaders, how they bring hell into your life; but instead that you should harken to My words.  He said that if your righteousness is only what you hear from those unrighteous leaders that you will never enter into My kingdom benefits, but if you take My advice and follow My guidance that you will have My kingdom benefits overtake you in life. 
     He told you many things to do in order to bring peace to your little portion of the earth by turning the other cheek when  insulted or stricken, to refuse to get angry because it will lead to the devil's judgment.  He also told you to make friends with someone who accuses you of a wrongdoing or you will be taken to court and have to pay your last penny.  He admonished you not to let thoughts of lust for sex, lust for money or lust for power come into your mind because if you entertain those thoughts you have already committed the acts because you have incorporated the demon of lust into your life.  Refuse lustful thoughts when they first come into your mind, refusing evil that was sent to bring destruction into your life. He told you when you are asked to give something, to give more than you are asked, to give to anyone who begs from you and also to give money to someone who wants to borrow from you.  He admonished you not to worry and fret about anything, but to trust me to meet your needs and teach you how to prosper.
    Jesus was definite about loving your enemies and those people who persecute you, so that you may be true children of My love instead children of the devil's hatred.  He said that I make the sun to shine upon the ones who do evil as well as the ones who do good, that I pour rain on the just and the unjust.  Jesus then said that even the unbelievers love those who love them and do good to them, but He said that My children must do as I do, love the people who do evil things to them.  He said that you must be perfect in love, as I am perfect. (Matthew 5:43-48)
     My Holy Spirit amplified this truth of loving your enemies through Paul who said that when you do good to your enemies, blessing them and praying for them, that you are heaping My angels upon their heads to use coals of fire to burn out the evil in your enemies.  (Romans 12:18-21; Ezekiel 10:12)   Peter said to never return evil for evil done to you and if you will keep your tongue from evil and your lips from guile that you will be blessed abundantly because My eyes are upon you.  ( I Peter 3:9-12)
    Peter also told you that I have given to you everything that is necessary for the abundant life and godliness. (II Peter 1:3-4) I have given to you words of My guidance through Jesus and I have given you My Holy Spirit to live in you, leading you, teaching you and giving you My power to defeat evil.  What more do you need?  My children who take My advice, follow My guidance, coming to Me for My wisdom and insight instead of worrying, and keep their tongue from words of division, strife and anger will reign in life, victorious over the evil in the world.  They will be blessed abundantly with a life overflowing with love and peace.  You will be the light of the world. (Matthew 5:14-16)
     My kingdom of love is available in the person of My Holy Spirit who lives in My children.  He will show you how to overcome evil and access your blessings, according to the words of My Son Jesus.
    Your Enlightening Father

Saturday, July 30, 2016

standard of discerning false prophets

Dear One,
    Oh, how gullible My children are when false prophets come into their midst.  They welcome them simply because they say they come in My name.  The false prophets always have scriptures to prove their legitimacy, but you must remember that even the devil knows scriptures and uses them to prove the legitimacy of his temptations in the thoughts of My children just like he did with Jesus.  The standard that Jesus told you to use to determine if prophets are from Me or of the devil is their fruit.  He cautioned that grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes and figs are not gathered from thistles.  Good fruit can only be gathered from good, healthy trees.  A good tree cannot bear divisive, judgmental fruit.  A thorny tree cannot grow love and joy. 
     Jesus identified to you again something of which you must beware besides the teachings of the scribes, Pharisees and the Sadducees of whom He told you three times in the same teaching to beware. (Matthew 16: 6, 7, 11) He also said in his first teaching to BEWARE of false prophets who teach gloom, doom and fear.  Doom, gloom and fear are not the good news. False prophets are going to always teach and preach that doom, gloom and fear will come to you if you don't follow them and believe their prophecies.
      In the teaching when Jesus said to beware of false prophets, he gave you a hint of the serious results from following false prophets.  He said that not everyone who believed in Him would enter into My kingdom living.  He said that only those who follow  My teachings will enter into My kingdom of lovel.  He gives you every standard of behavior that I want you to portray in your life; those being love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, patience, self control, steadfastness, faithfulness and gentleness,  (Galatians 5:22-23)
    I am not telling you that if you do not have good fruit that I will withdraw My blessings.  What I am saying in teaching that you must be the image of My character in the earth is the principle of seed sowing.  If you sow to the kingdom of hell with evil fruit in your life, you will inherit from hell its kingdom curses.  If you sow into the earth from My kingdom of love, you will inherit the blessings from My kingdom of love.
     I grieve deeply for My children who choose to follow false prophets who teach fear, division, jealousy, enmity, strife, envy, political divisiveness, impurity, greed, pride, selfishness, anger, dissension, drunkenness, carousing and the like because they will not inherit My kingdom living in the earth but they will inherit the devil's curses.  I warned you from the very beginning when I warned Adam not to listen to those temptations of the devil to suck you into a hellish life while on the earth. 
     I warned My children many times to beware of the words of certain people.  All of the warning were for your good.  I even said that the false prophets will say that they prophesied in My name, cast out demons in My name, and did mighty works in My name.  (Matthew 7:21-23)  However, they cannot collect their inheritance from Me of living in My blessings while in the earth if they have the fruit of fear, anger and divisiveness in their lives and teach doom, gloom and destruction to My children.  They will only be able to live in the hell on earth that the devil provides because they did not intimately know Me and My Good News; that being the gospel of Jesus Christ who came to earth to destroy the works of the devil in the lives of people.  Instead, the false prophets prophesy fear, doom, gloom, destruction and death; so that is what they inherit in their lives.  Those poor false prophets only heard of Me by the hearing of the ear and the teachings of other false prophets.  They never knew Me face to face or they would not have taught doom, gloom, destruction and death.
    False prophets and their followers are like Job who said that he and his family were cursed because he only knew Me by the hearing of the ear, but when He learned to hear My voice is when He knew Me face to face and knew My true character of love. (Job 42:1-6)  When Job began to hear My voice instead of the voices of false prophets, all of My kingdom blessings became evident in his life.  I showed him how to walk in spiritual, emotional and physical prosperity.  It all began by his forgiving his friends who prophesied falsely to him.
     When you know My true personality and character, you will not be led astray by false prophets, whether they are religious or political.  You will know Me intimately, face to face,  hearing My voice of love via the Holy Spirit in you.  I will lead you to the green pastures of peace and still waters.(Psalm 23:1-3)
     If a teaching or prophesy is not good news and teaches love, then it is not from Me.
     My admonitions to My children of whom you should beware are given for your protection from the fangs of the devil who wants to rob you and kill you through false prophets.  Pray for the false prophets who are deceived.  Pray that their eyes will be opened so that they will truly know Me, My love and My power.  (Ephesians 1:15-22 and 3:14-20)
     Your Father of Love       

Friday, July 29, 2016


Dear One,
    When Jesus said, "Don't judge or you will be judged," it was a profound statement because My children thought that I was a judge, always judging, condemning and finding them guilty of breaking some religious law. (Matthew 7:1-2) Later He said that I neither judge people nor does He judge them.  (Matthew 5;22)  In fact, He said that if He does judge it is the discerning of spirits, judging whether spirits that are operating in someone are from My heaven or from hell. (John 12:47)  We do not judge people, we judge the spirits of satan, the demons who torment My children.
    Jesus wanted you to take this admonition seriously.  He cautioned you that if you judge others that you will be judged by the devil in return.  He even said how much you will be judged. He said by the same measure that you judge others you will be judged, not by Me, but by people as led by the devil.  Then He taught about the splinter that is in the eye of a person you judge as being small but the boulder of judgment that is in your eye as being huge.  He said to get rid of your spirit of judgment and then you might be able to help someone get rid of his splinter. (Matthew 5:3-5)
    Then He said not to give dogs what is holy and don't cast pearls before swine because they will turn and tear you up.  That was in the same context of judging.  What He was saying is that when you judge someone that you are casting yourself before the demonic spirits of judgment who are eager to turn on you and tear you limb from limb, seeing that your sins will be found out and you will be judged.  It's the principle of seed sowing.  If you judge others, you will be judged.  If you forgive others, you will be forgiven.  It is truth that Jesus taught that you are judged by your own words and by My words. (Matthew 12:37; Romans 2:12)
    In the temptation of Jesus by the devil, if you will remember the devil used the written laws to tempt Jesus.  He said, "Is it not written----?"  He uses the same thing to tempt, judge and condemn you.  He says to your thoughts, "Did God not say that you should not --" and then accuses you of breaking the laws. In doing that, he condemns and punishes you in your own mind and he uses the religious laws to cause others to condemn and judge you.  The boulder of judgment in your own thoughts has boomeranged back to judge you because you judged someone, as led by the devil, who is the spirit of judgment. 
     Forgiving everyone for being either a religious or civil law breakers is My desire for all of My children who are led by My Spirit.  Sometimes nonreligious people can forgive more readily than My children because they are not programmed by religious laws.  My children need to be My own standard of forgiveness in the world.  It is the devil who uses the laws to judge and condemn My children.  My own children should not judge and condemn others by the written laws which were given so that you could identify and avoid the works of the devil.  They were given to point out the devil, not used to judge anyone.(Romans 6:4-13)
     Forgiving others is the hardest thing for My children to digest because of the teachings from the demon of religion that teaches that I am the judge of all humans.  Jesus came to do My ministry in the earth of saving people, not judging them.  I make it easy to learn to forgive.  I sent My Holy Spirit into your life in order for you to develop My personal characteristics and personality.  My Spirit will teach you how to forgive from your heart.  You might choose to forgive from your mind for a while until you are taught by My Spirit to forgive from your heart,  that is your spirit. 
     My Holy Spirit is your personal tutor and counselor.  He was there when the blood of Jesus obliterated all of the sins of the whole world, so He is the Spirit of Forgiveness.  He can teach you how to look at someone who is motivated by the devil and see past the fleshly demons, seeing only the spirit of the person, forgiving the flesh and only seeing the need for love of the real person, which is the spirit of the person whom I love.
    When you bind yourself to someone by judging him or her, you bind yourself to the judgment of the devil that is already active in the life of the person.  You inherit the devil's judgment along with the person because what is bound on earth is also bound in heaven. (Matthew 16:19)  Loose yourself from the demon of judgment and your blessings will be loosed on you from heaven.
    Because of the demonic spirit of judgment that is still resident in some of My children, My image in the earth is maligned.   I need children who are lights in the world, ones who forgive everyone of their mistakes, their sins, their iniquities, their trespasses and their misdeeds, just as I do.  When you judge someone, then My image in the earth is cursed.  When My light of forgiveness shines in you, then people will glorify Me.
     Let your light of forgiveness so shine. 
     Your Forgiving, Nonjudgmental Father                 

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Dear One,
    In instructing My children on the subject of fasting, I told you through Jesus that when you fast that you should not put on a sad face, looking dismal in order that people will see that you are fasting and think that you are really pious and holy.  I said to do the opposite, to anoint your head, wash your face and go your merry way.  Jesus said that your Heavenly Father sees you in secret and will reward you.  Fasting to be seen by people in order to prove your spirituality has no reward.  That is what the hypocrites do.  (Matthew 6;16-18)
     I spoke to the pious who love fasting through Isaiah when I outlined the fasts that I honor and reward and the ones that I do not honor.  I told the people through Isaiah that they fast for their own person gain, to be seen by people, and that they fight and quarrel during their fasts which separate them from Me.  I said that fasting in that way does not make your requests known by Me.  I said to humble yourself before only Me.  (Isaiah 58:5)
     I even outlined the fasts that I choose for you.  I said to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the evil yokes from yourself, to let the oppressed to free and to break every evil yoke.  (Isaiah 58:6)  I meant to fast keeping people in bondage to yourself by your ill temper and controlling attitudes.
     I said My fast for you is that you share your bread with the hungry, to bring the homeless into your homes, to cloth the naked, and to be a guide to your own family.  (Isaiah 58:7)  I promised that when you fast being stingy, greedy and judgmental of the poor that I will make your light shine before people, that you will be healed speedily, your righteousness will go before you and My glory will guard you from behind.  I promised that you will call and I will answer, that you will say "Here I am," and I will see you.  (Isaiah 58:9)
      Then I said that you must also fast judging others by pointing your finger at them in scorn and speaking wickedness about people.  I said if you feed the hungry, satisfy the desires of the afflicted, then your light will shine in the darkness and I will guide you continually and satisfy you with good things.(Isaiah 58:10-11) A reward will be that your bones will be strong and you will be like a watered garden. 
      I promised that if you fast the evil temptations of the devil to oppress people, enslave people, be prejudiced toward people, judge people and withhold your blessings from the needy that your own generational curses will disappear and you will become a repairer of breeches, the restorer of all things. (Isaiah 58:12)
      I also promised that if you will seek Me and My ways instead of devising your own plans and then asking Me to bless them, that you will delight in Me because you have found that the majesty is Mine and not your frail human knowledge. (Isaiah 58:13)
      If you fast what I ask you to fast, then I make you to ride upon the heights of the earth and you will receive your full inheritance that Jesus said is already yours. (Isaiah 58:14; Matthew 6:33) 
      My teachings through Jesus mirror the prophesies of Isaiah.  Isaiah knew that I am not impressed by religious practices but I am thrilled by your kindness and goodness toward My other children. When you fast selfishness, then you are resisting the devil.
     Religious practices only glorify religious institutions.  When My instructional words are followed, then My kingdom will become real in your life.  I teach you how to resist evil, refuse evil and get rid of evil.  I teach you how to love the unloved and make peace with the those who sow conflict.  
     I created your world.  I know how to restore it back to My glory by making you My image in the world.
     Your Father of All Wisdom    


Dear One,
     Loyalty, unity and commitment to Me bring great rewards, as taught by Jesus on many occasions.  There are many of His cautions about being motivated by the passions of the flesh in His first teachings.  I wanted Him to reveal to My children the identity of their real enemies, that their enemies are the evil spirits behind the temptations of your fleshly desires, those of pride, greed, worrying, lust, fretting, anger and other spirits from hell which are sent from the devil to enslave you mentally to him. (Matthew 6:24)
    Jesus went into further explanation about this truth when He taught you about refusing to be anxious for anything such as having enough to eat, to drink or clothes to wear.  He was saying when concerns about those things come to mind that you should realize that I already know that you need them.  The teaching relates to what you should seek, not the needs of your body but solutions from  My Holy Spirit. He told you that instead of worrying about physical needs, that you should seek Me and My wisdom in the matter. Through My insight I will be able to reveal to you how to access ways to meet your needs that I already know that you have.  (Matthew 25-33) In fact, Jesus said that you cannot serve two masters, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, that today's troubles are sufficient for your mind to be able to handle.  Therefore, don't borrow from tomorrow's problems or you will be overburdened.  (Matthew 5:34)
    Jesus explained that you cannot serve the devil through being anxious or fretting and at the same time also serve Me through faith in My ability to provide for you.  That is being double minded.  He said FIRST thing to do is to seek Me and My RIGHTEOUSNESS and everything that you need will be added to your life.  When you are dedicated to worrying, then you are serving the passions of your flesh put there by the devil.  When you are dedicated to Me, then you seek Me, seek My wisdom, seek My solutions, seek My insight and seek My knowledge relating to the lack.  I will tell you how to refuse the devil's anxiety in your mind and I will tell you the ways and means to access the solutions that are already your heritage and the heritage of all of My children.
     David taught this truth also when he said not to fret.  (Psalm 37:1-9)  He said to trust in Me.  He said that when you trust in Me instead of fretting about things, that soon the wicked spirits behind a troublesome situation will be gone and you will possess the land and abound in prosperity. When you stop fretting you stop feeding the fretting demon which you fed by giving it your attention.  When you switch from fretting to seeking me, what happens quickly when you switch your commitment to Me from your commitment to fretting, worrying and being anxious is that the troublesome situation leaves because you are not feeding it by fretting, worrying and being anxious.  My promise is that when you trust in Me that you will possess the land and become abundant in prosperity, spirit, soul and body.
     It is not easy to switch loyalties when you are overcome with troubles.  That is why I told you to choose to seek Me.  The minute you choose to seek Me, those problems are over because you have chosen Me, your Father of Love and Peace.  You have switched back from curses to blessings.  Then when you continue to seek Me and My righteousness in the matter, per the promise of Jesus everything good will be added to you.
     I said that My kingdom is not eating and drinking but it's righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  (Romans 14:17) My kingdom is brought to you by My Holy Spirit.  He is the dispenser of My kingdom.  Therefore, seek My Holy Spirit for all of your needs, wants and desires.
     When the devil comes in like a flood, I lift up My standard in My children.
     My standard of trusting in Me will cause troubles to flee with their tails tucked between their demonic legs. 
     Your Father of Peace, Joy and Righteousness

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Dear One,
    In His first class that He taught to My children on how to avoid the traps set by the devil, how for you to take control over tempting thoughts that come from hell, Jesus said that the old command not to commit adultery did not adequately do what I intended it to do.  I intended for all of the old commands to identify the works of evil in the earth so that My children can refuse the temptations through which evil can enter into your thoughts, then your attitudes, then your actions, which will curse your life. 
    Jesus amplified the warning about adultery by identifying the demon behind the temptation to commit adultery which is lust.  He warned that if a person allows lust to enter into his or her mind instead of rejecting the thoughts, that that person has already committed adultery in his or her heart.  When the image of a lustful act is formed in the human mind, then it has already been committed because it is an image of what the demon of lust wants to do. 
    Jesus taught the proper way to handle any lustful thought which comes into your mind, which is pluck it out and cast it away.  You must set up a barricade in your mind which will not allow lustful thoughts to enter or there is a danger that your whole body will be thrown into hell by the devil. He will tempt you with the wiles of lust until you succumb to his temptations and commit adultery which will destroy your marriage, your family and your relationships.  You will lose everything that is precious to you.  Yielding to the lust and entering into sexual unity with someone other than your committed partner will not be worth the effects that adultery will have upon you and your family. Multiple families will be affected forever.  (Matthew 5:27-28)
     My wisdom to My children through Jesus is that if your hand offends you by sexually harassing someone because of the demon of lust, it would be better to cut it off and throw it away.  It is better to cut off that temptation at the beginning of the lustful thought and throw it away, refusing to yield to it.  (Matthew 5:29-30)Contrarily, if you yield to the demon of lust and touch someone inappropriately with your hand, you will be caught and you will be accused, arrested, charged and your punishment will be hell on earth, just exactly what the devil planned when he gave you the lustful thought. Evil will win in that situation.  You yielded to the lustful thought because you thought it was your secret thought, but it wasn't.  It was a temptation from hell, put in your mind to cause you to join in with the family of hell and inherit its destruction and death.
     This admonition was not given to condemn or judge anyone for committing adultery.  It was given by Me through Jesus to identify the demonic spirit that is behind all adultery and it is the demon of lust.  There can also be a lust for money which ends up with the same end of destruction and death if a person robs from anyone, either with a weapon or using greedy business dealings.  They will be caught, arrested and imprisoned until they have paid the full price, causing the devil to celebrate another victory for his family from hell. 
     The same is true of lust for power and control over other people.  Those temptations come to everyone who walks the earth, to the wealthy and to the poor.  The poor man, because of his frustration of failures will be tempted to take control over his wife, beating her, claiming that she is the reason for his failures.  He is deceived by the demon of lust which entices him to take revenge for his failures on the innocent ones, his family.  The demon of lust for power and control in the wealthy will yield to temptations to cheat and rob from the poor in order for him or her to have more and more power and control over people.  When that happens, the devil wins again, having a celebration in hell for his success in gaining control over more and more people through that one person.
    The demons of lust are rampant in the earth, in public communication, in churches, in businesses, in corporations, in books, in commercials, in conversations and in jokes.  Unfortunately, the demon of lust has gained respect and honor even from My children.  When a marriage goes sour the first thing that a counselor asks is, "How is your sex life?"  That comment says that the prime basis of a sound marriage is sexual desires.  That is so in error with my ways.  A healthy sexual relationship is the result of a glorious selfless love for one another.  It is not the sound elementary basis of the relationship.
    Jesus told you to cut off and cast away every lustful thought or you will be yielding to the demonic forces that are waiting to introduce you to hell on earth.  They are called fleshly passions by My apostles. 
     You must learn to recognize your enemy when he comes calling in your thoughts, which is every minute of the day.  Do what Jesus said to do and avoid having hell on earth.  Recognize lustful thoughts of any kind, arrest them and cast them into hell before they do the same to you, making your life a living hell on earth.
     Your Father of Cautious Warnings            

Monday, July 25, 2016


Dear One,
     You have found that everything that I instructed you out of the mouth of Jesus was given to aid you in your ability to access the goodness from My kingdom of love and goodness.  Many were given to aid you in avoiding the works of evil in your life, including guilt, condemnation and accusations.  I called the devil "the accuser of the brethren". (Revelations 12:10)  If he can get you to lie or do something for which he can accuse you in your thoughts later on, he has an available subject for his thoughts of guilt, condemnation and accusations.  You lose your peace of mind which is My gift to you. 
     In the first instructional class by your brother Jesus, he taught about this very thing.  He said that you have heard under the old laws that you should not lie or  swear falsely, but that you should perform to Me what you have sworn. (Matthew 5:33-37) Jesus narrowed it down and said not to swear at all by the heavens, by My name, by your head or by anything, taking an oath that you will do something.  He said to let your "yes" be "yes" and your "no" be "no".  He said that anything more than that comes from evil, meaning that the devil entices you to swear falsely that something is true or that you will do something and then he condemns you if even one little tidbit is not true or if one obligation is not met.  You give the devil an open door to your life if you swear or take an oath.  Jesus said that "yes" and "no" are sufficient. 
     This admonition is more powerful that you think.  If you swear to do something, to keep an obligation, to sign a pledge, to swear in court to tell the truth, then you open the door for the devil to work you over in your thoughts for not fulfilling the pledge or oath.  Or he will cause the person who gave you the oath the opportunity to have angry thoughts about you because you did not keep your promise.  In fact, the minute you swear to do something, take an oath, sign a pledge, etc., the devil is alerted that you are fair game to be condemned so he will bring something in your life that will cause you to not be able to fulfill your oath, meet your pledge or tell the complete, full truth.  That is why Jesus said to only say "yes" or "no".  Remember, he said that anything else comes from evil.  Yet, My children still swear to tell the truth with their hands on My Instruction Book and sign pledges in their organizations.  To avoid the condemnation, guilt and accusations, just say "yes" or "no", or only affirm in court or a legal document that you will tell the truth.
      Not only did Jesus emphasize this way to avoid evil, but others of My teachers gave importance to it.  James was even more explicit, as led by the Holy Spirit whom Jesus said would amplify His teachings.  He said not to grumble in life, to be patient, to be steadfast, and then he said, "ABOVE ALL, do not swear by the heavens or by the earth or by any other thing, but let your "yes" be "yes" and your "no" be "no", so that you will not fall under condemnation." (James 5;12)  How much more explicit can My admonitions be in an effort to keep you from falling for the devil's tricks which he brings to open you  up to his accusations which will cause you to lose your peace by flooding your mind with condemnation?
      I don't withdraw My love from you if you swear or take an oath.  The problem is that you put yourself under the devil's kingdom to be condemned and accused later if you do not keep your pledge or oath. You might even become frustrated and angry is you cannot keep your obligations.
      Can you understand and see spiritually that all of My instructions to you in My Instruction Book are given so that you will not fall for evil traps which result in robbing you of your peace of mind, your family, your home, your possessions, your love and your mental stability? 
      My standard for My children of never taking an oath or swearing by any means to do something, but instead to only say yes or no is a way to avoid the entrance of evil in your life?
      You must not only believe My standards, but you should be a doer of My standards in order to have peace of mind and joy.
      Your Helpful, Tutoring Father 

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Dear One,
     Another standard of righteous behavior that was displayed by Jesus and taught by Him is the attitude of humility.  Those teachings were given by Me in order for you to refuse to allow a spirit of pride to enter into you.  When the demon of pride enters into one of My children, then humility is gone.  When humility is gone, then My kingdom cannot minister to you because you have joined with the family of your spiritual enemy.  I even identified the behavior in which you would be tempted to engage by the devil in order to entice you to open the door for pride to enter into your thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions.  The way to identify pride is that pride demands attention.  Humility is satisfied that other people get attention and humility takes the back seat in every situation.  A humble person becomes a servant of others, not a celebrity.
    Jesus identified the way pride behaves when He said that you must not practice your piety before people such as making sure your gifts to the poor are evident to everyone. (Matthew 5:1-4)  If you will notice I said that when you do religious acts in front of people in order to be seen, that you will have NO REWARD FROM ME.  It is not that I withdraw My reward, it's that the spirit of pride in you got what it wanted from your enemy, attention for what you did. 
    Jesus expounded upon this warning about your giving up your wonderful gifts from Me in order to be praised by people.  He warned you not to stand and pray in churches or street corners in order to be seen by people and praised for saying such beautiful prayers and appearing to be so godly.  The opposite is true.  Those who love to pray in front of people and be praised for their beautiful prayers have already received what they desired, which was praises of people.  My way is to do what Jesus said, go into your own prayer place, your home, your inner thoughts through which you can secretly converse with Me or alone in the outdoors.   Your prayers must be times of intercourse between you and Me, not a display of religious fervor.  I said that your prayers should be in secret and I will hear you in secret and reward you openly. 
     Jesus, Himself, taught the people to pray by example, not as a prayer in itself, but as an example prayer because the people had asked Him how to pray. (Luke  11:1)  He gave them a model prayer, praying that My kingdom would come to earth as it is in heaven.  He told them to pray for daily necessities and for daily revelations from Me. (Matthew 6:11) Plus He told them to pray for forgiveness of their sins in relation to how they forgive other people. (Matthew 6:12) He prayed for deliverance from evil and that they might not be tempted. (Matthew 6:13) Then Jesus went into another teaching about forgiveness, that their own forgiveness depends on how much they forgive others. (Matthew 6:14-15)
      Before answering their question about how to pray, He went into further description about praying alone with Me and not to be seen and heard by other people.  (Matthew 6:6) He cautioned you that even in your private prayer times with Me that there is no need to repeat over and over empty words in order to make sure that I hear you. Remember that Jesus said that I know your needs before you even ask.  Your prayer times with Me are for you to receive My instructions on how to change your behavior into My standards so that you can easily be rewarded.  One way is to resist pride and become humble enough to ask for My advice, then take it. 
      Jesus spent all of His prayer times in unity with Me, with no one else around.  That is how He was so magnificently schooled in My wisdom, He was home schooled by Me in private, in secret, not praying one way prayers in front of people.  When you pray the way Jesus taught and in the ways that were demonstrated by Him, in private between the two of us, then communication is two way, not one way by your constantly asking for something that I have already granted but you can't collect because of barriers put up by your following the temptations of the devil, allowing him to erect huge barriers between heaven and earth with your participation.  When you are in one-on -one intercourse with Me, new life always comes to you when you hear My personal words to you.
       Some of My children would rather have a relationship with members of a body of supposed believers rather than be in a one-on-one personal relationship with Me.  It is only with our personal relationship that you become truly united with the invisible, universal church, the invisible body of believers who communicate one- on-one with Me.  You don't have to convince Me of your spirituality.  I live inside of you.  I know your faith or lack of it.  I know your needs and I am excited about teaching you how to collect the answers to your prayers. That is why our personal times of intercourse is so important, because I am able to give you insight on effective ways to collect your blessings.  Your fellowship with other believers should be the result of your individual times with Me, not a substitute.  Gathering together is where everyone shares what I personally revealed to him or her or taught to him or her.  Everyone benefits from My truth and becomes more and more free from the works of evil. (Colossians 3:16)
       The standard of humility is so very important.  All of the answers to your prayers are dependent upon your humility, refusing to let pride enter into your thoughts, attitudes, speech or actions. 
       I love our times of close fellowship together, just between you and Me.  You are rejuvenated and I am able to instruct you personally on how to receive the answers to your prayers which give you faith.
       I'm your Heavenly Dad.  I know these things.
       Your Prayer Answering Father     

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Dear One,
     My children have gotten on the wrong path somewhere by believing that all they have to do to have their prayers answered is to ask Me for My involvement in their lives and believe that I will automatically do what they ask.  They know neither the scriptures as taught by Jesus nor do they know My power. (Matthew 22:29) They do not know that their own behavior is indicative of whether they can receive the answers to their prayers or not.  If their behavior negates their identity as My child, then they cannot collect the answers to their prayers because their negative behavior puts blockages up between themselves and the answers to their prayers.  (Isaiah 59:1-4) I have already answered their prayers, but their behavior negates their collective abilities to receive.  That is why Jesus taught so emphatically about your thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions in every one of His teachings.  To those of My children whose spiritual eyes are open, it is the demons behind their negative behavior that block the answers to their prayers from arriving.
     My children do not realize that when Jesus said to, "Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you" the He immediately followed with His most quoted phrase, "So, do to others as you want them to do to you." (Matthew 7:7-12)  So He qualified that promise of asking, seeking and knocking with an instruction to be kind to other people in order for you to receive, find and open the door of your life to My blessings.  He also followed that admonition by saying that the gate is narrow that leads to the abundant life. 
    Jesus had already taught about His standards of behavior for My children of turning the other cheek, refusing to return evil for evil, leaving the altar if someone has something against you and apologizing to the person you have offended, loving your enemies. forgiving others so that your sins will be forgiven and other of His valuable instructions.  He said that if you will first seek Me and MY RIGHTEOUSNESS that everything will be added to you. (Matthew 6:31-33.  He didn't stop by saying that if you seek Me that what you ask will be added to you. He said to seek to be My children who display My righteousness and then the path will be cleared from My heaven to you for you to receive all of My blessings.
       My children must exemplify My standards of behavior in the earth for the narrow path to become wide leading to you upon which My answers to your prayers flow.  Your behavior does not justify you to inherit My blessings.  Jesus Christ living in you is that hope because He died for the sins of the world.  He made you justified to receive My blessings because He made you My child, born of My Holy Spirit.  But it is your sanctified ways, your Christlike behavior, My standards of righteousness in you, that clear the path to you upon which My blessings flow.
      My Spirit wrote that faith without the works of righteousness in you is dead faith, barren, unable to produce anything. (James 2:18-28)  This principle is why My righteousness as exemplified by you is so important.  It is Christ IN YOU that is the hope of My glory being able to bless your life. It is His works through you that identify you as My child, qualified to receive My blessings.
      For instance, one of the standards of righteousness that Jesus taught is that you must give to anyone who begs from you and that you should not refuse someone who would borrow from you. (Matthew 5:42)  That is a tough one for some of My children who are bound to the thought through Paul that if a person does not work that he or she should not eat. Paul was writing a letter to believers when He gave that command, born again Christians who were hearing his words of wisdom.  His letter related to My children who are freed from the curse of poverty.  Paul's instructions did not relate to the people who are unredeemed who are bound by the demon of poverty through generational curses, those who are not born of My Spirit. They are the people to whom Jesus was referring when He told you that you should give to those who beg from you or want to borrow from you.  The unredeemed people are the people who have no other source except Me through My generous children who have inherited My blessings.  Poverty is a demonic curse and those people who are born into families with that generational curse find that even the money they put in their pockets will fall through holes.  Jesus, Paul, Peter and James constantly wrote by the Holy Spirit's command to assist the poor, giving to those people who beg from you and who ask to borrow from you.  
     Some of My children have been robbed by the spirit of religion which teaches that they have to wait to get to heaven to be baptized with My blessings.  The devil is behind that blind doctrine.  That religious teaching has left some My children in bondage to poverty and lack of necessities.  My children who are enlightened by the truth that I am a generous Father whose pleasure it is to give you My kingdom must be the ones who supply alms and gifts to the poor. (Luke 12:32) You are My supply line to My children who are blinded and cursed by poverty.  You fulfill the admonitions of Jesus when you give to those who beg from you and who want to borrow from you.
      You have freely received, so freely give.
       Excemplify the standards of behavior of Jesus Christ in the earth and you will ask what you will and it will be done to you.
       Your Standard Teaching Father

Friday, July 22, 2016


Dear One,
     In My teachings to you through Jesus I covered everything relating to living a long, happy, abundant life in the earth.  One of the most misunderstood instructions through Him is that you should not resist evil when it comes at you through another person.  I said that if someone should sue you that you must give the person more than is asked of you.  I said if someone sues you and asks for your coat that you should give the person your cloak also. (Matthew 5:38-42) In doing that, you not only keep peace with the person but you sow seeds of peace in the earth.  The person will know that you have not wanted to cheat him or her but you have wanted to be more generous than is required, just like your Heavenly Father in heaven is generous with you. 
     When you give more than is required of you, you are saying that keeping peace is more important than cloaks or lands or money, exactly what I said when I said for you not to build up treasures for yourself in the earth but to build treasures in heaven, this principle of truth being that you will have the glorious treasure of peace in your heart and in your life.  (Matthew 6:19-24) In giving more than is required of you, you are saying that you know, as My child, that your mission in the earth is to always keep peace' and in doing that, that you are identified as My child.  You are saying that you are not serving Me and mammon at the same time.  I said that it is impossible to be loyal to two things at the same time.  So if you give more than is required of you to someone who sues you, you have shown that peace is more important than money or lands or cloaks.  Seeking peace in everything is My desire for My children.  If you resist evil and keep resisting evil when being sued, you are in for a lifetime of conflict with the person who sues you.  He or she will want to take all that you have because you have angered him or her.  Your life is shortened, your health is cursed and you have given up your mental stability of peace for mere mammon if you do not settle the dispute and offer more than is required.
     If you resist settling generously with someone who sues you, there is a big chance that you will lose it all in a court of law.  If you settle and offer more than is required, you have kept peace and kept some of your assets. 
      In that same exhortation, Jesus said that if someone with evil intentions forces that you go a mile with him that you should not refuse, which would be resisting evil. Think of it in this scenario: if someone takes your vehicle and forces that you go with him or her for a mile, if you will go willingly with him for more miles, you are more likely to be let go unharmed than if you had resisted and refused to go when you were forced.  When someone with evil intents forces you to go along, his or her intent is to escape.  If you resist, then the person with evil intents is more likely to kill you than release you because you are impeding his escape.  But If you go willingly, then there is more likely the chance that the person with evil intents will see the humanity in you and not kill you.  If you resist hysterically, you have increased the likelihood that you will be killed.  By keeping peace with the person, you have sown peace in the situation and the person with evil intent is more likely to let you go.  Behind the earthly scenes, if you keep peace, then I can work My miracles in seeing that you are released. 
      This is an important standard, the standard of keeping peace with everyone.  In keeping peace, no matter what is involved, then you will emerge from a trying  situation with peace in your heart and the knowledge that there is peace between you and your previous enemy.  You have made a friend who sees that peace is important to you because you are My child.  You have peace in your mind, your soul, and you will prosper and be in health because your soul is prospering.(III John 1:2)
       Remember that Jesus did not teach just to be talking.  Every word from His mouth is important because they are My words, and you must make every word important to you for your life in the earth to be conflict free and for there to be peace in your heart and in your life.
       My words are always opposite to the passions and temptations of the devil in your flesh.  The devil wants you to protect yourself by striking back at someone, resisting someone or opposing someone because if you do what he tempts you to do, then your life will be shortened or you will live a life in conflict with others, having no peace in your life.  Jesus came to earth so that you would have the abundant life that I promised to My children.  Every word that He spoke is important.  Pay heed to My words through Him and live a peaceful life.
        Jesus was known as the Prince of Peace even before He was born into the earth.  He knows how to keep peace.  Follow His lead, being led by My Spirit, and you will be led to keep peace with everyone. (Romans 8:14)
       Your Attentive, Instructive Father  

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Dear One,
     While He was in the earth, Jesus Christ was the perfect standard, the perfect example and the perfect model of My character.  It was the presence of My Holy Spirit in Him that gave Him the ability to be My image in the earth.  He is the One through whom I gave My wisdom to My children which was written into My Instruction Book and is revealed by My Holy Spirit to those of My children who seek Me for My insight and knowledge.  He said that none of His words would pass away in importance but they are always pertinent to your life and the lives of all of My children. (Matthew 25:35)
     One of His standards of character which must be replicated in My children is the standard of turning the other cheek when someone strikes you with bad
attitudes, words or actions.  It is not being a sissy or a coward to walk away from destruction and danger when someone offends you.  It is being righteous and brave because you know that when you return blows for blows that you are multiplying evil in the world instead of diffusing evil by returning good for evil, just like Jesus said to do. 
      Jesus knew what He was talking about.  He endured accusatory, threatening words from the scribes, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the soldiers and the rulers, never returning evil for evil.  He turned the other cheek and then walked away from the presence of evil or He would not have been able to complete His ministry in the earth.   On the way to His resurrection He turned the other cheek, refusing to defend Himself because He knew that it was the devil who was opposing Him, not human beings.  He knew His enemy, the devil, which He was eventually going to defeat in hell by taking back from the devil the authority the devil had been given by Adam to do evil works in the earth.  He knew that in sending My Holy Spirit to live in My children who seek Me that the real enemy would be defeated by My Holy Spirit's presence in My children, those enemies being the demons who had been dispensed in the earth by satan at the beginning of the earth at Adam's disobedience.  (Mark16:17)
      The most beautiful sight in heaven is when My children turn their backs to the demons behind the human beings who are insulting them, opposing them, bullying them, or injuring them. When you walk away from evil, refusing to return evil for evil done to you, then the bully is left holding the bag, looking silly and powerless because his scheme didn't work, the scheme to flood the earth with evil through you.  You don't fall for the devil's plan and the demon and the person are left with nothing to further the evil.  It's like you dumped cold water on the head of the devil.  Then if you do good to the person, blessing him or her and praying for him or her, the demon is certainly powerless because it couldn't get you to fall for his temptation.
     The standard of Jesus is to never make flesh and blood your enemy, but to always know that it is the devil behind the scenes in the spiritual dimension who is your enemy.  If you strike back at a person, you are only shadow boxing because flesh and blood are not your enemy.  (Ephesians 6:10-12) Your enemy is invisible to human eyes.
     I am looking for My standards in the earth, children of Mine who will exemplify My character of sharing My love and keeping peace in the earth.  Walking away from offensive behavior toward you and turning the other cheek are paramount to being known as My child.  (Matthew 5:9)   When you are identified in the heavens as My child you will begin receiving your full inheritance of the abundant life.
     As Christ is in the heavens, so must you be in the earth.
    Your Peace Keeping Father


Dear One,
    We talked yesterday about My standard of apologizing to someone you have offended as being My advice in order to maintain peace in your life so that there will never be an emotional war between you and others of My children.  We talked about how apologizing will "clear the air" of negative spirits which would love to escalate a difference of opinion or belief into division and discord, bringing destruction into your life.  We talked about My standard of apologizing to someone whom you have wronged as being effective in identifying you as My child, keeping you in My family and in line of the benefits of My inheritance that I have already prepared for you.  (Matthew 5:21-26)
     Another of My standards, that is another model of My character which I told Jesus to reveal to you, is the standard of forgiving anyone who wrongs you, refusing to return evil for evil done to you.  Most of My children have taught their own children to strike back when stricken by someone, but Jesus told you that if you are stricken that you should walk away, turn the other cheek, refusing to yield to the spirits of anger, vengeance and retribution.  He told you to forgive the perpetrator of the evil done to you, for you to pray for the person and even to do good to him or her.  Do whatever is necessary to restore peace between you so that you will be examples of My standard of keeping peace by forgiving everyone who offends you.  (Matthew 5:38-44) 
     When My children return evil for evil done to them, they are denying that they are My children from My family of peace.  (Matthew 5:9)  They are portraying the family from hell who wants My peace in the world to be destroyed using My own children who have yielded to the spirits of discord, anger and hatred.  Unfortunately, what you sow will be returned to you.
    If you will forgive everyone immediately who offends you in attitudes, words or actions, you will find that you have given to Me the offensive person for My forgiveness and you have become My standard of peace in the world.  Then, because you are identified as a peacemaker and My child, My wonderful blessings flow into your life.  Rejecting your blessings by holding on to grudges is never worth the temporary self imposed vengeance from hell that wants to rob you of My blessings. 
    I am eager for My children to become My standards of peace in the world, the examples of My character and personality of peace and forgiveness.  When My children become peacemakers, then your world will be at peace because of the crops of peace which are harvested.  People desire peace in their own lives and when they see My children of peace displaying My standard of forgiveness, they will want the peace that you have because you have sown peace.
    Be "peace" in your world and you will harvest peace, making your life harmonious and tranquil.
    Your Peace Loving Father    


Dear One,
    One of My character traits that is the hardest in which My children are asked by me to yield is My love for all of mankind.  Loving your neighbor as you love yourself is hard enough to do but it is only with the power of My Holy Spirit inside of you that you can love your enemies as I love you. (Matthew 19:19; John 13:34) One of the reasons for My mysterious plan that was hidden for ages and was finally revealed -- that being Christ in you, the hope of living a life of glory in the earth -- is that it is only with the indwelling of My Spirit in My children who gives you the ability to love everyone as I love you. In fact, I said that you must love your enemies so that you will be the children of your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:44)
    That admonition says that if you do not love your enemies that you are not My children.  (Mathew 5:43-48) WOW!  That should get your attention.  That means to love your religious enemies, your political enemies, your social enemies, your family enemies, your denominational enemies and your cultural enemies.  Your own brother, Jesus, said that you are known as My child by loving your enemies who persecute you and do all manner of evil against you. 
    The normal attitudes and actions of My children are to hate their enemies, which were the thoughts, attitudes and actions of their old nature when they were children of the evil flesh which is influenced by the devil instead of their being led by My Spirit and being My children.  Even In My covenant with a nation I told them to love their neighbors as themselves. (Leviticus 18:19)  In My new covenant of lvoe, when I come to live in you in the person of My Holy Spirit, I love your enemies through you.  When you allow me to love your enemies through you, you are identified as My child by people and also by My angels who are eager to provide you with your inheritance blessings which come from being My child.  My love through you toward your enemies is what identifies you as My obedient child.  When you love your enemies, you will make peace with them because your brother Jesus was considered the Prince of Peace. By His presence inside of you, you must be known as a dispenser of peace and love in relating to your enemies.
    Loving your enemies who do evil against you, oppose you and persecute you will fill your life with love because you have sown love into the world.  You have caused your enemies to be at peace with you because they cannot resist the power of My love being evident through you.
    Loving your enemies is another standard, a model, an example of My character that is raised in the world when the devil comes in like a flood into your life and you choose to love your enemies as I love you instead of hating them for what they do to you.  Love is always My standard, the perfect example of My personality. 
    Jesus made a shocking statement after He encouraged you to love your enemies.  He said that you must be perfect as I am perfect in heaven. (Matthew 43-48) I am perfected in love and I can make you perfect in love if you will lay aside your prejudices, your hatred, your anger, your opposing attitudes, your discord and your divisive thoughts. (Galatians 5:16-24)  When you are perfected in My love, you fulfill all of the instructions of Jesus and the keys to My kingdom can be revealed to you because there are no demonic thoughts and attitudes blocking your blessings.  (Isaiah 59:1-4)
     It's not hard to be perfect in love.  I not only ask you to be perfect but I give you the power to become perfect in love.  Yes, I am a good Father who asks you to do something and then gives you the supernatural abilities through My Holy Spirit to do what I ask you to do.
    Being led and guided by My Holy Spirit is the key to My kingdom that enables you to be perfect in love.  Love is My standard and I said that those who are led by My Spirit of love are My children. (Romans 8:14)
    Your Father of Perfect, Unconditional Love

Monday, July 18, 2016


Dear One,
     We talked about when the enemy of My children comes in like a flood that I will raise up a standard against him.  (Isaiah 59:19)   Living in the earth is regularly affected by evil spirits using other people against you, either your family, your friends, your neighbors or strangers.  Through your brother Jesus I coached you on how to bring peace between you and someone if you have done something to offend a person.  It is an important instruction that is necessary in order for you to get your prayers answered.  Yes, enmity between you and someone else will cause the answers to your prayers to be blocked.  Jesus said it and you must believe His admonition if you truly believe in Him and believe My messages through Him. (Matthew 5:21-26)
     In that important setting when He was teaching valuable lessons to My children He said that being angry with someone is the same as killing the person, as far as I am concerned, because in yielding to anger you will inevitably demean the other person by judging him or her in your mind, eventually either labeling him or her as a fool to the person himself or to someone else.  Jesus clearly said that when you are angry with someone that you are in danger of the fires of hell. (Matthew 5:22)  That is a very revealing statement by Jesus, telling you that anger will summon satan's hell into your life to curse your existence. 
      Jesus went on to say that if you are praying (offering your gifts at the altar) and you remember that someone has something against you, that you should leave and go to your accuser and make peace.  If you are the offending person, then an apology is not only good enough to clear the air but it is necessary. (23 and 24)  He said to make peace QUICKLY with someone who accuses you of something or the devil will turn you over to his judging demons who will turn you over to the guard of his prisons and that you will not be released until you have paid the last penny.  Yes, until his destruction has done its full judgment on you, you will not be released by him because you joined with his emotion of anger and insulted and demeaned another of My children.   That action of your will gave permission for the devil to harass you with his destructive actions because you have joined his family by acting like one of his children. (25-26)  You switched families and temporarily joined with the devil's family, opening yourself up for his judgment of you.  That is what he does to My children who join him in his destructive acts, he destroys your peace, your love, your family, your friendships, your reputation as My child and your well being.
      How simple it sounds, that you can stop the flow of the curses of the devil just by doing what I said to do, raising up My standard, the example of My personality, the model of My character in the situation and all evil spirits have to leave the situation.   The reason why it is so simple is that good overcomes evil every time, not occasionally but every time.  The hard part is your choosing to make your mouth utter an apology which brings peace between you and the person.  That invisible hand on your throat that makes it difficult to apologize is the devil's spirit of pride which does not want you to give up your anger and become an emissary of My peace.   It makes no difference who is right or wrong in a situation.  What is important is that My children live by My standard of bringing peace to every situation so that they will not be in danger of the fires of hell by being angry with someone. 
      This instruction by Jesus is only one of the ways that He taught you to keep peace with everyone.  We will explore the other ways.  Each one is effective in ridding your life of the works of the devil, which My Spirit said that Jesus came to earth to do.  (I John 3:8) 
      If you profess to believe in Jesus Christ, then you will take His words of instruction and do them,  not being a hearer only.  I want to answer your prayers and make you successful in life so I gave you clues and keys through Jesus and through My Holy Spirit on how for you to receive your full inheritance from Me, which is the abundant life.
      Evil thoughts, words and actions will always overcome you and bring curses into your life.  Apologizing to someone whom you have offended will always "clear the air" meaning literally clearing the air of evil spirits of anger which bring the fires of hell into your life.
      Good actions will always erase the evil in which you previously engaged.  Apologies make evil words from opposing sides white as snow because they are My ways and means in which you can sow peace in your world.
      Your Peace Loving Father  

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Dear One,
    Many of My people are willing to "stand up for Jesus" by speaking His name at every opportunity in order to let people know that they believe in Him.  Yet, they sow discord, anger, hatred, division and dissension among My other children.  They think that identifying with His name is being a standard by which they are called to honor His name.  Their actions honor neither Me nor My son.  They think that "name dropping" is being a good witness for Us.  Oh, how I wish they would stop mentioning My name or the name of My Son because their attitudes and actions are miles away from My actions and attitudes displayed through Jesus and taught by Him. 
    The standards of being My child which are to be displayed to the world were identified by Jesus in His first teaching.  He said that you will be blessed if you are molded into My image, into My likeness of being meek, humble, merciful, images of My righteousness, loving and makers of peace.  Those are the standards, the signs  of My personality that draw people to Me. (Isaiah 59:19)   They are signs of My goodness and My will in the earth.  My will is not for you to be yelling My name on the street corners as a perceived witness for Me.  My will is for you to BE My personality and character in the earth.
    I said that if I am lifted up in you by My character and personality being evident in you, then all people will be drawn to Me.  (John 12:32)  You have observed that people run away from the name droppers who stand in the marketplace proclaiming to know Me.  People  run from them instead of to them.  If the character of the people who "proclaim" My name had My attributes of mercy, love, kindness and goodness, then people would be drawn to them like a magnet.  They would not have to stand on the street corners announcing that they know Me. 
     My children become My "standard bearers" by becoming personally acquainted with Me.  My children need to become My images, My witnesses in the earth by being so intimately acquainted with Me that they become like Me, the way a child becomes like his or her parent by spending time with the parent and then by osmosis becoming like the parent, the mirror of the personality of the parent. 
    Going into the earth in My name means to go into the earth representing Me by being righteous, kind, merciful, loving and joyful.  It does not mean that you are called to mention My name frequently as a sign of knowing Me.  If you have to mention My name frequently as a name dropper in an effort to honor Me, then you are not yet molded into My image. When you are a witness of My personality in the earth, then you don't have to announce it yourself.  Other people see Me in you and are drawn to you because of your love.
    I am Love.  I have never been a crusade, a religious movement, a political party or a doctrine which needs to be protected and spread.  I am Love and I have always been Love.
    Become Love in the world and you will be the standard, just like Jesus, because you are My image in the earth.  (John 23:34-35)  When you become Love, you don't need to announce that you love Me.  My Love becomes evident in your life.
     Your Loving Father   

Saturday, July 16, 2016


Dear One,
    When you see threatening skies with dark, swirling clouds, you know that the weather is about to be threatening, so you seek shelter and protection from any bad weather that is headed your way.  You take precautions and make sure that all of your property and family are protected.  That is being diligent and wise.
    It is the same with unsettling situations in your life, in your family, your city, your country and your nation.  When strife filled, contentious, argumentative, conflict filled and angry situations arise that relate to your life, instead of sitting idly by as if you had no power, your immediate reaction must be to start praying and sowing love and peace.  If you join with the strife, you will inherit the judgments that come from engaging in strife.  You will draw strife back to yourself.  But, if you sow peace, love, forgiveness, kindness and goodness into the world, you will receive those wonderful attitudes and reactions into your life.  That is a basic spiritual truth, one which Jesus taught at every opportunity when He walked in the earth.
    When unrest and dissension appear around you out of the blue, like bad weather,  then My children often quote loudly that I will raise up a standard against it.  Guess what, you are the one who sets My standard in the earth because Jesus is with Me now and only My children who sow peace in the earth are known as My true children. You are one of My children through whom I show My standards of love and peace to the emotional, crusading, argumentative people who have yielded to the emotions of the devil.  
     Very often, the opposite is true.  Very often My own children show that they have switched sides and have become children of the devil when they join in with demonic attitudes, speeches, attitudes and actions.  They join with divisive political and religious leaders who have their own agendas in mind.  Jesus stated that the peacemakers are known as My children.  (Matthew 5:9)  He never said that those who are crusading for Him or for Me are the peacemakers.  He said that the people who bring peace to the world are My children.
    You would not run into the middle of an approaching storm.  That would be foolish and dangerous.  It's the same in relation to stormy situations which look exciting and appear to be fulfilling.  If they are contentious, divisive, filled with strife, hatred and anger, then you might as well walk into the middle of a tornado which is swirling with debris.  You will be injured.  You will reap the devil's judgment for his own strife, hatred and anger which he stirs up around you and in you. 
     My standard is for you to yield to Me and I will show you how to bring peace to your own self first and then for you to bring peace to everyone who confronts you, opposes you or tries to engage you in a conflict.  I told you through Jesus that you will pay the full price if you join in a battle against other people. (Matthew 5:21-26) There is no right or wrong in battles between people. (Ephesians 6: 11) There is only death and destruction.  My wise children run from conflict, not into it.  They run to Me for My instructions, which are always to bring peace instead of furthering strife, conflict and dissension. (James 4:1-10; Romans 21)
    In emotionally driven, angry conflicts, I look for one person whom I can call to save the masses from their demonic inspired crusades. Often I cannot find one person among those who call themselves by My name who is a peacemaker, a standard of My will in the matter, one who will start sowing peace in the midst of conflict.  It only takes one peacemaker to show My standard of peace.  (Isaiah 59:8 and 19)
     You always save yourself by sowing peace and tranquility in others.  Be My standard in the earth in every demonic flood of conflict.  Every conflict is demonic in origin.
     Your Conflict Free Father   

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Dear One,
    You know the power of My personal, powerful words to you, how they bring faith and belief that I will answer your prayers.  (Romans 10:17)  It should not surprise you to know that your testimonies of what I have done for you are powerful to the hearing of other people who need to know that I am loyal, trustworthy and dependable, eager to answer their prayers, also.  Many of My children know what I did through Jesus and they know that I can do the same in their lives, but that is only hope.  When they hear that I did actually do something for you that is clearly a miracle, a healing, a word of wisdom or anything else that could not come by human power or knowledge, then they have faith that I can do the same thing for them. (Hebrews 11:1)
     My Holy Spirit told you that there are those people who have never heard the message that I am Love and that I want to change the circumstances in their lives which are caused by evil of some sort.  They know that I can change things for them, but they don't believe that I will actually change things for them by My power because they have never heard living, true examples of what I have done for someone in your world today.  Many of My children believe that they have to wait until they experience the miracle of coming to heaven to be with Me after death of their bodies to experience healing and changed circumstances,  They need to hear testimonies or they cannot believe.  My Spirit said that to My children, that they cannot believe for anything unless they hear testimonies.  You must not withhold your testimonies from anyone, as led by My Spirit. (Romans 10:14-16)
     In that instruction from Me relating to testimonies and messages of good news, I even told My children that there are some people who believe that someone else needs to come to heaven and bring Christ down again and then they will believe that their circumstances will be changed.  There are some who believe that someone will have to go to hell to bring Christ up from the dead and then they will  be saved from their circumstances.   My Holy Spirit proclaimed a glorious truth when He said that neither of those things will happen again, because My Holy Spirit's Words are in you, in your mouth and in your heart, the words of faith in which you believe. 
     My words of faith should not be merely stored up in you for future use sometime when you have the courage to share your testimonies.  They need to be shared with the depressed, the sick, the demon possessed, the poverty stricken, the homeless, the orphans, the widows and the confused, anyone who is in need of hearing about My loyalty and the fulfillment of My promises to all of My children.  They don't only need to know about My promises, they need to know about My confirmation of My promises when I brought My power of My Spirit into your life and changed garbage into gold.  People need to hear about My acts of goodness and kindness to you so that they can believe.  Your testimonies give them the power to believe that I will pour My goodness and kindness upon them.
     As My Spirit said, how will they believe if they have not heard messages and testimonies of My activities in your life and the lives of My other children who believe?  It is through living, active, current testimonies that they will more surely believe.  My Holy Spirit said it and it is true. 
    There are people who know about My promises but are filled with doubt because they are religious, never coming to Me for revelations and insight into the written Word. (Romans 10:1-3) They are powerless, always motivated by fear.  When they hear testimonies of what I have done for you and others of My children, then faith begins to rise up within them.  When they find evidence in My Instruction Book to what you have testified that I did in your life, then My Spirit will be able to minister faith to them, but only after they have heard testimonies of the veracity of My Words. 
     I said to those of My children who have been given My gifts and revelations that more will be given to them because they have a firm basis upon which to believe.  To those who have little, even those gifts will be taken away because the devil will theorize to them in their minds that it was caused by human coincidence.  They will be robbed because of their unbelief. 
     Share your testimonies of My mighty works in your life.  They are evidence of My power.  People need to hear them so that they can believe for themselves and receive My gifts and revelations.  There are hungry and thirsty people in your world.  Feed them your own testimonies.  (John 21:15-17)
      Your Powerful Father 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Dear One,
    People give testimonial dinners for someone they admire.  People come to the events to give tribute to the person who is being honored.  They speak personal testimonies of the person's goodness, the person's graciousness, the person's kindness, the person's goodness, the person's generosity,  the person's love, the person's humor, and other wonderful attributes about the honored guest.  No one talks about anything negative about the personality of the honored person.  It is a time for attributes to be mentioned.
     Jesus talked about the testimonies relating to Him and His works.  He said that He, Himself, did not testify about His own works, but that other people told about the miracles, the deliverances, the healing of the sick, the wise and encouraging teaching, the love and peace that drew others to Him.  The people who had been freed from diseases, demonic spirits, depression, slavery to human passions and freedom from religious laws were the people who told testimonies about My goodness and thus drew crowds to hear Jesus and His positive message. It was exhilarating for them to hear that He came to earth to give them them life more abundantly than they previously had.  When someone left his meetings freed from diseases, they told other people and those people flocked to Jesus because they wanted to be freed also.  So it was through the testimonies of the people who had shared in the power of the Holy Spirit that was present in Jesus that did the work, the testimonies drew people to hear the enlightening, positive messages spoken by Jesus.  Then Jesus gave credit to Me for doing the work.  (John 5:30-34)
     It is the same today.  It is testimonies about what I have done in your life that draws people to Me.  What I did thousands of years ago is only theory unless there are current testimonies relating to My work in your life and the lives of My other children.  Those are living testimonies.  (Romans 10:13-18)  Those are what draws other people to Me or, as My Spirit wrote to the Romans, how can they even be saved if they have not heard how you were saved from destruction, diseases, enslaving passions and even death?  Even living, fresh, current testimonies from your mouth about what I did for someone else will also draw people to Me for My help.  As I told you years ago, "Let Me do something for you and you will have a living testimony.  Then I will bring people to you individually to hear your testimony of My power.  Then those people will also believe."
     It is said that it is by the blood of the Lamb and the power of your testimony that you will saved from evil. (Revelations 12:11)   What I have done in your life, freeing you from the works of the devil, are permanently engraved on your heart and in your mind.  They are My one-on-one evidence to you that I am still alive, well, powerful against evil, and eager to meet your needs and the needs of other people.  You have overcome negative thoughts and demonic mental temptations which tell you to doubt Me and doubt My written words,and the way that you overcame those negative thoughts of doubt were overcome when you followed My guidance and went over again and again in your mind the fresh, active, current and living testimonies of what I had previously done in your life.  You overcame unbelief by the works of My Spirit in your life (the blood of the Lamb) and the words of those previous powerful testimonies, even to yourself.  Those same testimonies do the same powerful works in the lives of other people who are struggling with unbelief and doubt.  People who are faithless need to hear your testimonies also, as My Spirit said through Paul, so that they can believe.
     Like I said, how will they believe unless they hear testimonies of My goodness?  How will people believe in My loving kindness unless they hear your testimonies and the testimonies of My other children about how My loving kindness saved them from the destruction of evil?  I didn't say that people overcome only by the teaching that My Holy Spirit might do something glorious in the lives of people.  I said overcoming also comes by the words of My Holy Spirit and the words of your testimony, your living, breathing, current, powerful testimony about what I have done for you and in you.
     People are hungry and thirsty to hear what I can do for them.  When they hear what I have done for you, they will know that I will do for them what I did for you.  They will overcome the evil in their lives because they believed your testimony about the power of My Holy Spirit and your testimony about what I do in your life to save you from the evil in the world. 
     Overcome the works of the devil and the power of hatred, anger, divisiveness, strife and all negativity that is rampant in the world by speaking about what I have done for you.  Tell that I am no respecter of persons, that I will do for others what I have done for you.  In doing that, you will introduce them to My saving grace.   They won't know unless they hear active, powerful testimonies.
      People willingly give testimonials at special events to honor a person.   My children need to be willing to give testimonials every day to other people who are hungering and thirsting to know if I am still alive and working in the earth. 
     You must tell them. 
     Your Father of Miraculous Works

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Dear One,
     In an important and instructional teaching session, not once, not twice, but three times My Son Jesus warned you to beware of something that is dangerous to you.  Yet My children pay little attention to His emphatic warnings to beware of the words (bread) of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.  The Pharisees were the religious leaders who dietized the laws of My covenant with a nation. They put the religious laws above the welfare of My children. They forgot about Me but instead they made a god of the religious laws.  Those laws were given by me to identify evil spirits so that My children could avoid their temptations, but the religious leaders used them to condemn, judge, punish and exclude My children.  The Sadducees were a political sect who used old covenant religious beliefs to justify their own patriotic extreme political beliefs in order to bring their nation to world dominance.  (Matthew 16:6, 11 and 12; Acts:1:4-6)
     For Me to warn you three times about something should make you pay attention, take note and take My advice.  Yet My children listen to religious leaders who are bound to fundamental doctrines without revelation of My Holy Spirit.  In doing that, they become judgmental and condemning instead of becoming forgiving, loving and kind.  Revelation knowledge comes from My Holy Spirit and His words are the foundation upon which My true family is built.  My family is the invisible body of believers who are in unity with Me.  They are My children who listen to My Spirit and are led by My Spirit. (Matthew 16:13-19)  It is through that revelation or unveiling of My wisdom that I give the keys of My kingdom to My children who consume My words to them and take My advice, knowing that I am a loving, kind, merciful, good Father. 
     Jesus warned earlier that you know a tree by its fruit. (Matthew 7:15-20) If a religious or political leader is exclusive, judgmental, filled with anger and hatred for any of My children, then his fruit is rotten, bitter and divisive.  We talked about the fact that if you bind yourself to that person, consuming his or her words, then you bind yourself to the evil spirits who are motivating the person.  When you do that, you inherit the mental diseases and bitterness which will curse your life, inviting destruction into your family.  (Matthew 16:19)
     If I were to send My Son into the earth again, He would be killed again because He is not religious or political.  He is My Son, so He is loving, kind, merciful, delivering My children from the works of the devil instead of feeding them the words of the devil which the Pharisees and Sadducees of His day and your day do.  The devil never appears as who he is.  Sheep's clothing are his costume which makes him presentable to you.  Take My advice.  If you consume his bread through diseased, dying trees it will curse you physically, emotionally and spiritually.
     I did not tell you to hate the religious and political false teachers who teach hatred and anger.  I told you to beware of their fruit. Do not consume it, do not listen to it and then allow it to curse you, because it will.  Forgive them for their deception, bless them, but do not consume their toxic poison.  Realize that they are deceived by the thirst for power and dominance in a world in which I called My children to be servants of people, not condemning, judgmental rulers.  No where did I say that extreme patriotism is a fruit of My Spirit.  In fact, I said that one of the fruit of the flesh is party spirits, divisive political sects.  Remember that the flesh is always influenced by satan.  (Galatians 5:19-23)
    I called My children to serve love to the unloved.  I called My children to serve peace to those who have been judged and condemned.  I called My children to forgive their enemies rather than battle with them.  I called My children to be My images in the earth.  Go and be My child in the world because you bring peace to every situation. (Matthew 5:9)
    Your Father of Cautious Instructions        

Monday, July 11, 2016


Dear One,
    While teaching about allowing My Holy Spirit to reveal My teachings to My children that came through Jesus, He identified to Peter that My church would be built upon one thing, that being the revelation knowledge about My kingdom which I unveil to My children who seek Me and My wisdom.  You must remember that My spiritual church is made up of believers who are united with Me, not united with some particular doctrine.(Matthew 16:15-18)  Jesus even promised that when My words are personally revealed to you that the gates of hell cannot prevail against the knowledge that is uncovered.  In other words, to be stable and immovable in My family of love, peace and mercy, My children must take advantage of the tutoring of My Spirit.  Jesus said that My Spirit would take the words that He spoke and reveal them to you.  That is the wonderful benefit of Christ being in you, the hope of enjoying My glory while you are in the earth.  It is My Holy Spirit in Jesus that made Him the Christ, the victorious one.
   Then Jesus immediately declared that the keys of My kingdom are revealed to you through that wonderful one-on-one relationship that the sacrifice of Jesus made available to you, the personal indwelling of My Holy Spirit in your own spirit, giving you power over the works of the enemy and giving you revelations of My wisdom and knowledge.  It is through those revelations that you become acquainted personally with Me.  It is through those revelations that you gain access to your full inheritance.  It is through those revelations that I give you the keys to My kingdom.
    Jesus said the keys to My kingdom will cause you to operate in the earth with the same power that I operate in heaven.  He was saying that My anointed authority that resides in you will cause you to bind the works of the evil spirits in the heavens from harassing you and other people, and that you will loose on earth
My anointed powers that I have loosed in heaven when I gave you My Holy Spirit.  He was saying that you would reign over evil in the earth as My children because you have the same power that was resident in Jesus when He lived in the earth. Jesus even said that you would do more than He did. (Matthew 16:19)
    There is also a warning in that truth.  It is the truth that you must stay in unity with Me, bound to Me in Spirit, or you will be deceived into becoming bound to the devil through fellowship with his ministers in the earth.  He was giving you warning that if you bind yourself to someone or some group that is operating in hatred, judgment, anger, bitterness and division, that you will by spiritual osmosis loose upon yourself the same evil spirits which are in control of those people who are deceived.  It's the same truth that He went on to teach, that you can't serve two masters, Me and the devil who works through the flesh of people.  He had just cautioned them to beware of the words (bread) of the Sadducees and Pharisees.  He even spoke that warning again, telling them to beware of the words of evil sent by the devil to ensnare them through those two religious, political parties
     In that one setting Jesus was instructing you that if you bind yourself to the religious and  political teachings that come from judgment, hatred, unbelief, bitterness, division, anger and other evil evil spirits, that you will be bound to the same spirit of judgment that is upon the people who are teaching fear and hatred, causing them and you to inherit destruction and death.  You cause those evil spirits to be loosed upon your life when you bind yourself to their religious or political teachings.  The Pharisees were a political sect of the followers of religious law and the Sadducees were the ones who dietized the written law and thus were against Jesus Christ, who was My word which became flesh.  Their opposition to Him was caused by His refusal to put the written laws above Me and My ministry to the lost.  They judged the lost for not keeping the religious laws but I sent Jesus to save the lost. 
     Jesus gave you a warning twice in that setting when He taught about My kingdom becoming established inside of you in the Person of My Holy Spirit and His revelation knowledge spoken to your thoughts from the inside of you.  He warned twice about the bread (words) of the people who teach fundamental beliefs in religious laws instead of revelation from My Holy Spirit, and He warned you to beware of political sects which consider themselves the pious ones, using religion to further their political causes.  It was those two religious parties which opposed Jesus.  The evil spirits behind them still oppose Me and they pursue My children with vigor. 
     It was the same religious and political parties who refused the Holy Spirit's ministry in the earth, just like they opposed Jesus, because of their religious and political desire to rule the world. When Jesus appeared to them and told them to wait to be endued with My power, they wanted to know if their nation would finally be restored to world dominance.  (Acts 1:6)  He told them that they, individually, would receive power when My Holy Spirit came to live in them, not that their nation would have world power.  It is the same today.  Political and religious spirits entice My children to strive for world dominance,  They want to rule the world but they cannot even dominate their own fleshly demons.
    My Holy Spirit is the only teacher, the only tutor for My children.  If you allow religious and political demons to teach you through people, then you leave My kingdom and join with the evil spirits who are doing the same thing in your world as they did when Jesus walked the earth.  (I Timothy 1:1-7; I Timothy 4:1)
   My Holy Spirit of discernment will alert you to the bread of the spirits behind men who seek to lead you astray into fear and anger and hatred.  Jesus warned you twice in that teaching not to consume their words because to what you bind yourself on earth, you will be bound in the heavens.  If you are bound to evil teachings in the earth, you are bound to the judgment of the devil.  If you are bound to My teachings of love in the earth from My Holy Spirit, you are bound to love and love's rewards in the earth.
    I am Love and there is no variation in My personality. (Romans 5:5)
    Take the warning of Jesus and allow My Spirit to fulfill My caution to you.  Continue to beware of the teachings of the spirits behind the Sadducees and the Pharisees. 
     Love overcomes all evil. 
     Your Father of Love