Thursday, July 28, 2016


Dear One,
     Loyalty, unity and commitment to Me bring great rewards, as taught by Jesus on many occasions.  There are many of His cautions about being motivated by the passions of the flesh in His first teachings.  I wanted Him to reveal to My children the identity of their real enemies, that their enemies are the evil spirits behind the temptations of your fleshly desires, those of pride, greed, worrying, lust, fretting, anger and other spirits from hell which are sent from the devil to enslave you mentally to him. (Matthew 6:24)
    Jesus went into further explanation about this truth when He taught you about refusing to be anxious for anything such as having enough to eat, to drink or clothes to wear.  He was saying when concerns about those things come to mind that you should realize that I already know that you need them.  The teaching relates to what you should seek, not the needs of your body but solutions from  My Holy Spirit. He told you that instead of worrying about physical needs, that you should seek Me and My wisdom in the matter. Through My insight I will be able to reveal to you how to access ways to meet your needs that I already know that you have.  (Matthew 25-33) In fact, Jesus said that you cannot serve two masters, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, that today's troubles are sufficient for your mind to be able to handle.  Therefore, don't borrow from tomorrow's problems or you will be overburdened.  (Matthew 5:34)
    Jesus explained that you cannot serve the devil through being anxious or fretting and at the same time also serve Me through faith in My ability to provide for you.  That is being double minded.  He said FIRST thing to do is to seek Me and My RIGHTEOUSNESS and everything that you need will be added to your life.  When you are dedicated to worrying, then you are serving the passions of your flesh put there by the devil.  When you are dedicated to Me, then you seek Me, seek My wisdom, seek My solutions, seek My insight and seek My knowledge relating to the lack.  I will tell you how to refuse the devil's anxiety in your mind and I will tell you the ways and means to access the solutions that are already your heritage and the heritage of all of My children.
     David taught this truth also when he said not to fret.  (Psalm 37:1-9)  He said to trust in Me.  He said that when you trust in Me instead of fretting about things, that soon the wicked spirits behind a troublesome situation will be gone and you will possess the land and abound in prosperity. When you stop fretting you stop feeding the fretting demon which you fed by giving it your attention.  When you switch from fretting to seeking me, what happens quickly when you switch your commitment to Me from your commitment to fretting, worrying and being anxious is that the troublesome situation leaves because you are not feeding it by fretting, worrying and being anxious.  My promise is that when you trust in Me that you will possess the land and become abundant in prosperity, spirit, soul and body.
     It is not easy to switch loyalties when you are overcome with troubles.  That is why I told you to choose to seek Me.  The minute you choose to seek Me, those problems are over because you have chosen Me, your Father of Love and Peace.  You have switched back from curses to blessings.  Then when you continue to seek Me and My righteousness in the matter, per the promise of Jesus everything good will be added to you.
     I said that My kingdom is not eating and drinking but it's righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  (Romans 14:17) My kingdom is brought to you by My Holy Spirit.  He is the dispenser of My kingdom.  Therefore, seek My Holy Spirit for all of your needs, wants and desires.
     When the devil comes in like a flood, I lift up My standard in My children.
     My standard of trusting in Me will cause troubles to flee with their tails tucked between their demonic legs. 
     Your Father of Peace, Joy and Righteousness

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