Thursday, July 21, 2016


Dear One,
    We talked yesterday about My standard of apologizing to someone you have offended as being My advice in order to maintain peace in your life so that there will never be an emotional war between you and others of My children.  We talked about how apologizing will "clear the air" of negative spirits which would love to escalate a difference of opinion or belief into division and discord, bringing destruction into your life.  We talked about My standard of apologizing to someone whom you have wronged as being effective in identifying you as My child, keeping you in My family and in line of the benefits of My inheritance that I have already prepared for you.  (Matthew 5:21-26)
     Another of My standards, that is another model of My character which I told Jesus to reveal to you, is the standard of forgiving anyone who wrongs you, refusing to return evil for evil done to you.  Most of My children have taught their own children to strike back when stricken by someone, but Jesus told you that if you are stricken that you should walk away, turn the other cheek, refusing to yield to the spirits of anger, vengeance and retribution.  He told you to forgive the perpetrator of the evil done to you, for you to pray for the person and even to do good to him or her.  Do whatever is necessary to restore peace between you so that you will be examples of My standard of keeping peace by forgiving everyone who offends you.  (Matthew 5:38-44) 
     When My children return evil for evil done to them, they are denying that they are My children from My family of peace.  (Matthew 5:9)  They are portraying the family from hell who wants My peace in the world to be destroyed using My own children who have yielded to the spirits of discord, anger and hatred.  Unfortunately, what you sow will be returned to you.
    If you will forgive everyone immediately who offends you in attitudes, words or actions, you will find that you have given to Me the offensive person for My forgiveness and you have become My standard of peace in the world.  Then, because you are identified as a peacemaker and My child, My wonderful blessings flow into your life.  Rejecting your blessings by holding on to grudges is never worth the temporary self imposed vengeance from hell that wants to rob you of My blessings. 
    I am eager for My children to become My standards of peace in the world, the examples of My character and personality of peace and forgiveness.  When My children become peacemakers, then your world will be at peace because of the crops of peace which are harvested.  People desire peace in their own lives and when they see My children of peace displaying My standard of forgiveness, they will want the peace that you have because you have sown peace.
    Be "peace" in your world and you will harvest peace, making your life harmonious and tranquil.
    Your Peace Loving Father    

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