Thursday, July 14, 2016


Dear One,
    You know the power of My personal, powerful words to you, how they bring faith and belief that I will answer your prayers.  (Romans 10:17)  It should not surprise you to know that your testimonies of what I have done for you are powerful to the hearing of other people who need to know that I am loyal, trustworthy and dependable, eager to answer their prayers, also.  Many of My children know what I did through Jesus and they know that I can do the same in their lives, but that is only hope.  When they hear that I did actually do something for you that is clearly a miracle, a healing, a word of wisdom or anything else that could not come by human power or knowledge, then they have faith that I can do the same thing for them. (Hebrews 11:1)
     My Holy Spirit told you that there are those people who have never heard the message that I am Love and that I want to change the circumstances in their lives which are caused by evil of some sort.  They know that I can change things for them, but they don't believe that I will actually change things for them by My power because they have never heard living, true examples of what I have done for someone in your world today.  Many of My children believe that they have to wait until they experience the miracle of coming to heaven to be with Me after death of their bodies to experience healing and changed circumstances,  They need to hear testimonies or they cannot believe.  My Spirit said that to My children, that they cannot believe for anything unless they hear testimonies.  You must not withhold your testimonies from anyone, as led by My Spirit. (Romans 10:14-16)
     In that instruction from Me relating to testimonies and messages of good news, I even told My children that there are some people who believe that someone else needs to come to heaven and bring Christ down again and then they will believe that their circumstances will be changed.  There are some who believe that someone will have to go to hell to bring Christ up from the dead and then they will  be saved from their circumstances.   My Holy Spirit proclaimed a glorious truth when He said that neither of those things will happen again, because My Holy Spirit's Words are in you, in your mouth and in your heart, the words of faith in which you believe. 
     My words of faith should not be merely stored up in you for future use sometime when you have the courage to share your testimonies.  They need to be shared with the depressed, the sick, the demon possessed, the poverty stricken, the homeless, the orphans, the widows and the confused, anyone who is in need of hearing about My loyalty and the fulfillment of My promises to all of My children.  They don't only need to know about My promises, they need to know about My confirmation of My promises when I brought My power of My Spirit into your life and changed garbage into gold.  People need to hear about My acts of goodness and kindness to you so that they can believe.  Your testimonies give them the power to believe that I will pour My goodness and kindness upon them.
     As My Spirit said, how will they believe if they have not heard messages and testimonies of My activities in your life and the lives of My other children who believe?  It is through living, active, current testimonies that they will more surely believe.  My Holy Spirit said it and it is true. 
    There are people who know about My promises but are filled with doubt because they are religious, never coming to Me for revelations and insight into the written Word. (Romans 10:1-3) They are powerless, always motivated by fear.  When they hear testimonies of what I have done for you and others of My children, then faith begins to rise up within them.  When they find evidence in My Instruction Book to what you have testified that I did in your life, then My Spirit will be able to minister faith to them, but only after they have heard testimonies of the veracity of My Words. 
     I said to those of My children who have been given My gifts and revelations that more will be given to them because they have a firm basis upon which to believe.  To those who have little, even those gifts will be taken away because the devil will theorize to them in their minds that it was caused by human coincidence.  They will be robbed because of their unbelief. 
     Share your testimonies of My mighty works in your life.  They are evidence of My power.  People need to hear them so that they can believe for themselves and receive My gifts and revelations.  There are hungry and thirsty people in your world.  Feed them your own testimonies.  (John 21:15-17)
      Your Powerful Father 

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