Saturday, July 16, 2016


Dear One,
    When you see threatening skies with dark, swirling clouds, you know that the weather is about to be threatening, so you seek shelter and protection from any bad weather that is headed your way.  You take precautions and make sure that all of your property and family are protected.  That is being diligent and wise.
    It is the same with unsettling situations in your life, in your family, your city, your country and your nation.  When strife filled, contentious, argumentative, conflict filled and angry situations arise that relate to your life, instead of sitting idly by as if you had no power, your immediate reaction must be to start praying and sowing love and peace.  If you join with the strife, you will inherit the judgments that come from engaging in strife.  You will draw strife back to yourself.  But, if you sow peace, love, forgiveness, kindness and goodness into the world, you will receive those wonderful attitudes and reactions into your life.  That is a basic spiritual truth, one which Jesus taught at every opportunity when He walked in the earth.
    When unrest and dissension appear around you out of the blue, like bad weather,  then My children often quote loudly that I will raise up a standard against it.  Guess what, you are the one who sets My standard in the earth because Jesus is with Me now and only My children who sow peace in the earth are known as My true children. You are one of My children through whom I show My standards of love and peace to the emotional, crusading, argumentative people who have yielded to the emotions of the devil.  
     Very often, the opposite is true.  Very often My own children show that they have switched sides and have become children of the devil when they join in with demonic attitudes, speeches, attitudes and actions.  They join with divisive political and religious leaders who have their own agendas in mind.  Jesus stated that the peacemakers are known as My children.  (Matthew 5:9)  He never said that those who are crusading for Him or for Me are the peacemakers.  He said that the people who bring peace to the world are My children.
    You would not run into the middle of an approaching storm.  That would be foolish and dangerous.  It's the same in relation to stormy situations which look exciting and appear to be fulfilling.  If they are contentious, divisive, filled with strife, hatred and anger, then you might as well walk into the middle of a tornado which is swirling with debris.  You will be injured.  You will reap the devil's judgment for his own strife, hatred and anger which he stirs up around you and in you. 
     My standard is for you to yield to Me and I will show you how to bring peace to your own self first and then for you to bring peace to everyone who confronts you, opposes you or tries to engage you in a conflict.  I told you through Jesus that you will pay the full price if you join in a battle against other people. (Matthew 5:21-26) There is no right or wrong in battles between people. (Ephesians 6: 11) There is only death and destruction.  My wise children run from conflict, not into it.  They run to Me for My instructions, which are always to bring peace instead of furthering strife, conflict and dissension. (James 4:1-10; Romans 21)
    In emotionally driven, angry conflicts, I look for one person whom I can call to save the masses from their demonic inspired crusades. Often I cannot find one person among those who call themselves by My name who is a peacemaker, a standard of My will in the matter, one who will start sowing peace in the midst of conflict.  It only takes one peacemaker to show My standard of peace.  (Isaiah 59:8 and 19)
     You always save yourself by sowing peace and tranquility in others.  Be My standard in the earth in every demonic flood of conflict.  Every conflict is demonic in origin.
     Your Conflict Free Father   

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