Sunday, July 31, 2016


Dear One,
    When Jesus spoke of Himself as the Light of the world, He was telling you that every word that He spoke to you would light the path around the traps in the earth set for you by the devil.  (John 9:5) Also, if you did happen to be sucked into one of the evil setups in the earth and be engaged in conflict that would lead to destruction, then Jesus' admonitions would lead you out of the conflict and into peace with others.  He was not only concerned about His light leading you to heaven, but He was concerned mainly about teaching you how to avoid the evil that came upon the earth when Adam allowed the devil to enter the earth.  That is why He said that not one dot of His admonitions would pass away, because each one is pertinent today in your world as it was when Jesus walked in the earth. His warnings, His teachings and His admonitions are still "fresh as the morning breeze" today. (Matthew 5:19-20)
    Jesus warned about practicing your piety before people and the dangers of it, that the praise of people would be your only reward, but praying alone and giving alms and tithes in secret would be rewarded in secret by Me.  He warned about swearing an oath because it would open you up to condemnation if you couldn't fulfill your oath, He warned about returning evil for evil done to you, that it multiplies the devil's work in a situation.  He warned about the words of the religious and political leaders, how they bring hell into your life; but instead that you should harken to My words.  He said that if your righteousness is only what you hear from those unrighteous leaders that you will never enter into My kingdom benefits, but if you take My advice and follow My guidance that you will have My kingdom benefits overtake you in life. 
     He told you many things to do in order to bring peace to your little portion of the earth by turning the other cheek when  insulted or stricken, to refuse to get angry because it will lead to the devil's judgment.  He also told you to make friends with someone who accuses you of a wrongdoing or you will be taken to court and have to pay your last penny.  He admonished you not to let thoughts of lust for sex, lust for money or lust for power come into your mind because if you entertain those thoughts you have already committed the acts because you have incorporated the demon of lust into your life.  Refuse lustful thoughts when they first come into your mind, refusing evil that was sent to bring destruction into your life. He told you when you are asked to give something, to give more than you are asked, to give to anyone who begs from you and also to give money to someone who wants to borrow from you.  He admonished you not to worry and fret about anything, but to trust me to meet your needs and teach you how to prosper.
    Jesus was definite about loving your enemies and those people who persecute you, so that you may be true children of My love instead children of the devil's hatred.  He said that I make the sun to shine upon the ones who do evil as well as the ones who do good, that I pour rain on the just and the unjust.  Jesus then said that even the unbelievers love those who love them and do good to them, but He said that My children must do as I do, love the people who do evil things to them.  He said that you must be perfect in love, as I am perfect. (Matthew 5:43-48)
     My Holy Spirit amplified this truth of loving your enemies through Paul who said that when you do good to your enemies, blessing them and praying for them, that you are heaping My angels upon their heads to use coals of fire to burn out the evil in your enemies.  (Romans 12:18-21; Ezekiel 10:12)   Peter said to never return evil for evil done to you and if you will keep your tongue from evil and your lips from guile that you will be blessed abundantly because My eyes are upon you.  ( I Peter 3:9-12)
    Peter also told you that I have given to you everything that is necessary for the abundant life and godliness. (II Peter 1:3-4) I have given to you words of My guidance through Jesus and I have given you My Holy Spirit to live in you, leading you, teaching you and giving you My power to defeat evil.  What more do you need?  My children who take My advice, follow My guidance, coming to Me for My wisdom and insight instead of worrying, and keep their tongue from words of division, strife and anger will reign in life, victorious over the evil in the world.  They will be blessed abundantly with a life overflowing with love and peace.  You will be the light of the world. (Matthew 5:14-16)
     My kingdom of love is available in the person of My Holy Spirit who lives in My children.  He will show you how to overcome evil and access your blessings, according to the words of My Son Jesus.
    Your Enlightening Father

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