Monday, July 18, 2016


Dear One,
     We talked about when the enemy of My children comes in like a flood that I will raise up a standard against him.  (Isaiah 59:19)   Living in the earth is regularly affected by evil spirits using other people against you, either your family, your friends, your neighbors or strangers.  Through your brother Jesus I coached you on how to bring peace between you and someone if you have done something to offend a person.  It is an important instruction that is necessary in order for you to get your prayers answered.  Yes, enmity between you and someone else will cause the answers to your prayers to be blocked.  Jesus said it and you must believe His admonition if you truly believe in Him and believe My messages through Him. (Matthew 5:21-26)
     In that important setting when He was teaching valuable lessons to My children He said that being angry with someone is the same as killing the person, as far as I am concerned, because in yielding to anger you will inevitably demean the other person by judging him or her in your mind, eventually either labeling him or her as a fool to the person himself or to someone else.  Jesus clearly said that when you are angry with someone that you are in danger of the fires of hell. (Matthew 5:22)  That is a very revealing statement by Jesus, telling you that anger will summon satan's hell into your life to curse your existence. 
      Jesus went on to say that if you are praying (offering your gifts at the altar) and you remember that someone has something against you, that you should leave and go to your accuser and make peace.  If you are the offending person, then an apology is not only good enough to clear the air but it is necessary. (23 and 24)  He said to make peace QUICKLY with someone who accuses you of something or the devil will turn you over to his judging demons who will turn you over to the guard of his prisons and that you will not be released until you have paid the last penny.  Yes, until his destruction has done its full judgment on you, you will not be released by him because you joined with his emotion of anger and insulted and demeaned another of My children.   That action of your will gave permission for the devil to harass you with his destructive actions because you have joined his family by acting like one of his children. (25-26)  You switched families and temporarily joined with the devil's family, opening yourself up for his judgment of you.  That is what he does to My children who join him in his destructive acts, he destroys your peace, your love, your family, your friendships, your reputation as My child and your well being.
      How simple it sounds, that you can stop the flow of the curses of the devil just by doing what I said to do, raising up My standard, the example of My personality, the model of My character in the situation and all evil spirits have to leave the situation.   The reason why it is so simple is that good overcomes evil every time, not occasionally but every time.  The hard part is your choosing to make your mouth utter an apology which brings peace between you and the person.  That invisible hand on your throat that makes it difficult to apologize is the devil's spirit of pride which does not want you to give up your anger and become an emissary of My peace.   It makes no difference who is right or wrong in a situation.  What is important is that My children live by My standard of bringing peace to every situation so that they will not be in danger of the fires of hell by being angry with someone. 
      This instruction by Jesus is only one of the ways that He taught you to keep peace with everyone.  We will explore the other ways.  Each one is effective in ridding your life of the works of the devil, which My Spirit said that Jesus came to earth to do.  (I John 3:8) 
      If you profess to believe in Jesus Christ, then you will take His words of instruction and do them,  not being a hearer only.  I want to answer your prayers and make you successful in life so I gave you clues and keys through Jesus and through My Holy Spirit on how for you to receive your full inheritance from Me, which is the abundant life.
      Evil thoughts, words and actions will always overcome you and bring curses into your life.  Apologizing to someone whom you have offended will always "clear the air" meaning literally clearing the air of evil spirits of anger which bring the fires of hell into your life.
      Good actions will always erase the evil in which you previously engaged.  Apologies make evil words from opposing sides white as snow because they are My ways and means in which you can sow peace in your world.
      Your Peace Loving Father  

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