Monday, July 11, 2016


Dear One,
    While teaching about allowing My Holy Spirit to reveal My teachings to My children that came through Jesus, He identified to Peter that My church would be built upon one thing, that being the revelation knowledge about My kingdom which I unveil to My children who seek Me and My wisdom.  You must remember that My spiritual church is made up of believers who are united with Me, not united with some particular doctrine.(Matthew 16:15-18)  Jesus even promised that when My words are personally revealed to you that the gates of hell cannot prevail against the knowledge that is uncovered.  In other words, to be stable and immovable in My family of love, peace and mercy, My children must take advantage of the tutoring of My Spirit.  Jesus said that My Spirit would take the words that He spoke and reveal them to you.  That is the wonderful benefit of Christ being in you, the hope of enjoying My glory while you are in the earth.  It is My Holy Spirit in Jesus that made Him the Christ, the victorious one.
   Then Jesus immediately declared that the keys of My kingdom are revealed to you through that wonderful one-on-one relationship that the sacrifice of Jesus made available to you, the personal indwelling of My Holy Spirit in your own spirit, giving you power over the works of the enemy and giving you revelations of My wisdom and knowledge.  It is through those revelations that you become acquainted personally with Me.  It is through those revelations that you gain access to your full inheritance.  It is through those revelations that I give you the keys to My kingdom.
    Jesus said the keys to My kingdom will cause you to operate in the earth with the same power that I operate in heaven.  He was saying that My anointed authority that resides in you will cause you to bind the works of the evil spirits in the heavens from harassing you and other people, and that you will loose on earth
My anointed powers that I have loosed in heaven when I gave you My Holy Spirit.  He was saying that you would reign over evil in the earth as My children because you have the same power that was resident in Jesus when He lived in the earth. Jesus even said that you would do more than He did. (Matthew 16:19)
    There is also a warning in that truth.  It is the truth that you must stay in unity with Me, bound to Me in Spirit, or you will be deceived into becoming bound to the devil through fellowship with his ministers in the earth.  He was giving you warning that if you bind yourself to someone or some group that is operating in hatred, judgment, anger, bitterness and division, that you will by spiritual osmosis loose upon yourself the same evil spirits which are in control of those people who are deceived.  It's the same truth that He went on to teach, that you can't serve two masters, Me and the devil who works through the flesh of people.  He had just cautioned them to beware of the words (bread) of the Sadducees and Pharisees.  He even spoke that warning again, telling them to beware of the words of evil sent by the devil to ensnare them through those two religious, political parties
     In that one setting Jesus was instructing you that if you bind yourself to the religious and  political teachings that come from judgment, hatred, unbelief, bitterness, division, anger and other evil evil spirits, that you will be bound to the same spirit of judgment that is upon the people who are teaching fear and hatred, causing them and you to inherit destruction and death.  You cause those evil spirits to be loosed upon your life when you bind yourself to their religious or political teachings.  The Pharisees were a political sect of the followers of religious law and the Sadducees were the ones who dietized the written law and thus were against Jesus Christ, who was My word which became flesh.  Their opposition to Him was caused by His refusal to put the written laws above Me and My ministry to the lost.  They judged the lost for not keeping the religious laws but I sent Jesus to save the lost. 
     Jesus gave you a warning twice in that setting when He taught about My kingdom becoming established inside of you in the Person of My Holy Spirit and His revelation knowledge spoken to your thoughts from the inside of you.  He warned twice about the bread (words) of the people who teach fundamental beliefs in religious laws instead of revelation from My Holy Spirit, and He warned you to beware of political sects which consider themselves the pious ones, using religion to further their political causes.  It was those two religious parties which opposed Jesus.  The evil spirits behind them still oppose Me and they pursue My children with vigor. 
     It was the same religious and political parties who refused the Holy Spirit's ministry in the earth, just like they opposed Jesus, because of their religious and political desire to rule the world. When Jesus appeared to them and told them to wait to be endued with My power, they wanted to know if their nation would finally be restored to world dominance.  (Acts 1:6)  He told them that they, individually, would receive power when My Holy Spirit came to live in them, not that their nation would have world power.  It is the same today.  Political and religious spirits entice My children to strive for world dominance,  They want to rule the world but they cannot even dominate their own fleshly demons.
    My Holy Spirit is the only teacher, the only tutor for My children.  If you allow religious and political demons to teach you through people, then you leave My kingdom and join with the evil spirits who are doing the same thing in your world as they did when Jesus walked the earth.  (I Timothy 1:1-7; I Timothy 4:1)
   My Holy Spirit of discernment will alert you to the bread of the spirits behind men who seek to lead you astray into fear and anger and hatred.  Jesus warned you twice in that teaching not to consume their words because to what you bind yourself on earth, you will be bound in the heavens.  If you are bound to evil teachings in the earth, you are bound to the judgment of the devil.  If you are bound to My teachings of love in the earth from My Holy Spirit, you are bound to love and love's rewards in the earth.
    I am Love and there is no variation in My personality. (Romans 5:5)
    Take the warning of Jesus and allow My Spirit to fulfill My caution to you.  Continue to beware of the teachings of the spirits behind the Sadducees and the Pharisees. 
     Love overcomes all evil. 
     Your Father of Love  

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