Saturday, July 2, 2016


Dear One,
   No where in My New Covenant Instruction Book do I say to battle with people, with flesh and blood.  In fact, My Holy Spirit said that your battles should never be with flesh and blood but your only battles are always with demonic beings, spiritual principalities and powers of the air.  No where did Jesus tell you to ever strike back if stricken, or to insult in return to being insulted, or to only pay less than is charged.  In fact, He told you to pay more than is required of you, to turn the other cheek if stricken, to return good for evil insults.  (Matthew 5: 21-48) Those requirements of My children were given by Me through Jesus to insure that you will have a peaceful existence while in the earth.  If you do not join with evil, it will fall powerless at your side.
    Jesus certainly did not tell you to insult anyone, to call anyone a fool or to strike anyone in anger.  Those actions are the actions that come from your yielding to your enemy, the devil, who wants to suck you into his destructive family practices and curse you as a result of it. 
     The devil loves it when you battle with people because it furthers his curses of destruction in the earth.  I grieve when My Holy Spirit grieves as My children yield to evil and further the devil's work in the earth by harmful words spoken about people. (Ephesians 4:29-32)  Defamatory insults, name calling, divisive rhetoric, words that further conflict in the earth are never My work in the earth but they are demonic in origin and the boomerang results will be devastation for My children who engage in such practices.  The results of yielding to the temptations to do evil to other people are outlined completely in My Book and taught by My Holy Spirit. I said that My children who do such things will not inherit the benefits of My Kingdom.  When you change your devotion from Me to the devil, you inherit the devil's cruel rewards of destruction instead of obtaining My rewards of peace and love. 
     If you sow peace and love you will receive peace and love.  if you sow destruction to people in the earth of any kind, then you will receive destruction into your life.  In fact, I said what you do to the least of My children, you do to Me.
    How easily My children are led astray by religious and political differences, engaging in family conflicts, neighborly disagreements, religious wars and political battles that destroy themselves by separating them from their own loved ones because of ridiculous political and religious differences.  Earthly parents are devastated when their own children fight with one another and I am grieved when My children do the same thing, spread conflict, division, destruction and devastation in a world that I intended to be peaceful because of My presence in the lives of My children. 
    When My children engage in conflict they are making null and void the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who came to bring peace to the world.  It is bad enough when unbelievers further conflicts in the world but when My own children further conflicts, as instigated by the devil, then it grieves Me that they have been deceived by evil.   It should not be so.  My children should be the people who lay down their swords, lay down defamatory words, lay down insults, lay down their battles with other people, praying for their human enemies, doing good to their human enemies, always returning good for evil.  In so doing, they prove that they are My children, children who spread peace in the world.(Matthew 5:9)
     I still love My children who are led astray by the devil to do his work.  However, I grieve that they have left My family and have joined with the devil's family of destruction.  They have chosen destruction instead of the blessings from My family.  They have left My family values of peace and love and have accepted the devil's family values of death and destruction.  They have been suckered in by deception and emotional appeals to hate the poor, the disadvantaged, the wanderers, the widows and the orphans, all for the political gain of men.  In doing it, they have left the protection, the privilege and the blessings of My family.   Of course My heart is grieved that devastation comes upon the world through My own children who do not know Me intimately enough to know that I told them to never battle against flesh and blood but to only battle against the devil and his demons. (Ephesians 6:11-17)  Instead of putting on My armor and battle with the demons who are causing conflict, My children often battle with the people who are being used by the devil against them.  Anyone can do that.  Unbelievers do that.  My very own children should know that their battles should never be with people or they will suffer the consequences of the fleshly battles. 
      My instructions to battle the demons who cause conflict means that you will stop the conflict by praying in spiritual languages to battle and defeat the demons who are behind the problem.  When you return good for evil to the people through whom the evil is being dispersed in the world, you win them over through love.   Battle with the demons in prayer, but love the people in reality.  That produces winning the world through love.
     My children have battle scars from battling with other people. Those scars are physical and mental illnesses, divided families, dysfunctional relationships and loss of financial prosperity.  My children who only battle demonic powers by praying in intercessory prayers and who love their enemies and do good to them have no battle scars.  They only have prosperity in every area of their lives.  I told you how to accomplish it.  (Matthew 5:3-12)  Sowing peace, meekness and righteousness in the earth causes you to be blessed with no battle scars. (John 13:34-35)
     My true children dispense love and peace in the world.  Do not be deceived.  if you must be known to err, always err on the side of love.
      Your Father of Love

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