Friday, July 1, 2016


Dear One,
     In My Instruction Book I said that by two unchangeable things, a promise and an oath, that a truth is established.  Truth is a principle that sets you free from the destruction and depression in the world.  (Hebrews 6:16-17)  Two things have to be established in the earth before something is guaranteed.  I said where two or three agree on earth that a thing is established. (Matthew 18:19)  It is from that principle that My children must know that My promises are yes and amen, but there must be two witnesses, a promise by me and an oath of confirmation by Me that establish My principles in the earth.
    For instance,  it was through Solomon that I said when your ways are pleasing to Me that I make your enemies to be at peace with you.  (Proverbs 16:7-8)  That is a firm promise from Me, your Father.  However, later My Son Jesus expounded on that truth, providing the oath, the confirmation, the "amen," the "so be it," by telling you how to receive the manifestation of that promise. The way to be an inheritor of that promise was not to just sit idly by with anger, jealousy or conflict in your heart, expecting Me to make your enemy to be at peace with you.   He said that when you are angry with another person that you are in danger of judgment from the devil's court.  Jesus said that when you are praying and realize that you are angry with someone that you must make peace with your enemy before completing your prayers.  (Matthew 5:22-26)   So the promise was make by Me through Solomon but the confirmation was made by Me through Jesus on how to receive the benefits of My promise.  The key is that the promise says that when your ways are pleasing to Me that I make your enemies to be at peace with you.  Jesus expounded on that promise and told you how to make your ways pleasing to Me.  They are to follow the teachings of Jesus, making peace with everyone.
    Jesus expounded further on that promise that your enemies will be at peace with you by teaching you that the old ways of hating your enemies are not pleasing to Me because I know that the hate will boomerang back on you and cause you to be hated.  Jesus' oath relating to your enemies says that you should love your enemies, praying for the people who persecute you and cause conflict in your life.  In doing that, My love in you softens the heart of your enemies and  causes your enemies to be at peace with you instead of continuing to be in conflict with you. 
    So can you see that it was by two unchangeable things, the promise from Solomon and the successive instructive oath by Jesus that guarantees that your enemies will be at peace with you?  There is no "yes, amen, so be it," to a promise unless there are further instructions by Me on how to appropriate the promise.  My instructive oaths always involve a change in your behavior.  You cannot walk according to the devil's urging and expect your enemies to automatically be at peace with you.  That is foolishness.  You must follow My admonishment to do good to your enemies, blessing them, doing good to them and praying for them before your enemies will be at peace with you.
    There is another instructive oath relating to the promise that your enemies will be at peace with you and that came through Paul in his letter to you and all of My children.  He expounded further on the teaching of Jesus, as revealed by My Holy Spirit, by telling you to love your enemies and to do good to them and then he explained what happens in the spiritual dimension when you bless them and pray for them.  He said that you are heaping angels upon the head of your enemies.  Those angels are able to turn the hearts of your enemies to turn from cursing you to blessing you in return. (Romans 12:18-21; Ezekiel 10:2) In doing good to your enemies, blessing them and praying for them, you are sending My kingdom to do a mighty work in the lives of your enemies.  That revelation by Paul adds another "yes, amen, so be it," being a third confirmation to the truth of how I fulfill My promise of making your enemies to be at peace with you.  So the truth on how to treat your enemies is established in your heart by a promise and two oaths of confirmation which tell you that I can implement My promise in your life.  (Hebrews 6:17-19)
    Another way that I add My oath to My promises to My children is when I speak personally to you further than Jesus was able to do because of the darkness in the hearts of the people at the time.  Jesus promised that My Spirit will lead you into ALL truth, that He will take what was taught by Jesus and reveal the entire truth, teaching you what you need to do to inherit all of your blessings.  I do it from the inside of you, not from the outside through your mind which still has darkened areas.  I speak to you from the inside of you, enlightening your mind in the process.  I add My "yes, amen, so be it," to My promises by teaching you individually a principle and then encouraging you to do good to others in your life and love other people with My love in the earth so that I can easily fulfill My promises to you in the heavens. (John 14:25-26)
   There is no question about it, My promises to you are a definite "yes, amen, so be it" but there are principles of mine that you must follow that will enable Me to keep My promises to you.  Those principles always involve loving others as I love you, forgiving others as I forgive you, doing good to others as I do good to you, blessing others as I bless you.  Loving others fulfills all of the teachings of Jesus.
    I even give you My Love with which to love others.  Belief in the earth activates My kingdom of love to work in your life.  Belief in the earth in My instructions to love your enemies, to bless them and do good to them allows Me to keep My promises to you.  (II Corinthians 1:19-20
    Your Loving Father      

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