Thursday, June 30, 2016


Dear One,
    My instructions to My children to keep peace with everyone is not meant merely to be an admonition meant to encourage you to do something that will make My heart turn toward you.  My heart is always turned toward you.  You are My child, My precious child whom I adore.  There is nothing from My heaven that can separate you from My love. (Romans 8:38-39)
     There are things that can come between us from earth that will interfere with your ability to hear My personal words to you which set you free from the works of the devil.  Those things occupy your mind so that you cannot keep your mind focused on Me and My blessings that I have for you. (Isaiah 59:1-3) One of the things from earth that comes between us is conflicts in which My children engage which occupy their minds all day and often into the night with thoughts of vindication, what you should have said to the person with whom you are in conflict, or what you should have done to the person, or what that person should believe that is right because you believe it.  Those constant negative thoughts separate your mind from My mind and rob you of your mental health, your prosperity and your physical health because what a person thinks in his mind, so is he. 
    When your mind is in conflict with someone, your body is in conflict with itself because of the negative hormones which are poured into it by your endocrine system.  You are allowing your own mind to poison your body by holding on to anger and revenge.
     Jesus handled that problem of My children when He admonished you to make peace with everyone, not because making peace with people earns you My love.  My love for you is constant.  He spoke My truth to you about being in conflict with anyone because of what happens in your own body when you are angry with anyone.  When you are in conflict with anyone, you are in conflict with your own mind and body because they will suffer the effects of your anger and division.
     The instructions from Me through My Holy Spirit in Jesus is that you should bless your enemies, pray for them and do good deeds to them so that their favor will be returned to you and they will make peace with you also.  That stops the flow of negative hormones from your emotions because you have switched from anger to showing love.  Your body benefits and your mind benefits because positive hormones flow to your mind and body instead of injurious ones.  When peace is restored, My blessings can be restored to you because you are operating in My emotions of love and forgiveness instead of the devil's emotions of anger and conflict.  My kingdom can flow into your life unhindered with My marvelous benefits for you.  (Luke 11:20)
     My Spirit said that you can't serve two masters.  You can't serve anger and love.  It is impossible.  Anger hates love. (Matthew 6;24) When you are angry with someone you endanger your physical, mental and financial prosperity and your ability to inherit My blessings because you are serving the devil by yielding to his emotion of conflict.  Your life will be affected when you have changed sides in the battle between My kingdom and the devil's kingdom.  While still in conflict, your mind is on your right to be angry because you think you are right in the situation.  My Spirit said that everyone sins and falls short of My glory so you are carrying around a boulder in your eye while you accuse another person of having a splinter. (Matthew 7:1-5)
    All of My instructions to My children are for your benefit, not so that you will be good enough to earn My love.  My love is freely given.  Bless your enemies for your own benefit.  Pray for your enemies for your own benefit.  Do good to your enemies for your own benefit.  Make peace with people with whom you are in conflict for your own benefit, so that you stop negative emotions from cursing your own body and your own mind.
    Every time you make peace with someone, you are praising Me in your decision because you are taking My advice.  You are freeing the other person from being bound to you in anger and you are letting him or her be free, just as you are free after making peace, free from being bound to the other person in anger.  You also become free from cursing your own body and mind with conflict and anger. 
    To forgive someone means to let the person be free from your anger and to let yourself be free from anger.  You are then free to be happy and prosperous in every area of your life.
    My advice is always for your own benefit, placing you in the lane where My blessing come into your life.  Making peace with everyone accomplishes it.
    Your  Father of Wise Advice

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