Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Dear One,
     Judging other people according to their outward appearance is a very dangerous thing to do.  It invites the judgment of the devil to judge you with his gifts of destruction.  Jesus coached you, as your protective Brother, that you should not judge anyone, just as He judged no one.  Then He said that if He did judge anyone it was to discern according to the insight of My Spirit with what demonic spirit a person was acting in conjunction. He said that is the kind of judgment that He did while He was in the earth.  He needed to have My insight, My discernment, in order to effective cast out the offending demons which cursed people.  (John 8:15-16)
     When you are tempted to judge someone by human appearances, immediately switch your thinking and ask Me to reveal to you the demonic spirits who are behind the actions if they are offensive.  In receiving My insight, you will be able to stop judging the person and pray effectively for his or her deliverance from the evil spirit.
     When judging another person according to the outward appearances or action, one danger is the seed sowing and reaping principle.  You will be definitely be judged by other people and the devil if you persist in judging anyone.  You are not the judge and jury, thinking that you have the right to declare someone guilty of anything.  There are courts of law which have that responsibility.  As My child you have the duty to forgive everyone just like I forgive you because Jesus Christ died for the sins of the whole world, not just yours.  (John 3:16-17)
      Another terrible result of your judging someone, declaring a person as being an unbeliever. a fool, an adulterer, a murderer, a molester, a shirker of responsibility, an unfit mother or father, a liar, a robber or labeling that person as being any other kind of sinner, the danger is that you stand the chance of wrongly identifying the person as something that he or she is not.  If your mind has judged that person wrongly on an assumption or presumption, and if you repeat the assumption to a friend or someone else, that froemd will take the information as being true, not an assumption.  It will become truth to that friend instead of an assumption or presumption on your part.  That friend will form in his or her own mind an opinion which might not be even close to the truth, yet your friend believes it as truth with what the friend considers a sound basis, which is your word,  Your friend will repeat your assumption as truth to other people and a lie is spread, being repeated over and over again as truth,  A fire spreads, a lie that is unfounded and untrue, merely because you assumed something from an appearance that was untrue.  (James 3:5-18)   The fire will consume others but also will return and consume you.  Seeds sown will produce like plants.
     Now do you understand why Jesus was so adamant about your not judging anyone?   He was trying to teach you to avoid judging anyone by any standard  because of the resulting action of the judgment returning and judging you. (Matthew 7:1-2)  In yielding to the demonic temptation to judge someone, you are signing up and agreeing to be judged yourself.  Every word that proceeded from the mouth of Jesus was for your benefit, to lead you away from the pitfalls set by your real enemy, the devil,   The devil needs emissaries in the earth through whom his work is done, tempting them in their thoughts to carry out his will.   I need My children to be emissaries in the earth through whom I do My works of love in the earth.
    Jesus told you how to be one of My children of love.  One of the ways is to refuse to judge anyone by assumptions or presumptions but instead to always forgive everyone and extend love and mercy easily.
     My Holy Spirit continues the work of Jesus, teaching you from the inside of your mind how to implement the principles taught by Jesus.  His caution to you will be for you to forgive and bless instead of judge someone in your mind by an assumption or presumption.
     Protect your mind because the issues of life flow from it.  Refuse thoughts of judgments for anyone, including yourself.
     Assumptions and presumptions only bring judgment upon you.  Refuse those thoughts and live My life of peace.
    Your Father of Truth    

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