Friday, June 24, 2016


Dear One,
    Most people love a good mystery which holds their interest, captivates their  thoughts and entertains them. There is a spiritual mystery that has been hidden from My children since the beginning of time when evil was allowed to enter the earth by Adam and deafened the ears of My children to My voice.  Before that invasion of evil, Adam and I talked openly and My wisdom was shared by us.  The devil then blinded the eyes of Adam to My works and deafened his ears to My words.  My divine mystery was concocted in My mind on how to overcome the works of evil in the world and it was hidden from people but was later revealed by prophets and then Jesus and then My Holy Spirit. (Romans 16:25-27)
     The mystery was not revealed until Jesus taught about My Holy Spirit, how He would enter into the lives of My children, speaking My words into their minds which would allow them to overcome the works of evil in every area of their lives.  By human standards that was impossible to believe, that I would live in people.  My Holy Spirit amplified it when He said that the mystery was Christ in you, the hope of glory. (Colossians 1:27)  The very idea that My glory would accompany My Holy Spirit when He lived in people was futuristic and far fetched in the minds of  My children at the time.  However, on the day of Pentecost that is exactly what happened, I sent My Spirit into the earth to live in people who welcomed Him, and He births Christ in them, the overcoming, victorious One who overcomes all evil and restores our Father/child relationship.  The mystery eventually was solved and revealed to all who will hear. 
      My traditional children of the nation with whom I had an old covenant only believed that they would know Me in heaven.  There is no evil in My heaven so there would no need for them to overcome evil there.  When the mystery unfolded it became clear to those who believed that I would actually live in them while they lived in the earth just like I lived in Jesus, and I would make them victorious over evil in the earth by the power of My Holy Spirit in them. Evil is rampant in the earth and it needs to be overcome by My children who become filled with My Holy Spirit, just as Jesus was. After being filled to overflowing with My Spirit, they can overcome the evil that is in the world through the same power that was in Christ Jesus. (Ephesians 1:7-14)
     What a marvelous plan I had and it works in the lives of My children who hear My voice and take My valuable advice.(Colossians 1:24-29)  The mystery is still hidden from some of My children, not by Me but by the devil.  Some of My children are willing to be born of My Spirit but they refuse to be baptized in My Spirit in order to have My Spirit in every area of their lives.  They limit Me to their spirits but refuse to allow Me in their minds and bodies.  Those children of Mine are afraid to yield completely to Me because they are afraid that they will be rejected by other people for being connected to My mind in their minds with the power and ability to reject evil temptations in their bodies.  They are simply afraid to yield completely to me.  Oh, what glorious joy they have rejected.  I love all of My children, even the ones who reject Me and limit Me.  They do it by the influence of the devil.  They miss out on knowing the end of the book, the solution to the mystery that was hidden for generations, which is that I can live in you and bring with Me the power of My Spirit to overcome the evil that is in the world, establishing again our unity in the Father/child relationship.
     My Spirit wrote to the Colossians that He wants you strengthened by His  power according to My very own glorious might and He hopes that you will have all patience and endurance and joy while in the earth because the sacrifice of Jesus Christ qualifies you for the full inheritance that comes from being in total unity with Me through the indwelling of My Spirit.  (Colossians 1:11-12)  Then He told the Colossians even more of the mystery, that Jesus Himself delivered you from the kingdom of darkness and transforms you to the kingdom of My Son who paid for your sins so that you and all of humanity would be forgiven for yielding to the devil's temptations. (Colossians 1:13-14)
     How glorious is that proclamation of My Holy Spirit, that all of your sins are forgiven and that you are inheritors of all of the riches of My kingdom because My Holy Spirit has come to live in you and made you as Christ was, a blessed child of Mine and an inheritor of My glorious riches.  You are blessed because you read the book where the mystery was revealed by the writer of My book, the Holy Spirit.  He reveals all truth to you and He gives to you My character and personality of love and peace.  That is the good news, that I came to live in you and brought My supernatural power to overcome all the works of the devil while you are in the earth. ( I John 3:8)
    Your greatest inheritance is the ability to hear My voice, just as Adam did at the beginning.  My wisdom will lead you and guide you around the pitfalls that are put in your path by the evil one.  My Spirit will give you power to overcome all the works of evil in the world.  Jesus said that My Spirit inside of you would do greater works than He did while He was in the world.  That is a great mystery and worthy of telling others about.  Another benefit of your inheritance is your ability to pray in My Holy Spirit, allowing Me to orchestrate the solutions to all problems in the earth.   That is allowing Christ in you to be the hope of all glory. (Ephesians 1:17-23)
     Yes, My Instruction Book has within it the greatest mystery: how I am able to live in the earth in My children, restoring a Father/child relationship with them, speaking My words to them in wisdom and speaking my words through them in My Holy Spirit's prayers in order to overcome all the works of evil.
     You have the Book and you have your private tutor, My Spirit.  Go and overcome evil in the world.
     Your Father of All Solutions

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