Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Dear One,
    The most devastating problems in the lives of My children are fostered by the demons of conflict. Your psychologists, your counselors, your therapists, your life coaches and I, your loving Father, tell you that the largest amounts of stress in your life come from conflict and can bring diseases into your physical body, mental illness into your mind and separate you spiritually from Me.  Those effects of stress are the very reason the devil brings conflict into your life, in order to destroy your peace, rob you of love and separate you from My blessings that I have already poured upon you.  Conflict causes stress in your body that will eventually cause diseases and death. 
    The devil will entice you to engage in conflict over the slightest, most mundane things in order to get you upset with somebody so that you will eventually be warring with the person and someone will get injured either emotionally or physically.  The devil is behind the scenes in the conflict and he never gets the blame for the problem.  Instead, the participating parties in the conflict blame each other instead of putting the blame where it belongs, on the devil.  (Proverbs 20:3)
     This truth is the very reason that Jesus began His teachings telling you to resolve conflicts between you and other people before they escalate into what the evil one planned, destruction and death.  Conflict is another word for strife.  I told you that where there is strife there is every work of the devil, every demon from hell rejoicing that they trapped you again.  My children are oblivious to the works of the devil which come through conflict and strife.  (Romans 1:28-32)
     My Holy Spirit persistently delivers My words to you through your thoughts and in My Instruction book to make peace with every person; and, in doing so, you are labeled as My child. (Matthew 5:9)  If you don't make peace with everyone, you have joined with the devil in his conflict, like two sticks rubbed together to make a fire.  In doing that, you set on fire hell itself and everyone engaged in the conflict will be cursed and eventually destroyed in some way, by sickness, disease, accidents, wars, killings, etc. It might not be immediate, but it will happen. (Proverbs 26:17-21; James 3:5-6)
     It might be necessary to send a gift to someone with whom you are in conflict.  Listen to My Holy Spirit.  If that will solve the conflict between you and another person, then do it.  Anything to bring peace to a troublesome situation.  My Holy Spirit knows just exactly what it will take to solve a conflict so that the two  participants will no longer be cursed by the devil with destruction.  It is absolutely necessary to forgive the person who started the conflict and often necessary to ask for forgiveness from the other person.  It will choke you to admit your grievous part in the conflict, but it is necessary to bring peace because you want to diffuse the conflict no matter what it takes. (Matthew 5:21-26; 15-20)
    This truth is conflict resolution 101, the most elementary teachings of truth that I have ever taught to My children.  My instructions are given to take you out of the kingdom of curses and bring you back into My kingdom of blessings. (Deuteronomy 30:19)
    The most devastating stress in your life comes from being in conflict with another person.  Your mind is constantly reliving the troubling situation.  The devil is the only being who ever wins when conflict and strife are entertained in the lives of My children.  Conflicts are started by the devil and the fires of strife are fed by the devil by tempting you and the other person to continue in the conflict, spreading evil in your world and the lives of others.  Jesus gave you strict instructions on what to do when the devil causes problems.  He said to forgive the person who was used by the evil one to inflict problems into your life.  In doing that, forgiving the perpetrator of the evil, you are free of conflict and the curses that come along with it.  Stress leaves your body.
     Eliminate stress in your life by eliminating conflict and strife.  Make peace with everyone.  My kingdom of heaven will enter into your life when you walk in peace with everyone and you will enjoy My love, My peace and My blessings.
     Your Loving Father

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