Thursday, June 9, 2016


Dear One,
    In a democratic court of law, a jury of peers declares a lawbreaker either guilty or not guilty.  The judge does not declare anyone guilty or not guilty.  The judge only presents the laws to the jury that relate to the offense in order that the jury of peers can make the right decision of guilty or not guilty.  The duty of the judge is to make sure that both sides, the prosecution and the defense, are staying within the laws of the land.  Under some laws the judge decides the punishment but in most cases the jury of peers has the job of declaring punishment if the accused is found guilty. 
    The heavenly courts of law are democratic because I gave free will to people to make their own decisions, whether good or bad,  There are judgments that come upon people who make bad decisions, not because of My judgments upon them but because of the devil's judgments upon them for following his temptations which lead to destruction and death. 
     Under My new covenant of love, My children have the right, as peers of everyone who yields to the temptations of the devil, to declare a person forgiven instead of guilty.  (Matthew 6:12; John 20:22-23)  In doing so, the sins of the one who forgives also become forgiven.  This truth is a mirror of your courts of law where a jury can declare someone not guilty because of many reasons, errors in the laws, inadequate prosecution, the unstable background of the lawbreaker, also the moral state of the person who accuses the defendant and other legal reasons.  A jury who uses mercy instead of judgment often allows a lawbreaker to be declared not guilty because of various reasons.  When they do, the accused person is released from all punishment that the laws requires.
     In My spiritual family, We declare everyone spiritually not guilty because Jesus died for every sin, every trespass, every iniquity, every mistake and every bad choice. (John 3:16-17)  He has already been punished for every misdeed that anyone ever did and will ever do, so in My heavenly court of law everyone is found not guilty since the accuser, the devil, has no right to declare anyone guilty whom I have declared not guilty in My family.  Jesus has already declared everyone not guilty because He paid the price for the sins of the whole world.  Only the devil declares a person guilty and declares punishment, whether in your thoughts or in the thoughts of other people.
      Isaiah prophesied that though the sins of everyone were scarlet, they become white as snow under My covenant of mercy. (Isaiah 1:18) When the soldiers crucified Jesus, they stripped Him of His clothes and put upon him a scarlet robe, an image of His bearing the sins of the world, and they put a crown of thorns on His head, an image of the devil's thorns with which he torments people in their minds. The soldiers put a reed in his hand, indicative of the prophesy that He will never break the bruised heart or mind of a person.  (Matthew 27:28-29; Isaiah 42:1-3)  Therefore, since Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, it is the duty of My children to also declare everyone spiritually white as snow in My eyes and in their own eyes.  Just like in your courts of law, you are the peers of everyone in the earth  who must declare people not guilty in My eyes and in your eyes.
    Jesus breathed upon the disciples and they received My Holy Spirit.  Then He told them that they had the authority to retain sins or forgive sins.  He had already declared that their sins are forgiven if they forgive the sins of others.
     The Good News is that forgiveness is free, undeserved but generously declared by Me.
     Spread forgiveness instead of judgment in the world and you will be viewed as My child and inheritors of My blessings.
     Your Forgiving Father

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