Sunday, June 19, 2016


Dear One,
    My greatest pleasure is in being your Father.  My greatest pleasure is in being the Father of all mankind.  There are many who know Me as their Father and they reap the benefits of being intimately acquainted with a loving Father who dotes on them constantly, guiding them around the pitfalls of life, teaching them the principles of My family life so that they will enjoy the benefits of being My children.  There are others who do not know Me as their Loving Father because someone else has told them that I am a vengeful king who waits to punish them for disobeying the rules of religious or political structures.  That lie has been perpetuated for ages in the earth by the devil.
     My lost children who do not know how to take advantage of My guidance are still My children because they have My life within them. There is no life outside of My life.  Those lost children are under the influence of other people who have been taught fear by the devil instead of being taught love by Me. (John 3;16-17)
     I sent My Son Jesus into the world so that My lost children would know Me as their loving Father who wants to guide them around the traps of life set by their spiritual enemies.  When they begin a relationship with Me I reward them with My Holy Spirit whom I place inside of their spirits. (John 3:7-8)  Then they enjoy an abundant life when they take all of My advice which is found in My Instruction Book and follow the leading of My Holy Spirit, the private tutor whom I sent to implement My presence in their lives.
     My level of pleasure rose to infinitesimal heights when My Holy Spirit was able to leave Jesus at My side and enter the earth to be the same guide and power source to My other children that I was to Him.  I knew that those of My children who would accept Him into their lives would be able to succeed and overcome every evil work which their demonic enemy puts in their way.  I shout for joy when one of My children takes My advice, does what My words coach him or her to do, and they defeat a powerless spiritual enemy whose only power is to deceive them into doing his will. (John 10:9-10)
        Some of My children may not know that the lost children are still My children whom I love.  My spiritual DNA is still in them as it was in you before you found Me.  There was always the desire to "go home" to be with Me but you did not know what that prompting was that had not been satisfied until you found Me and became united with Me.  When you became born of My Spirit while in the earth, you knew that you had found your Father and your home and you were elated.  Then your journey began of learning how to be an obedient child of Mine, taking the advice of your Father who lives to guide you into green pastures and still waters, giving you rest from your labors. (Psalm 23:1-2))  I even sent to you My Holy Spirit who baptized you with the ability to hear My voice more clearly and have His power to then follow My guidance which results in the abundant life.   (John 8:12; John 16:7-15)
     A person in the earth who has never met his or her real father will always long to be united with the one who planted the seed of existence for his or her life.  It is the same relating to spiritual life.  My children who do know know Me always long to be united with the Father of their existence.  They seek and seek and they will eventually find Me because I am not lost from them. (Matthew 7:7-12) I know where they are and I know their longing.  The lost ones who seek will always find Me and be satisfied.   I will break through the devil's barriers and make myself known to the lost ones.  There are others of My children who are in unity with Me whom I use to rescue them and unite them with My family.
      I long for a Father/child relationship with all of My children, the lost ones as well as those who have found Me.  I want to show My love to you, My guidance to you, My forgiveness to you, My kindness to you, My goodness to you.  I want to infuse you with My peace.  I want to show you My mercy and My graciousness.  I want you to know the joy of having a close relationship with Me which produces, by osmosis, My light of love in you which makes it impossible to reject Me and My kindness because you intimately know Me.
     Loving Fathers pursue their lost children until they find them.  I pursue My children who are lost from Me in their own minds until they find Me and enjoy the life of love that I promised to everyone.   I have great joy and peace for all of you.
     Your Father of Real Fatherhood  

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