Friday, March 31, 2017


Dear One,
   Your thoughts are rarely still, not even when you sleep.  You have dreams which are like motion pictures shown on the screen of your mind which are either positive or negative.  Often your thoughts are dreams that are nightmares of impending doom.  Those dreams are from hell to convince you that you must be fearful, hopeless, faithless and depressed.  My images in your mind are always encouraging, enlightening, often prophetic.  If they are prophetic and are a warning, in the dream I also show you the way out of the impending problem in order to be a victor.  (Acts 2:17-18)
    Thoughts are moving pictures, either from hell or from My heaven, shown in your mind.  I said they are motion, meaning always moving with activity in them.  Visions are the same thing.  Because they are images that are always moving, they create energy, therefore they are visible to the spiritual dimensions.  Your dreams and visions are not visible to other people, but because they are energy they are spiritual, therefore visible to spiritual beings.  That is why David prayed that the words of his mouth and the meditations of his heart, those being his thoughts, would always be acceptable in My sight.(Psalm 19:14)  He said "in thy sight" meaning always acceptable in the views of My eyes. 
    My Holy Spirit wrote that you must cast down imaginations, those being mental images that exalt themselves above your knowledge of My will for your life.  (II Corinthians 10:3-5) As My child who knows that I am your good Father who delights in giving you the good benefits of My kingdom, you are equipped with the power of My Holy Spirit to do just like Jesus did, cast out negative images put in your mind by the temptations of the devil.  He was not fooled by the devil, like Adam was. into thinking that the tempting thoughts were his own thoughts.  Jesus recognized them as being from My enemy, the devil, and he did not join his will to the devil's will as Adam did, which allowed evil demons to enter into the earth and curse the earth and curses the lives of people.
    If My children do not choose rightly between their thoughts, discerning the ones from hell and choosing the ones from heaven, then they are going to fall for the devil's deception and authorize the devil to bring more of his curses into their lives just like Adam did.  It happens every second of the day that My children who are called by My name will fall for negative thoughts by, first of all, thinking negative thoughts are their own thoughts instead of rightly discerning that they are temptations from hell which the devil uses successfully against My children.  I have warned you many times in My Instruction Manual that you must judge your own thoughts as whether they are from Me or from the devil.   If they encourage you to strike someone in return for being stricken, and if they encourage you to return a sarcastic remark when someone sarcastically attacks you, or if they tempt you to do any form of evil to another of My children or engage in something destructive to yourself, then those thoughts are from hell.  They are sent from the devil to get you into strife and conflict with someone so that his rivers of destructive waters will flow into your life instead of My living waters flowing into your life. 
    I said that where there is jealousy and strife there is every evil work, meaning every demon from hell.  (James 3:14-16)  Do you really want to agree with evil spirits, authorizing them to bring floods of evil destruction upon you?  Of course you don't.  Then you need to begin to discern your thoughts and stop obeying the ones which have any hint of evil intentions for others or yourself.
     Thoughts are either evil motion pictures in your mind or they are good motion pictures in your mind.   Cast out the evil ones and only allow the good ones to take up residence in your mind so that you will have My good angels ministering My good blessings in your life because you have agreed with My will in your life. Replace the evil thoughts with good thoughts, the powerful words that I speak to you and through you in My prayer language. 
     The only battle to which My children are called is the battle between good and evil and the battle always begins in your thoughts.(Philippians 4:6-8; 19) Jesus Christ won the battle against death and destruction and He gave to you My Holy Spirit power so that you will win every battle of the mind, too.
     Your Father of Peace and Tranquility

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Dear One,
    When your mind runs out of control with fear, worry, judgment, anger and other destructive thoughts, your whole body suffers because your mind controls your entire body.  Most of my children are ignorant of the power that the devil has in their lives through runaway thoughts with which he tempts them which results in the release of damaging hormones into their bodies.  Those hormones were originally meant to help you with an outpouring of adrenaline into your body which would enable you to overcome an approaching danger and supply the energy to enable you to either fight the danger or run from the danger.  However, when your mind is fixated on fear, worry, vindication, judgment, anger and other alien thoughts from hell, then the danger is only a perceived mental danger instead of a real physical one.  When you yield to the negative thoughts, then the excess adrenaline energy merely sits in your body and negatively affects your bodily organs and your mind.  Mental torture in the form of damaging fear, worry, judgment, vindication, anger and other emotions is just as destructive to your body and mind as physical torture.    
    The mental torture from repetitive negative thoughts enslaves My children to their only real enemy, who is the devil.  Your enemy works in your thoughts, infusing negative images into your mind so that he can rule your life, becoming lord of your life.  The devil is lord in the lives of many of My children without their knowing it.  The negative thoughts are considered by My children to be their own thoughts, but if they are contrary to My will for My children they cannot originate from the minds of My children who want Me to be Lord of their lives.  The controlling negative thoughts have to come from outside of My family, actually from hell because they are destructive images.  I told you to cast down from your mind every imagination and thought that is contrary to your knowledge of My will for your life.  Fear is not My will for your life.  Anger is contrary to My will for your life.  Judging others is contrary to My will for your life.  Vindication is contrary to My will for your life.  Worry is contrary to My will for your life.  All of those damaging thoughts are alien thoughts from hell sent into your mind to cause you to agree with the devil for your own destruction.  (II Corinthians 10:4-5)
    Having faith in Me is My will for your life, so faith empowered thoughts that give images of good things happening are from Me .  Hopeful thoughts for the very best things happening for you and your family are My will for you.  Forgiving, merciful thoughts are My will for you because I forgive you, so you owe forgiveness to others and those forgiving thoughts are from Me.  Making peace with everyone is certainly My will for your life so only allow thoughts of making peace with everyone to enter into your mind.  Loving thoughts toward everyone, your perceived human enemies as well as those love you, are My will for you.  Loving thoughts and actions toward those people who injure you, insult you, oppose you, differ in religious and political beliefs from you, bully you and embarrass you are My will for your life.  When faith, hope, forgiveness, love and peaceful thoughts are chosen by you to think upon instead of negative ones, then healing hormones are poured into your body and you will be at peace with yourself, with other people and with Me. Then all things will work together for your good because My very own righteousness permeates your thoughts. (Matthew 6:33-34)
    I said you cannot serve two masters.  You can't allow the negative thoughts of the devil to rule your life and then also profess to be My child.  If you do, then you are allowing the devil to be your master.  I told you to cast out of your mind every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of My will in your life.  I said I did not give you a spirit of fear, but I give to you My Spirit of power, love and a sound mind. (II Timothy 1:7)
    Your only enemy is the devil and he controls people by their thoughts.  Remember that he is the deceiver.  He deceives you into thinking his negative temptations to worry, be fearful, be angry, hateful, vindictive and hopeless are your own thoughts instead of those being his thoughts which are sent to defeat you.  When you stop making human beings your enemies, stop fighting flesh and blood, then you will more easily recognize your real enemy as being the devil.  (Ephesians 6:10-12) You will then recognize his arsenal and weapons that he shoots into your thoughts in an effort to enslave you to his thoughts through which he plans to destroy you if you meditate upon the negative thoughts and add your will to the devil's will for your life. 
    I gave you the power to cast every negative thought out of your mind and cast it into hell.  In the beginning I gave My children dominion over everything in the earth.  Use My authority that I gave to you to cast out negative thoughts, attitudes, words and actions from your life.   Jesus died that you might have the power to destroy the works of the devil.  It starts with your taking control of your mind and casting down every thought that is not of Me.
    You have the power.  Now you must choose to use it.  Choose good thoughts and reject evil thoughts. In choosing good thoughts, you choose Me and My  abundant life for yourself.
    Your Loving, Tutoring Father 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Dear One,
    You must know by now that your prayers and your thoughts travel on the same spiritual frequencies.  You must also know that if your thoughts are doubtful, unbelieving and hopeless, then it is difficult for Me to answer your prayers because there is a conflict between your thoughts and your prayers.  But when your thoughts are filled with hope, faith and belief, then those are signs that your thoughts are in agreement with your prayers and I can direct My angelic hosts to answer those prayers. 
    Think about your own children.  When they ask you to do something for them and then they change their mind, become wishy-washy about what they really want, then you tell them to make up their mind.  It's the same thing spiritually.  I am your Father and when you make your wants and needs known to Me but your thoughts are thinking that I am not really going to do it for you, then there is no power of expectation with which I can work to bring the answers to your prayers to you.  With no expectation, there is no faith that I can and will do what you ask.
    I said that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  So if your thoughts are not clear on My desire and ability to answer your prayers, then there is no image in your thoughts of your receiving it.  But, if you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I can and I will, then there is evidence in your thoughts of your receiving it before you actually do receive it.  The substance and evidence of your prayers being answered in your thoughts are what provide the faith power for Me to act in your behalf.
    This is the reason that I tell you the importance of your thoughts.  Faith begins in your thoughts that are filled with the trust you have in Me because you have heard that I desire to answer prayers, that I can answer prayers and that I will answer prayers.  Those thoughts come from your knowing My promises to you and also your hearing testimonies about My answering the prayers of others of My children.  When you are established in such firm confidence in Me, then as you meditate upon My promises and the testimonies you have heard, going over and over them in your mind and reasoning with Me about My efforts in the behalf of My children, the personal images will come into your mind that I will answer your particular prayer because I love you and I am your loving Father.  Meditating is important because meditating is communing with Me, having your thoughts focused on Me and My abilities, not on a problem or a request. 
    Communing with Me is a two way communication, your speaking to Me and My lovingly speaking to you.  It is through those times of meditating and communion with Me that your mind is open for Me to put the images of My answering your prayers into your thoughts.  (Romans 10:17-18)  The gates of hell cannot and will not prevail against those images of faith.  (Matthew 16:18) The devil cannot rob you of them because they have become an image in your mind of My love for you.  The image is substance and evidence of things hoped for, so they become faith. (Hebrews 11:1)  As I told you in the past, hope is confidence in Me that I will do something but faith is the evidence in your mind that I have already begun to answer your prayers because you see the final results in your thoughts.
    I don't tell you to have faith without supplying the faith for you.  That would be a cruel thing for Me to do.  In our times of one on one fellowship together, I even give you the faith by projecting the answer to your prayers onto the screen of your mind, which you call your thoughts.  When you have that image in your mind, you have the answer to prayers before they become physically evident because I, Your Father, has shown you the end result.
    Yes, thoughts are important.  Communing with Me and meditating upon My promises and the testimonies of My goodness to My children will guarantee that the avenues to your mind are open and ready to receive My gift of faith which I give to My children.  (I Corinthians 12:8-9) I will paint upon your mind the answer for what you pray before it is evident in the world.  That results from time spent with Me in true communion, an exchange of love and words.
    My promises to you are yea and amen, so be it.  (II Corinthians 1:20)
    Your Promise Keeping Father   

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Before I spoke the formulas to create the world and humans, I designed the images in My mind.  Thoughts are important to you just as they are to Me.  All creative ability begins in thoughts. When your thoughts agree with My thoughts about something, that is when I can do exceedingly, abundantly more than you can dare think or imagine.  (Ephesians 3:20)  When your thoughts are expectations of My working in your behalf, that is called faith and those thoughts of yours are your will and they multiply My ability to do My good works in your life.  You add your will to My will and good things are established as reality in your life by multiplying the ability of My angels to bring the answer to your prayers.  I said that when your thoughts are according to My Holy Spirit's power, that is where the ability comes that makes the answer to your prayers not just possible but guaranteed.
     When your thoughts are fearful and your expectations are that bad things will happen, then the same spiritual truth happens.  Your fear and unbelief are interpreted in the spiritual dimension that your will is agreeing with the devil's will for your life and so his will is then established in the earth as his demons are dispensed to bring curses into your life.  Under the scenario when fear, unbelief or anger enter your mind, you must spring into action and battle with the demonic principalities and powers of the air who are placing the anger, fear and unbelief into your mind.  Yes, thoughts matter in My ability to answer your prayers.  When thoughts are negative, that is when you must battle with your demonic enemies by praying in My Spirit until the fear and unbelief turn into trust and faith.  You will win the battle if you persist in bombarding the negative thoughts with My words of power that created the world, raised Jesus from the dead, heals the sick, casts out demons and makes you victorious. 
    The battle between good and evil occurs in the minds of My children.  There are no perceived human enemies who have the same amount of power to defeat you in your life that the principalities and powers of the demonic dimension have when they infuse their will into your mind.  Those demonic spirits have deceived My children since the beginning of the earth and they are still in control because My children do not realize that all spiritual battles happen in their minds.  Instead of immediately speaking My will to their thoughts when they are negative and destructive, fearful or angry, My children often yield to those piercing arrows as if they were their own wills. (Ephesians 6:16) When you are praying about a matter or have a need and negative, fearful thoughts come into your mind, why would you think that those are your thoughts when they are opposite to the answers of your prayers?  You are so deceived and the first thing that you begin to do is become angry at a person who has opposed you or you lose hope and become depressed.  A person who has opposed you is not the originator of the negative thoughts or situation.  The devil is. 
    No human person is your enemy.  (Ephesians 6:10-18)  He or she has only been used by your real enemy, the devil, to introduce the negativity from hell into your life.  If you retaliate against the human being, then you have let the real enemy go free and you are an easy target for future mental harassment.  But, if you retaliate against the real enemy, the devil and his demons who are the author of the negative thoughts from hell, if you speak My will to them just like Jesus did, and if you pray in My powerful prayer language of establishing My will in your life, then you are already a winner, victorious against the real enemy.  The events which harassed you will change quickly when you change your thinking from battling human enemies to battling the real instigator of evil, the devil and his demons. 
    The devil wants to create his hell in your life on earth so that you will not allow Me to create My heaven in your life on earth.  The devil does not care where you spend eternity.  The plans for you in his mind are that you agree with his will in your life on earth which is your authorizing him to bring his hell on earth into your life.  The temptations in your mind often convince you to agree with his will for you and when you are deceived and believe the negative thoughts, you leave the protection of My will and My kingdom when you agree with the negative thoughts of fear, unbelief, doubt, anger, wrath and other works from hell.
    Establish My will in every matter when negative things happen in your life.  Speak My words to the devil's negative thoughts and pray in My powerful prayer language in which every word is more powerful than the words in your mind of every demon in hell combined.
    Never battle flesh and blood.  Always realize that your only enemies are spiritual, they are demonic, and they come to your mind to rob, kill and destroy you.  My thoughts in your mind and My words through your mouth in My Holy Spirit's prayer language will defeat the robber every time if you will persist until victory is won.
   I gave you the power.  Use it. ( II Timothy 1:7) 
   Your Powerful Father           

Monday, March 27, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   With every new beginning there are new thoughts, new attitudes, new speech and new actions because of the new motivations, new surroundings and new environment.  You don't put new wine into old wine skins or the skins will burst and ruin the skins plus cause the wine to be wasted.  I said that with My new covenant of love with My children, "Behold, all things become new, old things pass away. " (II Corinthians 5:17) Many of My children try to have the same motivations, thoughts, attitudes and actions under My new covenant with My children, having the same ones that they had under the old one which came to an end.  It should not be so.  In fact, I said that the old covenant of laws brings death but My new covenant is the covenant of life and soul peace. 
   Under the old covenant, My children feared Me and dreaded being judged by Me because they did not know Me.  All they knew were religious laws which seemed punitive and egregious to them. The religious laws that I gave to them were not meant to make they feel guilty and fear being punished by Me if they did not obey them, but they were given by Me in order to identify evil spirits whom Adam allowed in the earth at the beginning. 
    For an example, when I said under old religious laws not to kill, I meant for them to recognize the temptation to kill when that thought came to their minds as being from hell, from the kingdom of death.  I wanted them to know that it was a temptation from a demon of death who wants to destroy My children.  I wanted My children to recognize that thought as being from hell in an effort to lead them into death for themselves and others.  That demon of death and killing had first manifested itself in the earth when Cain killed Abel but My children did not recognize that the motivation was from hell and not from Me. (Genesis 4:7-8) The people did not know that there was an evil kingdom from hell at work in the earth because of Adam's disobedience as well as the one which existed from the creation of the world, which was My good and beneficial kingdom of love. The people attributed to Me both good and evil because they were blinded by the veil of the devil so that they could not recognize evil as being a separate kingdom from My kingdom of love that was at work in the world.  My children operated under that deception from the devil until Jesus came into the world and cast out demons who plagued people, healed people who had sinned and did more miracles so that all the books in the world could not hold the record of them.
    Because of the power of My Holy Spirit in Him, Jesus became the Christ, the victorious one, after he was crucified, died, went to hell for the sins of the world, and rose from the dead.  He defeated the devil in hell and took back from him the authority in the earth that Adam had given to him in the beginning.  Because of that battle in the spiritual dimension, We could then and now give to My children My same Holy Spirit that caused Jesus to destroy the works of the devil when He walked the earth, the same Spirit who caused Jesus to rise from the dead, the same Spirit who cast out demons and healed even more of the sick when He walked the earth for a short time, and the same power of My Spirit who peacefully brought Jesus back to live in My heaven with Me.  Now in the earth, My Holy Spirit is Lord in the earth with the power to destroy all of the works of the devil in the lives of My children, just as He did through Jesus. (I Corinthians 6:19-20; II Corinthians 3:17-18; I John 3:8)
   What a glorious and wonderful day it was in the history of the world when My Holy Spirit came to live in the earth in the spirits of My children with the power and ability to identify and recognize that all evil in the earth comes from the devil.  With the power of My Spirit I even give to My children the authority in the earth to destroy the works of the devil just like Jesus did when He walked in the earth.  It was the day for which I had been eagerly waiting throughout My dealings with My children in trying to help them recognize evil and avoid it through the old laws. 
   Behold, on the day of the first real Pentecost, I made all things new when I was able to inhabit the bodies of My children, create new motivations in them from being born of My Spirit, plus give them My spiritual words through spiritual languages with which to pray so that My creative words would be delivered to the angelic hosts through My children and the result would be the transforming of My children and the transforming of their world into the wonderful image that I had for them at the beginning when there was no evil. (Acts 1:5 and 8; Acts 2:1-4; I Corinthians 13:1) 
   Yes, you must recognize the fact that old things have passed away, including the old religious laws.  All things have become new because My Spirit who resides in My children identifies the evil temptations that come into your mind are from the devil and He gives you the authority to refuse those promptings.  My Spirit gives My children the power to destroy all of the works of the devil in your life and in the lives of others.  My Spirit gives to My children My power to heal, to work miracles, to pray in spiritual languages, to interpret those words, and He gives to you My wisdom and knowledge, plus he tutors you in My truth.  My Spirit opens the eyes of your understanding to know that I am your Father of mercy, forgiveness, love and peace.  He gives to My children My supernatural faith to believe for the transformation of all things into My image. (I Corinthians 12:1-11)
    Oh, what a happy day it was in the earth and in My heaven when My Holy Spirit came to live inside of My children to be your Father and to be Lord of the earth.
    You must allow My Holy Spirit to be My Fatherly arms that comfort you and allow Him to speak My Fatherly words to enlighten you.  You must allow Him to be Lord in the earth by honoring Him and respecting My words to you through Him. (I Corinthians 2:12-13)
    Your Gift Giving and Loving Father     

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Dear One,
    The songwriter King David was considered a man after My own heart because of his close relationship with Me, his love for Me, his songs written to Me and about Me.  He told Me that he desired that his words and his thoughts would always be acceptable to Me.  (Psalm 19:14) David knew the power of thoughts and words or he would not have asked that the meditations of his heart, which are thoughts, and also his words would be acceptable to Me.  Many of My children who call themselves by My name do not know the importance of choosing the right words that come to your mind to speak and choosing which thoughts that come to your mind to think.  They do not know that their lives on earth can either be heaven or hell depending upon those two things, words and thoughts.  My will in the earth is placed in your thoughts by My Spirit, and your own will in the earth is relayed to the angelic hosts in the heaveny dimension in your thoughts and words.
   There are many warnings, cautions, commandments and admonitions throughout My Instruction Manual to you about that very thing, choosing thoughts and words that are positive instead of negative, choosing ones from My heaven instead of from hell.  Whichever thoughts you choose to think and words that you choose to speak will create the situations and circumstances of your life.  If you choose My good, peaceful, loving thoughts from My heaven to think and then speak those words, I will be able to create My heaven in your life on earth.  If you choose the devil's bitter, divisive, vindictive, strife filled thoughts to think and speak those words, then you are cooperating with the devil to create his hell in your life on earth. Every situation and circumstance in your life begins with thoughts and words. 
    Jesus said that you are justified as being My child by speaking words from My family and you are condemned as being a child of the devil if you speak his words from hell. (Matthew 12:36-37)  Whichever kingdom you choose to exemplify in your thoughts and words, that kingdom will come into your life on earth with either blessings or curses.  Jesus even prayed to Me that My kingdom would come on earth just as it is in heaven.  (Matthew 6:19)
    The prophet James told you that the tongue is a great fire and is set on fire by hell itself.  (James 3:6) So when negative thoughts from hell enter into your mind, you must reject them, just like Jesus did when He was tempted by the devil. You must speak My words to the demon who is injecting those thoughts into your mind and he will flee speedily. When you declare that you know the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom and speak My words to the demon, then the demon is defeated and slinks off like the deceptive coward that he is.  But, if you think the negative thoughts are from your own mind instead of from hell, then you are already deceived.  Hear this:  All negative thoughts and words comes from hell.  All positive thoughts and words are from My kingdom of love and peace.  Whichever thoughts you think and whichever words you speak will determine your present and future conditions in the earth.
    You ask why thoughts are so important.  Hear this also:  The thoughts that you choose to think are images in your mind of either My will or the devil's will.  Those images become your will if you meditate upon them.  When you allow the devil's images of retaliation, anger, hatred, wrath, strife or vengeance to stay in your mind, you meditate upon them, speak words relating to them, perform negative actions related to those images, and your life is cursed because you have summoned demons from hell to produce the images that you had in your mind.  You have agreed with the devil's will in the earth and it will come into your life, cursing your life.
    By the same token, when you allow My good, kind, loving, peaceful, patient images to enter into your mind, if you meditate upon them, adding your will to them, and if you speak words of love and perform loving actions related to those images, then your life is blessed because you have summoned My angels from heaven to produce the good images that you entertained in your mind.  You have agreed with My will being done in the earth and My will will be done in your life, blessing you to the highest degree.
    That is why Jesus told you to forgive someone who does wrong to you and to do it 490 times a day if necessary for you to get rid of the temptation to retaliate against the person.  Holding a grudge against someone, as tempted in your mind by the devil to do, will bring hellish events into your life.  Forgiving someone, as inspired by Me to do as many times a day as necessary until you are rid of the devil's temptation to retaliate, making that choice to forgive will bring blessings into your life because My will has been done on earth as it is in heaven.  I forgive your sins and you must forgive the sins of others to enable My kingdom of blessings to be manifested in your life on earth. (Matthew 6:10-12)
    My children must be as astute in spiritual things as King David was when he confessed to Me that he wanted his thoughts and his words to be pleasing to Me.  My Holy Spirit will alert you, if you are willing, to the thoughts of the devil's will put in your mind by images from hell that need to be rejected by you and then replaced by the images of My will of love, peace, forgiveness and mercy in your life.
    Your entire life is a series of choices between life and death, blessings and curses.  I said to choose blessings and you and your family will live the abundant life that I promised. (Deuteronomy 30:19-20; Matthew 5:1-12)  I said to only allow  certain thoughts and attitudes in your mind, those being humble thoughts, merciful thoughts, loving thoughts, peaceful thoughts, pure thoughts, meek thoughts, and to seek Me and My righteousness so that you will do My will in the earth because of your hunger for My love and guidance.  When you only allow those thoughts and attitudes to enter your mind, only speaking loving words and taking loving actions, you will be blessed abundantly because you have chosen My ways by which to live in the earth.  My kingdom will come into your life with My inheritance of a loving, peaceful life.
    Your Father Who Always Desires My Blessings to be Delivered to You 

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   I created the world for My future children because there were no humans on earth then.  When the world was completed, I created My first child, Adam, and I created him in My image, spirit, soul and body, with My personality of love, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience, forgiveness, grace, joy and forbearance.  Then I created Eve out of some of Adam's and My attributes and she was also in My image with the same thoughts, attitudes, speaking ability and motivation to do good in the world that I have and that Adam originally had.  Of course they were created in My image because I am their Father. 
   I created them with My Perfect Love and they were perfect love because that is My personality.  For a while We communicated without any interference and I taught them to take care of their world, because I was their Father.  One of the duties of a good father is to teach his children how to avoid evil, so  I taught them to avoid evil, taught them not to listen to the evil words of alien spirits or they would allow the alien spirits to enter into their world.  I told them not to let evil into the kingdom of My children which was their domain because I had created it for My children.  I knew that if they allowed the devil to enter into their world that he would curse the beautiful world that was My gift to them.  I did not want puppets who had no will and no spirit because, if I did, then My children would not be My image with creative abilities.  They were not fearful of Me and readily communed with Me in order to receive My guidance in how to have dominion over their world.  They were not ashamed of their naked bodies. (Genesis 2:25)   
   You know the rest of the story, how Eve was deceived and Adam disobeyed My warnings and invited the devil into the world by their listening to his enticing words in their minds which are temptations to do his will instead of doing My will in their world. (Genesis 1:6)  As a result, their wonderful world and their own bodies were flooded with aspects of the devil's character instead of mine.  I even identified to them the curses that the devil brought into their existence and the evil with which he cursed their world.  My first two children were no longer My images in the world, but became images of the devil's personality.  Fear, lying, irresponsibility and shame were the four attributes of the devil that were immediately manifested in the lives of Adam and Eve after their first communion with the devil. They knew shame for the first time. They covered their bodies with fig leaves.(Genesis 1:7)
   My first two children hid from Me in fear and when I asked Adam why he listened to the devil and allowed evil into his world, Adam blamed Eve.  That curse has continued through generations and men still blame women for their misfortunes.  Eve took responsibility for her actions and confessed to Me that she was beguiled by the devil.  The devil was able to bring his will into the earth and thus bring hell on earth into the lives of My children.  My children began to call good evil and evil good at the leading of the devil.  (Isaiah 5:19-21)
    From that day forth in the world, My children no longer displayed My perfect image in their world, but instead they displayed different aspects of the character of the devil in their lives as well as a very few of My own characteristics and those remaining characteristics were weakened.  I told Adam and Eve that they were cursed and their beautiful, productive world was cursed by the demons they allowed to enter. (Genesis14-19)  
   Throughout the history of the world the curses of the devil in the world caused havoc in every aspect of the lives of My children.  In the fullness of time, after My redemptive plans were completely prophesied into the world, My Son Jesus came into your world legally through being born of a woman, and He displayed My unadulterated image to everyone.  He identified Me as a good Father who wants to bless My children.  My children were formerly programmed by the devil to believe that I was a vengeful king who was eager to kill and destroy people   The devil was successful in programming My children's thoughts to believe that I have evil as My motivations instead of love and goodness.  Their religious leaders furthered the lies of the devil in their teachings. When Jesus ministered My love, My healing, My deliverance and My wisdom to people instead of vengeful anger, guilt, shame and condemnation, the religious leaders began to plan to kill Jesus for His teaching that I am a good Father who forgives the sins of the whole world.
    When Jesus was crucified, died, went to hell for the sins of the whole world, and then rose from the dead, He appeared in the world to many people to show that He was alive and that the devil did not win.  He continued healing the sick, casting out demons and teaching about Me in order to reprogram the minds of My children so that they would do My good works and exemplify My image in the world again. Jesus Christ knew that My children needed His same power in their lives, the power of My Holy Spirit, in order for them to become My image again in the world. After Jesus came back into My heaven to live with Me, Jesus had no need for the power of My Holy Spirit to defeat all the works of the devil because there is no evil in My heaven.  So We sent My magnificent power of My Holy Spirit into the earth to strengthen My children with My power to defeat the devil's work in the earth and to reprogram the minds of My children to perceive My true character and personality so that they would become My images in the world. (I John 3:8)
   Becoming the image of My personality and character are what I want for My children.  I want them to be transformed by the renewing of their minds so that they will know My perfect will in the earth in order that others might see their good works and glorify Me as who I am, their loving Father.  (Romans 12:2; Matthew 5:16)
   My desire is that My children, with the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, will become My images in the earth so that I can bless them abundantly and they will display My true character and personality in the earth.  To be My witness is to become My image in the world.  That is how I am glorified, by My children becoming My images.
    Your Father of Reflective Love

Friday, March 24, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    The things you see with your human eyes are not always permanent.  They are temporary and will change eventually.  So what you also image in your human mind, things of doom and gloom put there by the devil in negative images of fear and worry, they are not permanent and are subject to change.  They will change to good images if you will submit your human mind to the things that are My will in all matters.  Unfortunately, Adam's mind became influenced by the devil when he allowed the devil to enter the earth. As a result, the minds of all humans became hallow ground for the devil to plant his negative images which became the belief processes of all humans and so they reap corrupt plants from the negative seeds planted in their minds by the devil.
   Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, his resurrection and His coming to heaven to live with Me, My plan worked to enable Me to send My Holy Spirit into the earth to live inside of My children, not just to walk beside them as Jesus did. Through My magnificent power I am able to reprogram the minds of children from the inside of My children so that My images of My will for them will be implanted into their minds and they can meditate upon positive images, believe them, and they can become My images of goodness that I want to produce in the earth. It is through those positive images of goodness that I can bring My kingdom to earth as it is in My heaven. (Matthew 6:10)
    By My Holy Spirit's power I also give to My children the images in their minds of the answers to their prayers instead of their continuing to meditate upon the images of doom and gloom that the devil puts there.  When My children allow Me to put My images of the answers to their prayers in their minds, that is called faith because faith comes from hearing My words.  (Romans 10:17; Hebrews 11:1-2)Because of My unconditional love for them, I put My images of answered prayers in their minds and I also confirm My will of blessing them with My goodness by two or three witnesses from My children.  (Matthew 18:16; II Corinthians 13:1)  All of My confirmations to My children are also found in My Instruction Manual that I had written as the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of love.  I also confirm in their minds My desire to answer their prayers in their minds in images which give them good images upon which to meditate, thus adding their wills to My will in the matters and causing the answers to their prayers to become reality in their lives.        
   What you see with the eyes of your spirit, as placed there by My Holy Spirit, are permanent because they are My will for your life and they will come to pass if you will meditate upon them.  That is a result of faith in Me created by meditating upon what I say about matters instead of what the devil says about matters.  Things always change, they never stay the same, so they might as well change into what I desire for you which is My will in all matters.
   Negative images in your mind which cause worry and fear are not put there by Me but they are products of the devil's temptations to suck you into his kingdom of destruction by enticing you to believe in his negative images that are formed in your mind.  Very often My children believe more in the devil's images of worry and fear which destroy their lives than they believe in My power to save their earthly lives from the devil's works.  Many more of My children believe in My ability to save them at the end ot their times on earth when they will live eternally with Me in My heaven but they don't believe in My ability to save them from all the works of the devil in their life in the earth. 
    Jesus destroyed the works of the devil in the earth while he lived in the earth.  (I John 3:8)  My Holy Spirit destroys the works of the devil in the earth today in the lives of My children who believe My Instruction Manual and believe My images of faith that I put in their minds which encourage them to believe Me instead of believing the devil's negative images.
    Jesus told the people who lived when he walked the earth that they "see but they do not perceive and that they hear but they do not understand."  (Matthew 13:16)  The people could neither perceive spiritual things nor understand spiritual things from Me until the coming to earth of the Holy Spirit to live inside of My children with the power to tutor them to perceive and understand spiritual things. (John 16:13)  With the revelations taught by My Holy Spirit to you, you will be able to perceive spiritual things and understand spiritual things. (Romans 8:5 and 14)
    Through My Holy Spirit inside of you I can reprogram you, transforming your earthly mind with My excellent ways and perfect ways through which I want to bless you and through which I want to answer all of your prayers.  I can place My images in your mind to replace the negative ones placed there from hell.  I can transform your mind to believe images of what are My good and perfect will in the earth.  My perfect will for you is that you believe My images that I put in your mind and that you become My image in the world so that people will see your good works and glorify Me.
    Your Glorious Image Producing, Mind Transforming Father

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Dear Precious Child
   Your thoughts control your mind.  Your mind is in control of your mouth and your body.  Your will needs to be in control of your thoughts.  Your thoughts are not your private property.  They are fed by the devil when negativity enters and they are also fed by Me as positive thoughts enter.  Worry and fear come into your mind from the devil and his demons who infuse your thoughts with doom and gloom, condemnation, guilt, evil temptations to do things that will injure you or others, depression, oppression and compulsions. (Matthew 6:25; 31 and 34) When those negative thoughts take over your mind, then they also take over your mouth and your body.  With negative thoughts and words spoken, your health will take a downward turn into sickness or injury.  Your mouth will speak negative, hopeless, depressive words and those words will summon more demons to enter into your life, bringing more curses from hell that will affect your life outwardly as well as inwardly. (Matthew 12:37)
    However, when you entertain My thoughts and keep them in your mind, then positive things will begin to take over your mouth and body.  When My positive thoughts take over your mind and you meditate upon them, then your body will be healed and function properly because beneficial hormones pour into your body.  Then you will begin to speak hope filled words, faith filled words, encouraging words, loving words and more of My angels will be summoned by those positive words to enter into the spiritual atmosphere around you, bringing more of My blessings into your life. 
    Negative words summon negative spirits to curse your life.
    Positive words summon positive spirits to bless your life.  (Deuteronomy 30:11-20) 
    I gave you specific instructions on how to resist and defeat the devil's thoughts that he puts into your mind.  I said to captivate every thought that is not in line with My will in your life of loving others and your being blessed abundantly. (II Corinthians 10:5)  Any thought that is not edifying, positive, encouraging, hopeful, full of faith and love is not of Me and must to cast down into hell.  I even cautioned you to bring into captivity EVERY thought that is not in line with My will because those rogue thoughts are from hell, sent to lead you into authorizing the demons from hell to create the devil's hell in your life.  It all starts with a thought, then becomes an attitude, then a negative word spoken and then destructive actions taken by you.  Then your life is cursed. 
   Every good, loving, hopeful and faithful thought that you place in your mind where negative ones had taken residence previously will produce in your life good attitudes of peace and love, which will cause you to speak loving, positive, hopeful words and will spur you to do good acts of kindness and love. Then your life will be blessed by Me because you have done My will in your life which brought My angels to work my goodness in your life.  (Matthew 6:10)
    Jesus gave you a good example when he said that if someone strikes you in anger that you should not obey the devil's temptation to return evil to that person and hit back.  Instead, Jesus said that you must obey My thought to return good for the evil that was done to you. (Matthew 5:38-44)   When you choose to do My will in the matter, you have activated My angels to act in your behalf and I am glorified.  If you choose to obey the thoughts in your mind to strike the person who struck you, then you activate the demons from hell to flood into your life and bring hell into areas of your life. 
    You must always obey My thoughts in your mind to do good to everyone.   When you, as an act of your will, choose to do My will in every matter, then My kingdom blessings are yours because you have acted as My child.  (Matthew 5:45-48)
    Remember that I told you to bring EVERY thought into captivity to My will, casting out of your mind every thought that does not have the fruit of My character of love in it.  You must be vigilant to let Me be Lord of your mind so that you choose to reject every thought that is not of love, peace, goodness and kindness and so that you choose to do what I commanded in every matter which is to love others as I love you.  Love does not return evil to a person who does evil to you.
    Every time that you cast out of your mind every thought that is not reflective of My love for you and everybody in the world, then you become more confident in the power of My Holy Spirit to instruct you to cast every imagination out of your mind that does not reflect My will of love and peace.  (Philippians 4:5-8)       
     Your will needs to be in control of your thoughts.  Use your own will by making a choice to cast out every thought that is not of My love, peace, goodness and kindness toward you and others.
     Choose My will for your life and live an abundant life because My will for you is that you have an abundant life of love and peace while you live in the earth.
     Take control of your rogue thoughts and you will allow Me to be Lord of your life.
     Your Loving, Peaceful Father

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Dear One,
    When I was teaching you about having control of your thoughts, where the devil often puts evil infusions of fear and worry, I said for you not to take those thoughts.  You have to take them, receive them, and you have to believe them for them to begin cursing your life.  I said emphatically not to even allow them into your mind because they are not your thoughts or My thoughts.  They are the devil's temptations to entice you into his trap of getting you to believe him and worry instead of believing My promises and having faith in Me. (Matthew 6:25)
    Because the devil works in your fleshly mind, tempting you with negative thoughts, he wants to pull you into his trap of believing his thoughts of worry so that he can bring his destruction into your life.  Contrary to what your religious leaders have told you, worry is not a virtue, it is not a fruit of My Spirit, it does not come from Me or My kingdom.  It is from hell.  If you will read the warning that Jesus gave to you, He first said that you can't serve two masters, you can't serve Me and serve the devil.  You can't believe My promises and also believe the devil's fear and worry that invades you mind.  (Matthew 5:24-25)  He warned you about that demon of worry after He said you can't serve the devil and also serve Me.  Your mind will either trust Me or engage in worry from hell.
   Jesus then said, "Behold," which means to listen to Me and My example.  He told you that I adequately provide for the birds of the air and they don't worry so that they store up food in barns.  Yet, I provide for them.  I also said that they don't sow and they don't reap.  (Matthew 5:26) They don't have the human ability to sow either bad or good seeds of either trust or distrust in Me from their thoughts and mouths, They reap neither destruction from the negative things that they sow in their thoughts and with their mouths nor do they reap the abundant life from the good things that they sow in their thoughts and with their mouths.  Because the birds instinctively merely depend upon Me, they trust Me to feed them and to provide for them.
    Jesus was contrasting the birds of the air with My children, saying that My children have My faith available to them which causes them to sow good seeds of trust in Me which guarantees that they will inherit My kingdom blessings because of the good seeds that they sow.  Also, He was saying that because My children have the will to choose between good and evil thoughts and attitudes, that they have the human will to choose what they want in their lives, choosing either blessings or curses.  If you choose to worry, instead of choosing to have faith and trust in Me, then you will be serving the master of curses and receive his destruction into your life.  If you choose to have faith and trust in Me, then you will be serving Me, the master of life and goodness and you will receive My blessings into your life.
    My Son Jesus was teaching you by example the difference between the birds of the air and human beings. Humans are tempted by the demonic masters who work in their fleshly minds to entice them to worry and be in fear so that he can cause them to think and speak evil and curse their own futures by choosing his curses.  Jesus told you not to even take the thoughts of worry and fear into your mind so that you think and say things like what shall I eat or what shall I drink or what horrible thing lies ahead in my life.  (Matthew 5:31)  If you do take those thoughts into your mind, because of the stress caused by worry, then damaging hormones spew into your body and mind which curse your health because worry and fear are from hell.  You also speak faith in negative things happening and they will happen because what you fear comes upon you. 
    I said that I know that you need food and drink and faith for your future and I can entice you to think My good thoughts and for you to have My good attitudes by your seeking My kingdom of faith and trust in Me instead of your taking thoughts of worry and fear from hell into your mind.  Seek My kingdom of faith and seek My righteousness of love and all good things will be added to your life.  (Matthew 6:33)  Think and speak about your faith and trust in Me and My kingdom will become evident in your life.
    This valuable key of My kingdom revealed by Jesus in this teaching is that you must seek Me and what I say about the matter when thoughts of worry and fear enter into your mind.  Instead of taking the negative thoughts from hell into our mind, seek My will in the matter which is that you trust Me and rely upon Me. When you do profess your faith in Me, then you activate My kingdom of good to supply your every need.  There is another key in My defeat of the mental assaults from  worry and fear.  It is that you seek to be My righteousness, seek to be My love, joy, mercy, kindness, goodness, My peace, My patience and My forbearance in the dark world of hatred and strife.  (Matthew 5;43-44)
    My promise to you that all good things will be added to your life if you do not take thoughts of worry and fear into your mind, if you seek the wisdom of My kingdom and if you seek to be My righteousness in the world, then EVERY GOOD THING will be added to your life. 
    Behold, take notice, listen to Me about this:  My instruction to seek My kingdom and My righteousness is sandwiched between two of My other strong admonitions, those being the same thing, to TAKE NO THOUGHTS from hell into your mind that are negative which produce worry and fear. (Matthew 6:31 and 34)  That admonition was first given to you after I said originally said that you cannot serve the devil and also serve Me.  Immediately after that, I said,"THEREFORE, take no thought into your life of worrying about anything. (Matthew 6:23)  In other words, if you take thoughts of worry and fear into your mind, you become the devil's pawn and he will curse your life.
    I want to bless your life abundantly and I want you to bless the lives of others abundantly.  Don't take any negative thoughts into your mind and you are on the way to a blessed life.
    Your Father Who Transforms Your Mind.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Dear One,
    My children often think that cursing someone is doing what they consider taking My name in vain and damning a person.  First of all, I am not the damner.  The devil is the damner.  His desire is to damn everyone to hell.  It's not My desire.  My desire is to elevate everyone into My kingdom while they live on earth. 
   Another lesson to be learned is that My children can damn a person by speaking opinionated words, causing yourself and others to have hell on earth by your speaking your own judgmental words relating to the opinions or actions of other people.  It's called judgment which reaps judgment. (Matthew 7:1-2) Those words can cause you and other people to have hell on earth by your speaking negatively about someone or to someone. 
   I gave many instructions in My Instruction Book about the power of your tongue, how it either summons My kingdom into action or how it summons the devil's kingdom into action.  David said that his desire was that every thought and every word from his mouth would be acceptable in My sight.  He wanted Me to be the Lord of his mouth as well as his thoughts because he knew that spiritual kingdoms rise and spiritual kingdoms fall at the words spoken from the mouths of My children.  (Psalms 19:9-12) He knew that as their Father I gave to humans dominion over the earth and that every word that they speak has either good or bad effects in their lives and in the lives of the hearers. 
    There are both good and evil spirits who are waiting for instructions from humans so that they can spring into action, even words given in casual conversation. (Matthew 12:35-37)  I said that even your idle words are important to your future and the futures of others. (Matthew 5:37)   I said that even My very own words to My children are what will give discernment to My children because My words caution, instruct, admonish, enlighten and purify My children who heed to them.  To My children who do not heed them, casually regarding them as mere rhetoric without deeming them as being Fatherly advice, they will find themselves walking in the hell on earth that the devil desires.  My advice is given to save you from the evil works of the devil, not given to condemn and judge you.  The devil uses My words to condemn you in your own mind, tempting you to refuse my advice and be your own lord.  He leads you into a cursed life, sometimes cursed by your own mouth.
    The devil says to your mind, "God didn't really mean it when He said that you are cursed by the words of your mouth and you are blessed by the words of your mouth.  That was for the people years ago who worshiped him."  You will think that is your own thought and then you will lessen the importance of your words in the course of your life.  Down the line you will find yourself cursed in some area and wonder what happened.  Jesus said a good tree brings forth good fruit and an evil tree brings forth evil fruit.  He was identifying your thoughts and what they impress you to say.  He was talking also about your words and what they do to your life, either blessing your life or cursing your life.
   I told you in My Book not to let any corrupt, bitter, negative, angry and destructive words proceed from your mouth.  That is very, very specific. (Ephesians 4:29-32)  I didn't tell you that so that I can condemn you if you do speak negative words.  I told you that key to My kingdom so that the words that you speak from your mouth will bring grace, love and mercy to the hearer and the words will summon My kingdom to work in your life and in the lives of the hearers of your words.
   This is one of the most important keys to your having kingdom living in the earth.  You must learn to let Me be Lord of your thoughts and of your words so that your words are always creating good just like Your Father's words are always creating good in the earth.  If you only speak My loving words you will only create the atmosphere of My kingdom in the earth.
   I said that if you do not offend in words that you are a perfect person. (James 3:2) I said in the teaching by My Holy Spirit that your tongue is a fire and it is set on fire by hell.  (James 3:5-6)  I said that My children bless Me but at the same time they curse people by speaking negative words about them or to them, that out of the same mouth comes blessings and curses.  I SAID THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO.  (James 3:9-11)
   I said that your conversation must be of a wise person, one who speaks from My knowledge.  Then I identified from where bitterness and strife come, that those words are devilish and sensual, coming from hell.  I told you that where jealousy and strife are present that every demon from hell is present. (James 3:15-16) 
   Do you really want every demon from hell operating at your will to curse your life?  If not, then you must heed My teaching about the power of your words and you must determine that only words that bring peace to you and to your world will come from your mouth.
   I listed for you the words that bring peace.  They are pure, peaceable, loving, kind, gentle, full of mercy, easy to be followed, without favoritism, without hypocrisy and always producing good fruits.  I said those words will produce righteousness because they are sown in peace and that you will reap peace if you only speak them. (James 3:17-18)
   My instructions to you relating to your words are meant to produce in you a perfect child who can bridle his or her tongue and own body, thus inheriting the good things of My kingdom while you live in the world.
    Because I created your world with My words and you are made in My image, your words create either heaven on earth for you or they create hell on earth for you.  My instructions relating to this important key is paramount to your enjoying the good of the land.  (Matthew 16:19; Matthew 6:33)  Seek the truths of My kingdom and seek that My righteousness will live in you as created by My Holy Spirit, and then all good things will flow into your life.
    Your words create either heaven or hell in your life.  Bridle your tongue and you will enjoy the good life that it is My pleasure to give.
    Your Peace Loving Father                

Monday, March 20, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Jesus told you to become perfect in love, even as I am perfect in loving all of My creation.(Matthew 5:43-48) To My children who are imperfect in showing love and the products of love to others, that may seem impossible to achieve.  Those children are still yielding to the programming of the devil, who is the author of unbelief.  I gave you the image of perfect love when I sent Jesus into the world and I gave you the power to become perfect love when I sent My Holy Spirit into the world to transform your mind and body into My image of being perfect in loving others as I love you.  You are well equipped to become perfect in My love and the outgrowths of My love or I would not have asked you to achieve that goal.  (John 13:34-35)
    It is only with supernatural power, the power of My Holy Spirit, that your mind can reject old, familiar judgmental attitudes, old familiar anger, old familiar hatred, old familiar condemnation of people, old familiar prejudices. and instead take on My attitudes of forgiveness, mercy, love, kindness and goodness.  It is impossible without the power of My Holy Spirit, through whom I created the world, for you to love others as I love you.  That is why I waited to instruct My children to love to that high degree until I told them about the coming of My Holy Spirit into their lives.  A person's spirit is his or her character and personality, and My Holy Spirit is My character and personality so He creates My same character and personality in My children who hear My words and obey them.  Until the coming of My Spirit into the lives of My children with His transforming power, the only power to love that was available was to love your neighbor as yourself and to love your enemies as you love your friends and to do to others as you want them to do to you.  Loving to the highest degree includes more than just doing loving acts toward others, it includes an attitude change in your mind of understanding that the devil is behind all injurious acts, injurious words and injurious attitudes.  It includes allowing Me to take the veil off of your eyes which will allow you to see that there is no evil that people do that is not instigated by the devil.
    When a parent in the earth finds out that his or her child has committed a crime at the suggestion or prodding of another person, it is more easily forgiven by the parent because the parent knows that his or her child is not evil at the core but was influenced to commit the crime by a friend who might be thought to be evil to the core.   It is the same in My family.  When a child of mind commits a sin, a transgression, an iniquity or makes a mistake, I know that the person only did it at the behest of the devil who tempted My child in his or her mind and My child did not know that the suggestion to sin came from the devil who speaks to his or her mind. 
    I said that when My Holy Spirit comes into the life of My children that He will identify sin, righteousness and judgment. (Matthew 16:7-11)  My Spirit identifies in your mind the originator of sins, who is the devil.  He identifies righteousness in your mind, which is My personality.  And He explains that all of My judgment is for the devil, not for My children.  When My children allow My Spirit's truth to enter into their minds, He will transform their minds from believing that I judge My children.  He will reveal that I only judge the devil who is the spiritual being who instigates all evil in the world. 
    The sins of My children have already been obliterated and are nonexistent in My mind because of the blood of Jesus which was shed for the remission of all sins. (I John 2:1-2) There is no record book in My heaven that contains your sins.  The only record book is the devil's accusations based on religious laws in the earth which condemn you, judge you and eventually will destroy you.  That is why I said that if you judge others you will be judged and condemned because if you obey the temptation of the devil to judge someone for a sin, transgression, iniquity or mistake, you bind yourself to the devil by doing his will and he judges you also with destructive events in your life and even death. 
    My desire for you is when you see someone do something for which you had previously condemned and judged them for the action at the programming of the devil, with the transforming of your mind by the power of My Holy Spirit you will now be able to display My mercy for the person and forgive the person just like I forgive you, as far as the east is from the west.  That is My mercy, having compassion and forgiveness for everyone who yields to the devil because you know that you also battle against the devil's temptations in your own flesh.  (Psalm 103:12)   If you retain the sins of people at the bidding of the devil, then your sins are also retained by the devil and he will judge you.  If you remit the sins at the bidding of My Holy Spirit, then your sins are also forgiven and the devil has no authority to judge you.  (John 20:21-23; Matthew 6:12)
    Remember that I never judge you.  Also remember that in judging others you authorize the devil to judge you, making your life on earth a living hell.  Only with the power of My Holy Spirit leading you in the ways of righteousness will you be able to have mercy on others and forgive them easily, just as I forgive you, and you will love them with My love, becoming perfect as I am perfect.  I said that you must seek to become rooted and grounded in My love and that when you become Love as I am Love that I will be able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than you dare even ask, think or imagine, according to the power of My Spirit of love and mercy in you.  (Ephesians 3:17-21) That is a huge promise from Me, and it is possible when My love and My mercy are evident in your thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions done toward others.      
    I delight in giving My kingdom of goodness to My children who seek Me with their whole hearts. The more of the keys to My kingdom that you seek, find and obey, the more benefits of My kingdom will flood into your life because you have become like Me in character.(Matthew 6:33; Matthew 16:19)  The transforming of your mind by My Holy Spirit is the master key.  
    Your Father of Compassion and Kindness

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    Human emotions have very little to do with My family unless one thing, unless they have been transformed by My Holy Spirit into My own emotion of unconditional love which manifests itself in joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and forbearance.  Human emotions without being transformed into My emotions are merely emotions influenced by the devil. They manifest themselves as anger, strife, hated, jealousy, envy, lust, drunkenness, murders. addictions to human excitement  and other damaging feelings and actions.  When My Holy Spirit transforms those damaging emotions into My unconditional love which manifests in loving everyone with My unconditional love, then those demonic emotions are resisted by you and are no longer operating in your life.  When My children are in unity with My Spirit, being led and reprogrammed by Him, then their former human emotions are revealed as what they are, sent from hell to enslave people to evil attitudes and actions.  (John 16:8-11)
    If you will notice, My Holy Spirit's emotions of love, joy, peace, mercy, goodness, kindness, patience and forbearance are all related to how you treat other people.  My unconditional love in you for other people will always cause you to live at peace with everyone, keeping peace as your aim in life.  My unconditional love in you will cause you to love Me to such a degree that you will take My advice in everything you do, knowing that My ways are higher in efficiency than human ways.  My spiritual emotion of peace will love other people so much that you will not want to insist upon your own way but My peace will allow you to view the opinions, beliefs and doctrines of others as being right for those people at the time and you will find a common ground upon which to make peace with them.  My emotion of peace will cause you to make peace with everyone and be viewed by other people as My child.  I said that peacemakers are called the children of God.  (Matthew 5:9)
    The people who sow strife and division in your world are not considered by other people and by the heavenly hosts as My children and thus inheritors of My kingdom.  Sowers of strife and division and discord are looked upon as being influenced by immature evil human emotions instead of My heavenly spiritual emotions of love and peace. 
    Very often, My children who are called by My name are so influenced by the excited fearful human emotions of their religious and political leaders that they are led down the path to having hell in their lives while in the earth by displaying those demonic emotions themselves, most often fear and strife.  That is not My good news, My gospel.  My good news is that Jesus came to earth to save My children from fear and dread, not to sow more fear and dread in the earth.  To what you are bound in earth you are also bound in the heavenly dimensions.  (Matthew 16:19)  You either bind yourself to Me and My kingdom of life which is inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit or you bind yourself to the devil's kingdom of earthly human emotions where he works in the flesh.  If you bind yourself to strife and discord in the earth, then you are bound to those demons from hell and you will reap their destruction.
     My children who bind themselves with loyalty to people who display strife, division  and discord don't know the scriptures nor do they know My power.  (Matthew 22:29)   They don't know the full extent of My powerful love which forgives the sins, the trespasses, the iniquities and the opposing opinions of others instead of judging them. 
     My unconditional love casts out all fear.  Any doctrine that causes fear is not of Me.  Every testimony and doctrine that encourages you to keep peace with everyone is from My family of love.  (I John 4:18) My own children will find an area of agreement with everyone who opposes them until there is peace between them.  Jesus said when you are at the altar and remember that you are at odds with someone or someone is at odds with you, that you should leave the altar and make peace with the person and then return to the altar to offer your prayerful alms.  (Matthew 5:21-25)  That example should show you how important keeping peace with everyone is to Me. 
     Church fights, political fights, national fights, fights and disagreements between people are all evidence that the participating people are worldly, yielding to the human emotions which are influenced by the devil.  (Romans 1:28-32; Romans 3:12-I8; Ephesians 4:29-32; I Timothy 1:3-6)  My children who do such things are being led by the human emotions which are influenced by the devil who brings destruction and death instead of being led by My Spirit who brings My abundant life and soul peace to you.  I warned you many times that those who do the devil's bidding of bitterness and strife will inherit the curses of the devil.  I said that you will inherit the woes of the Pharisees, the scribes, the Sadducees and the hypocrites if you listen to them and develop their emotions instead of listening to My Spirit and letting Him transform your human emotions into My loving emotions.  (Matthew 23:13-15; 23:23-33)  Yet, some of My children still heed the words of the political and religious leaders of whom Jesus warned, those who sow fear and stife.  Fear and strife are not good news.
    My Holy Spirit only knows peace.  Jesus Christ is called the Prince of Peace.  You must be known as peacemakers or you will not be able to access the benefits of My kingdom while you live in the world.  It's not as if I didn't tell you millions of times to keep peace with everyone in My Instruction Book.  In every teaching of Jesus and in every teaching of the prophets of My new covenant you are taught to strive for peace with everyone.  My Holy Spirit will infuse My peace into your human mind and He is talented in showing you how to keep peace with someone who is not at peace with you.  He will give you His magnificent insight into brilliant ways to bring peace to every situation. 
    I want you to be at peace with everyone so that My blessings can flow into your life.  I want you to be at peace with everyone so that you have peace in your mind, unencumbered with strife and disagreements.  It is My pleasure to give to you every benefit of My kingdom and that is only accomplished when you are at peace with everyone because you have refused to multiply evil in the world.       
     Multiplying peace in your world has magnificent rewards.  I love to flood you with My blessings.  That is made possible when you are living in peace with everyone.  (Romans 16:16-19)
     Don't let the demon of strife win in your life.  It separates you from Me and from My blessings. 
     Let peace reign in your life.
     Your Peace Loving Father

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Dear Precious Child
    Your brother Jesus was always moved with My compassion and because of the mercy of My compassion He healed the sick, cast out demons and forgave sins.  He saved people from the consequences of their sins and the devil's work in their lives.  His first reaction when He saw someone who was oppressed by the works of the devil was to have compassion for the person.  He never judged them by accusing them of being unbelievers and He never judged them by accusing them of sinning against religious laws.  He immediately healed them, thus saving them from the works of the devil in their lives.  He said that He didn't come to earth to judge anyone but that through Him the world might be saved from the evils from hell. (John 12:47)
     My desire for My children is that you allow My Holy Spirit to transform your human mind with My personal words until you know My good, perfect and pleasing will in your life. (Romans 12:2)  When you give permission to My Spirit to transform your human mind with the thoughts of the mind of Christ, which is in your spirit, you will begin to have compassion for the people who are deemed sinners by religion, also you will have compassion for the demon possessed, the politicians who rob from the poor in favor of the rich, you will have compassion for the spiritually blind religious leaders, the people who oppress others, the oppressed, the sick, the crippled, anyone who is in need of My love, My forgiveness and My mercy.  You will extend My mercy to everyone, just as Jesus did, because you know that the reason for their misery is the devil's curses and it is not themselves.
    It is an easy thing for you to become born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit because I do all of the work.  (John 14:15-17; John 16:13; Acts 1:4-5 and 8; Acts 2;1-4) I call you, I present to you My Spirit of life and I give you an opportunity to receive Him.  When you ask Me to baptize you with My Holy Spirit as an act of your will, I do that work also.  I send Him to you and I send My glory along with Him.  The labor is all upon Me in those blessed events. 
    After your being born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit, My transforming work begins in you as I speak My instructional words into your mind, changing it from erroneously programmed former thoughts into My own thoughts, My attitudes, with the ability to speak My words and do My actions in your life.  The key words in the revelation of allowing Me to transform your mind is that you will know My will and do My will instead of doing the will of the devil as done in your former actions.   It is when My will is done in your life that My kingdom comes to earth in your life, as Jesus prayed.  (Matthew 6:10) 
    When your mind is transformed into being in unity with My mind, then you no longer judge others but you forgive them of everything and you extend My mercy to them because that's what My love does.  My will for you is always that you be merciful to others, loving to others which includes your human enemies and sinners, always have kind thoughts and attitudes to all people, that you do good works to your enemies as well as your friends, that you are joyful even in persecutions from hell, that you are patient with others because you understand their bad actions are from the devil and are already forgiven, and that you bear the bad attitudes, the accusations, the ill tempers and the sins of others, forgiving them just as I do. (Romans 12:19-21)
    When you cooperate with Me and allow Me to transform your mind until you do My good, perfect and pleasing will in the earth, then My kingdom of blessings will flood into your life because you have chosen My good over evil. (Matthew 6: 10)
     Your Father With Many Keys to Kingdom Living

Friday, March 17, 2017


Dear Precious Child
     I am merciful because I understand the war between good and evil.  Jesus walked in flesh and He understands the temptations that are so powerful that they are difficult and almost impossible to resist.  Without the power of My Holy Spirit, who discerns evil and its power, My children are often so deceived that they do not resist the temptations that the devil puts into their minds, and they yield their wills to him.  Sometimes it is even against the better judgment of My children that they yield, but the temptations of the devil are more powerful than their own human wills.  They are deceived by the deceiver. 
    However, with the power of My Holy Spirit, it is possible to discern temptations as being from hell.  My Spirit makes it possible to resist all evil temptations and possible to cast those demons who tempt you out of your life and into the abyss of hell.  When you have My Spirit living inside of you and when you are baptized in My Holy Spirit, you have the strongest, mightiest, most authoritative power available to any person who lives in the earth.  You have My authority to rule over all spiritual beings from hell.  When you have the power of My Spirit living in you, you can speak to the most powerful demonic heads and tell them to leave from you and go into the sea of the spiritual abyss and they have to obey you.  They have no will of their own, so they have to obey your command. (Mark 11:22-24) Only with the power of My Spirit do you have that authority.
     To My children who do not have My Spirit living inside of them, I have great compassion that they must suffer the consequences of yielding to the temptations of the devil.  The compassion comes from My mercy, My understanding that the origin of the sins are the demons who tempt them.  I know that without the presence of the devil in the world that all humans would be guilt free, sin free, transgression free and iniquity free because there would be no evil in which to yield.  They would be pure as snow, just as I am.  In My eyes they already are guilt free because of the sacrificial death of Jesus for them.  He died for the sins of the whole world, so He died for the sins of everyone so that they are free of guilt in My mind. 
     I am not a judge of humans.  The only being I ever judged was satan by My casting him out of My heaven.  Unfortunately, because My children obey the devil, they bind themselves to him and they inherit My judgment of him because they are bound to him by obeying him.  My judgment was never meant for My children, only for the devil.  In My mind, My children are sinless, but in the devil's eyes and in the eyes of civil law they are guilty and worthy of condemnation and judgment.
    Remember that in My eyes My children are completely sinless, white as snow, because Jesus already paid the price for the sins that they commit because of the weakness of their flesh which has no power over evil temptations.  They are guilty in the eyes of civil laws, social laws and religious laws, but they are not guilty in My mind because the price has already been paid by Jesus Christ.  He, who knew no sin, became sin for them.  (II Corinthians 5:21) My children who become lawbreakers suffer at the hands of civil officials, religious officials and political officials because those laws call for punishment, but My children are still pure and white in My mind because I understand the motivation to sin is caused by the devil.  When I look at the spirits of people I see the blood of Jesus which was shed for their sins.  (I John 2:2) I understand the weakness of their flesh and its lack of power to resist temptations and I do not condemn or judge them. 
    Because of this truth, My children who are baptized in My Spirit and know this truth which frees them, they must also in their minds free others who yield to temptations of the devil, must free them from the religious laws which satan uses to curse them. Because My Spirit filled children who know this truth are free from the curses of religious laws, they must also release other people from their own judgment with which the devil tempts them to have for lawbreakers.  They must realize that the guilty one is the devil who tempts and then judges people who yield to his temptations. 
     With the power of My Holy Spirit, My children must also understand, as revealed by their tutor, My Spirit, that other people must not be deemed guilty in the minds of My children just like they are not guilty in My mind because My children know that the devil is the guilty one, not any human being.  The price has been paid by Jesus already in the spiritual world for the punishment of all sins as required by the devil.  Jesus Christ was the payment for the sins of the whole world.  My true children who are spiritual understand this truth and absolve everyone of their sins because there is no record of their sins in My mind. (I Corinthians 2:12-13) The only record of sins is in the mind of the devil, of the civil courts and in the minds of religious people who thrive on judging others. (I Corinthians 3:1)  They will be judged by the same judgment that they judge others.
    Extending mercy, forgiveness and understanding must be an act of the wills of My children, in obedience to My will.  Forgiveness, as an act of your will done many times, will eventually result in your forgiving from your heart, which absolves all people of their sins.  Just as loving others begins as an act of your will and eventually becomes an act of true love from your heart, mercy and forgiveness begins with your being willing to forgive someone without any emotional feeling of forgiveness.  Eventually the act of true forgiveness will come from your heart and you will feel the spiritual emotion of mercy.  You must be willing to forgive first.  When you are willing to forgive, your own sins are forgiven because you have not retained the sins of anyone.  (John 20:22-23; Matthew 6:12)
    Your will is a part of your mental abilities.  You can will to forgive others while your flesh is condemning them.  Continue to choose to forgive others over and over again every day, as many as 70 times 7 times.  (Matthew 18:21-22) When your will is in unity with My will, then forgiveness from the heart will occur eventually when it gets through the layers of human mental programming that says it is okay to judge and condemn.  If you will to forgive, then mercy will emerge from My Spirit who lives in your spirit, giving you My spiritual emotion of mercy.
    The merciful obtain mercy.  Because you are spiritual and understand spiritual things, you must become merciful to everyone and everyone will be merciful to you.  Forgive everyone and you will be forgiven by everyone.
     Your Forgiving, Merciful Father

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    I told you that love begets mercy because I am love and I am merciful to all of My children.  I told you that because I am merciful that I look at all human beings as sinless, pure and clean because of Jesus and His dying for their sins, iniquities, transgressions and mistakes, all of which are instigated by the devil.  I know the origin of sins as being the devil, so he is the being who is responsible, not My children whom I created in My image. 
    My children do not know that the devil is the one who tempts them to do evil and then he punishes them for the evil that they do.  Because I threw the devil out of My kingdom of heaven for his rebellion against Me, he is still trying to get back at Me for the judgment that I put upon him, throwing him out of My heaven and into hell.  So he tempts and then judges My own children who are made in My image because of his vengeance against Me.  After the resurrection of Jesus and His coming to live again with Me, We sent My Holy Spirit into My children to restore My power and authority in the earth to defeat the devil and his demons.  That is how My children can be victorious while living in the earth, because of the power of My Holy Spirit who lives inside of those children who have invited Him into their lives to be the Lord of their lives.  My Spirit is the Power who cast out demons through Jesus and who defeated the devil in hell through Jesus.  He is the One who raised Jesus from the dead, and My Spirit is Lord in your world now.  (II Corinthians 3:16-18)
     The presence of My Holy Spirit in the lives of My children who have made their bodies His temple is the only power source available in the earth which defeats all evil.  (I Corinthians 6:19-20)  My children who have not asked My Spirit to be the Lord of their lives are powerless against evil.  Because of My love for you, I am filled with mercy for all of My children and I see no sins or trespasses of your  flesh.  I only see your own spirit and its desire to please Me.  Jesus said that humans look on the flesh of others and judge them because of the devil's influence upon them, but He said that He and I look on the spirits of people so we don't judge them. 
     Forgiveness of sins is an outgrowth of My mercy for My children.  I devised a wonderful plan in order to design, carry out and execute My orchestration to absolve all of My children of the judgment of yielding to the devil's will.  Jesus, Himself, died for it.  He took back My children's authority which Adam handed over to the devil, and we give My power and authority in the earth to My children who ask for My Holy Spirit. The acts of My mercy through My children is forgiving everyone of their sins.  My children who have My Spirit operating in their lives as Lord in the earth have the power to absolve everyone of sins just as I do.  (John 20:21-23)  My mercy lives in My children if My Spirit lives in them, so forgiveness is a natural outgrowth of being the temple of My Holy Spirit. 
    When My children forgive other people of their sins, then those children of Mine are doing My will in the earth.  The forgiving ones are My children who free themselves from all of the devil's works to which they were once bound.  They send the demons back to hell, the evil demons who coerced My children into joining with the devil. Those of My children who retain the sins of others are doing the will of the devil in the earth and they will, unfortunately, reap the devil's judgment.  Those children of Mine who forgive other people of their sins are immediately relieved of the demons who worked against them and they become again white as snow because the devil's demons left and because My children forgave others instead of retaining their sins. 
    Mercy always forgives.  Mercy always loves.  Mercy always does good works to other people.  Mercy always absolves other people of sins.  Mercy always sees sinners as being in need of compassion and forgiveness, not as sinners and unclean.  When Jesus was moved with compassion for people, He was moved with My mercy for them.  (Matthew 9:36-39; Matthew 14:14; Matthew 20:34) Mercy always results in actions to free people from the clutches of evil.  Mercy always acts.  Mercy is never passive.  It is always active, eager to forgive and restore people to My favor.
   I am never inactive.  I am always active, performing My words that I speak to you, in you and through you.  (Jeremiah 1:11-12) I am constantly forgiving My children and My children need to constantly forgive others so that they stay clean and pure.  My mercy in My children always results in forgiving others as I forgive them.  (Matthew 6:12)
    It all starts with an act of your will to forgive others.  As an act of your will, you might need to forgive someone 70 times 7 times a day.  (Matthew 18:21-22)  The emotion or feeling of forgiving others will come after forgiving them many times as an act of your will.  Choose forgiveness instead of vengeance and you will have peace on earth and walk in an abundance of My blessings. (Romans 12:19-21)  When you forgive someone, you free yourself from the works of the devil who caused the other person to oppose, injure, malign or curse you.  When you refuse to forgive someone, you bind yourself to the devil's works of evil against you and you bind yourself to the devil's works, causing more evil to come against you.
     I forgive you.  You are obligated to forgive others because of My love for you.
     Your Father Whose Forgiveness Brings Freedom

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


 Dear Precious Child
     My Holy Spirit desires to grow beneficial plants in My gardens of love in the world.  My gardens of love in the world are My children and the attributes of My personality and character of love are the plants sown in them which I meant to become My image to other people in the world.  Sometimes My children are slow in allowing My Spirit to implant My mercy into them because of their former programming by the devil who is the father of judgment and condemnation.  There have been weeds of judgment and condemnation sown in My gardens of love which are hard to eradicate from the minds of My children.  The demonic spirit of religion has sown erroneous images of My character into My children for generations.  My Holy Spirit sows true images of My character into the minds of My children and the revelation of My mercy replaces the weeds of judgment and condemnation to those children of mine who seek truth from My Holy Spirit's wisdom.     
    The most beneficial plant that grows in My gardens of love in the world is mercy, yet mercy is misunderstood by many of My children.  Mercy is not sympathy because sympathy produces no beneficial results.  Sympathy is merely an earthly emotion which makes a person feels sorry for others because of their pitiful living conditions in the earth.  Mercy is much higher in power than sympathy. 
    Mercy forgives every person of all of their sins, transgressions, iniquities and mistakes and sees the person committing them as clean and pure.  It is only because of the truth of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that My children can have My mercy operating in their attitudes and minds.  Having the revelation knowledge that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the whole world is paramount in order for My children to have My mercy operating in their lives. 
     In My mind, the sins of people are not only forgiven but they are obliterated, erased and the people are so pure that it is as if they never yielded to the temptations of the devil. (Isaiah 43:25) They are completely restored to My favor and are just as pure as Adam was before he yielded to the devil.  They are as pure as Jesus was when He rose from the dead.  There is no judgment in love because love does not consider any lawbreaking. There is none because of Jesus Christ and His suffering on the cross for the sins of the whole world.  (John 3:16-17)
    When My Holy Spirit duplicates My mercy in the minds of My children and they see themselves and others through My merciful eyes, then there can be no temptation to judge anyone because of the knowledge that everyone has been forgiven.  When a thought of judgment for anyone enters into the minds of My enlightened children, the power of My Holy Spirit refuses that demonic thought and, instead, He floods the minds of My children with My thoughts, My attitudes and My actions of forgiveness and mercy for anyone who does not measure up to religious laws, the laws of society or civil laws.  All have been forgiven and are clean and pure in My eyes.  (Isaiah 1:18)
     Even though lawbreakers are pure in My eyes, they are not pure in the eyes of civil courts.  They will suffer the consequences of breaking laws.  But, in My eyes and in the eyes of My children the lawbreakers are forgiven and white as snow, forgiven as far as the east is from the west.  My mercy in My gardens of love never takes into account a wrong that is committed. (I Corinthians 13:5)  My children who are transformed into My image never capitalize on the works of the flesh in others but they capitalized their thoughts on the payment that Jesus Christ paid for the sins of the whole world, meaning every person.  (I John 2:2) Instead of seeing the sins of others, My children of love see My Son Jesus and His having paid the price for all sins.  Mercy and forgiveness are automatic in that mindset.
     The prophet Isaiah saw the coming ministry of Jesus Christ and saw that the sins of people would be forgiven because of My mercy.  He said that My children would eat the good things of the land when My mercy is fully developed in them. (Isaiah 1:19)
     If you want to enjoy good things in the earth, let My Holy Spirit fully develop My mercy inside of you.  My character is merciful and your character as My child must be merciful to others.  Jesus said that the merciful inherit mercy.  (Matthew 5:7)
     Let My mercy grow in you until you see yourself and everyone else as forgiven and as pure and white as snow.
     Your Merciful Father