Thursday, March 2, 2017


Dear One,
   Do you, as My child who calls yourself by My name, do you honestly and truly believe everything that you find in My Instruction Book under My covenant of love with My children, called the New Testament?  Many of My children believe only part of My instructions to them, only believing the parts that fit in with their social, political or religious programming.   Many of those much loved children of mine believe in the new birth, believe in My Holy Spirit baptism, but do not believe in My desire to commune personally with them.  Because of that unbelief, they miss out on true communion, the thrill of hearing My Fatherly instructions to them as we meet one-on-one in the real exchange of My words of life where I bear your burdens, release you from those burdens and personally tell you how to get rid of the problems in your life. 
   Without one-on-one communion with Me, you miss out on the real, honest to goodness communion and you substitute a man-made ritual of a religious performance which has no power to heal and solve problems.  It's like a child comes to the closed door of his or her father's room, does a little dance outside of the door, sings songs outside of the door, and then feels that he or she has done what needs to be done for the father to help the child with a big problem.  The child might feel emotionally better because of the songs and the dance, but no healing, life giving words have been exchanged between the father and child because the child did not come into the presence of the loving father to hear the loving advice of the father.  Only a song/dance performance had taken place.  The child leaves the door of the father's room feeling better emotionally, but no permanent and life giving fatherly words have been received by the child which will make the serious problem go away and will keep other similar problems from again occurring in the life of the child.
    At the basis of that religious act which has no power to solve the problem and lift the burden off of My children is a fear of the child that he or she might receive judgment and condemnation from Me.  That child of mine does not know Me.  He or she only knows Me by the hearing of the ears from other religious people who also do not know Me.  That child is a child in name only, not in a true relationship with Me. (Matthew 5:9; Romans 8:13-14; Galatians 5:18)
    Job had the same problem and because of fear he made sacrifices every morning for his children just in case they sinned that day. (Job 1:1; Job 1:4-5) He lived in fear instead of faith.  Because of that fear that was infused into his mind by the devil through religious people, Job invited curses of the devil into his life.  He consulted his friends who had already caused him to be afraid of Me.  His curses got worse because those friends did not have a one-on-one relationship with Me either, and their counsel was dark.  They only knew Me from the teachings of people who also did not truly know Me as a loving, gracious, good, kind, merciful Father. They increased Job's fear.  I visited Job and asked him why he was darkened with counsel that had no real wisdom and knowledge about the real problem behind the evil that came upon Job. (Job 38:1-2)
    After our first one-on-one talk together, Job understood My true nature and confessed to Me that he had only heard of Me by the hearing of the ear from other men who did not know Me.  Job said that he finally knew Me by his spiritual eyes which saw Me as the loving Father that I am.  I gave Job instructions, one-on-one, to forgive his friends for their erroneous advice.  When he did forgive them from his heart, all of his family, fortune and riches were restored to Job because he broke with the devil's darkness and walked in My light, all because he finally knew Me face to face instead of from the ineffective teachings of other men through his ears.(Job 43:1-8)
    My children cannot honestly and truly know Me except through one-on-one communion with Me where I share My words of life with them.  During those times, My faith is infused into them from My Spirit of Power, the Holy Spirit. 
    I want My personal words that I speak to you to become flesh, changing you from being a child who only knows Me through the erroneous teachings of other people, changing you into a child who knows Me face to face, having sought Me and established a personal Father/child relationship with Me.  My words to you must become flesh for there to be heaven on earth with all problems solved.
    I guarantee you, when you truly know Me, you will love Me because you will know the depth of My love for you and all mankind.   (Ephesians 3:16-20)
    Don't merely stand outside of My door and do your religious performance.  Nothing lasting is accomplished by that.  My door is unlocked and My invitation is to come in so that I can  give to you all of the keys to My kingdom.  You must come into My presence and commune with Me as loving Father/much loved child.
    Jesus said that true worshipers will worship Me in Spirit and in truth.  True communion is receiving the powerful words of truth from My Holy Spirit in a one-on-one relationship.  (John 4:23)
     Your Father of Truth Which Transforms You                  

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