Thursday, March 9, 2017


Dear Precious Child
     Those people who are in darkness are always seeking for Light.  Think about the fact that all evil deeds are done in the dark in order to be hidden.  Yet, the participants in the darkness are always seeking Light in order to be rescued from their dark deeds.  My children who have found the real Light should always display Light so that the ones in darkness will have hope that Light is always available.  The problem is that My children of Light, instead of displaying My Light will often display the characteristics of judgment and condemnation instead of My Light of love and peace.  In that setting, the people who are in darkness lose hope that when they come to Me their lives will be consumed with Light instead of the curses of darkness in which they live. 
    After becoming new creatures of Light and love, My children often revert to old religious laws in order to judge people in darkness as being sinners, lawbreakers, adulterers and liars while My children themselves are breakers of My only commandment which is to love others as I love them.  Instead of loving others as I love them, they judge others by outdated and ineffective religious laws.  Many of My children who have come to My Light and become light have had My Light snuffed out in them by judging and condemning others.   Darkness has overcome My Light at the cooperation of My children. 
    I never said that I only love the people who are enlightened.  I said that I love the whole world so much that I gave My Son to die for it.  That includes all of the people who are in darkness as well as those who are walking in the Light of My love.  Instead of judging and condemning people in darkness, My children need to love them with the same unconditional love that I loved them when they were in darkness. (John 3:16-17) 
    The people who are in darkness cannot love others because they only have self love given by the devil of darkness.  When a person is enlightened with My Light, he or she becomes alive with My life and My love for others.  Old dark things pass away and all things become new and filled with My light.  When My children are enlightened with My love, they must strive to stay alive, refusing to again be brought back into darkness by invading spirits of the devil which come to jerk them right back into his curses in darkness. (Galatians 3:1-5)
    Every person has his or her own areas of weakness and the devil knows those weaknesses.  As soon as the person is brought to life by My love, then the devil plans his attack to bring the person right back to the land of darkness again.  The devil hates to lose one person to My Light and love.  Very often what he uses are religious and political activity which entice My children to judge and condemn others by old, dead religious laws or patriotic political division.   My children are easily deceived by things that look godly but are merely religiously enticing.  Only My truth sets them free.  (John 8:31-36)
   Truth comes by hearing My words to you delivered by My Holy Spirit into your thoughts. (Romans 10:17)  Faith and Light come by My Spirit bringing life to the scriptures in My Instruction Book.  Faith and Light come into your mind by My Spirit bringing life to the anointed words of spiritual teachers.  Faith and Light come by My Holy Spirit speaking My personal instructions to you.  Faith and Light come by My Spirit revealing wisdom as spoken by others.  Faith is the power of My Spirit that creates new life in you by My words becoming flesh in you, giving you new thoughts, new attitudes, new motivations, new character traits, new speech and new actions.  When that happens, you become true Light, the Light that cannot be hidden under a bushel. You become the salt of the earth which makes My words tasty and palatable to others instead of being words that plunge others into further darkness than they currently are trapped.
    Your enemies are never flesh and blood.  Your enemies are only spiritual demons which entice you to perform his works in the earth of judging, condemning, lying, lusting, being vengeful and unforgiving, sowing strife between people, anger, hatred, prejudice and other of his demons.  (Ephesians 6:12-18)
    People are not your enemies.  I called you to love people and to defeat the demons which rob My children of My Light.  (I John 3:8)  I gave you My Spirit for you to allow Him to conform you into My image until you become Light and love in a world that is filled with darkness.  I love the world that I created for My children.  The world is not dark in itself.  Only the presence of the devil and his demons make it dark. 
   Your Light of My love must be allowed to enlighten the world so that people will see My Light in you and glorify Me by wanting to also become Light themselves.  (Matthew 5:13-16)
    Your Light and Love Giving Father 

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