Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Dear One,
    You must know by now that your prayers and your thoughts travel on the same spiritual frequencies.  You must also know that if your thoughts are doubtful, unbelieving and hopeless, then it is difficult for Me to answer your prayers because there is a conflict between your thoughts and your prayers.  But when your thoughts are filled with hope, faith and belief, then those are signs that your thoughts are in agreement with your prayers and I can direct My angelic hosts to answer those prayers. 
    Think about your own children.  When they ask you to do something for them and then they change their mind, become wishy-washy about what they really want, then you tell them to make up their mind.  It's the same thing spiritually.  I am your Father and when you make your wants and needs known to Me but your thoughts are thinking that I am not really going to do it for you, then there is no power of expectation with which I can work to bring the answers to your prayers to you.  With no expectation, there is no faith that I can and will do what you ask.
    I said that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  So if your thoughts are not clear on My desire and ability to answer your prayers, then there is no image in your thoughts of your receiving it.  But, if you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I can and I will, then there is evidence in your thoughts of your receiving it before you actually do receive it.  The substance and evidence of your prayers being answered in your thoughts are what provide the faith power for Me to act in your behalf.
    This is the reason that I tell you the importance of your thoughts.  Faith begins in your thoughts that are filled with the trust you have in Me because you have heard that I desire to answer prayers, that I can answer prayers and that I will answer prayers.  Those thoughts come from your knowing My promises to you and also your hearing testimonies about My answering the prayers of others of My children.  When you are established in such firm confidence in Me, then as you meditate upon My promises and the testimonies you have heard, going over and over them in your mind and reasoning with Me about My efforts in the behalf of My children, the personal images will come into your mind that I will answer your particular prayer because I love you and I am your loving Father.  Meditating is important because meditating is communing with Me, having your thoughts focused on Me and My abilities, not on a problem or a request. 
    Communing with Me is a two way communication, your speaking to Me and My lovingly speaking to you.  It is through those times of meditating and communion with Me that your mind is open for Me to put the images of My answering your prayers into your thoughts.  (Romans 10:17-18)  The gates of hell cannot and will not prevail against those images of faith.  (Matthew 16:18) The devil cannot rob you of them because they have become an image in your mind of My love for you.  The image is substance and evidence of things hoped for, so they become faith. (Hebrews 11:1)  As I told you in the past, hope is confidence in Me that I will do something but faith is the evidence in your mind that I have already begun to answer your prayers because you see the final results in your thoughts.
    I don't tell you to have faith without supplying the faith for you.  That would be a cruel thing for Me to do.  In our times of one on one fellowship together, I even give you the faith by projecting the answer to your prayers onto the screen of your mind, which you call your thoughts.  When you have that image in your mind, you have the answer to prayers before they become physically evident because I, Your Father, has shown you the end result.
    Yes, thoughts are important.  Communing with Me and meditating upon My promises and the testimonies of My goodness to My children will guarantee that the avenues to your mind are open and ready to receive My gift of faith which I give to My children.  (I Corinthians 12:8-9) I will paint upon your mind the answer for what you pray before it is evident in the world.  That results from time spent with Me in true communion, an exchange of love and words.
    My promises to you are yea and amen, so be it.  (II Corinthians 1:20)
    Your Promise Keeping Father   

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