Friday, March 10, 2017


Dear One,
    We have talked about the difference between believing Me and merely believing in Me.  Believing Me means that you believe all of My instructions to you about how to treat other people, how to operate effectively in your world, and you believe that your adhering to My instructions will result in your gloriously becoming inheritors of My kingdom benefits while you live in the world. (Matthew 4:4)  Merely believing in Me and being called by My name will not result in your inheriting anything from Me while you live in the earth because loving Me means you keep My words, all of them, in order to sidestep the traps set by evil spirits in your world who tempt you so as to ensnare you into doing evil in the world which blocks your inheritance from coming to you. 
    Good earthly parents train their children in graciously being kind to everyone, giving everyone respect and honor, because in doing that they sow good seeds for their futures and it increases the reputations of their parents.  It's basically the same thing in My family. (John 14:15)  I train and coach My children with My written words and My personal words on how to treat their human enemies as well as their human friends.  I wrote instructions to you on how to treat everyone in order to be able to receive your full inheritance.  (Matthew 5:19-20) I wrote that thoughts, attitudes, words and actions are important because every one of them results in either blessings flooding into your life or curses flooding into your life.  I teach you the same way as earthly parents, with words.  The big difference is that the actions and reactions that I teach you have greater consequences in your earthly life because My instructions teach you how to affect the spiritual, the physical and the emotional parts of your life.  My ways bring wonderful blessings into the lives of My children who take My advice and think, speak and act according to My will. 
    My children who call themselves by My name often act in opposition to My will.  They curse their enemies instead of blessing them. (Matthew 5:21-26) They make human enemies of people who are not their enemies.  They become hypocrites by speaking outwardly as if they know Me but their actions prove differently.  They are vengeful instead of being merciful.  They judge and condemn unbelievers by old religious laws and expect that to draw people to Me.  All they do is sow seeds for their own destruction because they have joined in unity with the devil by judging and condemning others.  (Matthew 7:1-2)   Those children of Mine do not know Me and do not believe My words.  They only believe IN Me instead of believing Me.
    My children who proudly call themselves by My name are often the most derelict of My children because they keep their old nature and their own fleshly characteristics instead of becoming intimately acquainted with Me and becoming transformed into My image.  They continue being conformed to the image of the devil by sowing strife, division, discord, hatred, anger and bitterness in the world instead of sowing My love, peace, goodness and kindness.  I said that your  righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the religious leaders, those being the scribes, and of the politicians, those being the Pharisees, or you will not inherit My blessings.  (Matthew 5:19-20)  Some of My children hear My words of warning, do not process them and perceive them, but instead they go ahead and mimic the hatred, anger and strife of their religious and political leaders.  Their actions set up barriers that stop My blessings from entering into their lives.
    By your actions you either prove that you are a citizen of My kingdom, a child of Mine, or you prove that you are a a citizen of the devil's kingdom in the world.  You choose daily to which kingdom you are loyal.  Often you proudly proclaim to be My child, but your actions toward other people prove your true loyalty as being to the devil and his evil ways by your avenging yourself when opposed, returning evil for evil done to you,  That is not My way.  My way is to always return good for evil done to you. 
     My way is to always love people with My unconditional love no matter what they do to you.  When you are able to do that by the power of My Holy Spirit, then you will qualify yourself for your full inheritance while you still live in the world.  You prove that you are My child by your good and kind ways instead of merely proclaiming that you are My child by your mouth.  Your actions and reactions prove your true citizenship.
     My Spirit gives you the power to be changed into My image of love in the world.  When you allow that, your light will shine before people, your actions will prove that you are My child and you will increase My good reputation in the world.
    An added benefit to being obedient to My words is that you will inherit all of the things that I promised you  and that your joy will be full.         
     Your LOVE Producing Father   

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