Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    You have heard that practice makes perfect.  That relates to sports, music, memorization and other earthly exercises.  It's the same in My family.  Practicing love leads to perfected love. 
    When My children allowed the devil to enter their domain at the beginning of the world, it was no longer the character of their flesh to love others before loving themselves.  In religious laws I gave the instructions to love your neighbors as you love yourself in order for you to sow love seeds in the earth and thus reap love.  (Leviticus 19:18)  When Jesus came to earth He told you to go beyond loving others as you love yourself and love to a higher degree which is to love your enemies as well as your friends. (Matthew 5:44)  When Jesus explained His leaving the earth to His disciples He told you that He was giving you a new commandment, that being to love to the highest degree of loving others as I love you.  (John 13:34) He even told you that if you love Me that you will keep My instructions to love others.  That command of Jesus introduced to My children the highest degree of love, that being My unconditional love.  Only with the power of My Holy Spirit are you able to unconditionally love others.  My Spirit told you through Paul that when you can love others unconditionally that you have no need of religious laws because all religious laws are fulfilled when you love others unconditionally just as I love you. (Romans 12: 13)
     When My Holy Spirit lives inside of your spirit, He loves others with My unconditional love.  However, your flesh, with its earthly passions of selfish programming, will not always follow My Spirit's desire to pass My love along to others without restraint.  My Spirit will be motivating you to love someone at the same time that the devil, working in your flesh, will be repulsed by the person.  That is when you must crucify the flesh and its passions and choose to pass My love on to the ungodly, the sinners, the unbelievers and the unclean.  It will always start as a choice for you to override the flesh and its selfish passions and choose to love someone or some group of people because I love you.  (I John 4:19-21)   
    The flesh always wars against the Spirit and the Spirit always wars against the flesh.  Your will, as a matter of choice, must yield to My will to love unconditionally instead of the devil's will which is to hate, divide, judge and condemn. 
    Once you make a choice to love instead of hate or judge someone, then you have made the monumental step toward learning to love others as I love you.  The choice sometimes must be made many times a day because if you yield to the passions of your flesh to hate, judge and condemn others, then the devil has won in his war to keep you from the good things of My kingdom.  Keeping you from your rightful inheritance is the devil's deepest desire because in keeping you from loving other people unconditionally he has furthered his will in your life and in the earth, which is to separate you from Me and My kingdom.  My kingdom cannot come into the life of a person who has yielded to the devil's temptation of the flesh to dislike, judge or condemn someone.  The victory of the devil in tempting My children to hate others is that if you sow judgment into the devil's garden then you will grow hatred plants which will judge you in return.  (Matthew 7:1-2)  I have nothing to do with that scenario.
      The key to My kingdom living is for you to choose to love others as I love you.  It's easy to love your church friends, your family, your relatives and your social fraternity or sorority friends, but it's hard to love the people outside of those walls that you have built.  That is when practicing My love comes into effect, when you choose as an act of your will to love others as I love you.  After you have chosen to love others with no judgment or condemnation but with pure, unadulterated love, then you will find that My emotion and attitude of love will rise in you.   
     Practicing love makes love perfected in you.  It always starts as an act of your will, choosing to crucify the flesh and its judgment and condemnation of others and instead choosing to love unconditionally from the power of My Spirit inside of you. 
      When Jesus was teaching about loving your enemies, He said to be perfect as I am perfect. (Matthew 5:44-48)  There is an extra benefit to loving perfectly.  That benefit is that fear has to leave you because perfect love casts out fear.  When My love for you and for others is perfected in you, then all fear has to leave you because perfect love casts fear out of your life.  Fear of Me and love for Me cannot exist together. Fear of Me separates you from Me and is from hell.  Love for Me is perfected in knowing Me intimately as Love.  (I John 4:18)         
     When you love others as I love you, My kingdom blessings baptize you with all of My good treasures because your spiritual DNA proves your family DNA is from Me.
      I love you unconditionally. (I John 4;16)  Because I love you unconditionally,  you owe it to others to love them unconditionally.
      Your Father of Love

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