Saturday, March 11, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    In the beginning of the world My first two children possessed My family personality traits because they were created in My image with My spiritual DNA, having all of the fruit of My Spirit in their actions and reactions to things, mirroring My love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and forbearance.  Their live in the garden that I had created for them, called earth, was promising as long as they obeyed My warning not to let the alien spirit satan trick them into doing his will and thus allowing him to occupy the earth along with My children and curse their lives and the earth.
     My first children, Adam and Eve, man and woman, did not heed My warning and fell for the tricks of satan, the devil, and allowed him to enter into the earth and curse everything good that I had given to My children.  The very ground became cursed with the devil's demons who made it unfruitful instead of producing beautiful fruits.  Women became cursed by having the desire for a man to be her husband and god instead of My being her source of life and she was cursed with the birth of her children and by their sorrows.  Men were cursed by the desire to dominate and rule over women and their work was cursed because the earth would bear thorns and thistles instead of good crops.  The devil's demons were cursed by having to crawl on the earth as a snake. (Genesis 3:14-19) 
    There were more curses which were to come.  My children began to display the personality of the devil instead of My kind and loving character, becoming evil in many areas because of their fellowship with the devil.  There were times when I could only find one person who displayed My righteous, kind, loving and peaceful character in the earth.  Throughout the history of the world, sometimes I could only work through that person who still displayed My character in the earth.  Eventually I had to come to earth in the person of My Son Jesus in order for him to pay the price that the devil required for cooperating with his sins, iniquities, transgressions and mistakes.  Because his character is death and destruction, he requires death and destruction as an inheritance from him to those who yield to his wicked ways. 
    My Son Jesus became the substitute for the sins of the whole world by dying on the cross and going to hell. (I John 2:2)  He fooled the devil by My Holy Spirit propelling Him out of hell and back into the earth where He was witnessed by many people, again destroying the works of the devil in the earth. 
     When My children who had believed in Jesus as My Son took My instructions and waited for My promise to be delivered to them, Jesus Christ left the earth and came to be with Me forever and We sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by all who believed the teachings of Jesus Christ and who were waiting for what I had promised, My power to overcome all evil in the world.  On the day of the feast of Pentecost My Holy Spirit came into the earth to live in the bodies of My children, empowering them with My Sovereign power to have authority over the devil and his demons, just like Jesus did.  My Holy Spirit is the same power who raised Jesus from the dead and released Him from hell, allowing Him to appear to My children and encourage them further about My Holy Spirit.
     My plan worked perfectly and My Spirit began His ministry in the lives of My children who believe Me, that I sent My very own Spirit into the earth to be  received by people and that He would empowered them to defeat the works of the devil in the earth, just like Jesus did.  (I John 3:8-9)  As an added benefit, to people who allow Me to live inside of them, My Spirit transforms them into My image in the earth, just like the first couple were created in My image before their disobedience of allowing the devil to curse them and the earth. 
     To those of My children who allow My Spirit to transform their thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions into My image of love, they are identified as My true children.  When they display My love in the earth My inheritance flows easily into their lives.  My angels are able to deliver to them all of the benefits that Adam had before he allowed the devil to curse the earth, which are My kingdom blessings which make the earth a glorious garden in which to live. 
    Jesus told you that when he cast a demon out of a person that My kingdom of blessings come upon that person. (Luke 11:20)  When My children allow Me to reprogram their thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions into My own, then the devil is cast out of their lives and My kingdom comes upon them.  My character of unconditional love in the lives of My children is the image upon which the angels are instructed to deliver My kingdom benefits in the earth.  When My children are transformed by My Spirit into love, then they qualify for their inheritance to be delivered to them.  (I Corinthians 13:1-7)     
     To those of My children who continue in the devil's work in the earth such as performing works of strife, anger, hatred, division, discord, lust, bitterness and other works of the devil, they are not displaying My true character of love so My inheritance of all good things cannot be delivered to them while they live in the earth.  They have to continue to live in the hell which they have chosen while they live in the earth, the devil's promise to his children, because those people are refusing to be transformed into My image and have retained the character of their enemy, the devil. (Romans 12:2)  My Spirit is constantly admonishing My rebellious children to give up the character of the devil and instead to take on My character which is available to them when they are truly communing with My Spirit, taking on My love and peace as their personality.  My kingdom comes into their lives because they do My will in the earth, only made possible by the power of My Holy Spirit in their lives. (Matthew 6:10)  Jesus taught you to pray that very thing, that My kingdom will come to earth as it is in heaven by My will being done in the earth.  As My children do My will in the earth, My kingdom becomes real in their lives and their prayers are easily answered.   (John 15:7)
     Become My image of love in the world, rejecting all thoughts, attitudes. words and actions that are selfish and self serving.  Don't give your life over to the devil over some narrow, binding religious or political beliefs which are from hell. Only speak what you hear Me speak to you and only do what you see Me do, insuring that they are love.  When you do My will in the earth, My kingdom becomes a real part of your life on earth.
     Your Loving, Peaceful Father    

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