Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Dear One,
    When I was teaching you about having control of your thoughts, where the devil often puts evil infusions of fear and worry, I said for you not to take those thoughts.  You have to take them, receive them, and you have to believe them for them to begin cursing your life.  I said emphatically not to even allow them into your mind because they are not your thoughts or My thoughts.  They are the devil's temptations to entice you into his trap of getting you to believe him and worry instead of believing My promises and having faith in Me. (Matthew 6:25)
    Because the devil works in your fleshly mind, tempting you with negative thoughts, he wants to pull you into his trap of believing his thoughts of worry so that he can bring his destruction into your life.  Contrary to what your religious leaders have told you, worry is not a virtue, it is not a fruit of My Spirit, it does not come from Me or My kingdom.  It is from hell.  If you will read the warning that Jesus gave to you, He first said that you can't serve two masters, you can't serve Me and serve the devil.  You can't believe My promises and also believe the devil's fear and worry that invades you mind.  (Matthew 5:24-25)  He warned you about that demon of worry after He said you can't serve the devil and also serve Me.  Your mind will either trust Me or engage in worry from hell.
   Jesus then said, "Behold," which means to listen to Me and My example.  He told you that I adequately provide for the birds of the air and they don't worry so that they store up food in barns.  Yet, I provide for them.  I also said that they don't sow and they don't reap.  (Matthew 5:26) They don't have the human ability to sow either bad or good seeds of either trust or distrust in Me from their thoughts and mouths, They reap neither destruction from the negative things that they sow in their thoughts and with their mouths nor do they reap the abundant life from the good things that they sow in their thoughts and with their mouths.  Because the birds instinctively merely depend upon Me, they trust Me to feed them and to provide for them.
    Jesus was contrasting the birds of the air with My children, saying that My children have My faith available to them which causes them to sow good seeds of trust in Me which guarantees that they will inherit My kingdom blessings because of the good seeds that they sow.  Also, He was saying that because My children have the will to choose between good and evil thoughts and attitudes, that they have the human will to choose what they want in their lives, choosing either blessings or curses.  If you choose to worry, instead of choosing to have faith and trust in Me, then you will be serving the master of curses and receive his destruction into your life.  If you choose to have faith and trust in Me, then you will be serving Me, the master of life and goodness and you will receive My blessings into your life.
    My Son Jesus was teaching you by example the difference between the birds of the air and human beings. Humans are tempted by the demonic masters who work in their fleshly minds to entice them to worry and be in fear so that he can cause them to think and speak evil and curse their own futures by choosing his curses.  Jesus told you not to even take the thoughts of worry and fear into your mind so that you think and say things like what shall I eat or what shall I drink or what horrible thing lies ahead in my life.  (Matthew 5:31)  If you do take those thoughts into your mind, because of the stress caused by worry, then damaging hormones spew into your body and mind which curse your health because worry and fear are from hell.  You also speak faith in negative things happening and they will happen because what you fear comes upon you. 
    I said that I know that you need food and drink and faith for your future and I can entice you to think My good thoughts and for you to have My good attitudes by your seeking My kingdom of faith and trust in Me instead of your taking thoughts of worry and fear from hell into your mind.  Seek My kingdom of faith and seek My righteousness of love and all good things will be added to your life.  (Matthew 6:33)  Think and speak about your faith and trust in Me and My kingdom will become evident in your life.
    This valuable key of My kingdom revealed by Jesus in this teaching is that you must seek Me and what I say about the matter when thoughts of worry and fear enter into your mind.  Instead of taking the negative thoughts from hell into our mind, seek My will in the matter which is that you trust Me and rely upon Me. When you do profess your faith in Me, then you activate My kingdom of good to supply your every need.  There is another key in My defeat of the mental assaults from  worry and fear.  It is that you seek to be My righteousness, seek to be My love, joy, mercy, kindness, goodness, My peace, My patience and My forbearance in the dark world of hatred and strife.  (Matthew 5;43-44)
    My promise to you that all good things will be added to your life if you do not take thoughts of worry and fear into your mind, if you seek the wisdom of My kingdom and if you seek to be My righteousness in the world, then EVERY GOOD THING will be added to your life. 
    Behold, take notice, listen to Me about this:  My instruction to seek My kingdom and My righteousness is sandwiched between two of My other strong admonitions, those being the same thing, to TAKE NO THOUGHTS from hell into your mind that are negative which produce worry and fear. (Matthew 6:31 and 34)  That admonition was first given to you after I said originally said that you cannot serve the devil and also serve Me.  Immediately after that, I said,"THEREFORE, take no thought into your life of worrying about anything. (Matthew 6:23)  In other words, if you take thoughts of worry and fear into your mind, you become the devil's pawn and he will curse your life.
    I want to bless your life abundantly and I want you to bless the lives of others abundantly.  Don't take any negative thoughts into your mind and you are on the way to a blessed life.
    Your Father Who Transforms Your Mind.

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