Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    I coach My children on what to think, what to say and what to do in order to live the abundant life that I promised.  All of My coaching, teaching and guidance include instructions on how to sidestep the curses that the devil has set in your path to engage you in his destructive activities. 
    None of My instructions are given so that your new actions will make Me love you more.  I love you to the highest degree possible because I am love.  Every word of My coaching to you is to cause you to grow into My image and operate your life in My beneficial ways so that you will inherit your rightful fortune of love, peace and joy while you live in the earth. Earning My love is not a requirement.  I love you already.  However, there are things you can do that will identify you as My child, an heir of all good things in the earth.  When you operate in My righteousness, My good and loving way of living, then My spiritual fortune is attracted to you and you will walk in perfect peace, receiving the answers to your prayers because you are identified as My merciful, gracious child.
    You are either for Me or you are against Me. (Matthew 12;25) Many people want to inherit My promise of coming to live with Me for eternity, but they don't want to take My advice on how to live a victorious life while in the earth.  Victory is only needed in life when you have an enemy.  I promised victory over the devil, all of his sins, all of his iniquities, all of your mistakes, all of the works of the flesh where the devil tempts you to obey him so that he can destroy your life.  I gave My Holy Spirit to you so that you will have the power to refuse his temptations and to cast his demons out of your life.  I also gave you the power of My words in your prayer language to restore anything that the devil has already negatively affected by his curses.    
   Some of My children are not up to the challenge of spiritually battling the devil and his evil promptings.  They would rather just live their lives yielding to the passions of the flesh through which the devil works to engage you in your own defeat.  They are passive members of My family instead of active members of My family who answer My call to defeat the works of the devil in the earth, just like Jesus did. (I John 3:8)  The active members of My family will forgive instead of being vengeful.  My active children will return good for evil instead of returning evil for evil. (Matthew 18:21-23; Romans 2:7-11; Romans 12:17)  In doing what I coach you to do, you qualify yourself for your full inheritance.  It is already set aside for My children who are conformed to My image. Those who do My will in the earth qualify for their full inheritance because of their spiritual ID. 
    The reason the devil tempts you to do his will is so that you will be identified as his child and inheritors of his destruction and death.  The reason I entice you to do My will in the earth is to identify you as My child, inheritors of My abundant life of goodness and soul peace.
    There are two spiritual kingdoms at work in your earth.  When you choose which kingdom you want to follow, be sure it is with your whole heart.  When you seek My kingdom with your whole heart and when you seek with your whole heart to become My righteousness in the earth, then you will have heaven on earth because My kingdom has come to earth in your life. (Luke 11:29)  You can have a taste of heaven on earth when you are a child of My righteousness which includes My characteristics of love, kindness, goodness, mercy, joy, patience with everyone, peace with everyone and bearing the fleshly activities of people without judgment.
   Those attitudes, words and actions qualify you for your full inheritance of blessings because they have been reserved for My peacemakers who are My loving children.
     Your Father of a Multitude of Blessings

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