Thursday, March 30, 2017


Dear One,
    When your mind runs out of control with fear, worry, judgment, anger and other destructive thoughts, your whole body suffers because your mind controls your entire body.  Most of my children are ignorant of the power that the devil has in their lives through runaway thoughts with which he tempts them which results in the release of damaging hormones into their bodies.  Those hormones were originally meant to help you with an outpouring of adrenaline into your body which would enable you to overcome an approaching danger and supply the energy to enable you to either fight the danger or run from the danger.  However, when your mind is fixated on fear, worry, vindication, judgment, anger and other alien thoughts from hell, then the danger is only a perceived mental danger instead of a real physical one.  When you yield to the negative thoughts, then the excess adrenaline energy merely sits in your body and negatively affects your bodily organs and your mind.  Mental torture in the form of damaging fear, worry, judgment, vindication, anger and other emotions is just as destructive to your body and mind as physical torture.    
    The mental torture from repetitive negative thoughts enslaves My children to their only real enemy, who is the devil.  Your enemy works in your thoughts, infusing negative images into your mind so that he can rule your life, becoming lord of your life.  The devil is lord in the lives of many of My children without their knowing it.  The negative thoughts are considered by My children to be their own thoughts, but if they are contrary to My will for My children they cannot originate from the minds of My children who want Me to be Lord of their lives.  The controlling negative thoughts have to come from outside of My family, actually from hell because they are destructive images.  I told you to cast down from your mind every imagination and thought that is contrary to your knowledge of My will for your life.  Fear is not My will for your life.  Anger is contrary to My will for your life.  Judging others is contrary to My will for your life.  Vindication is contrary to My will for your life.  Worry is contrary to My will for your life.  All of those damaging thoughts are alien thoughts from hell sent into your mind to cause you to agree with the devil for your own destruction.  (II Corinthians 10:4-5)
    Having faith in Me is My will for your life, so faith empowered thoughts that give images of good things happening are from Me .  Hopeful thoughts for the very best things happening for you and your family are My will for you.  Forgiving, merciful thoughts are My will for you because I forgive you, so you owe forgiveness to others and those forgiving thoughts are from Me.  Making peace with everyone is certainly My will for your life so only allow thoughts of making peace with everyone to enter into your mind.  Loving thoughts toward everyone, your perceived human enemies as well as those love you, are My will for you.  Loving thoughts and actions toward those people who injure you, insult you, oppose you, differ in religious and political beliefs from you, bully you and embarrass you are My will for your life.  When faith, hope, forgiveness, love and peaceful thoughts are chosen by you to think upon instead of negative ones, then healing hormones are poured into your body and you will be at peace with yourself, with other people and with Me. Then all things will work together for your good because My very own righteousness permeates your thoughts. (Matthew 6:33-34)
    I said you cannot serve two masters.  You can't allow the negative thoughts of the devil to rule your life and then also profess to be My child.  If you do, then you are allowing the devil to be your master.  I told you to cast out of your mind every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of My will in your life.  I said I did not give you a spirit of fear, but I give to you My Spirit of power, love and a sound mind. (II Timothy 1:7)
    Your only enemy is the devil and he controls people by their thoughts.  Remember that he is the deceiver.  He deceives you into thinking his negative temptations to worry, be fearful, be angry, hateful, vindictive and hopeless are your own thoughts instead of those being his thoughts which are sent to defeat you.  When you stop making human beings your enemies, stop fighting flesh and blood, then you will more easily recognize your real enemy as being the devil.  (Ephesians 6:10-12) You will then recognize his arsenal and weapons that he shoots into your thoughts in an effort to enslave you to his thoughts through which he plans to destroy you if you meditate upon the negative thoughts and add your will to the devil's will for your life. 
    I gave you the power to cast every negative thought out of your mind and cast it into hell.  In the beginning I gave My children dominion over everything in the earth.  Use My authority that I gave to you to cast out negative thoughts, attitudes, words and actions from your life.   Jesus died that you might have the power to destroy the works of the devil.  It starts with your taking control of your mind and casting down every thought that is not of Me.
    You have the power.  Now you must choose to use it.  Choose good thoughts and reject evil thoughts. In choosing good thoughts, you choose Me and My  abundant life for yourself.
    Your Loving, Tutoring Father 

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