Friday, March 24, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    The things you see with your human eyes are not always permanent.  They are temporary and will change eventually.  So what you also image in your human mind, things of doom and gloom put there by the devil in negative images of fear and worry, they are not permanent and are subject to change.  They will change to good images if you will submit your human mind to the things that are My will in all matters.  Unfortunately, Adam's mind became influenced by the devil when he allowed the devil to enter the earth. As a result, the minds of all humans became hallow ground for the devil to plant his negative images which became the belief processes of all humans and so they reap corrupt plants from the negative seeds planted in their minds by the devil.
   Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, his resurrection and His coming to heaven to live with Me, My plan worked to enable Me to send My Holy Spirit into the earth to live inside of My children, not just to walk beside them as Jesus did. Through My magnificent power I am able to reprogram the minds of children from the inside of My children so that My images of My will for them will be implanted into their minds and they can meditate upon positive images, believe them, and they can become My images of goodness that I want to produce in the earth. It is through those positive images of goodness that I can bring My kingdom to earth as it is in My heaven. (Matthew 6:10)
    By My Holy Spirit's power I also give to My children the images in their minds of the answers to their prayers instead of their continuing to meditate upon the images of doom and gloom that the devil puts there.  When My children allow Me to put My images of the answers to their prayers in their minds, that is called faith because faith comes from hearing My words.  (Romans 10:17; Hebrews 11:1-2)Because of My unconditional love for them, I put My images of answered prayers in their minds and I also confirm My will of blessing them with My goodness by two or three witnesses from My children.  (Matthew 18:16; II Corinthians 13:1)  All of My confirmations to My children are also found in My Instruction Manual that I had written as the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of love.  I also confirm in their minds My desire to answer their prayers in their minds in images which give them good images upon which to meditate, thus adding their wills to My will in the matters and causing the answers to their prayers to become reality in their lives.        
   What you see with the eyes of your spirit, as placed there by My Holy Spirit, are permanent because they are My will for your life and they will come to pass if you will meditate upon them.  That is a result of faith in Me created by meditating upon what I say about matters instead of what the devil says about matters.  Things always change, they never stay the same, so they might as well change into what I desire for you which is My will in all matters.
   Negative images in your mind which cause worry and fear are not put there by Me but they are products of the devil's temptations to suck you into his kingdom of destruction by enticing you to believe in his negative images that are formed in your mind.  Very often My children believe more in the devil's images of worry and fear which destroy their lives than they believe in My power to save their earthly lives from the devil's works.  Many more of My children believe in My ability to save them at the end ot their times on earth when they will live eternally with Me in My heaven but they don't believe in My ability to save them from all the works of the devil in their life in the earth. 
    Jesus destroyed the works of the devil in the earth while he lived in the earth.  (I John 3:8)  My Holy Spirit destroys the works of the devil in the earth today in the lives of My children who believe My Instruction Manual and believe My images of faith that I put in their minds which encourage them to believe Me instead of believing the devil's negative images.
    Jesus told the people who lived when he walked the earth that they "see but they do not perceive and that they hear but they do not understand."  (Matthew 13:16)  The people could neither perceive spiritual things nor understand spiritual things from Me until the coming to earth of the Holy Spirit to live inside of My children with the power to tutor them to perceive and understand spiritual things. (John 16:13)  With the revelations taught by My Holy Spirit to you, you will be able to perceive spiritual things and understand spiritual things. (Romans 8:5 and 14)
    Through My Holy Spirit inside of you I can reprogram you, transforming your earthly mind with My excellent ways and perfect ways through which I want to bless you and through which I want to answer all of your prayers.  I can place My images in your mind to replace the negative ones placed there from hell.  I can transform your mind to believe images of what are My good and perfect will in the earth.  My perfect will for you is that you believe My images that I put in your mind and that you become My image in the world so that people will see your good works and glorify Me.
    Your Glorious Image Producing, Mind Transforming Father

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