Sunday, March 26, 2017


Dear One,
    The songwriter King David was considered a man after My own heart because of his close relationship with Me, his love for Me, his songs written to Me and about Me.  He told Me that he desired that his words and his thoughts would always be acceptable to Me.  (Psalm 19:14) David knew the power of thoughts and words or he would not have asked that the meditations of his heart, which are thoughts, and also his words would be acceptable to Me.  Many of My children who call themselves by My name do not know the importance of choosing the right words that come to your mind to speak and choosing which thoughts that come to your mind to think.  They do not know that their lives on earth can either be heaven or hell depending upon those two things, words and thoughts.  My will in the earth is placed in your thoughts by My Spirit, and your own will in the earth is relayed to the angelic hosts in the heaveny dimension in your thoughts and words.
   There are many warnings, cautions, commandments and admonitions throughout My Instruction Manual to you about that very thing, choosing thoughts and words that are positive instead of negative, choosing ones from My heaven instead of from hell.  Whichever thoughts you choose to think and words that you choose to speak will create the situations and circumstances of your life.  If you choose My good, peaceful, loving thoughts from My heaven to think and then speak those words, I will be able to create My heaven in your life on earth.  If you choose the devil's bitter, divisive, vindictive, strife filled thoughts to think and speak those words, then you are cooperating with the devil to create his hell in your life on earth. Every situation and circumstance in your life begins with thoughts and words. 
    Jesus said that you are justified as being My child by speaking words from My family and you are condemned as being a child of the devil if you speak his words from hell. (Matthew 12:36-37)  Whichever kingdom you choose to exemplify in your thoughts and words, that kingdom will come into your life on earth with either blessings or curses.  Jesus even prayed to Me that My kingdom would come on earth just as it is in heaven.  (Matthew 6:19)
    The prophet James told you that the tongue is a great fire and is set on fire by hell itself.  (James 3:6) So when negative thoughts from hell enter into your mind, you must reject them, just like Jesus did when He was tempted by the devil. You must speak My words to the demon who is injecting those thoughts into your mind and he will flee speedily. When you declare that you know the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom and speak My words to the demon, then the demon is defeated and slinks off like the deceptive coward that he is.  But, if you think the negative thoughts are from your own mind instead of from hell, then you are already deceived.  Hear this:  All negative thoughts and words comes from hell.  All positive thoughts and words are from My kingdom of love and peace.  Whichever thoughts you think and whichever words you speak will determine your present and future conditions in the earth.
    You ask why thoughts are so important.  Hear this also:  The thoughts that you choose to think are images in your mind of either My will or the devil's will.  Those images become your will if you meditate upon them.  When you allow the devil's images of retaliation, anger, hatred, wrath, strife or vengeance to stay in your mind, you meditate upon them, speak words relating to them, perform negative actions related to those images, and your life is cursed because you have summoned demons from hell to produce the images that you had in your mind.  You have agreed with the devil's will in the earth and it will come into your life, cursing your life.
    By the same token, when you allow My good, kind, loving, peaceful, patient images to enter into your mind, if you meditate upon them, adding your will to them, and if you speak words of love and perform loving actions related to those images, then your life is blessed because you have summoned My angels from heaven to produce the good images that you entertained in your mind.  You have agreed with My will being done in the earth and My will will be done in your life, blessing you to the highest degree.
    That is why Jesus told you to forgive someone who does wrong to you and to do it 490 times a day if necessary for you to get rid of the temptation to retaliate against the person.  Holding a grudge against someone, as tempted in your mind by the devil to do, will bring hellish events into your life.  Forgiving someone, as inspired by Me to do as many times a day as necessary until you are rid of the devil's temptation to retaliate, making that choice to forgive will bring blessings into your life because My will has been done on earth as it is in heaven.  I forgive your sins and you must forgive the sins of others to enable My kingdom of blessings to be manifested in your life on earth. (Matthew 6:10-12)
    My children must be as astute in spiritual things as King David was when he confessed to Me that he wanted his thoughts and his words to be pleasing to Me.  My Holy Spirit will alert you, if you are willing, to the thoughts of the devil's will put in your mind by images from hell that need to be rejected by you and then replaced by the images of My will of love, peace, forgiveness and mercy in your life.
    Your entire life is a series of choices between life and death, blessings and curses.  I said to choose blessings and you and your family will live the abundant life that I promised. (Deuteronomy 30:19-20; Matthew 5:1-12)  I said to only allow  certain thoughts and attitudes in your mind, those being humble thoughts, merciful thoughts, loving thoughts, peaceful thoughts, pure thoughts, meek thoughts, and to seek Me and My righteousness so that you will do My will in the earth because of your hunger for My love and guidance.  When you only allow those thoughts and attitudes to enter your mind, only speaking loving words and taking loving actions, you will be blessed abundantly because you have chosen My ways by which to live in the earth.  My kingdom will come into your life with My inheritance of a loving, peaceful life.
    Your Father Who Always Desires My Blessings to be Delivered to You 

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