Thursday, March 16, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    I told you that love begets mercy because I am love and I am merciful to all of My children.  I told you that because I am merciful that I look at all human beings as sinless, pure and clean because of Jesus and His dying for their sins, iniquities, transgressions and mistakes, all of which are instigated by the devil.  I know the origin of sins as being the devil, so he is the being who is responsible, not My children whom I created in My image. 
    My children do not know that the devil is the one who tempts them to do evil and then he punishes them for the evil that they do.  Because I threw the devil out of My kingdom of heaven for his rebellion against Me, he is still trying to get back at Me for the judgment that I put upon him, throwing him out of My heaven and into hell.  So he tempts and then judges My own children who are made in My image because of his vengeance against Me.  After the resurrection of Jesus and His coming to live again with Me, We sent My Holy Spirit into My children to restore My power and authority in the earth to defeat the devil and his demons.  That is how My children can be victorious while living in the earth, because of the power of My Holy Spirit who lives inside of those children who have invited Him into their lives to be the Lord of their lives.  My Spirit is the Power who cast out demons through Jesus and who defeated the devil in hell through Jesus.  He is the One who raised Jesus from the dead, and My Spirit is Lord in your world now.  (II Corinthians 3:16-18)
     The presence of My Holy Spirit in the lives of My children who have made their bodies His temple is the only power source available in the earth which defeats all evil.  (I Corinthians 6:19-20)  My children who have not asked My Spirit to be the Lord of their lives are powerless against evil.  Because of My love for you, I am filled with mercy for all of My children and I see no sins or trespasses of your  flesh.  I only see your own spirit and its desire to please Me.  Jesus said that humans look on the flesh of others and judge them because of the devil's influence upon them, but He said that He and I look on the spirits of people so we don't judge them. 
     Forgiveness of sins is an outgrowth of My mercy for My children.  I devised a wonderful plan in order to design, carry out and execute My orchestration to absolve all of My children of the judgment of yielding to the devil's will.  Jesus, Himself, died for it.  He took back My children's authority which Adam handed over to the devil, and we give My power and authority in the earth to My children who ask for My Holy Spirit. The acts of My mercy through My children is forgiving everyone of their sins.  My children who have My Spirit operating in their lives as Lord in the earth have the power to absolve everyone of sins just as I do.  (John 20:21-23)  My mercy lives in My children if My Spirit lives in them, so forgiveness is a natural outgrowth of being the temple of My Holy Spirit. 
    When My children forgive other people of their sins, then those children of Mine are doing My will in the earth.  The forgiving ones are My children who free themselves from all of the devil's works to which they were once bound.  They send the demons back to hell, the evil demons who coerced My children into joining with the devil. Those of My children who retain the sins of others are doing the will of the devil in the earth and they will, unfortunately, reap the devil's judgment.  Those children of Mine who forgive other people of their sins are immediately relieved of the demons who worked against them and they become again white as snow because the devil's demons left and because My children forgave others instead of retaining their sins. 
    Mercy always forgives.  Mercy always loves.  Mercy always does good works to other people.  Mercy always absolves other people of sins.  Mercy always sees sinners as being in need of compassion and forgiveness, not as sinners and unclean.  When Jesus was moved with compassion for people, He was moved with My mercy for them.  (Matthew 9:36-39; Matthew 14:14; Matthew 20:34) Mercy always results in actions to free people from the clutches of evil.  Mercy always acts.  Mercy is never passive.  It is always active, eager to forgive and restore people to My favor.
   I am never inactive.  I am always active, performing My words that I speak to you, in you and through you.  (Jeremiah 1:11-12) I am constantly forgiving My children and My children need to constantly forgive others so that they stay clean and pure.  My mercy in My children always results in forgiving others as I forgive them.  (Matthew 6:12)
    It all starts with an act of your will to forgive others.  As an act of your will, you might need to forgive someone 70 times 7 times a day.  (Matthew 18:21-22)  The emotion or feeling of forgiving others will come after forgiving them many times as an act of your will.  Choose forgiveness instead of vengeance and you will have peace on earth and walk in an abundance of My blessings. (Romans 12:19-21)  When you forgive someone, you free yourself from the works of the devil who caused the other person to oppose, injure, malign or curse you.  When you refuse to forgive someone, you bind yourself to the devil's works of evil against you and you bind yourself to the devil's works, causing more evil to come against you.
     I forgive you.  You are obligated to forgive others because of My love for you.
     Your Father Whose Forgiveness Brings Freedom

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