Friday, March 31, 2017


Dear One,
   Your thoughts are rarely still, not even when you sleep.  You have dreams which are like motion pictures shown on the screen of your mind which are either positive or negative.  Often your thoughts are dreams that are nightmares of impending doom.  Those dreams are from hell to convince you that you must be fearful, hopeless, faithless and depressed.  My images in your mind are always encouraging, enlightening, often prophetic.  If they are prophetic and are a warning, in the dream I also show you the way out of the impending problem in order to be a victor.  (Acts 2:17-18)
    Thoughts are moving pictures, either from hell or from My heaven, shown in your mind.  I said they are motion, meaning always moving with activity in them.  Visions are the same thing.  Because they are images that are always moving, they create energy, therefore they are visible to the spiritual dimensions.  Your dreams and visions are not visible to other people, but because they are energy they are spiritual, therefore visible to spiritual beings.  That is why David prayed that the words of his mouth and the meditations of his heart, those being his thoughts, would always be acceptable in My sight.(Psalm 19:14)  He said "in thy sight" meaning always acceptable in the views of My eyes. 
    My Holy Spirit wrote that you must cast down imaginations, those being mental images that exalt themselves above your knowledge of My will for your life.  (II Corinthians 10:3-5) As My child who knows that I am your good Father who delights in giving you the good benefits of My kingdom, you are equipped with the power of My Holy Spirit to do just like Jesus did, cast out negative images put in your mind by the temptations of the devil.  He was not fooled by the devil, like Adam was. into thinking that the tempting thoughts were his own thoughts.  Jesus recognized them as being from My enemy, the devil, and he did not join his will to the devil's will as Adam did, which allowed evil demons to enter into the earth and curse the earth and curses the lives of people.
    If My children do not choose rightly between their thoughts, discerning the ones from hell and choosing the ones from heaven, then they are going to fall for the devil's deception and authorize the devil to bring more of his curses into their lives just like Adam did.  It happens every second of the day that My children who are called by My name will fall for negative thoughts by, first of all, thinking negative thoughts are their own thoughts instead of rightly discerning that they are temptations from hell which the devil uses successfully against My children.  I have warned you many times in My Instruction Manual that you must judge your own thoughts as whether they are from Me or from the devil.   If they encourage you to strike someone in return for being stricken, and if they encourage you to return a sarcastic remark when someone sarcastically attacks you, or if they tempt you to do any form of evil to another of My children or engage in something destructive to yourself, then those thoughts are from hell.  They are sent from the devil to get you into strife and conflict with someone so that his rivers of destructive waters will flow into your life instead of My living waters flowing into your life. 
    I said that where there is jealousy and strife there is every evil work, meaning every demon from hell.  (James 3:14-16)  Do you really want to agree with evil spirits, authorizing them to bring floods of evil destruction upon you?  Of course you don't.  Then you need to begin to discern your thoughts and stop obeying the ones which have any hint of evil intentions for others or yourself.
     Thoughts are either evil motion pictures in your mind or they are good motion pictures in your mind.   Cast out the evil ones and only allow the good ones to take up residence in your mind so that you will have My good angels ministering My good blessings in your life because you have agreed with My will in your life. Replace the evil thoughts with good thoughts, the powerful words that I speak to you and through you in My prayer language. 
     The only battle to which My children are called is the battle between good and evil and the battle always begins in your thoughts.(Philippians 4:6-8; 19) Jesus Christ won the battle against death and destruction and He gave to you My Holy Spirit power so that you will win every battle of the mind, too.
     Your Father of Peace and Tranquility

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