Saturday, April 1, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   The greatest delight that I have is in watching My children become the watchmen that I ask them to be, being diligent to capture every thought that is from hell.  I said to capture every thought that is negative, judgmental, angry, hateful, divisive, discordant, lustful, greedy, jealous, envious and other damaging ones which are sent from your enemy, the devil.  He uses those thoughts to gain entry into your mind so as to rule your life with his attitudes.  Once he gains entrance into your mind, then you are focused on his thoughts and his will for your life and you will bring about his actions in your flesh.  You will become his pawn in the earth, spreading his destructive attitudes which will eventually curse you and your entire world. 
    My children are so busy fighting people whom they consider their human enemies that they are blinded to their real enemy, the devil, who puts vindictive and injurious thoughts into their minds.  (Ephesians 6:10-12) So the real enemy goes free to do his havoc in their lives and curse the earth even further.  The devil continues to be lord of the earth because My children, whom I love, are doing his will in their lives and in the earth. My children are participating in their own destruction and demise by allowing their enemy to place negative thoughts into their minds which are meditated upon, spoken out, followed up with destructive actions to other people and they curse their own lives at the behest of the devil.     
    Sometimes My children savagely discipline their own children for disobeying their orders while they themselves are rebelling against My instructions to bring every negative thought into captivity to their knowledge of My will which is to never think evil, never meditate upon evil, never speak evil and never do evil acts toward others of My children, neither friends nor foes.  (II Corinthians 10:5) 
    I said that you have the authority to avenge the disobedience of the devil when your own obedience to me is fulfilled.  In other words, you must be following My instructions, as My obedient child, before you can effectively authorize the demons to leave who are bringing the negative thoughts into your mind.  Otherwise, satan cannot cast out satan.  If you are in rebellion to Me, then My Holy Spirit in you cannot cast out demons from tempting you because you have bound yourself to satan by obeying him.  Rebellion won't cast out itself. (II Corinthians 10:6)
    If you are making humans your enemy, then you are still in the flesh, judging people from outward appearances instead of forgiving from the Spirit.  (II Corinthians 10:7) I said if you think you are a child of Mine, then check and make sure that you are actually walking like Christ, judging no person, doing no evil to any person, forgiving everyone. You have My authority to cast out negative, demonic thoughts, which I give you to build you up, not to destroy you, which those negative thoughts do.  
    You have My authority to cast out of your mind the bullying, harassing, abusive  thoughts from the devil and replace them with My words which build you up in peace and love and also they build My kingdom in the earth. Jesus said that when He, by My Holy Spirit, cast out demons from a person that My kingdom came upon the person. (Luke 11:20)  Things have not changed.  When you cast down and cast out the negative, demonic thoughts, then My kingdom becomes visually evident in your life because you have chosen My good over evil.  When you have refused evil thoughts and cast them into hell, then My blessings can easily flood into your life.
    Heed this lesson.  Ask My Holy Spirit to identify to you the devil's negative thoughts which invade your mind so that you can cast them out by My finger, My Holy Spirit.  Ask My Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, to give to you My words to place in your mind where the devil's words were formerly in your mind before they were cast out. 
    Know full well that people are not your enemy.  The negative demonic thoughts which invade your mind are your enemy.  Don't give them a second of your time.   Cast them into hell where they belong. 
    Enemies of My children have never been flesh and blood.  If you persist in thinking people are your enemies, then you allow your real enemy, the devil, to escape My judgment on him which is to be cast out of the earth and into hell.  I gave you the authority to do it and I gave you the firm instruction to do it.  Become obedient to My admonition and you will be free and stay free.
    Your Patient, Loving, Adoring Father         

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