Friday, April 7, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   The origin of sin was not really when Adam allowed satan into the earth.  The origin of sin was when I had to cast satan out of My heaven because of his proclivity for desiring to be in control of My kingdom.  Then his anger at Me for his being ostracized from My kingdom began. (Isaiah 14:9-15) Vengeance became his ruling attitude, which was an outgrowth of his original sin, the desire to seek power over Me.  After I created the earth for My children whom I would eventually create, the vengeful attitude inside of the devil hatched a plan to get back at Me by invading the earth and cursing it as well as cursing My children.  His vengeance would be complete because he knew that My heart would be wounded if he cursed My children whom I love with My entire being.  That was the origin of sin in the spiritual dimensions.
   What ensued in the earth relating to original sin was only an extension of the devil's plan to curse My children and in that cursing he would complete his vengeance toward Me. (Genesis 3:1-7)  The devil's entrance into the earth was gained by the devil's deception of My first children.   If you are a parent, you know the heartbreak that comes from seeing your children suffer for their mistakes.  My heart grieves for My children who make choices at the temptations of the devil which have dire consequences.
    The devil's plan to enter illegally into the world worked for him because of the free will that I gave to My children in My creation of them.  I did not want puppets as children, I wanted children who would love Me as an act of their own wills, not because I forced their obedience. So when the devil tempted Adam to ignore My warning about not listening to the devil's temptations because of the consequences that would come upon him and the earth, Adam ignored My warning because of the convincing temptation from the devil who put questions in Adam's thoughts concerning My direct command not to listen to the devil's words or destruction and death would come upon humanity and the earth.  The devil's words seemed more promising to Adam than My words did, so he believed them.  In doing that, sin entered into the world in the form of the devil whose vengeance against Me had been a success.  Cursing the beautiful earth that I had created for My children and cursing the lives of My children began at the devil's behest because the first man, Adam, believed the devil instead of believing Me.
    I never left My children without a means of salvation from the works of the devil.  Throughout the history of the world I provided many modes of temporary salvation until the final and last covenant began, My most powerful and last one which would provide the authority and the power for My children to defeat the devil in their own lives and in their portion of the earth.  (I John 3:8-11)  My last covenant with My children is the covenant of the indwelling of My Holy Spirit.  I initiated the covenant of My Holy Spirit so that I would live inside of My children, creating new beings, and I would be their Father again.  My son Jesus became the sacrifice for all of the sins committed in the world, and he prepared a clean vessel inside of My children where My Holy Spirit would live and become the Lord of their lives.  Because I would live inside of them, instead of just alongside them, their power would be higher than any power that the devil had.  My children, because of the presence of My Spirit inside of them, would again have dominion over the earth that I gave to them and they would do it always in an attitude of love and peace.
   My salvation was complete on the Day of the celebration of Pentecost when My children who were seeking Me with their entire hearts were gathered, waiting for My promise to them when My power would come to live inside of them. (Romans 8:11-14) My promise was that the same power that operated through Jesus when He ministered My love in the earth would live in them, the same power that raised Him from the dead, that power would live inside of My children, giving them supernatural power to heal and to cast the offending demons into hell.  I promised to work miracles in their behalf, to speak My words into their minds to enlighten them with truth, to counsel them, purify them, and to speak My heavenly language which would give instructions to My angels to reverse all of the curses that were formerly placed in the lives of My children by the devil.  My Holy Spirit is the means by which My kingdom comes to earth in the lives of My children who are led by My Spirit, those who walk in the dictates of My Spirit, and those whose lives are reflections in the earth of My love for My children and for all of My creation.  (John 16:7-13; Acts 1:2-8; Acts 2:1-4)
    The day of complete salvation from the works of the devil is upon you.  It is My plan that is given so that your world will again be blessed and you will be blessed as My child.  (Romans 8:18-28) My children are waiting for My Son to return to earth with His power, but the same power that was in Him when He ministered in the earth is available to those children of Mine who know My promises, know My power and know the scriptures.  Jesus prayed that My kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven.  It has come in the person of My Holy Spirit through whom I created the world and through whom I created people and through whom I raised Jesus from the dead.  My kingdom is available to those of My children who are willing to seek Me and My righteousness with their whole hearts.   My righteous ways are available to My children so that My righteous children will govern their part of  the world with love, joy, peace, mercy, goodness, kindness, patience and forbearance.  Those children will experience My kingdom coming in the earth as it is in heaven.  It's through the power of My Holy Spirit.  He is now Lord in the earth to everyone who has allowed Him to be their Lord, their tutor, their righteousness, their power and their guide every minute of their days. (II Corinthians 3:17-18)  He is My promise that Jesus was so excited about, which was your receiving My power.  When you become completely reliant upon My Holy Spirit your life will be heaven on earth.
   Salvation has come to earth to all who are led by My Spirit.
   Your Loving, Promise Keeping Father  

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