Friday, April 14, 2017


Dear Precious One,
    Your enemy, the devil, never stops setting traps for you.  His strategies are efficient and productive if you don't have My power living inside of you.  If you do have My Holy Spirit living inside of you, then you have My power which is much more effective, more successful and more excellent than any strategies of the devil. 
   The devil has to use deception in order to engage you into cooperating with him in doing his will in the earth, those being by your obeying the temptations in your thoughts of anger, hatred, judging, lust, robbing, stealing, lying, seeking revenge, killing and other vengeful attitudes which lead you to do destructive actions. (I Peter 5:8)  I said that the devil roams the earth as a roaring lion seeking those children of Mine whom he can devour with his temptations.  That is why you must learn to recognize his roars in your thoughts.  They are not your own thoughts.   
     My own promptings in your thoughts are opposite from the evil ones.  They are thoughts of mercy, forgiveness, love, patience, kindness, goodness, being joyful, peaceful and forbearing toward everyone.  My Spirit seeks to encourage you to always be understanding with people who oppose you, injure you or insult you and your family.  My understanding words in your mind will tell you that the offending person is being fueled by the devil's rage toward you and that I have already forgiven the person. (John 3:16-17)  I will tell you that the person coming against you is only an innocent participant because the devil uses the self protective aspect of a person's flesh to strike at other people with words, attitudes or actions. 
   If you will stop for a minute and reflect upon the words of My Holy Spirit, you will hear from Him the insight that I am your protector and that I am your avenger and that you should never attempt to avenge yourself.  (Romans 12:19)  My Spirit will tell you to never be overcome with evil but to constantly overcome evil with good.  (Romans 12;14-21) In other words, My antidote for the devil's poison aimed at you is for you to always bless the person who confronts you, to live in harmony with everyone and to never repay evil for evil.  I said that you must only allow noble thoughts to enter your mind instead of haughty thoughts which exalt you over someone else.  I love everyone equally.  There is no room for favor in My heart and there should be no room for favor in your thoughts.  I know that people who oppress, oppose, hurt, judge, condemn and injure others are pawns of the devil and I know who does the evil in that situation and it's not flesh and blood. 
   I am eager for My children to pray at all times in the Holy Spirit so that I might have your invitation to take vengeance on the real culprit, who is the devil.  I can fight the spiritual battles for you which are the real battles. (Ephesians 6:10-12) Pray when things are peaceful and pray when things are stressful.  If you pray in the Holy Spirit even when things are peaceful, then I can thwart the devil's plans to afflict you through someone.  I can stop the plans before they take effect.   
   I told you in battles with the devil that you should always be walking in peace with everyone, and you must have your mind flooded with My saving grace for everyone.  Having been clothed with My armor, you must use My words by praying in the Holy Spirit at all times.with prayers and supplications. (Ephesians 6:15-18)  In doing that you fight the real enemy, the devil, and there is always a victory for you because you have allowed Me to avenge you by defeating the demons behind every problem. 
   If you persist in handling any fight, skirmish or disagreement by battling another person verbally, physically or in your thoughts, then you are participating in multiplying evil in your life and in the life of the other person.  You have fallen for the devil's trick of returning evil for evil and you have participated with the devil's will of multiplying evil in the world.  You are doing the same thing that Adam did when he opened the door to the evil of the devil to invade the earth.
   Jesus instructed you, warned you, taught you and coached you about this very thing many, many times, that the devil never gives up, and that you should not participate with him in spreading evil in the world.  My Holy Spirit wrote through many prophets in your Instruction Book many, many times that you must walk in peace with everyone by never returning evil for evil done to you.  Still, My children love to battle people, battle countries, battle unbelievers, battle other people who are different in racial backgrounds, political beliefs and religious beliefs.  They love to do it at the temptation of the devil and they don't recognize their enemy, that their real enemy is using thoughts in their minds of judgment and anger in order to get them to react with an evil attitude or action against someone who does evil to them.
    Flesh and blood has never been your enemy or My enemy.  The devil has always been our enemy and when My children are convinced of that truth they will be effective against their real enemy, the devil.  The battle is spiritual and must be fought with spiritual weapons by praying in My words of the Holy Spirit.  That is only half of it.  The other additional way is to bless the people who come against you at the behest of the devil, doing good to them, blessing them, feeding them, giving them drink, praying for them because they need your prayers instead of your condemnation.
    You and I win every battle against the devil when we limit the battle to him and refuse to engage people in the battle, especially people who succumb to the temptations of the devil to come against you.  My ways are always spiritual.  That is why I gave My Holy Spirit to live in My children, to allow Him to be Lord of their lives and to be Lord over the works of the devil and his demons, defeating them every time.  (II Corinthians 3:17-18)  The victory is yours when you obey My words.
    Your Victorious Father  

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