Friday, April 28, 2017


Dear One,
    Loving thoughts heal you and others.
    Loving attitudes heal you and others.
    Loving words heal you and others.
    Loving actions heal you and others.
    Loving thoughts heal you, other people and your world.
    Loving attitudes heal you, other people and your world.
    Loving words heal you, other people and your world.
    My unconditional love is the most explosive power to heal in your world.
    If you can fully imagine it, Love died for the sins of the whole world, all of the iniquities, the transgression, the disobedience and the mistakes of people.  The actions of My love through Jesus Christ on the cross and afterward erased all of the evil deeds and punishment from My eyes that satan metes onto people who obey his temptations.  My Love accomplished what religious laws could not do spiritually.  Love accomplishes what religious practices can never do which is to be the punitive substitute for the sins of the whole world.  Once the price was paid by Jesus, in My eyes no more punishment is necessary because the shedding of the blood of Jesus on the cross paid the full price.  In My eyes, the punishment for sins, iniquities, transgressions and mistakes is  paid in full.  Loving thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken heal your world because they multiply My family characteristics of love in your world instead of multiplying the devil's family of death and destruction.  Love makes My family victorious instead of defeated. .
    However, in the earth where satan still roams about like a roaring lion, he still projects upon My children hurtful and unpleasant circumstances and situations when they obey his temptations because of the sowing and reaping laws of nature.   When he tempts My children to judge others like he judges them instead of forgiving them like I do, then they suffer the consequences of serving him, even if only temporarily, and they suffer the effects of their sowing of evil seeds into his kingdom.  The punishment comes from him, not from Me. 
   With My magnificent gift to My children of My Holy Spirit, He teaches My children how to refuse the temptations of the devil and cast him out of their thoughts and into hell. You have the same Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead, heals the sick, mends the brokenhearted, leads and directs My children so that they don't have to suffer going around the same mountain of unbelief over and over again for 40 years, like the children of Israel.  My Spirit leads you to embrace all of the benefits of My kingdom while you still live in the earth.   They are yours and you need to seek them and seek My righteousness so that My kingdom benefits are yours in abundance. 
    My Spirit is your protector against the wiles of your enemy, the devil.  My Spirit  gives you the authority to cast out demons from the earth and into hell.  He is the One who teaches you how to love unconditionally, just like I do.  Those actions of refusing the temptations of the devil and loving unconditionally are keys to My kingdom which produce great rewards.   
    A characteristic of My personality is to never take into account a wrong that is suffered against Me.  (I Corinthians 13: 4-7) I don't see any wrong deed because the blood of Jesus covers it up. (Isaiah 1:18)  I only see the good spirits of people.  I only see the loving thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions done by My children.  The devil is the one who tempts you to sin and then punishes you for sinning.  Projecting My judgment of him onto My children is what he does in the earth,  To get even with Me, he projects upon My children My judgment of him of kicking him out of My kingdom.  The devil is the spiritual being who is angry and judgmental, not Me.  I am Love.
    When you become the image of My love in the world, you will heal, others will heal and your world will heal.  I gave you the power in My Holy Spirit.  Use His wisdom and love to enable you to live the abundant life that I promised.
     Your Loving and Rewarding Father.

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