Monday, April 10, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   To hold onto old patterns of thought, old attitudes, old manners of speaking and old actions is to return to the pigpen of bondage to generational curses which were the cause of your desiring a new life.  I promised My children that I would make all things new, that I would create newly found joy, happiness, love and peace in their lives.  In making all things new, the key to changes in their circumstances and situations is made possible by My giving to them new thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions. 
   To begin the process of making all things new, I created a new spiritual person inside of you by uniting My Holy Spirit with your spirit, creating an entirely new spiritual being.  By the power of My Spirit I supernaturally made a new creation, different from the told one. (John 3:4-5)  From that day forward, My desire was for you to allow Me to create My character in your flesh where old things are still present because it has not been changed.  Your flesh is where the devil tempts you to obey his will instead of My will.  Your flesh, being your mind and body, walks in the earth and is also affected by other people in the earth, those who are led by Me and also those who are led by the devil.
   The next step in the process of making all things new is that I recreate your mind first, if you will allow Me, by purifying your thoughts which will change your attitudes until they are reflections of My own attitudes of mercy, peace, humility, faith, meekness and purity of heart.  I will make you a seeker of My righteousness.  (Matthew 5:1-12; Romans 12:2)   I said not to continue being conformed to things of the world, but to allow Me to change your mind completely until it is transformed into having the same thoughts and attitudes that Jesus did when He walked the earth, those being My thoughts and attitudes.  In having My thoughts and attitudes, My power becomes available for you to become the light of the world that I desire you to be.  
   The next step along the way of pursuing My righteousness is to allow Me to change your manner of speaking and your actions to only do in the earth what I do, speaking things that build people up instead of tearing them down, forgiving others, loving unconditionally and sowing peace constantly.  You must choose to be a willing child who only seeks to do My will because you know that My ways are higher in power than any ways of the devil who rules in the minds of men in the earth.  When you seek My will in everything, My wisdom, insight, knowledge, revelations, battle strategies against the devil, and seek Me on how to love unconditionally, then you have become My loving child, one who has sought to become acquainted with your Merciful Father, a child who desires to follow My will while you live in the earth.  That loving, joyful and obedient attitude qualifies you for your full inheritance from Me to be delivered to you by My angelic hosts who delight in bringing My kingdom into the earth as it is in My heaven. (Matthew 6:10)  They only deliver My kingdom benefits to My children whom they recognize as being My children because of displaying My characteristics.
   When you are conformed to My image and are led by My Holy Spirit, you are the light in the world that I desire for My children.  I said that when you are perfected in love, as I am perfect in love, that you will ask what you will and it will be done for you.  I also said that I will be glorified by My light in you which reflects My own glory and shines in the darkness. (Matthew 5:16 and 43-48)
   My children must continue on the path to becoming My righteousness which is accomplished by allowing My Holy Spirit to be your tutor, your counselor, your advocate, your power, and your spiritual umbilical cord to Me through whom all of My wisdom, insight and knowledge flow.
    My plan works.  My children who find the pearl of great price and sell all that they have in order to seek My entire kingdom are the ones who have heaven on earth.  (Matthew 10:45)  They break completely from old things and bind themselves to Me and My Spirit of Life. 
    I make all things new.  I said behold, that I make ALL things new.  It is with your permission and your cooperation that I can accomplish My endeavor in your life, re-creating you into My image and giving to you the riches of My entire kingdom.
    Your Perpetuatally Creating Father 

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