Friday, April 21, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    My children who have listened to the teachings of My Son Jesus and are listening to My words through the Holy Spirit have become established in the truth that their battles are never with people, never with flesh and blood.  No matter what the people have said or done to you or your family, you know that the evil spirits behind the injurious acts or attitudes toward you are the real culprits, not the humans who were mere pawns of the evil spirits.  The humans believed the temptations from hell placed in their thoughts and carried out the actions against you as suggested by the devil in their minds.  So the real guilty parties are the devil and his demonic helpers. 
   People are not your enemy.  I am not your enemy.  Your family is not your enemy. The devil and his demons are your only and sole enemies. (Ephesians 6:12) 
   The actions of people who oppose you or injure you either physically or emotionally are forgiven by Me and they need to be forgiven by you because I have also forgiven your sins, opposing thoughts, injurious words and actions toward others. (Matthew 6:12)  The same Jesus who died for your sins also died for the sins of the humans who cause problems in your life.  In telling you that He died for the sins of the whole world, I was telling you that all people are innocent in My sight and therefore they need to be declared innocent in your view.  If not, if you retain the sins of someone in your mind, then your sins become visible in the sight of the devil who is determined to punish you for your sins.  You will suffer retribution for your sins, not from Me, but from the devil. (John 20:23)
    The determined intent of your real enemy, your legal enemy the devil, is to trap My children into becoming angry, bitter and hurt because of the damaging actions of another human which were instigated by the devil himself.  Then he tempts you to retaliate against the human being who was the devil's pawn but to you the person is merely an illegal enemy of yours because I said that your battle is never with flesh and blood but your real battle is with demonic principalities and powers of the air.  Your real enemy is the devil and his demons who instigated your injury.      
   If you make any human being your enemy and begin to retaliate against the person, then you have left My family and joined with the devil because his battle is always with humans.  The devil incorporates you into his battle by tempting you with thoughts of strife, jealousy, vengeance, retaliation, anger and discord.  When he entices you to return evil for evil done to you, then he has been successful in making you a part of his family, maybe only temporarily, but you will be given punishment by him while you are in his family.  That's what he does is beat his children. 
    What I do is love My children and bless them.  When My children are able to hear My words through My Holy Spirit and they do what I advise them to do, which is always return good for evil done to them, then I am able to bless them abundantly with My good gifts to them because they have done My will in their lives. 
     You have experienced leaving My protection by joining with the attitudes and actions of the devil, leaving your real home with Me and passing over into enemy territory by holding a grudge. You have also experienced how your joining in unity with the devil was awful because of the gifts which the devil had waiting for you in his family, depression, misery, anger, vengeance and more burdens than you originally had. You were like the Prodigal Son, you returned to My family after losing all of your peace, all of your joy, all of your love and all of your faith.  You returned to Me and were anointed with My glory again, completely forgiven.  You can forgive others because you have been forgiven and you know the misery that comes from refusing to forgive.
    Do not forget this:  Your real, legal enemy is the devil and he wants to destroy you by tempting you to do his will in the earth by returning evil for evil done to you. 
    Your illegal enemy is any human being with whom you are tempted to return evil for evil done to you.  Those people are forgiven by Me and need to be forgiven by you in order for you to live the life of heaven on earth that I desire.  (Matthew 6:10)  You are rewarded for doing My will in the earth.  (Hebrews 11:6)
    Cease in your proclivity to make humans your enemies.  If you continue to do the same thing, making humans your enemies, you are fighting the wrong enemy and you are allowing your real enemy, the devil, to escape to injure and destroy you again by tempting you to retaliate against humans all over again.  Use your authority to cast out the temptations to engage in strife and send that demon of strife to hell.  
     I gave you authority in the person of My Holy Spirit to cast out every tempting spirit who comes from hell.  Yield to My Good Spirit instead of yielding to the devil.  The devil is your enemy.
    You Forever Forgiving Father

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