Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Dear One,
   I have taught many time in My Instructional Manual about the power of your thoughts and of your words, how they will either work for you by summoning My kingdom into action to bless your life or how they will work against you by summoning the devil's kingdom to work against you, his bringing destruction and death into your life.  It's so simple when My children realize that their lives on the earth are a battle between good and evil, blessings and curses.  Because I gave My created children the authority in the earth to have dominion over it, they have free will to choose whom they will serve, good or evil, and whom they will love,  the devil or Me.  When they choose to do good and choose to love Me, they will be blessed mightily while in the earth and they will live eternally in My heaven with Me.  If they choose the devil's evil promptings which he puts into their minds, they will inherit his curses which bring destruction and death.  The problem is that My children do not recognize the temptations of the devil to hate, to seek vengeance, to yield to anger, to yield to lust, to become greedy and other invitations from him to have hell on earth.  They entertain his temptations, thinking that they are their own thoughts instead of coming from hell to capture them.
    My Holy Spirit is My greatest gift I ever gave to My children.  He was My promise from the foundation of the world.  He is the Tree of Life which I hid from My children after they yielded to the devil and allowed him to bring sins, iniquities, disobedience, condemnation and guilt into their world to curse their lives. I could not allow My children to have My precious Holy Spirit live inside of them until My Son Jesus paid the price for all of the sins of the world and made it possible for My children to receive My Spirit into their own spirits to be the umbilical cord from Me to them, transferring truth, confidence, faith, love, kindness, goodness, patience, peace,  forgiveness and mercy to My children who seek Me with their whole hearts. Since the essence of all life is in the blood of all beings, My Holy Spirit is the conduit through whom the spiritual blood of Jesus flows to cleanse and make pure My children again, just like the first man and woman were at the beginning before they yielded to the temptations of the devil.  My Spirit makes My children into My image in the world and then instructs My children to do My will in the earth which will turn it into the beautiful and holy thing that it was at the beginning. 
    Very often, My children are so involved in running around doing things for the institutions that are called by My name that they have no time to commune with Me where hearing My words change them into My glory and precipitates My blessings flowing into their lives.  The devil works in the busy institutions so that My children only know a little about Me but they do not know Me personally and intimately.  It is in the intimate, one on one relationship with Me in which I am able to sanctify My children, cleaning them and bringing them into the perfection of My character so that they become My image in the world and enjoy My heavenly benefits.(Romans 12:2; Corinthians 2:17-18)
   Thoughts are important because thoughts are where both I and the devil influence My children, known as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It was not My will that you are influenced by both good and evil.  That was the devil's plan when he tempted Adam, to gain entrance illegally into the world by deceiving My first man so that he could pollute My children and their beautiful world that I created for them out of My love.  The devil tempts you to do evil but I merely prompt and influence you to do good. 
   Thoughts precede all good and all evil.  If you are entertaining in your mind the evil words of the devil, then your attitudes, words and deeds will be evil and you will attract the devil's destruction into your life.  However, If you entertain My words in your mind constantly, then your attitudes, words and deeds will be good and you will attract My blessings into your life. 
   The scenario of having a life of heaven in the earth or having hell in the earth is very simple.  It depends upon whom you choose to be your lord, either the devil or Me.  I told some of the Jews that they were of their father the devil.  They loved acting good, prancing around in the churches but in their hearts they had evil thoughts and meditated upon them. Those thought became evil attitudes which is proven by how they treated My son, Jesus.   Now the Pharisees treat My Holy Spirit with the same disdain because they are flesh minded instead of spiritual.  Their thoughts and attitudes are on the flesh of people, always condemning and judging them.  If they were of My Spirit of love, they would always be forgiving and blessing people.
    I identified those who are of the flesh.  I said when there are bitterness, quarreling, strife and selfish ambition, there is also present every evil demon. (James 3:14-16) I also said to see that no one falls short of My grace and see that no root of bitterness grows and defiles you. (Hebrews 12:15-17)
    Heaven on earth or hell on earth starts in your thoughts.  Entertain and meditate upon thoughts from hell which prompt you to seek vengeance, oppose   and hate others, and you will have hell on earth.  Entertain and meditate upon thoughts from Me, thoughts of love and mercy, and then your words and deeds will reflect My character and you will have heaven on earth.  Ask My Holy Spirit to discern thoughts from hell and then you judge the evil thoughts from hell by casting them into hell.  You can't have two masters.
    I gave you the authority to cast out evil thoughts from hell.  Use it.
    If any thought in your mind is not kind and loving, it is not from Me.
    Your Good and Kind Father

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