Friday, April 7, 2017

NEW BEGINNINGS - SIN HAS NO POWER, unless you allow it

Dear One,
    Now that you know the origin of sin, that it is the devil who wants to retaliate against Me for ostracizing him from My kingdom, you will be able to rid yourself of all condemnation and guilt, knowing that I neither judge you nor condemn you.  By revelation of My Holy Spirit, you will know that I only judge the devil and his demons and that when they tempt you in your thoughts, taunt you, condemn you, judge you, harass you, depress you and oppress you in your thoughts that they are using you to get back at Me for judging them. 
   When My Holy Spirit lives inside of you, you have My authority to judge the negative, oppressing thoughts, casting them out of your life just like I cast the demons who speak tempting thoughts into your mind out of My heaven even before I created the earth.  First you must learn to recognize them when they work against you in your thoughts by deceiving you into thinking that any type of negative, opposing and judgmental thoughts are from your own mind while all the time they are infused into our thoughts by the spirits from hell.  Negative thoughts come from the kingdom which takes good things away from you but positive thoughts from Me add good things to your life on earth.  It's simple.  The devil is the father of destructive thoughts and I am the Father of good, kind and loving thoughts.
   Hear this:  When Jesus said that I gave all judgment to Him, He was talking about the fact that I gave Him the power to judge the demons who afflict My children with diseases, misfortunes, mistakes, sins, destruction and even death.  I gave Him the power to cast the afflicting spirits out of people in the earth and set people free from the power of evil.  Yes, I gave My Son the same power to cast out demons that I had when I cast the devil out of My kingdom. When He was in the earth He did it more times than all of the books in the earth could hold the testimonies.  Jesus told you explicitly that I do not judge people and He did not judge people, that We only judge the demons who are motivating people.  (John 5:22; John 8:15) 
   Jesus also said that My children judge other people after the flesh, the appearance, but I only look on the good spirit of the person and I discern the evil spirits who are operating in the flesh of people.  I send My authority into My children  to save them from the demonic activity which comes against them in their flesh and in their thoughts.  I save them by giving them My authority to use against the demons, casting the demons out of their lives, out of the earth and into hell.  I save My children by giving them wisdom and knowledge, giving them gifts of healing, workings of miracles, giving them My spiritual languages which are still creating freedom and salvation for My children.  I save My children by giving them My faith, My hope, My forgiveness, My mercy, My graciousness, My goodness and My kindness.  I save My children by giving them My kingdom and giving them the knowledge on how to subdue the earth and restore it to the same beauty as at the beginning.  (Romans 8:18-28)
    My salvation was not limited to your spending eternity with Me in My heaven.  There are no demons in My heaven from which you need to be saved.  I cast them all out.  My salvation includes your being saved from the works of the devil while you live in the earth because they invaded your earth at the invitation of Adam and they remain in the earth at the permission of My children who do not know that I gave to them the authority to cast every demon out of their portion of the earth.  When a demon tempts you in your thoughts, speak to it and cast it into hell.  My angels will usher the demons into their gates of hell because My righteous children have commanded it.  (Matthew 13:37-43)  I promised that when My children are able to cast out the demons that harass them that they shall shine as the sun in My kingdom.  (Matthew 13:47-50)  That was a prophesy of the coming of My Holy Spirit into the lives of My children, giving them the authority to cast out every offending demon and allowing My angels to usher the demons into hell where there is gnashing of teeth for the demons.   Hell was created for the demons, not for My children.
   I am still waiting for My children to grow spiritually into My obedient children who are perfect in love and perfect in using My authority that I gave to them in the person of My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 5:43-48)  When that happens, they will rid their own lives of the demons who oppress, harass, afflict and destroy them.  
   Unfortunately there are still many of My children who are still led by the demons who temp their flesh because they engage in bitterness, division, anger, strife, lust and other demonic activity.  They cannot enter into My kingdom of an abundant life while they live in the earth because they are fraternizing with their enemy and My enemy, the devil.  (Galatians 5:16-25; James 3:13-17)  They need to discern the evil spirits who tempt them and cast them into hell instead of doing the will of the devil and his demons. 
    I gave you authoritative power in the person of My Holy Spirit to destroy the works of the devil.  I gave you explosive power when I baptized you in My Holy Spirit.  You received your angelic hosts who battle for you and fight for you in the spiritual dimension as you pray in My Holy Spirit's words.  (Hebrews 1:7 and 14)        
    I have given to My children everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness while you live in the earth.  (II Peter 1:3-4)   Walk in the earth being led by My Spirit and you will live a life of abundant peace and love while in the earth.
    Your Father of Great and Wonderful Gifts

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