Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Dear One,
   I said that the gate leading to destruction is easy and many people enter it, but the gate that leads to the abundant life while in the earth is narrow and the way is hard and few enter it. (Matthew 7:13-14)   Know this and know it well:  I am not the one who makes it hard to enter into My abundant life.  It is the devil who is the deceiver, the tempter and the robber.
   My children have been deceived into thinking that I am the one who brings destruction and death upon them.  As long as you believe that, you have passed through the gate and are on the road to destruction.  Your teachers and your ministers teach it and many believe that I use evil to punish you.  They teach that I am omnipotent and that nothing happens in the earth without My permission, good and bad.  That is the lie that comes from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the devil. That devil knows many of My truths and he always blends some good in with his evil temptations in your thoughts so as to deceive you, just like he did with Jesus when he tempted him and just like he did with Adam when he tempted him.  Adam believed the devil but Jesus was not deceived. 
    The truth is that I gave the earth to My children and they are the authority in it, not Me unless they allow Me to be their Benevolent Father.  I told Adam at the beginning that people would have dominion over the earth.  (Genesis 1:26)
   If you do not make Me the Lord of you and your life through our Father/children intimate relationship, then you often yield to the devil and make him the lord of the earth through your believing his lies which he dispenses second by second into the minds of My children.  The only way that I can be sovereign, omnipotent and omnipresent in the earth is if My children allow My will to become their will.  Otherwise, the devil's will is done in your life because you allow him to deceive you into doing his will  in the earth. 
   I cautioned My children about the wide gate to destruction as instigated by the devil and I encouraged them about the narrow gate to the abundant life as instigated by My Holy Spirit.  That insight was taught to you by My Son when I taught about forgiving others, refusing to return evil for evil, refusing to judge others, about refusing to obey two masters in both the devil and Me, about seeking My kingdom and My righteousness instead of worrying and fretting, about refusing to yield to the devil's temptation to become angry and hateful, about not yielding to the devil's lust, and about refusing to be condemned by old religious laws which never accomplish a thing because there was no spiritual power in the people. (Matthew 5)  With My power of the Holy Spirit inside of you, My children have the authority to refuse the temptations of the devil and you have My power to do My works instead of evil works.  My children are identified by the faith and the loving works that they perform when doing My will and defeating the works of the devil.  As My light shines from them, My blessings will flow into their lives. 
    It is not an easy accomplishment according to human views, but I make it easy for you by giving you supernatural power over the devil's works. (Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2;1-4) Remember that the hard way that leads to the abundant life is made difficult by the devil, not by Me.  So when you have My magnificent power living inside of you, it is easy to defeat evil because My Spirit does all of the work.  He is the one who discerns evil, casts out demons and sends the demons to hell through you.  
   What is hard for you is learning to recognize and identify the voices in your thoughts, whether they are from Me or from the devil.  My Spirit makes that easy, too, because He gives to you the spirit of discernment to recognize evil thoughts and cast them into hell.  He gives you the same discernment to recognize My righteous thoughts and He gives you the power to obey them.  (John 16:7-11) 
   The only suffering to which you are called is in learning to recognize evil thoughts because they are so deceptive.  Often you suffer anguish, just as Jesus did, because the devil's thoughts in your mind are so couched in truth that you are deceived into thinking they are My thoughts or even your own thoughts.  Anything that judges, hurts, injures, condemns or insults another person or yourself is not from Me. Any thought that exalts you above another person is not from Me.   Those thoughts are from hell, set on fire in hell, and they are meant for you to speak them out of your mouth into your earth and authorize a flood of the devil's curses into your life. (James 3:5-6) 
   When you learn to recognize the voice of the devil in your thoughts, you will suffer no more because you have been enlightened to only think pure, gracious, enlightened, truthful, loving and honorable thoughts that are worthy of praise.  (Philippians 4: 8-9)  I said for you not to have any anxiety about anything, but by praise and thanksgiving you should let your requests be made known to me.   When your pure will and My pure will are done by you, then you can ask what you will and it will be done for you.  There is agreement between My heaven and your earth and your inheritance from Me is established.
    Don't be depressed and defeated because I said that the way that leads to the abundant life is hard.  Only when you are yielding to the devil's will that is interjected into your thoughts is the way hard.  When your will and My will are in agreement, the way that leads to the abundant life in the earth is easy and filled with adventure and joy.
    That's what good fathers do, they enhance the lives of their children.  I am your Good Father and I do more for you than you dare think or imagine according to the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you.  (Ephesians 3:20) That is why being led by My Holy Spirit is paramount to receiving the abundant life.
    I never close any gate or close any door to you and I never make the way hard that leads to My abundant life.  I do all the work of opening the gate and the door.  I give you the power of My Spirit, I teach you, I guide you, I battle for you and I defeat the devil for you as led by My Spirit.  Your job is to choose Me and My words instead of the evil words that come into your thoughts.  Hear and then heed My loving words to you and you will live the abundant life while in the earth, as I promised. (Acts. l4-5)
   Your Father of Love, Blessings and the Abundant Life  

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