Sunday, April 16, 2017


Dear One,
   My promises to My children involve no payment being made by themselves but great payment being made by Me.  I gave My Son Jesus to die for the sins of the whole world so that My children can have My very own power living inside of them which qualifies them for having heaven on earth.  Those exchange rates may seem unfair for Me, but the crucifixion and death of Jesus was a willing payment as an outgrowth of My love for humanity and the world that I created.  The  resurrection of Jesus and then His sending My powerful Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by those children of Mine who invite Him into their lives completed the exchange,  Defeat for the works of the devil in the lives of people was the final insult to evil.  It was a spiritually legal plan on My part because Jesus was a substitute for the sins of everyone who ever lived by his being crucified, which was the required earthly nationalistic payment at the time.  I paid the great price by sending My Son Jesus to die for the sins of the world.  Jesus paid the great price by suffering in His flesh on the cross.
   The fact that it cost human beings nothing is where it seems like an unfair exchange rate.  Instead of death, My children get life.  Instead of mourning, they get gladness.  Instead of diseases and sickness, they get healing.  Instead of bondage to addictions, they get liberty.  Instead of defeat, they get victory.  Instead of strife and confusion, they get peace.  Instead of retribution, the payment for their mistakes, sins, transgressions and iniquities are paid in full.  Instead of revenge, they get My avenging actions in their behalf.  Instead of  destruction, they get construction.  Instead of negative thoughts from hell, they get positive thoughts from heaven.  Instead of helplessness, they get My authoritative and explosive power.  Instead of  hopelessness, they get faith that moves mountains.  Instead of death, they get eternal life with Me as an exchange.  To Me it's a fair exchange!
   My children do not realize that when I said it is all "paid in full" that I meant that the requirement for breaking spiritual and civil laws in My eyes is completely paid in full for all of humanity.  There are no more requirements for jail costs, court costs, investigative cost, or imprisonment costs.  The price has been paid by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The only sins that are retained are done so on earth in the minds of My children who, themselves, have already been forgiven.  (John 20:21-23)  If any of My children retain the sins of others, refusing to forgive them as they have been forgiven, then those sins have been retained on earth in the mind of one of My children, but never in My mind.  The sins have been blotted out in My mind, as if they never existed.  When an unmerciful child of Mine becomes the judge and jury in a situation, then he or she will pay the price of being the devil's judge by reaping the judgment plants from the seeds they have sown. (Matthew 7:1-2) That is not My instruction to My children.  It is at the devil's command because his character is judgment and he requires judgment.  The person who becomes a judge of others is identifying himself or herself as a child of the devil instead of My child.  Instead of inheriting beauty for ashes, that person gives up My beauty being evident in his or her life and instead inherits the ashes of the devil's hell.
    The key to staying in unity with Me and My family is by always forgiving instead of getting angry, holding grudges, seeking vengeance and judging a person. The minute you choose to forgive someone, My standard of mercy is raised in your mind and you become eligible again for beauty instead of ashes, for gladness instead of mourning, eligible for all of the blessings of My family because you have made a valuable choice by choosing My will.  When you choose My will, you choose to forgive, to be merciful, to return good for evil done to you, to be kind instead of vindictive, to be loving instead of hateful.
    My children who choose to do My will in the earth will facilitate My kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven.  You will give up selfish, haughty, judgmental attitudes from hell and put on My virtues of love and peace from My heaven.  When you do, you are enveloped with My blessings and kingdom living.
    Your Father of Love and Blessings

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