Monday, April 17, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    When I have initiated new beginnings into your life, I instructed that all old things must pass away.  That is necessary so that there is room for the entire magnitude of new things to become complete in you.  The more of the old things that you hold onto, the less new blessed gifts can come into your life from Me.  For instance, if you are holding onto old religious practices, then My instructions to you of worshiping Me in Spirit and in truth will be unobtainable because you are bound to the old practices.  Your trust and faith will be in the old religious ways, even though they have always been ineffective in order to enhance your life.  You will be afraid to give them up because of tradition.  In that scenario, you are afraid to exchange ineffective garbage for the effective gold that I have for you when you allow Me to teach you how to truly worship Me in Spirit and in truth.
   When you worship Me in Spirit and in truth, there is an exchange of revelations from Me to you because you have waited on Me for My insight into everything that relates to you.  Patience is the key but sometimes My children are impatient in their seeking Me and if they don't immediately hear an answer or gain an immediate insight, they return to the old religious practices in order to feel that they have satisfied their religious tradition, even though it was never satisfying in the past.  What you need to know is that I never withhold any revelation, insight, word of wisdom or word of knowledge from My children.  The transmission of My truth is constantly being transferred to those who are seeking Me, but the problem is in the confusion, the turmoil, the impatience or the unbelief in the minds of My children.  The problem is in the receiver, those being the minds of My children; the problem is not in the transmission from My Mind to yours.  Getting unbelief and impatience out of the way will sharpen the receiver's ability to hear My words. 
    Think about My Son Jesus and the fact that He often prayed all night before ministering to people.  If He had resorted to using old practices learned from religious tradition, He never would have done such great miracles.  Being willing to wait for My instructions while getting His own will out of the way was the secret of His successful ministry.  He also spent hours wrestling with His own will when He knew that it was time for Him to be crucified.  Communion with Me was always productive for Him because He never gave up until His own will was in unity with My will.
    Therein lies the problem with some of My children.  Their own wills are more important to them than My will.  They beg Me for insight but all the time they are only willing to spend a few minutes in seeking it.  If they don't hear My words immediately, they resort back to prior programming which was always ineffective.  If they don't hear an immediate insight or truth from Me, they turn on the TV in order to get a Band Aid-quick fix for their problem from a religious program that has nothing to do with their real need.  They might feel emotionally better but the Band Aid was put on a different small injury than the one which is causing the real problem.  So they walk abound the mountain again, just like the children of Israel did who delayed getting to the Promised Land by over 39 years because of their unbelief and their griping and groaning against My will for them.  If you will remember, they even wanted to go back into bondage in Egypt because it was too hard for them to seek Me and My directions.  Their impatience caused them to spend 40 years being lost in the wilderness when all the time I had provided perfect directions for them for a speedy entrance into the land of milk and honey.  (Hebrews 3:7-19 and Hebrews 4:1-13)
    When I said that patience is a fruit of My Holy Spirit, a portion of My personality, I was mainly speaking about your having patience in relation to seeking Me and My righteousness.  Instead of getting impatient, as it is placed in your mind by the devil, if you don't hear My insights immediately please know that there is no delay on My part, but only on your own impatience or unbelief placed in your mind from hell as an interference.  The devil knows that you want an immediate answer to your problem, so he places his fruit of impatience in your mind, knowing that you will give up seeking Me and resort to Band Aids which have no effect on his curses. 
    Diligence is always necessary so as to convince the devil, who is the one making you impatient, that you are not going to stop seeking Me until you hear My valuable instructions or experience a miracle.  When the devil knows that you are serious about hearing My voice, he will give up feeding impatient into your mind because he, himself, is impatient.  Stomping off in anger is his reaction when you declare that you are seeking Me until you hear My valuable instructions and insights.  You have won the battle when he cannot trick you into stopping in your desire to hear My truth.  You must add diligence to tenacity in worshiping Me in Spirit and in truth because of the presence of the devil in the earth who wants to rob you of hearing My words which always set you free.
    Religious traditions never set anyone free.  They only add to the confusion of My children.  My Holy Spirit is the key to attaining heaven on earth.  Patience and faith are the key to obtaining all of My promises.  (Hebrews 6:12) You have My patience inside of you.  Bring it up by declaring that you will pray in the Spirit and clear your mind until you hear My liberty producing instructions or insight from Me.   I am always talking to you.  It is the devil who is keeping My freedom producing words from you by making you impatient. 
    With faith and patience we can win every battle against evil.
    Your Fully Equipped Father of Victory

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