Thursday, April 13, 2017


Dear One,
   When I told you not to worry, that old things pass away, I also said, "Behold,I make all things new." All of the old curses, mistakes, sins, iniquities and judgments that you commit today will all be gone tomorrow.  If you are being led by My Spirit, the consequences of those infractions of religious laws will also pass away because you have been forgiven by Me and you have made restitution with everyone that you opposed or injured, whether emotionally or physically, because your attitudes and your actions have changed to reflect Mine.  When I said "Behold," it meant that you will behold or see all things become new, redeemed, transformed and created anew because of your new thoughts, attitudes, manner of speaking and your new actions that are caused by My Holy Spirit's guidance of you in His efforts to make you into My image in the earth so that I will be glorified. (II Corinthians 5:17; Matthew 5:16)
    Jesus spoke this principle about your not worrying when He told about the lilies of the field and the birds of the air, how they neither toil nor spin out of control with worry.  He said that I supply all of their needs and they instinctively know it.  Jesus said instead of worrying about your needs being met, that you should seek My kingdom and My righteousness and that everything that you need will be added to your life. (Matthew 6:26-33)  He was saying that worrying never produced anything good but instead produces bad results. 
    In fact, Jesus became more explicit when He said that on any given day that you must never worry about tomorrow because satan has enough plans for your tomorrow already in the works.(Matthew 6:34)  That might seem depressing and certainly not good news to you, but it is truth.  Jesus had just prepared you to receive that truth by telling you to seek My kingdom and My righteousness and everything good that you need will become reality in your life, so nothing should be depressing.
    Seeking My kingdom and My righteousness involves allowing My Spirit to change you into your having My loving characteristics in relation to others, those of kindness, peace, goodness, mercy, love, joy, faith and forbearance.  Seeking to have those attributes of Mine evident in your life will be evidence that I have, certainly, made all things new in your life.  I produce new thoughts, new attitudes, new manners of speaking and new actions which edify and build up the hearers.  I teach you how to edify other people into feeling relieved of their burdens instead of your heaping more burdens upon them.  In making all things new, I teach you how to love the unlovable people, those who oppose you and make your life miserable.  I teach you that you have the authoritative power to forgive sins because I forgive your sins. (John 20:21-23) 
   Instead of becoming depressed that tomorrow will have evil events as produced by the devil, become My child of faith by knowing that I will supply whatever needs that are necessary for you to stand in that evil day against the devil's works aimed at destroying you.  Don't anticipate the evil events, but be prepared by keeping yourself built up in faith by praying in the Holy Spirit. (Jude 20)  When you are energized by praying in My Holy Spirit, you have My Holy Spirit's wisdom and knowledge available to you and you have already defeated the devil spiritually by allowing My Spirit to fight the battle with the devil's demons who are prepared to carry out his will in your life.  In praying in My Holy Spirit and being taught by Him, then My will is done in your life instead of the devil's will being done.  The evil works will fall by the wayside.
   My ways have always defeated evil ways. They still do.  So don't become depressed and defeated when you read that tomorrow's evil that has been planned for you by the devil is real.  With the power of My Holy Spirit in you, you have the necessary means to allow Me to change the curses into blessings by your praying in the Holy Spirit, walking in My Spirit and being led by My Spirit.  That is My promise to you, that I will make all things new, even the evil plans that are instigated in hell to defeat you.  I set the standard for your life.  Not the devil.
    You must allow Me to make ALL things new in your life.  I need your cooperation in order to complete the task, just like all parents need the cooperation of their children in order to bless them.  Cooperating with Me is being in unity with My Holy Spirit who lives inside of you.  Hear His wisdom and heed His guidance.  He is your powerhouse.
     Your Father of All New Creations

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